Everything with a little seasalt

The two things you’re not able to miss at practically any event on the Arctic Seaside are the ever present sea – obviously – and local food to go with your experience. Everything tastes, sounds and feels just a little bit better with a little sea salt in the air. So hop on your bike, in your car or take a bus and get a real taste of modern maritime culture along the Bothnian bay.

No strings attached 

In the summer, Oulu lures bands and performers from all over the world. We’d like to think it’s because we’re on the edge here, geographically, but the mentality is somewhat special as well. The short but intense arctic summer really brings out the best in us – and the weirdest of us.

From a world renowned air guitaring get-together, Air Guitar World Championships, to metal, indie and pop events, Oulu hosts several festivals during the summer. In addition to guitars without strings, the centrally located Kuusisaari island, “Kuuska”, hosts easy-to-get-to music events all the way til the end of August. Kuuska Soi, “The Sound of Kuuska” ends the summer season. The locals really know how to pre-party, party and after-party, filling the streets, parks and river banks in groups of friends.

So picnic away or, if tablecloths and good service are more your thing, find the restaurants in Pikisaari or by the market place for delicious menus full of local treats. The festival areas also cater to all tastes from vegan to pasture raised.

Local breweries bring their best to quench
your thirst.



Just a little bättre

Along the Arctic seaside, festivals are literally organised on strips of land or little islands, so wherever you look, there’s a view. And the sound of sea.

If you’re early, and lucky, you just might grab tickets to Bättre Folk in the Hailuoto island next to Oulu, a tiny festival with just a few thousand tickets for sale. This indie event brings people from all around Finland to embrace the atmosphere, listen to bands as well as writers on a stage built on a small jetty surrounded by the roaring sea.

Without the big crowds, with local food producers serving freshly caught perch and burgers from cattle that grazes the fields on the very same island, you just can’t help but feel a little bättre. Organic all the way, buy a bottle of wine or locally brewed beer, sit down on a rock covered with a traditional Finnish rug, and toast to the seagulls.

Organic all the way.



When in Venice… wait what?

To finish your roadtrip, head to the long sandy beach in Kalajoki. The locals and tourists spend merry weeks every summer in a wonderland of sand, good vibes, beach bars and camping life. For friends of beach football, fast cars and sporty tractors, Kalajoki hosts many events to choose from.

In the end of August, the Arctic Seaside suddenly lights up with lanterns, candles, and bonfires. Summer’s almost over, the nights get dark but the air is still warm. In an Ostrobothnian tradition, the last weekend in August marks the Venetian festival – end of the cottage season. The locals make a final toast to summer, get together around bonfires, light up the sides of roads with lanterns and decorate their camper vans with strings of lightbulbs.

The summer goes out in a flame.


Protect the sea

Although ever present, the beloved sea is never taken for granted. Every year, on the last Thursday in August, we celebrate Baltic Sea Day. So while you visit, join the locals in thinking of concrete ways of protecting it – pick up your litter, or someone else’s, should it catch your eye?

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New Year for dogs

New Year for dogs at Rokua 31.12.2022–1.1.2023

We happily welcome our four-legged friends, and owners, to spend the New Year at Rokua Health & Spa Hotel surrounded by the beautiful winter landscapes. Rokua’s natural setting is an excellent environment to explore new smells and stroll around the old forests. Can’t forget about playing in the snow, fun!

As we want to offer you and your family calm and stress-free New Year’s Eve, we won’t be shooting any fireworks, but we can’t guarantee this for the whole surrounding area. However, our spa hotel is in the middle of peaceful nature, away from the hustle of cities so you can leave your working dog leashes to the rack and relax.

Price starting at. 71€ / person / day.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
A boulder resembling a pulpit in Alpua Raahe

The Alpua Church Stone

In Kirkkoniemi in the village of Alpua, high up on a ridge top by a road leading to a ski cabin stands a boulder resembling a pulpit. It is said that, long ago, beggar monks and priests held sermons at the site for people living in the wilderness. When Vihanti did not yet have a church of its own, legend has it that the Church Stone was the starting point of the journey to transport the deceased to the Luohua cemetery. According to folklore, during the Russian occupation of the Great Northern War, people gathered at the stone for church service. The area is currently protected.

Driving directions: The Alpua Church Stone is located on top of a tall ridge in Kirkkoniemi. When driving along the Vihanti–Pulkkila road, turn southwest onto Hiihtopaikantie by the Alpua village.

Hiihtopaikantie 31
86460, Raahe

Anna's Day Celebration in Old Raahe

In the old days people of Old Raahe celebrated Anna’s Day as a starting point for waiting Christmas. Young people of the town got up early and dressed up so that they wouldn’t be recognised by fellow townsmen and women. Then this caboodle of people marched under local Anna’s windows ja made an awfully loud noise. Some Annas were thrilled, others not so much. Anna’s Day Celebration was banned in 1910s, perhaps because it got a bit too wild.

Nowadays Anna’s Day is celebrated a bit more peacefully. We still dress up and make noise in Old Raahe, but we continue celebration with fair, concerts, exhibitions and all sorts of events. Main location for the celebration is in Raahe Event House but you can also find things to see in Raahe’s museums, library, Praati and the gallery of Pertti Vuori. We also invite everybody to participate so that we can light up Pekkatori Square and Raahe Church Hill with candles. You are very welcome along!

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe

Master-Heikki’s hut

Heikki “Master-Heikki” Kilpua-Myllymäki (1854–1934), a village eccentric from Ilveskorpi, originally built a stone dwelling for himself because his previous one, a multipurpose house with a mill, burned down. He lived in the hut in the summer and spent winters going around the houses in the village. The book “Ilveskorven raivaajat” (Settlers of Ilveskorpi) contains a description of Mestari-Heikki’s hut as experienced by one of his visitors, Jaakko Verkasalo. “The lower section of the wall by the door was formed by a large rock that could been seen from the inside and outside of the dwelling. Next to the rock, there was a narrow doorway leading in. The upper section of the same wall and the end of the roof by the wall were made of glass. The roof was very steep and woven from long and wide shingles like a basket. In front of the glass wall on that large rock stood a rowing bench, on which Master-Heikki often sat watching passers-by. Heikki’s stone hut contained two rooms and three fireplaces.”

Master-Heikki’s stone hut is located in the Ilveskorpi village in Vihanti, near the school by Korvenahon tie.

86360, Raahe
Watersliding is great fun at Raahe Vesipekka

Kuntokeidas Vesipekka

Kuntokeidas Vesipekka on nykyaikainen, täysin remontoitu koko perheen uimahalli- ja liikuntakeskus. Allasosastolla voit rentoutua monitoimialtaan hierontapisteissä ja hierottaa arjen kuormitukset pois vesisuihkujen alla tai osallistua ryhmätoimintoihin. Perheen pienimmille löytyvät omat lasten altaat, 45 m vesiliukumäki, uimareille kunto- ja syväallas. Wibit-temppurata on käytössä noin kerran kuukaudessa. Kylmäaltaassa pulahtamisen jälkeen kutsuu höyrysaunojen pehmeä lämpö.

Kuntosali on varustettu uusilla nykyaikaisilla laitteilla. Keilahallissa koko perhe viihtyy hohtokeilaten. Palloiluhallissa voit pelata tennistä, salibandya, sulkapalloa ja lentopalloa. Sisäpalloiluhalli ArinaAreena antaa mahdollisuuden jalkapallon ja pesäpallon pelaamiseen. Lisäksi meillä myös Personal Trainer- ja testauspalvelut ja solarium. Kahvilastamme voit tilata kahvitukset kokoustilaan ja TYHY-päiviin.

Kuntokeidas Vesipekan vuosi on täynnä aktiviteetteja, tapahtumia ja meillä näkyy hyvä tekemisen meininki, pilke silmäkulmassa!

Olemme huomioineet myös karavaanarit, parkkialueeltamme löytyy 4 sähköpistokepaikkaa. Sähköpistokepaikka asuntovaunuille ja -autoille maksaa 12,00 € / yö tai vrk + pantti 20 €. Paikan voi varata ja avaimen haku hallin aukioloaikoina Vesipekan lipunmyynnistä.

Uimahallintie 8
92100, Raahe
Beach of Kylmäniemi Raahe

Kylmäniemi Beach

The Kylmäniemi beach is situated approximately 1 kilometre from the Raahe city centre. Located in a quiet place, the beach has a lawn area and a sandy beach. The bottom is sand-based and well suited for swimming, also for children. Changing rooms and a toilet are available on-site. There are also two large concrete piers, but jumping from the piers is not allowed because the water is not very deep at the end.

Here you can see beautiful sunsets and try activities such as stand-up paddling.

Kylmäniementie 2
92130, Raahe

Lähde! wellness art park

The Lähde! -park in the municipality of Ii is located in Suvantola, on the riverside area behind the health centre. The park will encourage people to spend time together, exercise and enjoy art and the riverside nature.

n summer 2020 the newest public art work commissioned by the municipality of Ii, Peculiar Flowers by Paula Suominen, was unveiled at the park as part of its official opening.

The path to the park starts from Suvantolantie, behind the canteen of the health centre (Suvantolantie 5, 91100 Ii). Parking possible on the parking are of the health centre.

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre also organises guided tours for groups. For more information contact us: +358 50 395 0313 / [email protected]

Puistotie 4
91100, Ii
SUP paddling with dog at Pikkulahti Raahe

Pikkulahti Beach and Outdoors

The busiest public beach in the Raahe City area, the Pikkulahti beach provides a fantastic view over the Old Town of Raahe across the bay. There are beach football fields, changing rooms and a summertime kiosk in the area. The area is also the base for a kayak rental service, so you can go canoeing or stand-up paddling in the calm waters of the bay or the archipelago and open sea. In winter, you can also swim in a hole in the ice at Pikkulahti.

Ulkofantientie 18
92100, Raahe
Statue of Kekkonen in close

Statue of President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen

The project to erect a statue of President Urho Kaleva Kekkonen in Raahe was initiated by the local regional association, Siika-Pyhäjokialueen liitto, to highlight the significance of Urho Kekkonen to the development of the area. Among other things, President Kekkonen supported the locating of the Rautaruukki steelworks in Raahe. Also miniature versions of the statue exist.

Rantakatu 43
92100, Raahe

Walking tour in the Old town of Raahe

Join us on a tour that takes you to the heart of the idyllic old town of Raahe. Its colourful history is filled with stories from a time when ships were made of wood and men were made of steel. Our guide will give you a peek into the family life of local merchants and their home gardens. The tour takes you to the alleys and market squares that have been witness to heart-breaking love stories as well as some horrible fires but most importantly, have provided the setting for the lives of ordinary people for decades.

Rantakatu 36
92100, Raahe

Geocaching in Ii

The municipality of Ii has launched its own, eight-part geocache series called “Roots in Ii”. The series aims to showcase Iis breathtaking nature, as well as people of national renown who have their roots deep in the soil of Ii.

The location information required to find the geocaches, i.e. their coordinates, can be found on the website geocaching.com. Finnish users can also register on the Finnish site geocache.fi, which presents data retrieved from the international site. Registration is free. If you want to try geocaching, all you need is a working internet connection and a suitable GPS device or a smartphone. You can also find geocaches by simply using a map.

The caches are located in Ii, Kuivaniemi, Olhava and Oijärvi. By logging in to geocaching.com, you can access coordinates that will lead you to beautiful scenic locations and allow you to get to know both household names and lesser known figures from Ii.

Jokisuuntie 2
91100, Ii
Musicians in the city centre

Urban Festival Oulu Days

Oulu Days is an urban festival with long-standing traditions – it has been organised since 1962. Oulu Days is a festival which welcomes everyone to arrange an event by offering it to be included in the Oulu Days programme. The festival takes place on the first weekend of September from Friday until Sunday. The concept of Oulu Days is to be a communal event entity in which a range of different communities creates the programme together. The organisers of Oulu Days events includes companies, associations, public sector operators and even private persons. The festival supports new urban culture without forgetting the long traditions.

90100, Oulu
Iisi-areena liikuntakeskus.

Iisi-areena indoor sport center

The indoor sports hall features floorball, volleyball, futsal and basketball fields and courts corresponding to official specifications, as well as a running track, exercise area for senior customers, a gym, a boxing area, a combat sport and budo area, a pitch and batting practice area for e.g. baseball, long jump facilities and a climbing wall.

Time slots are available for booking on weekday evenings and during the weekend.

Kisatie 2B, Ii
91100, Ii

Horse riding in Syöte

On a horse carriage, calm Finnish horses take you to admire the mountain scenery on the Syöte track. The journey runs at a pleasantly leisurely pace, and you can really feel the stress disappear when you ride in the horse-drawn carriages. In winter, the carts are replaced by a sledge and the riders are covered with a warm blanket.

A horse ride in the surroundings of Syöte is a holiday activity for families and groups of friends. At the same time, you can get to know the Finnish breed, which is a traditional breed and the only one developed in Finland.

Horse rides, riding lessons and other equestrian services can be booked through Syöte Booking Centre. The programme is organised at the Syötte Horse Services farm, a little over a kilometre from the Syöte Visitor Centre.

Virventie 11
93280, Syöte
Ryhmä lumikenkäilijöitä kulkee jonossa lumisessa metsässä. / A group of snowshoers walking in a line in snowy forest. Kuva: Harri Tarvainen.

Sanginjoki Nature Reserve

Sanginjoki Nature Reserve is located at a distance of about 20 kilometres from the city centre of Oulu. The area chiefly consists of former multiple-use forests, but there are also old spruce forests, wooded mires and dry esker heaths. There are ponds, mires and springs along the trails.

The trails of Sanginjoki nature reserve are suitable for day trips or for overnight hiking. The trails are easy to travel, there are no steep slopes or rough terrain. In places the trail can be rocky and tree roots can stick out from the trail.

The forests and mires in Sanginjoki nature reserve are a great place to pick berries and mushrooms. In the nature reserve you can sight many birds that favour old forests, such as Siberian jay, redflanked bluetail three-toed woodpecker, capercaillie and the Eurasian pygmy owl. Sanginjoki riverside is a popular place for fishing, where many pools and rapids form a variable river habitat.

In nature conservation areas, everyman’s rights do not apply in the normal way. Please always check the rules of the destination before making your trip. Sanginjoki area is managed by Metsähallitus.

90650, Oulu

Pekanpäivät Summer Festival

Pekanpäivät is a summer festival that combines culture, traditions and entertainment.

Every summer, a week after Midsummer, Raahe celebrates the town’s founder Per Brahe, locally known as Pekka. The regional festival traditionally involves various events related to culture, traditions and entertainment. In charge of the Pekanpäivät organisation is Raahe Cultural Services in Raahe Event House. Events are organised all around the town together with associations, companies and town residents.

You can sign up for Pekanpäivät with your own programme or event.

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe
Teoksia valokuvaaja Vesa Rannan näyttelystä.

Art Gallery Myötätuuli

In Art Gallery Myötätuuli you can enjoy art exhibitions that alternate almost every month. We want to give you versatile experiences within the world of art in exhibitions that showcase paintings, photography, sculptures, installations, textiles, arts and crafts or children´s art. The entry is always free.

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe
Hiihtäjä Rokualla

Christmas at Rokua

Come and spend Christmas at Rokua – right in the middle of Finland, Finland’s first Geopark!

Christmas program:
23. December, The day before Christmas Eve
Arrival and check-in
Relaxation practice to prepare for the Christmas
Buffet dinner

24. December, Christmas Eve
Christmas porridge breakfast
Guided Geopark-walk
Declaration of Christmas peace
Christmas sauna – spa is open
Christmas Eve dinner
Santa Claus visits

25. December, Christmas Day
Christmas morning outdoor activities
Christmas lunch
Christmas water sports
Swimming by candlelight
Christmas supper
Tommi Kostekivi band at 21 (tickets 15 €/person)

26. December, Boxing Day
Farewell coffees in Rousku Restaurant

Pools and sauna is open. Exact times will be given nearer the occasion.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Christmas package starting at: 395€ / person / 3 days

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua

Pre-Christmas party with Charles Plogman

The jolly Christmas spirit combined with a delicious buffet, dancing, and your favorite people around you represents everything a traditional pre-Christmas party needs to be. After the eventful night, get tucked in the comfortable hotel sheets for a good night’s sleep.

The lively and atmospheric music invites you to dance your way into the night, or just enjoy the music while chatting with your friends and family.

Music performer of the night is Charles Plogman & Misio.

Our traditional Christmas buffet serves as the delicious crown jewel for our Pre-Christmas party – traditional ham, Rokua’s mushroom salad, graved salmon, and much more, yum!

Pre-Christmas evening starting at 104€/ person / day.
Evening package 44€/ person.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua

GIMME ABBA! Pre-Christmas party

Party music, delicious Christmas food and happy celebration – welcome to Rokua’s pre-Christmas party! Come enjoy the greatest party songs with our showstopping performer and spend the evening gathered with your friends or colleagues at this year’s lively pre-Christmas party. In Rokua’s pre-Christmas party we are winding up for the lively evening filled with livemusic that makes you want to grab your friends and dance your way into the night.

GIMME ABBA! -party show serves an unforgettable evening with Abba’s best hits. Abba glamor in the 2020s – you don’t want to miss this!

To ensure that your energy will last all night – make your hunger disappear at our generous Christmas buffet! The buffet includes a large variety of traditional Finnish Christmas dishes such as graved salmon, Rokua’s mushroom salad, traditional ham and much more.

Accommodation package starting at 119 € / person / day.

Evening package 60 € / person.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Utajärvi
Meiju Suvas

Meiju Suvas at Rokua

On New Year’s Eve, we get to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, when in the evening’s show, Meiju performs many of her hit songs, filling the room with her brilliant energy! Meiju Suvas is a versatile artist who masters all genres of light music.

The Vain elämää star of 2022 has been twinkling at the top of the Finnish sky for more than 35 years and is now coming to Rokua to entertain New Year’s Eve celebrators.

Come for the evening, or spend the whole day or weekend enjoying the spa hotel’s services: refresh yourself in the spa’s whirlpools and the Finnish sauna. Enjoy Á la carte Tatti’s food and after the concert, sleep well in the hotel’s sheets. Enjoy yourself!

Meiju Suvas will give a concert in Rokua on New Year’s Eve, 31 December 2022, from around 21:00 to 00:30. Welcome to watch the change of the year in the wonderful setting of Rokua Health & Spa Hotel!

Ticket price €17/person.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Raahe Event House from outside.

Raahe Event House

You’ll find Raahe Event House in the heart of the city, near idyllic Raahe Old Town. Our versatile premises will serve your different kinds of needs – meetings, educational sessions, celebrations, fairs, concerts and so on.

Raahesali Hall
A hall for concerts, culture and celebrations with 416 seats. 342 seats in the stalls, 74 seats in the balcony.

Fregatti Hall
A hall for conferences and educational events with max 100 seats; 48 seats at tables. A total of 58 seats downstairs, 40 seats in the balcony.

Parkki Cabinet
A meeting and training cabinet which accommodates up to 25 people.

Raahesali green room
A green room located in the second floor, suitable for various fairs.

Galleria Myötätuuli
An art exhibition space located in the third floor, suitable for fairs and various celebratory events.

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe

Rokua Blues

Rokua Blues 11.–13.11.

The soothing blues tunes arrive again at Rokua!
The chilly evenings in November make the perfect season to listen to live blues music. Kick back and listen to the music while enjoying delicious food made from the local produce. Get ready to relax completely and unwind in the pampering treatments of Day Spa.

Evening bundle 32 € / person
Accommodation starting at 99 € / day / person

We welcome you to spend an unforgettable evening at Rokua, gather your crews, and tune in for the blues!

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Katariina´s Chambers entrance

Katariina´s Chambers Willa Katariina in Old Town Raahe

Katariina´s Chambers was built in 1840. It used to be a bakery to the main house in same courtyard. Main house was built in 1807. Nowadays this little house has two bedrooms, living room, small kitchen and toilet with shower. Parking place for your car is next to house. Outside of this house, you have your own terrace and possibility to grill your food. During your stay in us, you can use bycicles and get to know old town or city by bike. Sea is about 100 meters from us and to swimming beach it takes only couple of minutes to walk. In the city centre is only half kilometer to go. In Katariina´s Chambers we have room max. for 6 persons.

Rantakatu 40
92100, Raahe

Catharina´s Cellar Willa Katariina in Old Town Raahe

Catharina´s Cellar is a gorgeous vault cellar under the Catharina´s Chambers

This Cellar is working as a restaurant and we also are licensed to sell alcoholic drinks in cellar. This restaurant is open, when a person makes an order. In cellar we have two separated rooms. In front room there is a long table where can dine max 11 persons. In back room is place for four persons

Cellar is warmed by fireplace and lightened by tens of candles. In cellar we offer starter, maincourse and desert. If you are interested to dine in this one of the kind place, please send me e-mail and I can send you our menu alternatives.
Welcome to medieval athmosphere in the centre of old town in Raahe.

Rantakatu 40
92100, Raahe

Farmahand´s Cabin Willa Katariina in Old Town Raahe

Farmhand´s Cabin is a place where farmhands used to stay nearby the mainhouse. It´s history goes back to 18th century. Farmhand´s Capin is located to the same courtyard as Sovelius shipowner´s museum.

Farmhand´s Capin was renovated in 2018 to an accommodation use. Farmhand´s Cabin is 30 m2 large space, where is everything you need in your staying with us. In Farmhand´s Cabin you have double bed and convertible sofa, dining table and chairs, cooking place and toilet with shower.

There is a fridge, coffee maker, microvawe oven and all tablewear you need. In front of Farmhand´s Cabin there is a small courtyard, where you can sit down and enjoy historical athmosphere. It is also possible to grill your meal outside. If you want, just ask and you can have bikes to use.

To City Center is only half kilometer and old town is in neighborhood. Farmhand´s Cabin is by the sea and swimming beach only couple of minutes away.

Rantakatu 36
92100, Raahe

Skinbased skiing trip in Syöte National Park

Snowy winter adventure with skinbased skis

Come and enjoy the winter wonderland on this skinbased skiing trip in Syöte National Park! We’ll do a nice trip through snowy forests and ice covered bogs, enjoying also some uphills and downhills on the way.

Before the trip we get to know the equipment well and check how to use skinbased skis safely. During the trip your guide will tell you about the nature and history of Syöte area. We take also a nice break to enjoy snowy views and some hot berry juice.

Exiting winter adventure is waiting for you!

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Rent snowshoes

Rent snowshoes for your winter adventure in Syöte

Rent TSL snowshoes from Syöte Nature Centre! These good quality snowshoes are suitable for shoe sizes approximately from 35 to 49. Package includes a pair of snowshoes and poles. With snowshoes you can use your normal, robust winter boots.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Rent skinbased skis

Rent skinbased skis for your winter adventure in Syöte!

Our skinbased skis are 145 cm long and have steel edges. They are suitable for skiers over 150 cm in height and under 110 kg in weight. Package includes also poles. With skinbased skis you can use your normal, robust winter boots.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Snowshoeing trip in Syöte National Park

Come and enjoy the snowy landscapes on this relaxing and fun snowshoeing trip in Syöte National Park! Our tracks will go in peaceful areas through the snow white forests up to the hills, along the ridges and over the frozen bogs.

Before the trip we’ll get to know the equipment and the safe way to use snowshoes. During the trip your guide will tell you about the nature and history of Syöte area. We’ll also take a nice break to enjoy the views and have some hot berry juice.

Great snowy adventure is waiting for you!

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Rent snowshoes for small children

Rent snowshoes for small children from Syöte Nature Centre! Snowshoes are suitable for children approximately from 2 to 6 years. With snowshoes you can use normal robust winter boots.

Package includes a pair of snowshoes and poles.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi
Koivurannan iglut Oulussa.

Koivuranta igloos

We are confident that the midnight sun above the water is an amazing experience that you will remember for years to come. There is no better way of experiencing it than onboard a floating igloo, on the exotic Oulujoki River. You are in the middle of a picturesque paradise, moving at your own pace, with no need to rush. You are surrounded by nothing more than nature and unique landscapes. The floating igloo takes you safely to buoy points placed on the best spots of the Oulujoki River. Moor to each buoy, explore your surroundings and engage in your activity of choice. Of course, you can also choose to stop at different locations on the river. Create your own delicacies in the igloo’s kitchenette or fire up the barbecue on its terrace.

Kasarmintie 31
90230, Oulu
Koivurannan saunalautta Risteilyllä Oulussa.

Koivuranta Sauna Boat Cruise

The passenger capacity on cruises is 20 people. The café seats 20 diners. The sauna also seats 20 people at a time.
You can decide whether to set off on a cruise or remain docked. You can also divide your time between the two options. The cruise always includes the sauna for the whole duration of the cruise, as well as the towels, seat covers, soap and shampoo, drinking water, a waiter and a captain.

Kasarmintie 31
90230, Oulu
Koivurannan saunalautta sauna Oulussa.

Koivuranta Sauna Boat Puplic Sauna

On the sauna raft, you can enjoy the warmth of our spacious log sauna while watching the beautiful Oulujoki River through the window. When the stones of the sauna stove get too hot, you can plunge into the cool river and then chill out with your friends in our peaceful lounge.

While in the sauna, you get to enjoy the hot but soft air of our wood-fired sauna. At the sauna, you always have the opportunity to go swimming in the river (in the winter, we make a hole in the ice).

On the sauna raft, you also get to enjoy the warm fizz of our outdoor hot tub.

Kasarmintie 31
90230, Oulu
Floating Cafe.

Koivuranta Floating Cafe

Floating Cafe in the Ouluriver.

Kasarmintie 31
90230, Oulu

Ice fishing for perch on the frozen Bothnian Bay

Have you ever wondered what it´s like to fish on the frozen sea surrounded by kilometres of ice and snow? Now you have the chance to experience rough but beautiful nature of the Bothnian bay as we go fishing for perch by snow mobile and a traditional sleigh. Ice fishing season can last until the end of April.

Fishing equipment, snow drill and two fishfinders included as well as coffee or tea. Check the website for more info.

Karhutie 34
91100, Ii

Fishing trip on the beautiful Bothnian Bay in Ii

Welcome to our beautiful sea, the Bothnian Bay. We can go angling in different techiques on the wide sea with hardly any islands in sight. Whether you like jigging, jerks or spoons, we’ve got you covered.

These spots will not be crowded so we can enjoy fishing and the sea breeze all by ourselves. We’ll go after Northern pike or perch, which make a great dinner afterwards, if we are lucky.

Fishing equipment, boat and skipper, coffee or tea are included. Our boat is wheelchair accessible.

Check our website for more information.

Karhutie 34
91100, Ii
Miner statue in Vihanti Raahe

Miner Statue

The central figure of the statue, created by artist trio Rauli and Raine Körkkö and Veikko Laakso, is a driller, who represents the nobility of the mine both in terms of skills and merits. The figure of the driller and the massive slab around the drill impressively describe the mine as a working environment.
During its 40 years of operation, the Vihanti mine in the village of Lampisaari provided a living for native Vihanti residents as well as hundreds of workers from elsewhere. The workers who came from other places settled in the mining village in houses built by the company, the workers in smaller ones, the manager level in bigger ones on different sides of the village.
The money for the miner’s statue was collected by the dedicated statue committee from many sources, e.g. at the piano concerts organized by the London son-in-law. The statue was unveiled in 2014 to remind of the Vihanti miner history.
You can admire the miner’s statue along Vihanti’s main street. Also visit the interesting mining village of Lampisaari!

Text is based on Liisa Honkakoski’s article published is newspaper Kaleva.

Kirkkotie 16
86400, Raahe

Glamping in Hailuoto

Come to experience something special what you will remember long time. Night at the Glamping tent is camping with a bit of luxury. Glamping tent has comfortable double bed inside and table, chairs and decorations. Extra bed is possible at request.

Mosquito net is surrounded around the tent and that makes sleeping even better. You can be close to the nature but sleep nicely at bed. Prize includes bed linen and sheets. Showers, toilets, kitchen are at the nearby building. Breakfast is possible when booked advance.

welcome to visit Hailuoto island.

Luovontie 798
90480, Hailuoto
take-away coffee

Kahvila Kiikku

You will find the coffee place in the heart of central park of Oulu, Ainolanpuisto. There is also a big playground for children nearby. This summer coffee is open from march – october.

Hupisaarten kaupunginpuisto
90100, Oulu
A unique restaurant in idyllic Pikisaari in Oulu.

Hailuodon Panimo's Restaurant Mallassauna

Hailuoto Organic Brewery is Finland’s first organic brewery! From our atmospheric old warehouse in the heart of Hailuoto, we produce German-style beers using locally grown and malted organic barley.

We have opened a new Restaurant Mallassauna in Pikisaari, where we offer a wide selection of our delicious organic beers. On top of tap beers we offer tasting trays, tapas-plates, beers and other products to buy, gigs and events, both in the beautiful rustic house or during the summer, out on the green.

Welcome to Restaurant Mallassauna and shop alongside the brewery! Choose from our vast range of organic beers served straight from the tap.

The upstairs of Restaurant Mallassauna can be rented for meetings or parties. The summer terrace and toilet facilities are accessible, although the slope behind the restaurant is steep.

Pikisaarentie 15
90100, Oulu


You will only know the kilometres to be driven and the length of the excursion day! Everything else you will find out in the destination. Try something different and join us!

The trip starts at the Oulu bus station and ends at the same place. The tour is in the Oulu region. The trip will be 100-300 km.

The duration of the trip is around 8 hours.
Group size: min 15 person max 50

Piuhatie 10
90620, Oulu
Pääruoka Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown – alkuillan gourmet mysteerimaut

Hop on board for a journey of taste sensations!

The package includes bus tour in Oulu area on a day of your choice. Enjoy a delicious three-course dinner in different places, the distances are transferred by bus and the tour will end in the Centre of Oulu.

On the tour you will have a three-course dinner and transportation, drinks are not included. Restaurants are not told in advance, it will be surprised, as does the menu.

Surprise yourself and your friends and enjoy a relaxed dinner!

Piuhatie 10
90620, Oulu
Charter driving and private transport services since 1925.

High-quality transport and travel agency services in Europe

V. Alamäki Oy was founded in 1925. We offer high quality charter driving and private transport services in the Oulu region and across Finland.

We also function as an incoming travel agency for international tour operators and private clients, specializing in high quality and customized group trips.

Our buses are equipped with Wifi and USB charging plugs and large buses also with WC. The largest bus has 65 seats. Our high quality fleet is served by professional and multilingual drivers with strong knowledge of the tourism industry.

You can book transportation for day trips or longer trips, order travel packages, customized travel packages, guide, and tour leader services. We offer travel services across Finland, Nordic Scandinavia, Baltics states and Central Europe.

Contact details:
V. Alamäki Oy,
[email protected]

Puhelin +358 8 562 9100

Piuhatie 10
90620, Oulu
Taigalampi Syöte

Taigalampi Rental Villa

By a little wilderness pond, in the southernmost fell area of ​​Finland, diverse services and unforgettable nature experiences await you and your group.

Taigalampi cottage has just been renovated. The interior of the cottage has been painted with odorless, plastic-free and VOC-free natural paints, and attention has been paid to environmental friendliness, sustainability and naturalness in the renovation.

The villa has beds for 16 people, a large living room, eight bedrooms and well-equipped kitchen. The high-quality sauna department with its large outdoor terraces enables a larger group to enjoy themselves.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner can easily be arranged as an additional service by booking in advance. We require the use of linen during the stay. You can also book a linen package when booking a cottage.

The cottage has two three-room apartments and one two-bedroom separate compartment, three toilets and a maintenance room. The three-room apartments have their toilet and shower facilities. There is also a high-quality utility room with good closet space, a washing machine, a drying cabinet, and a drying machine. The outdoor building has a lockable area for a car as well as bikes or other outdoor equipment. Outside there are sorting points for combustible waste, metal, cardboard and glass. So please sort your trash before leaving – nature thanks you!

Tölvästie 9
93280, Pudasjärvi
Hand playing piano.

Voltti´s Music Quiz, Oulu

Tune in for a music driven quiz!
Does you team know something about rock or pop and maybe a little about movie music as well? If you answered yes to even one, you are ready to compete in Voltti´s Music Quiz!

Lets have some fun with great music and find out wich one of your team has what it takes to be a winner of Music Quiz! Voltti´s professional host will take care of your group and makes sure that everything goes smoothly.

90100, Oulu
Group of friends playing Oulu city adventure.

Adventure Game: Rock The City Oulu

Explore the beautiful city of Ouli with your friends, family or colleagues via Rock The City adventure game!

Rock The City Oulu is a fast-paced and action-packed activity that challenges participants with a wide variety of tasks that require ingenuity, dexterity and teamwork, as well as lightly sportive, co-operative tasks. This is great way to explore the city with your team in whole new way!

The City Adventure takes place with the easy-to-use ActionTrack mobile app.
Remember weather appropriate clothing and shoes.

90100, Oulu
Kempeleen vanha kirkko

Kempele old church

The church was built in 1688–1691 and it is one of the 11 churches that has been built with the same technique.

Vihiluodonkuja 1
90440, Kempele
Mountain biking , Köykkyrin retkireitistö

Mountain biking and hiking route - Köykkyrin retkireitistö

Köykkyrin retkireitistö is a 36 km long route, which has five shorter circular routes inside. Two of the routes are ready to use (Kokkokankaan kaarto 3,8 km and Mourundi 20 km) and three others will be finished by the end of 2023. The connecting routes to Oulu and Ketolanperä, Kempele are also ready.

You can find swamp area, forest terrain, duckboards and fireplaces along the route. There is also Mourunkijärvi lake nearby as well as Linnunradan tila alpaca farm. The starting and ending point is Köykkyri recreation area, Pyrinnöntie 5.

Pyrinnöntie 5
90450, Kempele

Taxi services Syote

Syote Taxi serves you 24/7. We are local and reliable taxi company and we will transport you from the airport, train or buss station to the amazing Syote.

We make day trips to Santa Claus village, Ranua Resort and Oulu. We also drive you to the day safaris where you can meet huskys, reindeers and horses.

Our taxis serve the entire North-Eastern region. Our taxi is wheelchair accessible.

93280, Pudasjärvi
Varvi Mast in Raahe pays tribute to old shipbuilders.

Varvi Mast Memorial

The impressive landmark reminds us of the professional pride of the sailing ship era and the importance of that era to Raahe. The dimensions of the memorial follow the mast of the Brig Ahto, which was built at the very location of the memorial site, about one-third smaller than the original. The Brig Ahto sailed the seas of the world under the ownership of a local merchant from 1867 to 1897, and it was built by Fredrik Sovelius’ trading house. The Varvi mast erected by the Varvi-Välikylä village association was unveiled in August 2021.

92100, Raahe

Land Uplift Nature Path Liminka

Land uplift path leads you to ancient seawalls!

The land uplift nature path starts from Liminka Bay Visitor Centre at Virkkulanranta and extends to the inland’s ancient seawalls.

The route highlights ancient seashore locations in different eras and the area’s altitude from current sea level. The route’s info posts describe events during those eras and create a history path from modern days all the way to the 1700s B.C.

The entire path is about 7 kilometres in length, starting from the Visitor Centre and finishing on highway 8.

The land uplift path illustrates not only the ever-escaping coastline but also biology. The line from the stone ages is already spruce forest, but towards the shore it turns to birch forests, willow thickets, common reeds and finally sedges.

You can download a map for the land uplift path.

Rantakurvi 6
91900, Liminka

Cultural Path Liminka

The cultural path was opened in Liminka in August 2014.

It runs along the territory of the Old Liminka and goes round the other side of Lumijoentie street in the municipality centre. Cultural path perfectly suits for walking or bicycling. Church of Liminka, museums in the Old Liminka, picturesque old houses on your way are definitely worth to stop and take photos.

Don’t miss your chance to make a small adventure walk or trip during summer time.

Liminganraitti 5
91900, Liminka

Raahe Book Fair

The Book Fair brings together guest authors, readers, books and events related to literature
The Book Fair has become an event that lasts nearly a week and provides multiple points of view on literature and books as a hobby. The programme includes events such as guest authors interviews, lectures, live music and poetry. The actual fair day is held in Raahe Event House.

Book your free sales stand at [email protected]

Read more from the event’s own channels.

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe
Traditional Finnish market day at Rantatori Raahe

Spring and Autumn Market in Raahe

Each spring and autumn the traditional market event at the Rantatori square. Both markets are two day events and vendors from all around Finland comes to sell their goods. Spend a nice day shopping, meeting the locals and enjoying one very Finnish event, markkinat.

Rantakatu 39
92100, Raahe
Old Town Raahe advent calendar window

Old Town Raahe Advent Calendar

Old Town Raahe Advent calendar eases the excitement of waiting for Christmas. As Christmas approaches, Raahe dresses up in its own unique atmosphere when the Old Town Raahe Advent calendar opens, one window at a time starting on the first day of December, presenting 24 yearly changing, traditional and uniquely wonderful old town sites. The residents of the historic and lively wooden city, entrepreneurs and others working in the old wooden blocks are responsible for decorating the windows. Old Town Raahe windows can be admired from December 1. – January 6. on site and in pictures and stories on Visit Raahe’s digital channels.

Stories from Old Raahe and the people of former Raahe
Raahe based writer Kirsti Vähäkangas records a historical story for each of the 24 windows, telling either the history of the house in question or the history of Raahe in other ways. The stories are published on the below linked Visit Raahe webpage every day, you can also admire the pictures on Visit Raahe’s Facebook and Instagram. When you want to share your own calendar pictures of Old Raahe, remember to tag them #visitraahe and #wanhanraahenjoulukalenteri. Also tag @visitraahe in IG stories to be shared.

Take the map with you for the Christmas walking tour
At the Christmas workshop, a map is being prepared, which you can use to go around the destinations of the advent calendar. The map is based on the grid pattern from 1650. Most of the town’s wooden building stock is inherited from the period after the town fire of 1810.

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe
Kaksi alamäkipyöräilijää Rusko Bike Parkissa ajamassa helppoa reittiä alaspäin.

Rusko Bike Park

Downhill biking center near Oulu city with various selection of trails. Rusko bike park offers trails for demanding customers and beginners.

Up with a lift, down by bike. Enjoy trails from enduro styled routes to DH biking trails with jumps and berms. We are also offering rental gears and guided DH biking for the groups and individual drivers.

Ruskotunturintie 10
90620, Oulu

Memorial Home Aappola - Liminka

Memorial Home Aappola is crucial part of Old Liminka museum area. Memorial Home Aappola is a former home of Abraham Ojanperä who was a Finnish singer, vocal pedagogist and cantor. Added to this Vilho Lampi -museum and Local History Museum belongs to museum area.

Abraham Ojanperä (1856–1916) was born in a peasant family in Liminka and became the first Finnish male singer of peasant background who have been educated at a foreign conservatory (Dresden, Germany). He returned to Finland in 1882 and accepted the tenure of teacher of vocal solos at the Helsinki Music Institute (now Sibelius Academy). Ojanperä’s work as the first tenured and Finnish-speaking vocal solo teacher would become groundbreaking. In 1892 he started as the cantor of the newly built Saint John’s Church in Helsinki. During thirty years of his teaching career Abraham Ojanperä taught many generations of singers. He was also one of the first recording vocal artists of Finland and mostly recorded folk songs and the new songs of young Finnish composers such as Jean Sibelius, Oskar Merikanto, Armas Järnefelt, Erkki Melartin, Otto Kotilainen and Armas Maasalo.

Abraham Ojanperä spent a lot of his summers in the music centres of continental Europe, but as he got older, he started spending more time in his Aappola villa in Liminka. Villa Aappola is built on the land of Ojanperä’s homestead, originally farm belonged to the singer’s sister Anna, but later Ojanperä possessed it. He built a romantic style villa part at the end of the house between 1908–1910. He also returned to recovery to Aappola when his health suddenly got worth in November of 1915.

Nowadays Villa Aappola functions as museum of Abraham Ojanperä during summer time.

Rantatie 14
91900, Liminka

Old Liminka

Old Liminka is located on the riverside of Liminka river at walking distance from Liminka center. Central part of Old Liminka is museum area which consists of three charming sites: Vilho Lampi Museum, Memorial Home Aappola and Local History Museum. This area belongs to nationally significant built cultural heritage sites in Finland.

History of Old Liminka is dated back over 500 years: for the first time Liminka was mentioned in a written source in 1477. In the beginning of 17th century Liminka had the biggest area, it stretched from the Gulf of Bothnia far to Kainuu; in that time Oulu was also part of Liminka. Folklore says that Liminka got its name from the giant Limmi, who created the region in ancient times.

In the Middle Ages, the most of the western parts of the municipality were under the sea. The most famous ancient remains in the municipality are the Giant Churches of Linnanmaa and Virkkula-Mustosenkangas, which are probably the temporary residences of seal hunters. During the civil war in 1918, Liminka was the only place in Finland where it is known that a local non-aggression pact was signed between the Red Guard and the White Guard.

Nowadays you can get to know the Old Liminka premises better on a walking guided tour or cycling the riverside and visiting the museum sites. The courtyard of the Liminka Arts School located on the other side of the Liminka river is also worth visiting. Next to the museum area is sutuated modern Abraham’s Culture Park.

Rantatie 14
91900, Liminka

City canoeing day or night

Would you like to experience the city of Oulu from the canoe?

City canoeing trip floats from beautiful and peaceful sceneries of river Oulujoki to open sea landscapes. We’ll see the white sand beaches and lights of the city, ducks and trees to bend over the canoe.

You can choose either a daytime or a late night trip, which both have their own lovely details. In the beginning of summertime the sun barely sets and in the fall the red and purple sky looks amazing. In the daytime we’ll get to see the city and the nature better.

Hallituskatu 1
90100, Oulu

Local History Museum Liminka

Local History Museum is located at Old Liminka. It is part of museum area which consists of three charming museum sites: Local History Museum, Vilho Lampi -museum and Memorial Home Aappola.

Local History Museum complex includes several buildings: fishing and dairy sheds, a grain storehouse that contains artefacts related to Liminka’s history and a tradition hall built for Liminka’s 500th anniversary in 1977 year. In Local History Museum you can find items related to the history of Liminka, agriculture, and especially meadow farming.

Museum is open for public during summer time.

Rantatie 14
91900, Liminka

Koiteli Team Path

Fresh air and beautiful landscape surrounded by Koiteli white water rapids, amazing!

Nice time, challenging but funny group tasks. You have to use your brains to solve these ticks and at the same time you can enjoy the nature of Island Sahasaari and Koiteli rapids. The tasks cannot be completed successfully without teamwork, creativity and helping each other. The ability of working as a team will increase by itself. After teamwork, coffee and sausage in warm hearted cabin or outside by the river.

Hallituskatu 1
90100, Oulu

Cafe Seelari

Cafe with stunning views to Oulu city centre. Located in the beautiful island of Hietasaari, only short walk from the Oulu market place.

Puomitie 12
90510, Oulu
Louise Bourgeois: Triptych for the Red Room (3)

Dance! Movement in the Visual Arts 1880–2020

Can dance be captured in an artwork? Can bodies in motion be frozen as images?

Dance! invites you to experience a meeting of two art forms: dance and visual art. The works featured convey the spectrum of affect that can be expressed through dance: from passion, bliss and joie de vivre to wistfulness, sorrow and vulnerability. Bodies in motion radiate with life and energy, but they also carry a reminder of our lack of defence to fatigue, illness, and the inexorability of death.

At the heart of the exhibition are collections of Finnish art museums from the 20th century, and how the works in the collections reflect embodiment and motion but also currents in the history of art and culture at large – while at the same time touching on broader social questions. On one hand, dance is associated with the idea of liberating and revolutionary joy, but, on the other hand, with the precise and focused practice of choreographed movement. The exhibition explores how aestheticized movement has been represented in the visual arts as two-dimensional images and three-dimensional forms, and how the moving body has embodied different identities, gender roles and cultural ideals.

The exhibition is based on the original concept of the HAM Helsinki Art Museum, curated by art and cultural historian Hanna-Reetta Schreck and exhibition curator Merimaa. Schreck and chef curator Elina Vieru are responsible for the updated version of the exhibition presented in Oulu and the new selection of works.

Kasarmintie 9
90100, Oulu

Abraham's Culture Park Liminka

Abraham’s Culture Park is a modern event venue in Old Liminka, located walking distance from the center of Liminka. The event venue includes a 500-seated covered open-air auditorium and a stage, which perfectly fits for different cultural performances, concerts and events.

The Culture Park was opened for public in August 2017, the first performance was opera “Abraham’s Feast” dedicated to Abraham Ojanperä. The name of the park is also devoted to Abraham Ojanperä (1856–1916), who was a Finnish singer, vocal pedagogist, and cantor, origin from Liminka.

Next to the Abraham’s Culture Park is museum area which consists of three charming museum sites: Vilho Lampi Museum, Memorial Home Aappola and Local History Museum.

Abraham’s Culture Park can be used as an event venue during the summer season.

Rantatie 14
91900, Liminka
Paintball Värikuulasota Oulu Action Park


Guided paintball games in Oulu. Choose your field from our three builded areas. We guarantee you the best guns and equipment, the most impressive game zones near Oulu, Finland and a wide variety of game types.

Kukkulanraitti 166 / Ruskotunturintie 10
90910, Oulu


Two-story beach apartment with sea views at the top of Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät, next to all services, restaurants, bars and shops.

Beds for four and four additional beds.

Pakkainpolku 11
85100, Kalajoki

Marina Chalets, 2+2

A one bedroom apartment (2+2) by the sea in the Marinan Portti Majakka apartment building. The apartment has its own sauna, complete kitchen equipment and a glazed 10 m² terrace for admiring the wonderful sea view. There is mechanical ventilation with cooling and wireless internet connection as well. The year of construction 2022.

Accommodation price includes bed linen and final cleaning.

Pikku Keskuskarintie 5
85100, Kalajoki

Marina Chalets, 4+2

A 2-bedroom apartment by the sea in the Marinan Portin Majakka apartment building. The apartment has its own sauna, complete kitchen equipment and a glazed 21 m² terrace for admiring the wonderful sea view. There is mechanical ventilation with cooling and wireless internet connection as well.
The year of construction 2022.

Accommodation price includes bed linen and final cleaning

Pikku Keskuskarintie 5
85100, Kalajoki

Arctic Ice Paddling

Join us on a unique ice paddling adventure in the Bay of Bothnia, on the shores of Kalajoki. Experience the arctic spring sea, taste the salty water on your lips, feel a connection with the sea when paddling amongst the floating ice. You might even see a seal enjoying spring sun amongst the ice. All this will be done under the supervision of skilled and experienced paddling guides as well as a safety vessel DMS Matilda, securing the paddling excursion out on the arctic sea.

Price starting from 2200 €/ person, when 6 persons participating:
✓ Accommodation in apartments for 2 nights
✓ Meals and transfers according to the program
✓ Paddling guide services and boat transfers according to the program
✓ Dry suit
✓ Kayak, including a life jacket, paddle, kayak cover

Tuomipakkaintie 9
85100, Kalajoki

Rent a canoe or kayak

Rent an open canoe or kayak for lake or river in Syöte area. We have canoes for two or three persons and different kinds of single kayaks and twin kayaks.

Price inclueds a stable open canoe or kayak, life vests, paddles and waterproof bags. If you go to the river, also helmets are included in the price.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Rent an electric fatbike

Rent an electric fatbike in two sizes: S/M or M/L.

Price includes electric fatbike and helmet, there is a small gear bag or a bottle holder on the bike. You can get also a pump, a lock and a headlamp if needed.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Cafe Korppi

Kahvila Korppi (Cafe Raven) offers soup lunch, tasty pastries, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, candy and snacks at Syöte Nature Centre – a cosy log house in Syöte National Park. Also Finnish souvenirs and local delicacies for sell.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Rent a fatbike

Rent a fatbike in different sizes where the trails start!

Available sizes are for adults XS/S, S/M and M/L and for children 20″ and 24″. Price includes fatbike and helmet, there is a small gear bag or a bottle holder on the bike. You can get also a pump, a lock and a headlamp if needed.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi
Puuilo Vasaraperästä löydät laajan valikoiman työkaluja

Puuilo Vasaraperä

Puuilo is a low-price department store chain with over 30 department stores in Finland. In addition, the company has a web shop in Finland and Sweden. The wide product range at Puuilo covers products such as building supplies, tools, car accessories, garden supplies, pet food and pet supplies, as well as a wide range of household items.

Pauketie 2
90410, Oulu
Laaja valikoima eläintarvikkeita Puuilosta

Puuilo Rusko

Puuilo is a low-price department store chain with over 30 department stores in Finland. In addition, the company has a web shop in Finland and Sweden. The wide product range at Puuilo covers products such as building supplies, tools, car accessories, garden supplies, pet food and pet supplies, as well as a wide range of household items.

Graniittitie 1
90620, Oulu
Vilho Lampi Museum

Vilho Lampi Museum - Liminka

Vilho Lampi Museum is part of Old Liminka museum area. Vilho Lampi Museum represents Vilho Lampi’s work and it was open in 1972 in the building of old school in Liminka. Added to this Memorial Home Aappola and Local History Museum belongs to museum area.

Vilho Henrik Lampi (1898–1936) was a Finnish painter who is especially known for his defiant self-portraits, strong folk descriptions and paintings depicting of his home town Liminka and the people of Liminka. He studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts from 1921 to 1925.

Vilho Lampi was talented and famous painter. Despite the short artistic career artist experimented with various visual styles from rough-hewn expressionism to new objectivity and the delicate pointillism in his final years. It is estimated, that artist left more than 550 works during his 14 years career. The museum collection includes 30 paintings of the artist.

As an art student, Vilho Lampi was hard-working, productive and fast. Debut of the artist took place at the annual exhibition of Finnish art already during his studies in 1922. His works were also on display in the annual exhibitions in 1923, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1934 and 1935. His works were exhibited in joint exhibitions of Finnish art in Moscow in 1934, Riga in 1935, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg in 1935.

On 17 March of 1936 the artist committed suicide by jumping from a bridge to Oulu river during his trip to Oulu. The tombstone on his grave features a bronze relief of Vilho Lampi made by his friend Martti Tarvainen.

Vilho Lampi Museum is open during the summer season.

Rantatie 14
91900, Liminka
Tirsanurkka snooze nook offers you a private relaxing moment

Relaxing Neurosonic Moment at Tirsanurkka

Tirsanurkka is a relaxing place, inside of the organic hairsalon Ekokampaamo-parturi Hiusmeri premises. Finnish name Tirsanurkka stands for a kind of a snooze nook, a place where you can recover and maby take a nap. Physically it is a space, where you can sit back in the Neurosonic- treatment chair, relax and enjoy take the very low frequency vibrations treatment in a soothing environment.

Book your time from Hiusmeri’s online appointment calendar TIRSANURKKA/Neurosonic hoitotuoli www.hiusmeri.com/ajanvaraus/

The lady at the front desk, Päivi Takkunen, is happy to help you to select the right program when you come to the Tirsanurkka.
Päivi is a fluent speaker of so called “Rally English”, and the owner of not just the establishment but also a big heart and she wants you to fully enjoy your experience with Neurosonic treatment. Come as you are. A smile and an open mind goes a long way.

Read more about Neurosonic https://neurosonictech.com/pages/how-does-neurosonic-work

Antinkankaantie 28
92130, Raahe

Life at Liminka Bay Multimedia Presentation

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre auditorium is showing the multimedia presentation “Life at Liminka Bay” featuring events at the bird wetland during one year.

The presentation contains shots filmed by renowned bird photographers at Liminka Bay and surroundings. The multimedia presentation can also be shown in the conference room if the auditorium is occupied.

Groups are well-advised to make bookings beforehand.
The presentation is free of charge, and there are both Finnish and English versions.

Please check the actual opening hours at nationalparks.fi/liminkabayvisitorcentre

Rantakurvi 6
91910, Liminka
Oil painting from 1896.

De Urbe Uloa – Paintings of Oulu

De Urbe Uloa – Paintings of Oulu showcases paintings from the collections of the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum. Most of the approximately 30 works have never been exhibited before.

The selection features oils, watercolours and gouaches of downtown Oulu streets and buildings, some of them still in existence, some of them gone. The paintings have been received to the museum’s collections as part of donations.

Ainolanpolku 1
90130, Oulu
Orchestra playing in the Rotuaari

Urban Festival Oulu Days

Oulu Days is an urban festival with long-standing traditions – it has been organised since 1962. Oulu Days is a festival which welcomes everyone to arrange an event by offering it to be included in the Oulu Days programme. The festival takes place on the first weekend of September from Friday until Sunday. The concept of Oulu Days is to be a communal event entity in which a range of different communities creates the programme together. The organisers of Oulu Days events includes companies, associations, public sector operators and even private persons. The festival supports new urban culture without forgetting the long traditions.

Hallituskatu 5
90100, Oulu
A happy girl is playing that she is fishing.

Playroom Leikkilä

In the playroom called Leikkilä, children can experience what it felt like to be a child more than 100 years ago. Imagine yourself to the role of a market seller, fisher or the child of a merchant family.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum has opened a playroom of approximately 30 square meters decorated and furnished in the style of Oulu at the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries. The exhibition is hands-on and action-based with numerous historical toys.

The exhibition is accompanied by a newspaper that showcases the topical concerns, talking points, travel destinations and – of course – toys of the day.

The playroom has been designed following the principles of sustainable development. Many recycled materials are used, and a number of favourite items from past exhibition have been brought back.

Ainolanpolku 1
90130, Oulu
Rokua RokToberfest

Rokua RokToberfest

A relaxed atmosphere, live music, cold drinks, and a hefty Oktoberfest-inspired buffet!

Enjoy a Rokuan-Bavarian event at the heart of Rokua Geopark. Evening is full of atmosphere, energetic music, delicious food, cold drinks, and the best company. RokToberfest brings together all friends of good beer in the colourful Rokua autumn landscape!

The performer at the event 2022 is Bilebändi TUOMAS!

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua

Oolanti nature trail in Vatunki

Sense the power of the sea, go hiking along the Oolanti nature trail, stand at the feet of wind mills.

At the harbour of Vatunki you can see a wide range of fishing boats and working fishermen. Oolanti nature trail is a place to get to know the nature and history of the area.

Services: Swimming spot, childrens playground, nature trail (450 meters), lean-to and campfire, outhouse toilet, caravan parking, berths for visitor boats.

Arrival instructions: Vatunki is located about 40 km from the Ii town center towards Kuivaniemi, north on highway E4. Road signs will guide you to take a turn to Pohjoisrannantie and drive about 7 km until the end of the point.

Address: Pohjoisrannatie 759, Kuivaniemi.

95100, Ii

Sailor's trail

Stunning sea views, birdwatching tower and a place of silence marked with a wooden anchor will guarantee successful pictures of your holiday. In the winter time, the Merihelmi is a popular spot for ice fishing or riding a snowmobile.

Services: Seaview restaurant, camping area and caravan parking, gas station, children’s playground, birdwatching tower, Sailor’s trail (300 m duckboards) with information boards about history, outdoor seating area.

Address: Rynkyntie 21, Kuivaniemi.

Arriving: Merihelmi is located on the coast of the Bothnian Bay along the highway E75 in between the cities of Kemi and Oulu. Distance from the Ii town centre is about 25 km and from Kemi 44km.

Rynkyntie 9
95100, Ii

Binocular Lending Liminka Bay Visitor's Centre

Going to Virkulla birdwatching tower but you don’t have binoculars?

No problem, you can borrow good-quality binoculars at the Visitor Centre free of charge for the duration of your stay.
Use this chance to get unique experience during your visit to Liminka Bay.

Don’t forget to check opening hours of Visitor Centre at nationalparks.fi/liminkabayvisitorcentre in advance.

Rantakurvi 6
91910, Liminka

Geocaching Liminka

Geocaching is an outdoor hobby where boxes called geocaches are hidden in the nature or built places. The boxes contain a logbook and pencil, and possibly a small item to swap.

The cache locations are listed on the web as coordinates, and other geocachers search the caches with GPS. There are several caches to find while visiting in Liminka.

The link below enables you to get to know Liminka’s geocaches:

Good luck!

Tupoksentie 5
91900, Liminka
It is easy to enjoy at Nallikari Holiday Village tent site.

Tent site in Nallikari Holiday Village, Oulu

Nallikari Holiday Village 3,5 kilometers away from the center of Oulu has a large camping area which provides camping pitches for tents too.

All 150 tent pitches are without electric supply and can be choose according to own preferences. Caravan pitches with electricity can be booked also for the tents.

All the services in Nallikari Holiday Village are available for visitors; maintenance buildings, free public sauna (days vary depending on the season), laundry and drying room. There are also lockable mini fridges for hire for tent site guests.

Camping price consists of basic fee + person fee. Please check the seasonal prices from the booking site.

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu

All-year round campsite in Nallikari, Oulu

Nallikari boasts one of the best all-year round campsites in Finland. Nallikari is easy to access even by a larger camper van or caravan. There are places to choose from places without electricity to small and large pitches and drive-through spots.

All the services in Nallikari Holiday Village are available for visitors; maintenance buildings, free public sauna (days vary depending on the season), laundry and drying room. Park-like campsite has also fire places that guests can use.

Camping price consists of basic fee + person fee. Please check the seasonal prices from the booking site.

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu
Oulujärvellä on upeita melontapaikkoja.

On the Traces of the Ice Age - Lake Oulujärvi

Rokua Geopark has a lot to see and do for all ages! We put together a ready-made route suggestion for your trip in Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark area. Along the circular route you will find unique landscapes and nature formations shaped by the ice age, as well as interesting cultural attractions and versatile services! Grab a car or a bike and go discover Lake Oulujärvi.

European Union’s oldest bedrock, tens of kilometers of sandy beaches and a marine atmosphere on Finland’s largest inland open waters.

According to one theory, the eye-catching landscape of Lake Oulujärvi has been created as a result of the effects of ancient crustal movements, continental ruptures and the ice age, and according to another story, giants have had something to do with it. One way or another, the Lake Oulujärvi area is perfect for spending summer days and exploring interesting cultural history.

Along the route, you can spend the night on a lake-view cottage, on a caravan by the lake or tenting under a million stars. Fish, paddle, hike, swim, watch birds, visit a museum or an art exhibition. Both independent and guided tours possible!

This route is at its best during the summer.

Vaalantie 14
91700, Vaala
Oulujoki on Suomen 7. suurin joki.

On The Traces Of The Ice Age - The Oulujoki River Valley

This is a ready-made route suggestion for your trip in the beautiful river valley of Oulujoki river in Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark. Grab a car or a bike and go discover the Oulujoki River Valley.

The Oulujoki River Valley enchants with its idyllic countryside landscape, lush grove forests and colorful history.

The Oulujoki water basin is known as an ancient route of travel, tar and tourism, and many important cultural sites have survived from this time, such as the Lamminaho farm and the wooden churches of Muhos and Utajärvi. Today, the Oulujoki River generates a lot of hydropower, and the Oulujoki power plants and their residential areas designed by architect Aarne Ervi form an interesting entity in terms of architecture and history. Part of the Oulujoki river valley area is also classified as a nationally valuable landscape area.

Along the route you can stay the night at a countryside hotel, cottages or caravan area. Hike on nature trails, go padding, go fishing, visit museums and other cultural attractions.

This route is at its best during the summer, when the services and attractions are open.

Muhostie 2
91500, Muhos
Maaginen suppalampi Rokuan kansallispuistossa.

On The Traces Of The Ice Age - Ridges Of Rokua

This is a ready-made route suggestion for discovering the heart of Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark, the Rokua area. Grab a car or a bike and go discover the Ridges Of Rokua.

On the route that goes around the Rokua ridge area, you can hike in Rokua National Park, enjoy the countryside, and learn the stories of local poets and folk healers.

The story of the Rokua ridge begins at the end of the ice age more than 10,000 years ago, when the melting waters of the glaciers and strong winds piled up tens of meters of sand in the Rokua area. Today, Rokua is home to Finland’s largest sand dune field, where the highest single dune rises 25 meters above the surrounding terrain. The rolling hills are covered with a thick, silver lichen rug and endless pine forests. Here and there are crystal clear kettle ponds. In the midst of silence, the sounds of nature are clearly heard.

Rokua National Park, established in 1956, protects the unique geological formations and vulnerable nature. There are about 40 km of hiking routes and 45 km of mountain biking routes in the national park. In 2018 Rokua was chosen as the Finnish Outdoor Destination of the year!

There is a spa hotel, a wilderness hotel, a big five-star villa and dozens of smaller cottages to stay the night in. Camping and tenting are also possible. Rokua is ideal for many outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, paddling, SUP-boarding, and in winter you can try cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sliding snowshoes.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Kankarin Taidehuvila, Vaala

Art exhibition

Art Villa of Kankari, an oasis of art, is located in a scenic landscape near Lake Oulujärvi. We organize art exhibitions in summer and winter.
We have a long experience in the field of art and producing and sharing experiences for lovers of art and culture.

Guided tour at the high-quality art exhibition of summer 2022
The artist:
Teemu Määttänen´s photo exhibition
Once again we get to enjoy the spirituality of Kuutti Lavonen´s art.
Ben Allal Ayad performs with magnificent sculptures and lithography.

Kankarintie 99
91730, Vaala
Hovi Bistro - Coastal Gem Platter for two

Coastal Gem Platter and a bottle of wine


Our delicious platter is made of carefully selected ingredients by our talented chefs and is made to be enjoyed in good company. The portion serves two and the price also includes a bottle of wine. Our staff will be happy to help you with wine recommendations!

Coastal Gem Platter
Grilled whitefish and salmon, hollandaise sauce and lemon sour cream. Served with seasonal vegetables and boiled potatoes seasoned with dill.

Raahen Hovi | Bistro & Café

Hovi Bistro & Café is a restaurant located in the heart of Raahe. It’s a cozy place for everyone to enjoy simple and delicious dishes, such as steaks, burgers and local white fish. Children are also welcome! We have created a separate children’s menu to cater to our younger customers.

Our menu offers delicious, nutritious, high-quality meals made from as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

Our café offers sweet and savory delicacies from our own oven – even when the kitchen is closed. Join us from early in the morning until late in the evening.

Come and fall in love with our new menu and freshly renovated lounge!

Bistro kitchen opening hours:

Monday – Friday
10.30 – 21.30

12.00 – 21.30

12.00 – 18.00

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe
Liminka Bay Visitor Centre

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre

Liminka Bay is one of Europe’s most important bird wetlands. Tens of thousands of birds stop to rest, feed and nest in this area shaped by land uplift.

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, the main nature attraction in Oulu area, offers insights into the life of birds. The Visitor Centre provides its customers with guiding services by Metsähallitus, a cafe & restaurant, a shop, a small nature hotel, a separate nature school building, an auditorium for 80 persons and many other conference facilities.

The interactive and experimental exhibition “The eight seasons of a bird’s year” offers experiences for visitors of all ages. This exhibition introduces the year cycle from birds’ viewpoint. The protagonist of the exhibition is Liminka Bay’s rich birdlife, but the life of birds in general is also examined.

Where do birds spend the winter, or how do the ones staying in Finland survive winter? You will get answers to these questions at this exhibition. You will also find plenty of facts about birds’ senses, nesting, migration and moulting.

A bird’s nest has been designed especially for children, in which they can sit on pillows and listen stories. The Visitor centre also provides games, colouring pages, books and a lot of other fascinating things to keep children amused.

Two-stores Virkkula birdwatching tower is located about 600 metres from the Visitor Centre. The wide duckboard path is well-suited for persons with limited mobility and baby carriages. Going to birdwatching tower but you have no binoculars? No problem, you can borrow good-quality binoculars at the Visitor Centre free of charge for the duration of your stay.

There is also a campfire place and a small playground for kids by the Visitor Centre. It is also allowed to stay overnight with a camper van or a trailer at the parking lot for a small fee.

Rantakurvi 6
91900, Liminka

"The Eight Seasons of a Bird's Year" exhibition at Liminka Bay

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre’s exhibition “The Eight Seasons of a Bird’s year” introduces the year cycle from birds’ viewpoint. The protagonist of the exhibition is Liminka Bay’s rich birdlife, but the life of birds in general is also examined.

Do you ever wonder why Liminka Bay is such a unique place for birds? Where do birds spend the winter, or how do the ones staying in Finland survive winter? You can find answers to these questions at this experiential and interactive exhibition.

You will also find information on birds’ senses, nesting, migration and moulting. Do you want to learn something new or just enjoy magnificent bird pictures and picture presentations?
This exhibition at Liminka Bay Visitor Centre is for you!

Please check the opening hours before arrival: nationalparks.fi/liminkabayvisitorcentre

Rantakurvi 6
91910, Liminka

Vihannin Härkäjuhlat

A traditional dance and party event, which will be celebrated on August 13, 2022 for the 56th time. This year’s Vihannin Härkäjuhlat Festival is celebrated at the Lumimetsä Nuorisoseura. The main performer is Johannes Vatjus and his band. Other performers include e.g. Mari Ylikärppä and Esa Mathlin duo and The Government.
The event area has a karaoke tent, a restaurant and refreshments tent, and a cafe.

Lumimetsäntie 547
86470, Raahe

Arctic Food Lab Pop up

Enjoy early autumn and mornings in a local market hall and step up to Arctic Food Lab pop up to explore arctic food!

Pop up is open between 1st of August until 3rd of September in Oulun Kauppahalli.

There is info about Arctic Food Lab, local food, companies presented and food related theme days.

On Saturdays there is live music.

Come and leave your favourite recipe spiced with Arctic Food Lab touch! Three best recipes – with most fresh touch and best imagination – will published in Arctic Food Lab contents during autumn.

Traditional favourite recipes will be collected in Oulu2026 area aim to publish Arctic Food Lab recipe book before year 2026 – Oulu to be European capital of culture!

Arctic Food Lab – Northern Delicacies to the World
Northern Finland’s short but intensive summer ripens our local ingredients. Arctic Food Lab is one part of Oulu2026-culture programme that brings forth the ingredients that have grown under the Oulu2026 region’s Northern sky, and the uniqueness of traditional food born under arctic circumstances.

Arctic Food Lab brings together those operating in gastronomy and food culture in the Oulu region and celebrates Northern cuisine and gastronomy. You will recognize local tastes and experiences from this trademark.


Arctic Food Lab Pop up is a trial point, that is co-financed with Oulu Culture Foundation, Council of Oulu Region and City of Oulu.

Opening hours
From Monday to Friday 8-17 and Saturdays 8-16

See you at Oulun Kauppahalli on August!

90100, Oulu
Old yellow wooden house Wanhakulma guesthouse in Old Raahe

Wanhakulma Guesthouse in Old Raahe

Wanhakulma offers cosy accommodation in the Old Raahe area near the seashore. The town centre and the services are only a short walk away. The rooms at Wanhakulma are a comfortable and affordable alternative to hotel rooms and open around the year.

The house was built by shopkeeper Mikael Henrikinpoika Montin (6 February 1765–11 March 1843). The exact construction date is not known.

Affordable accommodation even for a large group
The rooms are 1–2-person rooms. The larger 2-person rooms have the option for an extra bed. There are 17 rooms, so accommodating a larger group is also possible.

The rooms are tidy and have basic furniture including a refrigerator in each room. Some rooms also have a TV.

There are two kitchens in shared use, including a stove, a microwave oven, an electric kettle, a coffee machine, kitchenware and dishes.

In connection with one kitchen, there is a living room including a TV and toys and books for children. Three shower rooms/toilets and the opportunity to wash laundry.

Enjoy the peaceful old town on a large sheltered inner courtyard with garden furniture.

Koulukatu 6
92100, Raahe
Raahen Hovi - Bistro & Café

Bottle of Wine and Northern Style Antipasti for Two


Sit down, relax and enjoy Northern flavors with a friend or a special someone!

Northern style antipasti for two:
Cold smoked salmon and roe tartar served on dried rye bread, smoked reindeer served in a flatbread wrap, and pear compote with Aura blue cheese or Finnish squeaky cheese.

The price also includes a bottle of Casa Viva red or white wine.

Raahen Hovi | Bistro & Café

Hovi Bistro & Café is a restaurant located in the heart of Raahe. It’s a cozy place for everyone to enjoy simple and delicious dishes, such as steaks, burgers and local white fish. Children are also welcome! We have created a separate children’s menu to cater to our younger customers.

Our menu offers delicious, nutritious, high-quality meals made from as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

Our café offers sweet and savory delicacies from our own oven – even when the kitchen is closed. Join us from early in the morning until late in the evening.

Come and fall in love with our new menu and freshly renovated lounge!

Bistro kitchen opening hours:

Monday – Friday
10.30 – 21.30

12.00 – 21.30

12.00 – 18.00

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe
Hovi Bistro & Café - Three-course dinner for two

Three-course Dinner For Two at Hovi Bistro


Our delicious dinner is made of carefully selected ingredients by our talented chefs and is made to be enjoyed in good company.

This three-course dinner includes a starter, main and dessert for two from our Bistro menu.

Raahen Hovi | Bistro & Café

Hovi Bistro & Café is a restaurant located in the heart of Raahe. It’s a cozy place for everyone to enjoy simple and delicious dishes, such as steaks, burgers and local white fish. Children are also welcome! We have created a separate children’s menu to cater to our younger customers.

Our menu offers delicious, nutritious, high-quality meals made from as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

Our café offers sweet and savory delicacies from our own oven – even when the kitchen is closed. Join us from early in the morning until late in the evening.

You’re welcome just the way you are, without any hurry. Come and fall in love with our new menu and freshly renovated lounge.

Bistro kitchen opening hours:

Monday – Friday
10.30 – 21.30

12.00 – 21.30

12.00 – 18.00

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe
Raahen Hovi - Getaway for two - Drinks

VIP Getaway for Two at Raahen Hovi


Treat your loved one or yourself to a getaway for two in our VIP-suite! The spacious suite has a private sauna, and the price includes one night stay, a bottle of wine and a breakfast buffet for two.

After purchasing this product online, please contact us to make a booking. Our staff will be happy to help you by phone or email!

For reservations, please call +358 10 277 4550 or email us at [email protected]

Raahen Hovi | VIP-suites

VIP suites are located in the main building, Ritari. The suites have a separate bedroom with a queen bed and a living room with a sofa. The VIP-suite also has its own sauna, bathrobes, towels, hairdryer, minibar, electric kettle, tv and free WiFi.

We offer free parking at the hotel car park for all our guests. If you have any wishes regarding your reservation, such as late check-out, we’ll be happy to see if we can accommodate you when booking your stay with us.

Hotel Raahen Hovi | Moments to remember

It is easy to feel at home in the comfortable harmony of Hotel Raahen Hovi. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we are at your service.

Although the hotel is conveniently located in the city centre, our rooms are quiet. We guarantee that traffic or nightlife will not disturb your sleep! We offer you peace and quiet, delicious locally produced food as well as turn-key conferencing and event services.

Enjoy our abundant buffet lunch every working day or order delicacies from our Bistro. Relax and enjoy our cozy bar or grab a special coffee with a freshly baked sweet or savory pastry.

Kirkkokatu 28
92100, Raahe


1bar is your relaxed living room in the center of Oulu, where cocktails, wine and people meet to have a good time.

Kauppurienkatu 5
90100, Oulu

Birdwatching Tower at Liminka Bay (Virkkula)

Virkkula birdwatching tower is the most popular sight at Liminka Bay Visitor Centre – for good reason!
The great two-storey birdwatching tower opens a wide view across Liminka Bay. That is the best spot to watch hundreds of migrating birds in the area every spring and autumn.

The tower is located at the distance of 600 meters from the Visitor Centre. The wide duckboard path to the birdwatching tower is accessible also with a wheelchair and suitable for families with children.You can borrow binoculars for free from Visitor Centre when visiting the birdwatching tower.

Useful tips for visitors of Virkkula birdwatching tower are below:

– best time to visit the place is from the end of April to the end of September;
– best place to detect black-tailed godwit;
– the east-side grazing area is home to curlews, sandpipers and ruffs;
– especially in the winter time, you can see a white-tailed eagle looking for food;
– large gatherings of waterbirds in autumns.

It is also allowed to bring pets to bird-watching tower, kindly keep your pet on a leash.

Rantakurvi 6
91900, Liminka
Coffee House seating area

Coffee House Café

Aheap of expertise with a sprinkling of love. This is what Coffee House is all about. So, come and let the aroma of fresh coffee and a delicious croissant or bagel bring a smile to your face. Morning, noon or night – any time is the right time.

Coffee House perks up your day!

Follow us in social media:
Facebook @coffeehouseoulu
Instagram @coffeehouseoulu

Isokatu 24
90100, Oulu

Restaurant and winebar VENN

There is nothing more valuable in life than friends, wine and good food. All of these are combined at the new VENN. You can easily pop in to the charmingly relaxed atmosphere of VENN during your shopping day or enjoy the fun until the night. VENN offers simple and delicious food, charming wines and exhilarating cocktails. Being serious – that’s not our thing. Come to VENN and bring your friends, or you can borrow some of ours!

Find us on social media @VENNOulu

Pakkahuoneenkatu 16
90100, Oulu

Black Motel

Stay comfortably and easily at the Black Motel. When you need a roof over your head for one night or longer, the Black Motel is sure to serve you in a familiar way. Here you will find rooms or Black Suite easily for 1 – 4 people.

Black Suites
Black Suites are detached buildings completed in the autumn of 2020, where you can find accommodation for 1 to 4 people. The wooden structure and surface materials make the Black Suite a warm and comfortable place. The well-equipped modern kitchen allows for cooking and the air conditioning ensures that the right temperature is found in both summer and winter.

Motor Shelter
Thousands of stories the Motor Shelter has accommodated tens of thousands of travelers for seven decades and the story continues. In the Motor Shelter you will find rooms for 1 to 4 people at an exceptionally good value for money in the familiar Black Motel style. The much-lauded legendary Motor Shelter with a colorful history is also familiar on TV.

Sohjanantie 3
90440, Kempele

Akupuncture and energy healing treatments

Acupuncture and energy healing treatments and their combination as an effective therapy for the body and mind. In a traditional Finnish home environment.

Pikkurölli 13
90450, Kempele

SUP-board Deep Sea

2 sup-boards available for rent in Pöllä, Hailuoto. Would you like to spend a summer day paddling on the SUP board? SUP-boarding is perhaps the best thing you can do on a beautiful sunny summer day. The competition is suitable for both soloists and those who enjoy good company. Compared to rowing a boat or kayaking, sup-boarding has been described as a much more rewarding experience. Standing on the board means that the balance muscles are activated, and you can see much more than you are sitting. Sup-boarding can be a demanding workout for any athlete who wants it, but thanks to its versatile use, sup-boarding is also suitable for peaceful enjoyment and relaxation. For example, you can just lay in the sun, enjoying the rocking waves.

Pölläntie 137
90480, Hailuoto

Ladies on the Beach

Ladies on the Beach is full service packages for small groups, 4-10 persons.
Pick your dear friends and enjoy quality time together!

LADIES ON THE BEACH, basic package includes:
* Day cruise or a sunset cruise on a speedboat to Maakalla island
* Guided fat bike safari (2h) from Safari House
* At the BeachRose café-restaurant, you can enjoy the sunset on the glazed terrace, which serves snacks (savory / sweet) and a glass of wine.

Matkailutie 312
85100, Kalajoki

Love on the beach -package for couples

Wrap your loved one in the armpit and enjoy a picnic basket with a welcome drink by the sea at Hiekkasärkät.
You can only book the accommodation you want from our destinations and the program for the weekend is ready.

* Picnic basket with welcome drinks, inclined blanket and welcome drink and snacks, nuts and marshmallows.
* Sunset cruise on the Kiira ship in front of Hiekkasärkki, duration about 1.5 h. Departure from Keskuskari marina at 9 p.m.
* Pedal boating or paddling for two when the morning sun is shining near the beach of Hiekkasärkki, duration 2h.
As an alternative, cycling for two on pine trees, wooden trails or to nearby cultural sites.
Fat bike bikes 2h or regular bike 8h.
* In the magnificent sea view, you can enjoy the sunset on the glazed terrace of the BeachRose café-restaurant, which serves snacks (savory / sweet) and a glass of wine.

Matkailutie 312
85100, Kalajoki

Sea journey to Maakalla island

Get to know old, unique fishermen island Maakalla by taxi-boat Kiira!
Maakalla is unique island about 18 km from the coast. It is an autonomous region with dozens of fishing cottages, old wooden church and fishing museum.

Availability: on request, June-August
Duration: approximately 3,5 hours (including 1,5h stay on the island)

85100, Kalajoki

Marina Resort A3

New Marina Resort design apartment with beautiful sea view!
Marina Resort apartments has been open on June 2022. Apartment is situated on second floor, near by Kalajoki golf course and sandbeach.
Price includes golf game right to gamble for three persons during stay (on summer time).
Apartement has two bedrooms, full equipped kitchen, livingroom, sauna and terrace, where you can find a small golf practise area.

If you love golf, you will love this!

Keskuskarintie 122
85100, Kalajoki

Holiday house Aurinkorinne 8

Beautiful holiday house with breathtaking view!
Spacious holiday house with kitchen, living room, four bed rooms,
3+1 toilets, utility room, wash room, sauna and sun terrace.
There’s a big car park in the basement, billiardroom and big storage/carage
which leads directly to the residential floors.

Great opinion for high quality holiday standards, all services within walking distance.

Aurinkolammentie 8
85100, Kalajoki
Dinner in Oula Kitchen & Bar.

Surprise menu in Oula Kitchen & Bar

The surprise menu is a tribute to the diverse nature of the North and the world’s purest ingredients sourced from the wild. We have roamed the rolling fell tops and open mires and forests in the wilderness to offer you a surprise menu that embodies the genuine and unique quality of Northern nature.

We believe every bite should be an experience, so take plenty of time to enjoy the surprise menu. To allow our kitchen enough time to prepare the dishes for your party, the 5-course surprise menu is available until 8 p.m. and the 3-course surprise menu until 10 p.m. To ensure a pleasant evening for everyone, we hope you order the surprise menu for all members of your party.

Kirkkokatu 3
90100, Oulu

Luxuriuous apartment Villa Merellä

Spacious and high-class holiday home in three floors.
At downstairs: a lounge, toilet and utility room.
At middle floor: combined kitchen-living room with fireplace, three bedrooms, toilet,balcony and terrace to the backyard
At the top floor: one bedroom, lounge/hall, sauna with a view, showers, toilet and big sun balcony with the wellness pool.

Aurinkolammentie 16
85100, Kalajoki


Gastropub Zivago serves the best savory and sweet dishes from seasons best ingredients, combined with carefully selected wines, hand made cocktails and cold beers.

The restaurant itself is worth seeing. Unique details picked from around the world make your visit interesting.

During June and July Zivago provides a big summer terrace (or patio as we like to call it in Oulu) in the heart of the city.

Pincho Friday every Friday from 4pm to 7pm!

Kirkkokatu 29
90100, Oulu

Jumpru Patio Live!

Jumpru Patio Live! – club will start at Jumpru Pub Patio on Tuesday June 14th and there will be live music every week from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 pm to 10.30 pm.

The Jumpru X OMJ Jazzpatio club is always on our menu on Tuesdays, soulful and rhythmic Soul Kitchen club on Wednesdays and a Rytmipatio club will take turns on Thursdays with weekly changing themes. On Fridays and Saturdays everyone gets to sing when the popular Allsång På Jumpru club take its turn.

Clubs have an age limit of 20 and free admission.

Websites unfortunately only in Finnish at the moment!

Kauppurienkatu 6
90100, Oulu

Taxi services

For those on holiday in Syöte, STP Transport taxi services open up a whole new dimension to enjoying northern activities. You don t need your own car at all on your holiday.

Want to get to a husky or reindeer farm on your own schedule, or need someone to pick you up at the end of your ski trip? During the summer, you can also bring your bike and explore Syöte extensive mountain bike network.

Our taxis serve the entire North-Eastern region. Our cars are also wheelchair accessible. We serve at any time, day and night. Save time for your holiday!

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte

Charter bus services

Syöte Charter transfers connect those on holiday in Syöte with other tourist destinations in the north and north-east. Airport transfers to Syöte are conveniently available from Oulu, Rovaniemi and Kuusamo.

Syöte is geographically centrally located, so you can explore both local and more distant attractions during your holiday on the fells. STP Transport takes you on husky and reindeer safaris
around Syöte. Although your holiday in Syöte is practically in the middle of the wilderness, there are regular charter services all the way to Rovaniemi. During the winter season, day trips are made to the Ranua Wildlife Park, Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, and the Arktikum Art Museum, as well as to Kemi SnowCastle.

In addition to day trips, Syöte Charter offers ready-made travel packages to various events around
Finland. We also organise tours throughout Scandinavia.

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte
Saaga Travel drivers are well-trained, polite and English speaking.

Charter buses and private transportation services in Oulu region

Saaga Travel operates high quality, comfortable and modern charter vehicles to suit your transportation needs in Oulu Region and the entire Northern Finland.

You can book a charter bus or private transfer for example for airport transfer, private city tour, day trip or a longer overnight trip to multiple cities and locations.

Our fleet of coaches and busses is versatile, with the smallest car being a 4-seater sedan and the largest 79-seater double decker coach. For small groups we have VIP level black Saaga Travel Gold minibuses and for larger groups stylish black and white Saaga Travel tourist buses. Our buses are equipped with Wifi and USB charging plugs and large buses also with WC.

Our high quality fleet is serviced by well-trained professional and English speaking drivers. You can book also guides and tour leaders from us.

We have our own dedicated sales team with years of experience in travel services across Finland, Northern Scandinavia and the Baltic states. We also function as an incoming travel agency for international tour operators and private clients, specializing in high quality and customized small group trips.

90100, Oulu

BUDGET HOTEL RAAHE, in North Ostrobothnia


Raahe is located in North Ostrobothnia, Finland, on the shore of the Bay of Bothnia, between and on the banks of the Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki rivers.

Travelling from whichever direction possible, Budget Hotel Raahe and its location nearby the main road E8 and Raahe city center, makes it a very accessible destination to stay.
You will find various outdoor and sporting actitvity possibilities next to the hotel, such as Raahe DiscGolfPark and the Koivuluoto sports field. In addition, only less than one kilometer away is a sight for photographers – the wood house idyll of Old Raahe!

Our Hotel’s comfortably set rooms for one, two or three guests, offer a place to rest and relax at the end of the day. All room equipment include a TV, an electric kettle with a coffee/tea set, as well as a bathroom with shower. Our room rate also includes a copious breakfast and the use of our common sauna space in the evenings.

We ensure the cleanliness and comfort of your stay together with our high standard partners, so that it is always safe for you to visit us.

Budget Hotel Raahe is part of the Peerâ Hotels & Cottages

Uimahallintie 4
92150, Raahe

Hot Air Balloon Flight for group 4-12pax

Flying in a hot air balloon flight is a lifetime experience, when you can gently sail across the sky and enjoy the beautiful finnish landscapes from a bird’s eye view.

The MOMENTS balloon trip takes about 3-4 hours of which one hour is spent travelling in the air.

Our service includes:

– Transportation from the agreed meeting place to the departure site and back to the meeting point
– About 1 hour flight in hot air balloon
– Traditional after-flight ceremony at the landing site.
– Flight certificate

Kansankatu 53 T3
90100, Oulu
Cafe Hanna is a small cafe close to the Oulu Train station.

Cafe Hanna

Cafe Hanna is operating in the same building with Taito Shop Oulu. Hanna is a small cafe where you can buy fresh grounded coffee, sandwiches, Finnish style pullas and ice cream. You can take all products with you or enjoy at the cafe. During the coffee break you can do some shopping in Taito Shop. Cafe Hanna is a part of Taito Pohjois-Pohjanmaa.

Rautatienkatu 11 b
90100, Oulu
Finnish design is sold by Taito Shop Oulu.

Taito Shop Oulu

Taito Shop Oulu is a gift shop and handicraft studio offering authentic Finnish designs and local artisan crafts. Our vast range of products include traditional handknit goods, jewelry, sauna accessories, Oulu themed items, and materials for the crafting enthusiast. Responsibly sourced and natural materials are important to us. We are specialists in textile crafts including traditional weaving techniques and provide a variety of expertly led workshops and courses.

Lovi Factory Shop is a partner-business at Taito. Lovi is famous for their birch veneer trees which artfully adorn interior spaces throughout Oulu and Finland. Lovi designs are the creation of Oulu artist Anne Paso. Explore our selection of Lovi products for your own home! Lovi workshops are also available on-site.

While visiting our historic 1920s landmark building, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a baked ‘pulla’ sweet bun. Daily made sandwiches are available as a convenient lunch for your train travels.

When shopping with us, you are supporting local entrepreneurship and the Oulu handicraft arts culture. Our business also includes a non-profit community program to assist local needs. Taito is a certified member of the Finnish Labor Association (Suomalaisen Työn Liitto).

Please call or email for more information and services in English. We warmly welcome you to our shop, craft studio and café!

Rautatienkatu 11 b
90100, Oulu
Toripolliisi statue in the Oulu Market Square.

Top 5 attractions in Oulu!

These tips will lead you to the top attractions and sights in Oulu, whether you are staying just over one night or enjoying the versatile leisure selection of Oulu for longer. The city is compact, so everything is close, and you will soon feel at home!

The seaside atmosphere of the Market Square with the legendary Market Square Policeman’s statue and the offering of local products is a must for every visitor especially in the summertime. The Market Hall holds a variety of local delicacies and produce to take home, too. A bridge for pedestrians and bicycles connects the Market Square with the old wooden district of Pikisaari Island just a short walk away.

Pass the stately Oulu Cathedral to get to the lush city park of Hupisaaret Islands. This is a local favourite around the year and an excellent place for spending time on summery picnics or having fun in the winter. If you enjoy beach life, visit Nallikari Beach on the Bothnian Bay in Hietasaari Island – the Riviera for Nordic tourists. Its lighthouse lookout spot and phenomenal sunsets are mandatory Instagram material for all visitors.

Last but not least: any traveller must experience Oulu as a cycling city, with its vast cycleway network of more than 900 kilometres and the trademark red cycling highways! Jump on a bike and admire all these sights, pedalling comfortably through the Oulu landscape.

Kauppatori 2
90100, Oulu

Oulu Music Video Festival

Oulu Music Video Festival is a four-day spectacle of music and moving pictures that brings together young and youthful people, both music and film professionals, enthusiasts and consumers on the last warm evenings of the summer.

The Festival presents hundreds of music videos, movies, documentaries and special screenings. In addition, the authors of the videos express their own views from different perspectives in some of the screenings. The best Finnish music videos and video makers are rewarded at the prestigious Pumpeli Gala.

The festival organizes also live clubs and other music video related activities in local bars.

The artistic director of the festival is Anna-Mari Nousiainen. The event is produced by the Oulu Music Video Festivals Association.

Hallituskatu 7
90100, Oulu

Literary Art Festival Muusajuhlat

Literary Art Festival Muusajuhlat (Muse Festival) is the most notable literary happening in Oulu area. The festival brings together poets, writers, musicians, and artists from all around Finland. The versatile programme offers something for literary enthusiasts of all ages.

The programme is mostly in Finnish but there are also events that include multiple art forms and are suitable for non-Finnish speakers.

The events take place in restaurants, libraries and nearby municipalities in Oulu. Most events are free of charge.

The nine poems or muses of antiquity have inspired humanity since ancient times. Now the muses are calling us to the world of reading and writing once again. The books delight, enchant and captivate. When reading them you can empathize, be charmed, reminisce, stray and linger – the books have all our stories and countless worlds.

The festival is produced by Huutomerkki ry.

Kaarlenväylä 3
90100, Oulu
tyttö soittaa viulua, taustalla taulu

Ou­lun­sa­lo Soi Cham­ber Music Fes­ti­val

Oulunsalo Soi is a versatile, intimate and high-class chamber music festival that brings great pieces, premieres and musical delights to the Oulu region. The festival’s concerts and events are surprising, touching, and sometimes a bit whimsical too.

Oulunsalo Soi presents both international and domestic top names and rising stars. The concerts invite you to more traditional concert halls as well as new venues.

The artistic director of the festival is pianist Mika Rännäli. The festival is produced by the Oulu Cultural Events Association.

Hallituskatu 7
90100, Oulu

Oulu Arts Night

Oulu Arts Night is a magical night full of culture!

Oulu Arts Night lets musicians, actors, dancers, writers, and artists take over the streets and parks and offer unique experiences for everyone. The festival lasts for only one night but the number of visitors takes up to 30 000!

The goal is to make arts and culture easy to reach and thus most of the events and performances are free of charge. Professionals and amateurs alike can bring their performances to the Arts Night.

Hallituskatu 7
90100, Oulu

Air Gui­tar World Cham­pions­hips

Incredible performances, international love and big emotions – welcome to the airiest competition in the world!

The Air Guitar World Championships is a celebration of love and peace. Since 1996, the semi absurd performance art has grown into a favourite of international audiences and media, spreading its message around the world.

The year of air guitar culminates in August in Oulu, where national champions and black horses arrive to compete for the world championship title. The official Air Guitar World Championships network includes over 10 countries from almost all continents.

The AGWC Finals offers performances from the world’s best air guitarists and a magnificent show for old and new friends of air guitar. In the Black Horses Qualifying Round the night before, the prize is an instant place to the world finals. In addition to the contest events, Air Guitar World Championships offer air guitar-themed events for tourists.

The next Air Guitar World Championship competition takes place 23–25 August 2023. The Air Guitar World Championships are organized by Airnest Productions Oy.

Kirkkokatu 17
90100, Oulu

Liminka Church

The current church in Liminka was completed in 1826 and it is fifth consecutive church standing at this place. It represents the neoclassical style. Liminka is one of the oldest congregations in Northern Ostrobothnia, it became independent already in the 15th century.

Three previous churches burnt to the ground in 1496, 1589, 1592, fourth church was demolished in poor condition in 1825 year, when current one was almost completed. The first drafts of the current church building were prepared by Charles Bassi. Final drawings were made by A.F. Granstedt, a student and colleague of Carl Ludvig Engel in 1823. The detailed design of tower of the church belongs to C.L. Engel himself. It is quite remarkable that the most famous architect of Helsinki was part of the construction.

The altarpiece of Liminka church The Glory of Christ was painted by Oskar Nylander in 1849 which is his last remaining work. The other paintings The Last Judgment and The Crucifixion were painted by Petter Bergström in 1741 for the previous church. The paintings were found under the floor of current church during renovation. The pulpit was made by Johan Kyntzell, a carpenter from Kokkola, in 1727 and has been moved from the previous church as well. The organ was built in 1899. The front facade of the organ is original, but the 20-voice machinery was completely rebuilt in 1971 in Kangasala organ factory.

91900, Liminka

Alakestilä Arboretum park - Liminka

Alakestilä Arboretum park, located in Liminka in Northern Ostrobothnia, is the third oldest tree species park in Finland.

Its founder Kalle Arvola, a municipal councilor began planting first trees in the island of Liminka’s river in 1930s. Over the years the park has expanded significantly and now covers an area around 3 hectares. You can find almost 200 different variants, species and subspecies here. Some of them Kalle Arvola brought from abroad as he travelled to bring varieties that didn’t exist in Finland.

Trees were always in Kalle’s heart and some people even called him “crazy”. He was answering, that this interest in trees can’t even be considered weird, as both of his parents were similarly “crazy”. My mother loved the garden and my father loved the forest.

Kalle felt that forestry was a job that would be done for future generations so that everyone could experience and enjoy nature.

Nowadays the park is open for everyone: you can go fishing, take pictures, enjoy joga, paint, organize a picnic or just relax and walk through it.

It is worth to mention that there is campfire and pavilion for rent in the park. The pavilion is suitable for small-scale public events or as a stage for performance.

The park uses free of charge audio guide service (Glopas), so don’t forget to download it on your phone to know more about history of this unique place. Glopas can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices from app stores.

Värminkoskentie, 20
91900, Liminka
Jumping tower in Rantakylä

Rantakylä Recreational Park - Liminka

The Rantakylä area is one of the most versatile recreation and sports areas in Finland. Rantakylä village is located at the distance of 4 kilometers west from Liminka town center. And it is the best place to spend time with your family or friends or just enjoy it on your own all-season.

In addition to a beach with quay and jumping tower, Rantakylä has also a 18-track disc golf course, beach volley courses as well as good jogging and skiing routes. Hiking by a beautiful riverside is not bad idea too.

For mountainbikers there are several varied-level routes, where you can choose the best suited one for your skill or fitness level. The routes have been marked with reflective colour codes and arrow signs. Starting point for the routes is at Liminka Bay Visitor Center where you can also rent a bike.

During summer and autumn seasons Rantakylä offers splendid opportunities for berry and mushroom picking.

In winter 8 kms skiing tracks of Rantakylä are connected with sea skiing track and Liminka Bay Visitor Center. Skiing ground and sled hill are perfect for small visitors. For brave adults an icewater swimming place is available. Almost forget to mention 2 campfire shelters for sausage cooking.

Monttutie, 14
91910, Liminka

Mon Chou - French Pastry Shop

Fresh, hand made croissants, cakes, tarts and macarons.

We are the Northernmost French Pastry shop in the world!

Step into a piece of France to share its pastry tradition in our intimate café, or order online a variety of pastries, desserts and savory offerings to enjoy at home! Either way, we look forward to sharing with you the pleasure of smelling a fresh croissant coming out of the oven!

Pakkahuoneenkattu 5 B 20
90100, Oulu
A smiling girl dressed in an old-fashioned role costume. In the background is the Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia.

Northern Ostrobothnia Museum

The Northern Ostrobothnia Museum focuses on the history of the city of Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia and Finland. Our exhibitions captivate kindergarten groups, teenagers and seniors alike.

In the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, years gone by come alive in an unforgettable way through objects, phenomena, famous persons and common people. Smell the tar, learn of adventures in the high seas and get to know working-class life in the Vaara district of old. This and much more is what makes the history of our fair city. The eye-catcher of our exhibition is a large miniature of the White City of the North as it was before the Second World War in 1938.

The cultural-historical provincial museum is located in the beautiful river delta of the Oulujoki River. All four floors of the building house exhibitions. Oulu’s cultural cradle is located at the heart of the city in the Ainola Park and the Hupisaaret Islands.

Ainolanpolku 1
90130, Oulu
Farmyard. A red log building in the background.

Turkansaari Open Air Museum

The idyllic Turkansaari Open Air Museum takes you on a time trip to the past. Turkansaari’s historical countryside setting and beautiful natural environment are fully preserved, yet close to the city centre. Step into the past and listen to the stories of Northern heritage, everyday life and celebration in the countryside.

Turkansaari Open Air Museum is located on three islands in the Oulujoki River 12 kilometres upstream from downtown Oulu. The museum is Finland’s second-oldest open air museum. It was officially established in 1925 when the island’s wooden church dating back to 1694 was restored to its original location.

In addition to the historical buildings and setting, the museum offers summertime work demonstrations in the Northern Ostobothnian tradition, such as tar pit burning during the Midsummer Week. The main themes of the museum are traditional agriculture and forestry, fishing and Oulu’s history of tar. The main events of the year are Tar Week, Midsummer celebration, Tradition Week, the Jaakko Days and the Autumn Market.

Turkansaarentie 165
90310, Oulu
Nallikari beach covered with ice and snow.

Hietasaari recreational area

The Hietasaari recreational area represents post-glacial rebound coast with lush vegetation of old park and garden species, dotted with old villas and private gardens. Here you can discover the various seacoast vegetational zones, coastal meadows and woods, young and grove-like forest heaths, and an abundance of indigenous birdlife.

Starting in the 1850s, a villa community was created in Hietasaari as the wealthy merchants of Oulu escaped the summer heat of the town to the island with their cattle and servants. Some of the old villas still exist in Hietasaari. Some are used as private homes while others have been renovated to serve as rentable facilities, for example. The ever-evolving island remains an attractive summer destination, with Nallikari Beach offering a fantastic setting for visitors near and far. Here you will also find accommodation and restaurant services, a variety of activities to choose from, and nature trails with birdwatching towers and campfire sites along them. Trails are suitable for walking and biking and they are maintained all year round!

90100, Oulu
Authentic soy sauce ramen

Pure maku

Pure maku features …

– World’s northernmost authentic Japanese ramen shop
– Authentic noodles from Hokkaido in Japan
– Highest Google rating for ramen in Northern Europe

Our ramen noodles are made by stricktly selected wheat and imported from Hokkaido in Japan.
We also offer Authentic Japanese tea and sweets with Ramen.
Visit us and experience Japan.

Open : 12:00 – 18:00 Tue – Sat
Cloesd : Sun & Mon, 1st Tue of every month

Find us at Pakkahuoneenkatu 5 B22 90100 Oulu.
Follow us on [email protected]

Pakkahuoneenkatu 5 B22
90100, Oulu
Smiling girl eating ice cream in the Science cafe.

Tiedekahvila - Science cafe

The café has always been an important part of visiting the Science Centre. Now, it is even more so as science has become the centre of our renewed Tiedekahvila cafe, too!

The Tiedekahvila science cafe has a new appearance which better matches with and merges in the Science Centre – with both its decor and activities. In the cafe interior, there are bits of science scattered around, offering you knowledge and amusement. Mini-interactives, the small exploratory exhibits on tables, offer you a hands-on experience to science in the traditional Science Centre Tietomaa way.

So, while enjoying your food and beverages, you can enjoy exploring and investigating the mini-interactives or, for example, fiddle with and revamp the symbols of chemical elements found from the interior.

Tiedekahvila has free entry, and it is located on the ground floor of the Science Centre Tietomaa.

Nahkatehtaankatu 6
90100, Oulu
Skiers on sea ice.

Virpiniemi recreational area

Welcome to experience the nature in Virpiniemi. Located on the Bothnian Bay near Oulu, the recreation and tourist centre of Virpiniemi is a paradise of beautiful forests and ridges accompanied by year-round activities. This northern sports centre offers visitors the summer trails and winter ski tracks of Runtelinharju ridge, aquatic activities on the sea, lovely beaches, and even the possibility to go horseback riding in wonderful scenery. The Rantasara camping area is perfect for longer stays, too!

Golf lovers visit Virpiniemi for the greens created by leading Nordic course designer Jan Sederholm. Usually, the local season for this fascinating sport can begin as early as April. The closeness of the sea and the ridge landscape will challenge players throughout the round.

90810, Oulu

Northern Finland food experience

Food experience in the Northern Finland is unique. Lean-to dining, authentic and cultural restaurants create the perfect Lappish atmosphere. The restaurants and food experience producers chosen by Hungry for Finland, know how to make a tourist fall in love not only with Lappish nature but also with local food.

90100, Oulu
A girl moving the light tubes.

Science Centre Tietomaa

Finland’s first science centre is the perfect place for learning, enjoying yourself, putting your brain and body at test or simply spending some time engaging in entertaining exploration. Science Centre Tietomaa is a household name in Oulu and the entire Northern Finland. It has been one of the best-known attractions in Oulu for years.

The themed exhibitions of the science centre feature more than 150 hands-on attractions and demonstrations. New exhibitions are opened every year, and the highlights of past exhibitions become part of the permanent exhibition. Our exhibitions explore different fields of science and technology and give food for thought for all audiences.

The Science Centre’s giant screen cinema shows fabulous 3D films that take the audience to the depths of oceans, the darkest jungles, the infinite reaches of space, or back in time to see the dinosaurs. Our giant screen theatre has the second-largest screen in Finland.

The Science Centre’s 45-meter tower, completed in 1920 to serve as the water tower of the tanning plant, is one of the key landmarks of the Oulu cityscape. The glass-walled elevator of the tower takes you up 35 metres to the top floor with fabulous views over the city.

Nahkatehtaankatu 6
90100, Oulu

Mediterranean Restaurant

A la Carte restaurant that serves food from different Mediterranean countries.

Pakkahuoneenkatu 6
90100, Oulu

Wednesday Flea Market @Voimala 1889's patio

Every Wednesday in July there is a flea market at Voimala 1889’s patio.
You can come as a seller and buy your sales table at Tiketti or just come to shop as a customer! Sales table for one person costs 15€ for one night.

We also sell refreshments and food at the patio!

Kasarmintie 1
90130, Oulu

Jarkko Martikainen ja Luotetut miehet | Voimala 1889

Jarkko Martikainen ja Luotetut miehet performing on Friday 22nd of July at Voimala 1889’s patio!

Kasarmintie 1
90130, Oulu


Elojazz is an intimate jazz and rhythm music festival in the heart of Oulu. The sweet melodies of Elojazz have been heard in Oulu for more than three decades. The festival takes place on the first weekend of August and includes main concerts as well free club gigs.

The artistic director of Elojazz is Jukka Eskola, one of the most recognized jazz musicians in Finland. The festival is produced by Jazz-20 Association.

Kasarmintie 13
90100, Oulu

Aknestik | Voimala 1889

Aknestik performing on Saturday 23rd of July at Voimala 1889’s patio!

Kasarmintie 1
90130, Oulu

Event and meeting place

Ailasto is an old school building from year 1926. After school stopped it changed to restaurant and Caravanpark. We offer event and meeting place for your needs. We have restaurant seats for 50 persons inside and outside for 20 persons. You can have from us guided services, beverages, local food products and the historic venue. Ask an offer for more details.

Luovontie 798
90480, Hailuoto
majoitus, accommodation

Ailasto accommodation

Ailasto is an old school building in Hailuoto island. Last 45 years it has been restaurant and now with new owners we want to develop Ailasto meeting place for all people. There are two idyllic two person rooms upstairs in the old teacher’s apartment. Big room has double bed and sofa where can sleep 1-2 persons. Small room has 2 separate beds. Breakfast, sheets and sauna is not included the price. At the service building you can find showers, toilets and kitchen area.

Luovontie 798
90480, Hailuoto
Luotolainen tikkuri on kaunis perinneneule

Luotolainen Tikkuri - exhibition

Luotolainen is an old traditional sweater knitted by finnish sheep wool. It has many special details that you can not find other knit wears. The first Luotolainen was found in Hailuoto island near Oulu. Now that knitted sweater is more famous than ever! In the exhibition you see all the versions of this awesome sweater. Can you use a spinning wheel and make yarn? Now you have a change to try!

The legend of Luotolainen
On the island of Hailuoto, in the far north of the Baltic Sea, lived a boy and a girl. As they grew older, their paths led them apart; he went off to war, and she married another man. As a token of their deep affection, she knit the Luotolainen sweater for him. The sweater was his most prized treasure. He lived in solitude for the rest of his life, but his Luotolainen sweater he never gave up. It was worn and mended for over 45 years—worn until the day he died. The Luotolainen is the island’s story of love and longing.
the man got several other sweaters over the years, but he never wore them. instead he took pieces from the new ones to mend the sweater from his unrequited love. the orginal sweater from this legend is located in the handicraft museum in Jyväskylä. (Käsityön museo). This sweater is about 100 years old.

Significance of the ribbing: not unusual, goes through whole sweater, easy to adapt when making larger or smaller. ribbing also makes it warmer, better insulator. Inteded to be kept and mended even through multiple generations. If the sweater is gifted to a specific person, the knitter can add the wearers, personalized initials or other personal emblem, so that if the fisher died or was lost at sea, the person could be recognized by the sweater. If it happened in late fall or winter you couldn’t find the person, but the sweater.

This exhibition is to be seen in Taito Shop Pop up room all the july. This exhibition is not guided.

Rautatienkatu 11 B
90100, Oulu
Greenhouses Romeo ja Julia.

Botanical Garden of the University of Oulu

The Botanical Garden of the University of Oulu is one of the northernmost scientific gardens in the world. Botanical Garden collection of plants is maintained for teaching and research purposes and it is open to the public.

Collections include more than 4,000 different plant species and provide an overview of global vegetation diversity. Botanical Garden is also a testing and experimental area for many new and rare plants. The landmark of the Oulu Botanical Garden are the pyramid-shaped greenhouses Romeo and Julia where about 1,200 exotic plant species are presented. Science Garden of the University of Oulu is also located here.

Outdoor garden is open every day 8 AM – 8 PM and is free of charge. Greenhouses are open Tue – Sun 10 AM -4 PM, with voluntary admission fee of 5 €.

Kaitoväylä 5, PL 3000
90570, Oulu
Walking tour with a local guide

Guided walking tours in Oulu

Guided walking tours are available during the summer with varied themes. Guaranteed departures on Tuesdays and Fridays between 13.6.-19.8.2022. Guiding in Finnish only.

You can also book a guide for your own group! More information in the web page!

Kirkkokatu 3
90100, Oulu

Rauhala ravintola-pâtisserie

Rauhala is a beautiful old event and meeting venue next to Ainolanpuisto. For over a hundred years there has been events organized in Rauhala’s building. You can throw a birthday party, wedding, memorial service or have a meeting in Rauhala’s beautiful cabinets. We are experts in organizing both unofficial and official events such as academic events or parties held to celebrate completion of a project.

We serve brunches on selected Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

We have our own bakery, where every morning freshly baked goods are being made by our patissiers and bakers. Bakery products are sold next door at Tuba Food & Lounge.

Mannenkatu 4
90130, Oulu
Winter scenery of river delta.

Gems of the Oulu River estuary

Welcome to the Oulu River estuary! In Oulu, you can sense the closeness of water just a short walk away from the city centre. The cultural landscape opening over the river is present all around. The estuary with its lovely islands is a source of year-round recreation on natural waters with a multitude of services on offer. The estuary is easy to discover by paddling or SUP boarding, for example.

Hietasaari Island does not offer only a lush park atmosphere but also the sandy beaches at Nallikari, the “Riviera of the North”. When you enter Pikisaari Island, you will be swept away by the charm of old wooden houses in an artists’ district full of local industrial history. On Hupisaaret Islands, you can try and count how many small wooden bridges across the lovely brooks you can find. If you fancy a refreshing dip in Oulu River, visit Värttö Beach where you can go swimming throughout the year. Seaside disc golfing by the Bothnian Bay at Meri-Toppila disc golf park is a memorable experience in the summer, while fatbiking on the sea ice is an unforgettable one in the wintertime.

90100, Oulu
Automatic belay

Oulu Climbing Center

Oulu Climbing Center is a recreational sports venue with indoor climbing facilities for lead, top rope and automatic belayed climbing and bouldering. There is climbing for everyone even if you are a first timer or beginner, a young child or an elderly climber. The climbing routes are setup by competent route setters who take all the climbers into consideration. Come and try it yourself!

A sauna with a meeting room and kitchen is found at the top floor of the climbing centre. A balcony with a view to the sea is equipped with tables and chairs together with barbecue facilities and a hot tub to relax after climbing or a meeting! Make a reservation for your work group or peer.

Paakakatu 7
90520, Oulu

Voimala 1889

Voimala 1889 offers events and culture in an urban environment!

Voimala 1889 lies in the same courtyard as restaurants Tuba Food & Lounge and Rauhala ravintola-pâtisserie next to beautiful park Ainolanpuisto. Voimala 1889 is a versatile place for culture and events. You can enjoy awesome gigs and events both inside Voimala 1889 and during summertime outside on our cozy patio. Our patio fits many hundreds of visitors! We also organize e.g. summer parties there for firms.

Voimala 1889 is a great place to throw a party for up to 60 people. It also operates as a meeting venue. We have different kinds of ready-made meeting packages to choose from. If you want, you can get all our party and meeting foods vegan! We have also sauna!

Voimala 1889 has also different art exhibitions which you can check out during events.

See you at Voimala 1889!

Kasarmintie 1
90130, Oulu
Café Kaari

Café Kaari

Welcome to our atmospheric museum café located in the historic Åström Brothers industrial property next to the beautiful Ainola park.

Café Kaari is a perfect meeting point for friends and family with great choice of refreshing delicacies.

Our selection emphasises local products from the North. We have lovely sweet and savoury treats, fantastic special coffee varieties – and of course some sparkling wines.

Kasarmintie 9
90100, Oulu
Hotel Lasaretti, Pato-Hall

Nordic Art Hotel Lasaretti's Venues

We will help you to organize a successful event by providing you with a high-quality venue to suit your needs. Lasaretti’s unique milieu, versatile venues, delicious menus and professional arrangements guarantee that your event will be a great success.

There are 14 individual meeting cabinets in Nordic Art Hotel Lasaretti, so you can choose the best alternative for your purposes. We organize hundreds of meetings annually serving 50 000 guests. All rooms are wheelchair accessible and overlook the Oulujoki river, Ainola park or our yard area.

Kasarmintie 13b
90130, Oulu
Winter SUP boarding in Mustasalmi.

Paddling on the Oulujoki river delta and at sea

Do you want to be your own boss on the waters? For those who prefer independent activities, there are easy and safe paddling routes around the islands in the estuary, and a special atmosphere awaits those who paddle the “Amazon of Oulu”, a route along Mustasalmi strait through Hietasaari Island all the way to the sea.

Adventurers can paddle through Toppilansalmi strait toward Nallikari and back down Mustasalmi to the estuary, truly discovering the aquatic Oulu from the waves! You can also rent an inflatable canoe or SUP board and head out to other waterways around Oulu, such as lakes Kuivasjärvi, Pyykösjärvi, or Valkiaisjärvi, the last of which is a special local favourite. The best summer moments also include taking part in a relaxing, guided paddling trip and enjoying a shared experience with others.

90100, Oulu
Rantakortteli block in winter.

Historical Rantakortteli blocks of Oulu

The most central blocks of wooden buildings in Oulu – with national significance – are the Rantakortteli ones adjacent to the Market Square. They are a window to the era of wealth in Oulu due to trade and seafaring in the 1870s and 1880s, when many trade-educated businessmen worked in Oulu. After the third and final Oulu Fire, handsome houses were built on Rantakatu, Ojakatu, and Hallituskatu streets in the spirit of neo-renaissance and art nouveau. Some stone buildings are included.

If you stand back-to-back with the plump Market Square Policeman’s statue, you will see the pink House Höckert across Rantakatu street as well as the pastel green House Jurvelius on the left. Together they constitute a significant and recognisable part of the Oulu cityscape around the Market Square. House Jurvelius was built in the empire style and is the oldest wooden building (1828–1945) on Rantakatu street. Nowadays it is used as a student residence. The first ever electrical lighting system for a private home in Oulu was installed in the house in the year 1900! House Höckert dates to 1838.

Also the Ojakatu and Hallituskatu streets still have some of the construction milieu built after the Oulu Fire in 1882. The single-floor wooden neo-renaissance building of the Oulu Trade Society was built in 1884.

90100, Oulu
Row of pastel colored houses in Raksila with autumn foliage.

Pastel-coloured wooden Raksila

The wooden district of Raksila is a nationally valuable cultural environment of multi-coloured wooden houses. The construction of the area dates mainly back to the 1930s and 1940s. The houses represent the classical wooden architecture of the time. Some apartment buildings have functionalist features.

As you walk around in the colourful Wooden Raksila, you will notice that the wooden apartment buildings have been designed meticulously in six large grid plan blocks. The regular method of construction makes it a uniform residential district, and the design has been based on a unified city image. The lush courtyards are spacious, and you can see small outhouses at the back of them. Wooden Raksila has its very own, unique atmosphere.

In Puistikkokatu street in the middle of the district, there are houses formerly used for business. Teuvo Pakkala School at the end of the street was built in 1950 as an integral part of the composition and intended particularly for use by residents of the Karjasilta district.

90130, Oulu
Kuusiluoto presents heritage of wood building in Finland.

Many layers of history in Kuusiluoto

The Kuusiluoto District with its beautiful wooden houses lies right next to the city centre by the Oulu River estuary. A pedestrian bridge leads you forward to currently uninhabited Sonnisaari Island to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. In the 18th century, Kuusiluoto was still an island just like Sonnisaari, and locals used them both as pastures for sheep. Since then, upthrust, soil brought in by the river, and landfill have connected Kuusiluoto to the continent.

According to the city plan made after the Oulu Fire in 1822, construction turned Kuusiluoto into a traditional 19th-century Finnish wooden town district that attracted sailors and artisans as residents. A third of the houses in the area date back to the 19th century and another third to 1900–1920. Stone houses built in early 1950s as replacements for wooden ones destroyed in Second World War bombings represent the third layer of construction in Kuusiluoto.

Also the Sonnisaari Island used to be inhabited in the last decades of the 19th century, housing for example a hospital for epidemic diseases since 1982 and the first municipal maternity hospital in Oulu between 1903–1925. Now the island is a nature destination for discovering the flora of coastal meadows and wetland dells as well as grove woods.

90100, Oulu
Oulu city reflection in the water at the night time.

The reflecting pools of Oulu

The cultural landscape of the Oulu River estuary also offers plenty of activities for photography lovers. The historical Market Square area, the handsome trees in the parks, pedestrian bridges lighted by architects, and the monumental dam bridge of Oulu look wonderful from the waters and create beautiful reflections on the surface. When paddling, you can see the reflecting pools of Oulu in all their glory as the cultural landscape is drawn onto the water surface in front of you. When admiring them on land in Hupisaaret, Linnansaari, or the Rautasilta steel bridge crossing the Oulu River, the pools look amazing, and you can capture the stunning view in pictures.

Kauppatori 2
90100, Oulu

Tuba Food & Lounge

Tuba Food & Lounge is an eco-friendly and recycling oriented culture restaurant. We use a lot of ingredients that are organic, locally produced or ingredients that would’ve gone to waste. There is always food on our menu that is vegetarian friendly or vegan. We take pride in our pizzas that are made with our own sourdough and our handmade burgers. Come and stop by for a cup of coffee or have a glassful. For example we offer a variety of Finnish craft brewery products.

Tuba is a lively venue. There are weekly quizzes, gigs and a diverse offering of culture on our programme.

Mannenkatu 4
90130, Oulu
Winter wishing in Oulujoki delta area.

Go fishing in Oulu around the year

Fishing in the summer and ice fishing in the winter are a popular pastime in Oulu! Fishing is also perfectly suited for travellers visiting Oulu, even with the whole family. Go angling in Kuusisaari, fish with a spinning rod in Tukkisaari, net a plump salmon on the river, or ice fish on the Bothnian Bay in Nallikari with dozens of other winter fishing fans. In Kuusisaari in the autumn, you may also watch the traditional scoop netting of whitewish and even try it out yourself. Take a guided tour with a skilled fishing guide for luring rarer catch. When fishing, you must naturally follow the standing regulations. For fishing licenses and instructions, please visit Oulu10 service desk or the online Kalapassi service.

Hallituskatu 36B
90100, Oulu

Ojan Rauta Arena

Sports and soccer hall, top level gym, healthy food restaurant, sauna/ meeting room, minigolf, outdoor soccer field. Facilities for meetings and events.

Pelaajapolku 3
90450, Kempele
Winter swimmer in Tuira beach.

Splash-tastic water activities in Oulu

There are beaches in Oulu for many tastes. The most popular one – and the number one destination for families – is the Nallikari recreation area and tourist resort with its pearly beaches. You can get to the beach from the city centre even by foot or bike through Pikisaari Island or catch a ride on a local transport bus. The Nallikari beach is almost a kilometre long and a true family favourite.

The beaches of Tuira and Värttö along the Oulu River provide excellent opportunities for swimming or enjoying the heat of a sauna raft with appropriate refreshments to complete the experience. Riding rentable jet skis at Värttö beach is a fun activity.

In the wintertime, Tuira beach attracts winter swimmers to take a dip in the freezing cold water. Winter swimming is possible also at Värttö sauna raft, with the added opportunity for having a sauna in between.

In the summertime, you can try more active sports, for the facilities offered in Linnansaari Island next to the city centre include kayaks, canoes, and SUP boards as well as a floating adventure course. At the northern end of Toppilansaari Island, you will find a sandy beach and breakwater favoured by kitesurfers speeding on the waves.

Water games in Oulu are not a matter of weather. You can splash about in Oulu’s Raatti and Raksila swimming pools all year round. In addition to traditional pools, the Raksila swimming pool offers a wading pool for kids, a diving tower, a pool slide, and a multi-function pool with massage spots.

Hallituskatu 36B
90100, Oulu
Winter biking in Oulu.

Oulu loves biking

Oulu is a bicycle-friendly city all year round. The extensive network of pedestrian and cycle paths spanning over 900 kilometres features beautiful Nordic landscapes and lively districts and offers plenty of opportunities for sports and recreational activities. The pedestrian and cycle paths are maintained throughout the year.

The main cycling routes in the Oulu region are signposted and numbered to guide you to your destination. The longest main route of the cycling route network, which is undergoing continuous development, extends 38km from the centre of Oulu. The cycling routes can be accessed from various locations, including directly from the Kauppatori market square!

Kauppatori 2
90100, Oulu
Old wooden houses in Karjasilta.

Wooden Karjasilta from the reconstruction era

Karjasilta is a wood-governed residential district selected as the best city district in Finland in the 2000s. Built in the 1940s and 50s, the dimensions, plot setting, and materials of the houses are consistent, and the aim is to maintain the mood of the era in the district as well as possible. In Karjasilta, there are about 200 detached houses built after the Second World War for the families of soldiers who returned from the front.

This residential district of the reconstruction era has remained exceptionally large and unified, and its value as a constructed cultural environment has been assessed as nationally significant. However, renovations and expansions transforming the appearance of the houses have been done since the 1960s. Nowadays there are some renovation or expansion methods to be seen that are alien to the identity or unity of the district. In addition to houses, on the west side of the district there are some apartment buildings built in the 1950s and 60s, a school, a library, a music centre, two churches, and a grocery store.

Karjasilta (in English: Cattle Bridge) was named after its history as grazing ground for cows owned by the locals. The street names of the district still echo this period. On the northern edge of Karjasilta flows the Kaupunginoja brook, across which the cattle had to be led along a bridge. Another section of the street names here refers to battle locations of the Second World War.

90140, Oulu

Local Taxi Services in Liminka

Otaxi is the reliable and legit taxi service provider in Liminka and widely in Oulu area. We provide local, trustworthy taxi services with the well-known and visible, yellow-roofed taxi cars.

We offer 24/7 quality service, all year round. We serve with 320 taxi cars in Oulu area and altogether with more than 700 OTAXI cars in Northern Ostrobothnia!

Otaxi sedan model cars are suitable for 1-4 passengers. Otaxi minivans are suitable even for 8 passengers. Our minivans include suitable cars for the disabled, with a stretcher possibility or a lift. Additionally, our customers have a possibility to choose a low-emission, environmental-friendly OTAXI Green car for their service.

Our taxi drivers are professional and educated for the taxi business, with good local knowledge.

You can order our taxi service fast and easy from +358 600 30081 number. We serve 24/7 each day of the year! (Calling 1,59 €/call + 0,48 €/min.)

91900, Liminka
A snowy tree in the park

Hupisaaret Islands city park

The large park area on Hupisaaret Islands near Oulu city centre invites travellers to roam in its verdant oasis in the summer and discover a snow-covered wonderland in the winter. The park is a must for any outdoor person, culture enthusiast, and romantic to visit. Here locals and visitors alike can find enjoyment, adventure, games, picnics, and tranquillity. Oulu Museum of Art, the Northern Ostrobothnia Museum, and Tietomaa Science Centre are all located near the park, so there is plenty to see and do indoors as well as outdoors.

The Hupisaaret Park consists of several small islands in the Oulu River estuary. It became a public park after the 1850s, and its history holds industry, watermills, cattle pastures, French gardens, and child’s play. The sound of the rippling brooks is part of the park’s attraction – in the brooks, you can even find sea trout belonging to the native stock of Oulu River as they run to spawn in the park’s channels.

Cafeteria Kiikku serves customers in the park in the summertime, while a versatile playground attracts adventure seekers to play around the year. Created by talented architects, a wonderful summer theatre offers cultural enjoyment for all the family. Gazebos from the old days and lovely bridges joining the small islands provide beautiful spots for resting. At the northern end of the park is the longest fish ladder in Finland and the only one in Oulu River. Here you can spot migrating fish from May until the end of October.

90100, Oulu
Raahen Rantajatsit

Raahe Jazz on the Beach - Raahen Rantajatsit

Raahe Jazz on the Beach a.k.a Raahen Rantajatsit festival is an intimate annual top-notch contemporary jazz festival with gorgeous white night sunsets.

Useita tapahtumapaikkoja
92100, Raahe
Perinteisiä muruhuiskia luonnonmateriaaleista

Crumb Brushes and Pot Scrubbers Workshop

In this workshop we will teach you how to make useful brushes and scrubbers for your home from natural materials. Fiber bundles are assembled into durable home tools using traditional brush tying techniques.
During the course you´ll have time to make three tools and the price of the course includes guidance for learning traditional brush making and a material fee to make 2 pot scrubbers and 1 crumb brush.
Price 37 € / member price 32 €.
Non-stop workshop Thu 7.7.2022 or Tue 19.7. between 12 and 5 PM. Please arrive no later than 3:30 PM. No pre-registration!

Rautatienkatu 11 b
90100, Oulu
Lännentilan kotieläinpihan lammas.

Lännentila farmyard with animals

We have lots of different animals in our farmyard; sheeps, ducks, chickens, bunnies and ponies. We also offer free pony rides for kids from Monday to Saturday, between 11-15 o’clock. The animals warmly welcome you to visit, for free!

In addition the main building of the farm has been inhabited since 1690. The Lännenpirtti café is located in this centuries-old log cabin.

This country café offers you homemade tasty pastries that contain products from our farm. These are traditional Finnish pastries; pancakes, buns, chocolate mudcake, strawberry cakes… The café also serves savory pies and stuffed breads. And let’s not forget the soft ice cream!

We have a sandbox and toys for children in our farmyard. We also have pedal tractors for kids to drive. Do you like to play minigolf? You can do it in our farm for free! And hey, have you met our mascot, Bison?

We have also farmshop with fresh local products, all the products are picked up daily. We sell our own products; strawberries, peas, potatoes, onions, cauliflowers and broccolis. We also sell our strawberry-caps and strawberry-bags!

90100, Oulu
Lännenpirtin kahvilan pihapiiriä.

Lännenpirtti Cafe

The main building of the farm has been inhabited since 1690. The Lännenpirtti café is located in this centuries-old log cabin.

This country café offers you homemade tasty pastries that contain products from our farm. These are traditional Finnish pastries; pancakes, buns, chocolate mudcake, strawberry cakes… The café also serves savory pies and stuffed breads. And let’s not forget the soft ice cream!

You can have your coffee inside or go out to enjoy the beautiful courtyard! Check out cafe’s Instagram-site: lannenpirtinkahvila.

In the cafe courtyard we have lots of different animals; sheeps, ducks, chickens, bunnies and ponies. We also offer free pony rides for kids from Monday to Saturday, between 11-15 o’clock. The animals warmly welcome you to visit, for free!

In addition we have farmshop with fresh local products, all the products are picked up daily. We sell our own products; strawberries, peas, potatoes, onions, cauliflowers and broccolis. We also sell our strawberry-caps and strawberry-bags!

90100, Oulu
Purkkivärjäyksessä käytettävät materiaalit ja värjätty lankavyyhti.

Dye yarn in a jar

Dye a surprising skein of yarn with plants or organic waste!
Jar dyeing is a fun and easy technique, and we welcome you to join us in a journey of experiments. In this workshop you will learn how to dye yarn in a glass jar using natural dyes.
You don`t need any material of your own, we provide all supplies.
Workshop Fri June  8th  from 12pm to 5 pm or
Workshop Fri June 22nd from 12pm to 5 pm
Workshop is non-stop, so you can attend at a time that is suitable for you.
No prior notice – attend 4 pm at the latest.
Price: 25€/attendant (the price contains 100 grams of wool yarn, a glass jar, mordants and guiding)
Our maximum group size is 12 attendants at the same time.

Rautatienkatu 11 B
90100, Oulu
Seafood pasta.

Bistoria Iso-Syöte

Cozy and welcoming Bistro with good taste.
Bistoria is a great place to relax and gather after an active day. Enjoy our fine food, drinks and service that get´s you smile and come back again.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar.

Romekievarintie 4
93280, Pudasjärvi

Nallikari Bakery & Bistro

Fresh bakery goods, good coffee, lunch, tasty bistro food and easy take away. Gather your friends and family to relax and enjoy!
Full service catering with amazing food ideas, perfect cakes to your wishes and professional service. We are at Nallikari Holiday Village.

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu
Northern lights.

Restaurant Nallikari

Restaurant Nallikari is a high quality, Nordic restaurant on Nallikari beach Oulu. Restaurant is open from lunch to late evening. 250 seats inside and 300 seats on summer deck.

Served in buffet; tasty soup lunch, famous Islander buffet and Business lunch with two main courses.

A´la Carte
Local ingredients and seasonal food. Menu designed by Chef Antti Lindholm.
A´la Carte menu changes five times a year. Seasonal weeks: blini, asparagus, sea food.

Nallikari brunch is a stylish way to spend Saturday with friends and family.

Bar & Coffee
Full service international cocktail bar, quality coffee and Nallikari Bakery pastries.

Nallikarinranta 15
90510, Oulu
We recommend preordering when arriving to the airport.

Airport Taxi Service in Oulu

We are happy to serve you when arriving to Oulu Airport!

When landing to Oulu Airport, our driver will be waiting for you. We recommend making a pre-order for us to be able to serve you the best possible way, without any additional waiting time, also when landing in the middle of the night.

Otaxi drivers are local, professional taxi drivers. When needing tips or recommendations of the area, our drivers are happy to assist you.

Konetie 33, 90620 OULU, Suomi
90620, Oulu

Oulu Museum of Art

In today’s world, images, looking and visual self-expression play a key role. Even though images surround us, art museums are still the next level. Relatively few of us acquire large collections of visual art to our homes, but in an art exhibition, everything there is yours and for you: experiences, interpretations, questions, insights, emotions. There is no sphere of life that art would not be able to speak of – and matters of taste are always subject to debate.

Art is often said to be difficult, but it is no more difficult than life in general. You live and you see. The more you are exposed to art, the more it gives back. Becoming curious about art is at least recommended as becoming an art expert.

Oulu has a long tradition of visual arts. Numerous professional artists work in the city, and it is home to many artists of international renown. Many of the surrounding towns, such as Liminka, Hailuoto, Ii, Tyrnävä and Pudasjärvi, are active in various arts – thanks to the artists and other individuals and organisations working in the field of art. The art museum is different from other Luuppi destinations because it has, in addition to a recording and researching role, an identity as an art body. It collaborates closely with the artists of the region. The exhibitions of the Oulu Museum of Art provide a thorough cross-section of the visual arts of the region, explore different themes and collections, and showcase highlights from Finnish and international art. Touring exhibitions are arranged to the surrounding region, and children learn about art in kindergarten art exhibitions. You don’t always have to go far: you can learn a lot about contemporary art and art of all eras and periods by visiting the art museum of your hometown.

The building that houses the art museum is also quite attractive and charming. It is the glorious second life of the old Brothers Åström factory building 22 that used to house the tanning factory’s offices and the canteen.

Kasarmintie 9
90100, Oulu
OTAXI VIP is available also for groups and disabled.

OTAXI VIP for Premium Taxi Wishes

OTAXI VIP is our answer for everyday luxury.

OTAXI VIP is an excellent choice for business guests, company events, special evenings and every occasion, where you wish to have a little extra. The cars are black premium models, with leather seats and without any advertisements or taxi light on the roof. Each car has WiFi available for the customers.

When ordering OTAXI VIP, there is always a VIP class chauffeur at your service. Our VIP drivers are highly professional, have excellent customer care and wear black suits whenever on VIP duty.

Let us know your wishes and we will make the travel luxurious!

Konetie 33, 90620 OULU, Suomi
90620, Oulu

Local Taxi Services in Kempele

Otaxi is the reliable and legit taxi service provider in Kempele and widely in Oulu area. We provide local, trustworthy taxi services with the well-known and visible, yellow-roofed taxi cars.

We offer 24/7 quality service, all year round. We serve with 320 taxi cars in Oulu area and altogether with more than 700 OTAXI cars in Northern Ostrobothnia!

Otaxi sedan model cars are suitable for 1-4 passengers. Otaxi minivans are suitable even for 8 passengers. Our minivans include suitable cars for the disabled, with a stretcher possibility or a lift. Additionally, our customers have a possibility to choose a low-emission, environmental-friendly OTAXI Green car for their service.

Our taxi drivers are professional and educated for the taxi business, with good local knowledge.

You can order our taxi service fast and easy from +358 600 30081 number. We serve 24/7 each day of the year! (Calling 1,59 €/call + 0,48 €/min.)

90440, Oulu
Rosso Zeppelin indoors

Rosso Restaurant Kempele

The Rosso restaurant in Zeppelin is a great place when you need a break from shopping. It is always easy to come to us – our direct and genuine atmosphere helps you feel refreshed!

Rosso is a well-known Italian classic, which has offered relaxing moments to Finns for five decades. We serve beloved classics, tasty new dishes and, above all, our famous pizzas, baked in Italian wood-fired pizza ovens.

Rosso is a happy place to eat, where everyone is welcome! We cater to different diets: our pizzas and many pasta dishes are available in gluten-free versions, and you can also opt for a high-fibre rye pizza crust.

We serve lunch every weekday.

Benvenuti – welcome to Rosso!

Follow us on social media: Facebook: @RossoKempele Instagram: @rosso_kempele

Zeppelinintie 1
90450, Kempele
Meeting facilities in Lapland Hotels Oulu.

Conference and venue facilities in Lapland Hotels Oulu

The sizes of the meeting rooms vary in size from smaller offices up to 180 seats conference rooms. In addition to these, your events can be spiced up with the flavour world of Kitchen & Bar Oula. Ynninkulma is a well-established piece of Oulu’s history. You can travel across tasty experiences in its banquet room and feel the history of the city in a fresh way.

Oula is much more than delicious lunches or natural tastes during meetings. Its world of tastes can be seen in events covering all of the restaurant. Oula seats 250 persons for dinner and more than 400 with combined premises. Even up to 600 people for cocktail events.Our chef has designed festive menus, which bring the nature of Lapland onto your plate in a delicate and appealing way.

Kirkkokatu 3
90100, Oulu
Lapland Hotels Oulu Comfort Room.

Lapland Hotels Oulu

Lapland Hotels Oulu offers you a chance to experience Lapland in the heart of a city. The hotel is situated in the centre of Oulu, next to the Cathedral and the historical Ainola park, and its 160 rooms have been decorated with skill and style to suit the taste of even the most quality conscious guests. The design of our rooms was influenced by nature and the stories of Lapland. The party and conference facilities of Ynninkulma bring the atmosphere and the story close to you.

Lappish peace or mystique – it’s up to you.

Kirkkokatu 3
90100, Oulu
Matti Lepistö's sculptures

Matti Lepistö Sculpture Park

The sculpture park of Raahe-based self-educated artist Matti Lepistö (1948-2020) is a truly unique place to visit. The prolific artist Matti Lepistö, who worked with several different techniques, became known especially for his concrete sculptures. Over the years, they have become a private sculpture park with almost 300 sculptures in his backyard in Pattijoki. In addition to sculptural art, Matti painted, drew, wrote, photographed and made stained glass.

In the exhibition you can get acquainted with the artist’s sculptures. The park features animal and human sculptures as well as mythology and surreal art. Some of the sculptures are works that critically examine the conquests of religion, while the animal figures and the Kalevala themed pieces are in perfect harmony among the themes and depictions of the countryside that symbolize the birth of life. For Matti Lepistö, making art was a way of life and a vocation. Matti hoped as many people as possible to experience his art and also encouraged others to try concrete processing to create art.

Matti Lepistö’s legacy wants to respect the artist’s wish and memory by keeping the sculpture park open to the public. You can come to the sculpture park to spend a summer day, even on a picnic.

The entrance fee to the sculpture park is 5 € / person and 10 € / family. The entrance fee can be paid in cash or with MobilePay. The MobilePay number is 046 657 4089. The entrance fee covers the maintenance costs of the sculpture park.

Mansikkakarintie 200
92140, Raahe
Fafa's Valkea indoors

Fafa's Restaurant Valkea

Fafa’s offers authentic handmade gourmet street food with straightforward and friendly service.

We serve delicious organic falafel, meze and pita portions, made in-house and always fresh. Each and every portion is carefully planned with a focus on flavour. Meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike are warmly welcome!

You can find us at in Valkea shopping centre, Valkea 3th floor, Kööki

Follow us on social media:
Facebook @FafasValkeaOulu
Instagram @fafasvalkeaoulu

Isokatu 24
90100, Oulu
Puistokahvila Makia

Puistokahvila Makia Cafe

Puistokahvila Makia is located in the centre of Oulu in Otto Karhi Park. It is a cosy and comfortable café with a modern twist. A full breakfast with freshly made omelette and fresh fruit is served every morning. For lunch, the café offers salads, soup and tasty cafeteria products. In the evening, you can come to Puistokahvila Makia to enjoy delicious coffee and pastries or large smörrebröd-style open sandwiches, or have a glass of sparkling wine.

The summer terrace attracts you to enjoy views to the park, the relaxed atmosphere and cold drinks.

Breakfast is served from Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 10 am, and on Saturday and Sunday between 9 am and 1 pm.

Salad and soup are available on weekdays between 10:30 am and 6 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday between 1:30 pm and 6 pm.

Follow us on social media: Facebook @puistokahvilamakia and Instagram @puistokahvilamakia

Otto Karhin Puisto
90100, Oulu
Rosso seating area

Rosso Restaurant Valkea

Rosso is a well-known Italian classic, which has offered relaxing moments to Finns for five decades. We serve beloved classics, tasty new dishes and, above all, our famous pizzas, baked in Italian wood-fired pizza ovens.

Rosso is a happy place to eat, where everyone is welcome! We cater to different diets: our pizzas and many pasta dishes are available in gluten-free versions, and you can also opt for a high-fibre rye pizza crust.

We serve lunch every weekday. And don’t forget to ask about the chef’s recommendations, which change daily!

Benvenuti – welcome to Rosso!

Follow us on social media: Facebook: @RossoOulu Instagram: @rosso_oulu

Isokatu 24
90100, Oulu
Veranta for private occasions

Breakfast & Private Restaurant Veranta

On the third floor of the Original Sokos Hotel Arina you will find the beautiful restaurant Veranta.

In the morning, the restaurant serves as a breakfast restaurant for the hotel guests and others. For lunch, the hotel’s conference guests are served here, and in the evenings the restaurant transforms to any kind of restaurant needed for the occasion. Veranta is suitable for corporate parties and serves also as a beautiful wedding venue. The centerpiece of the summer celebrations is the restaurant’s cozy patio.

Restaurant Veranta exudes Scandinavian countryside combined with modern design. The menu is inspired by the pure nature of the north, and the breakfast table also features delicacies from nearby producers.

The restaurant is open on request and on special evenings, and every morning for breakfast guests. Access to breakfast is via Original Sokos Hotel Arina, where you can buy the breakfast for € 23.

The space features three video projectors and a screen as well as audio playback.

Restaurant Veranta:
-party rooms for 50-150 people
-delightful patio for 47 people, even suitable as a wedding venue
-party menu from a standing table starting at 40 €
-Guests stay comfortably at the Original Sokos Hotel Arina

Reservations and inquiries: Original Sokos Hotel Arinan Sales Service
[email protected] or +358 8 3123 255

Isokatu 25
90100, Oulu
Ravintolamaailma Limingantulli seating area

Ravintolamaailma Limingantulli

At Ravintolamaailma Linnanmaa we offer food and beverages from three differend brands: Pizza&Buffa, Presso and Hesburger.

Pizza & Buffa offers a straightforward and relaxed way to enjoy good food, on your own or with your family. In addition to freshly baked pizzas, we serve a healthy home-cooked lunch and a variety salads and desserts. To juice up evenings, Pizza & Buffa holds theme fiestas, offering new tasty surprises. Come and enjoy a cosy atmosphere – we cook food today. The entire buffet is available at a single price. On weekends, you can also enjoy a wide array of desserts.

Presso wants you to have a special moment, every day. We want to cherish a close and cosy coffee culture. Our coffee satisfies Finnish tastes and is 100% fresh. Our buns, rolls and snacks are delicious, baked in-house and always fresh – our oven is on all day long. Of course, life also needs to be sweet. Let us surprise you: when the bell rings, something good just came out of the oven.

Nuottasaarentie 1
90400, Oulu
Fafa's Limingantulli indoors

Fafa's Restaurant Limingantulli

Fafa’s offers authentic handmade gourmet street food with straightforward and friendly service.

We serve delicious organic falafel, meze and pita portions, made in-house and always fresh. Each and every portion is carefully planned with a focus on flavour. Meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike are warmly welcome!

Follow us on social media:
Facebook @FafasLimingantulliOulu
Instagram @fafaslimingantullioulu

Nuottasaarentie 1
90400, Oulu
Ravintolamaailma seating area

Ravintolamaailma Linnanmaa

At Ravintolamaailma Linnanmaa we offer food and beverages from three differend brands: Pizza&Buffa, Presso and Hesburger.

Pizza & Buffa offers a straightforward and relaxed way to enjoy good food, on your own or with your family. In addition to freshly baked pizzas, we serve a healthy home-cooked lunch and a variety salads and desserts. To juice up evenings, Pizza & Buffa holds theme fiestas, offering new tasty surprises. Come and enjoy a cosy atmosphere – we cook food today. The entire buffet is available at a single price. On weekends, you can also enjoy a wide array of desserts.

Presso wants you to have a special moment, every day. We want to cherish a close and cosy coffee culture. Our coffee satisfies Finnish tastes and is 100% fresh. Our buns, rolls and snacks are delicious, baked in-house and always fresh – our oven is on all day long. Of course, life also needs to be sweet. Let us surprise you: when the bell rings, something good just came out of the oven.

Kauppalinnankuja 1-3
90570, Oulu
Robson's Lunch

SuperPark Restaurant

Robson’s restaurant, located next to the SuperPark activation park, serves tasty lunch, small snacks and sweet and savory coffee breads.

There is a daily renewed lunch table and wonderful delicacies straight from the barbeque. Our lunch menu includes traditional Finnish lunch favorites, tasty pastas, oriental delicacies and everything in between. Versatility is our advantage!

Tyrnäväntie 16
90100, Oulu
Bacaro Doppio indoors

Bacaro Doppio Café

Bacaro Doppio offers a laid-back and stylish atmosphere for friends of Italian coffee, wine and delicacies. You’ll enjoy the feel of a Venetian wine bar where tradition blends effortlessly with modern elements.

Savour an espresso made by a real barista, enjoy a light lunch, treat yourself to an artisan ice cream, or buy a tasty snack to take away. Have something delicious to eat and enjoy life!

You can find us at street level in Valkea shopping centre, along Kesäkatu.

Follow us on social media:
Facebook @BacaroDoppioOulu
Instagram @bacarodoppio_oulu

Isokatu 25
90100, Oulu

Local Taxi Services in Muhos

Otaxi is the reliable and legit taxi service provider in Muhos and widely in Oulu area. We provide local, trustworthy taxi services with the well-known and visible, yellow-roofed taxi cars.

We offer 24/7 quality service, all year round. We serve with 320 taxi cars in Oulu area and altogether with more than 700 OTAXI cars in Northern Ostrobothnia!

Otaxi sedan model cars are suitable for 1-4 passengers. Otaxi minivans are suitable even for 8 passengers. Our minivans include suitable cars for the disabled, with a stretcher possibility or a lift. Additionally, our customers have a possibility to choose a low-emission, environmental-friendly OTAXI Green car for their service.

Our taxi drivers are professional and educated for the taxi business, with good local knowledge.

You can order our taxi service fast and easy from +358 600 30081 number. We serve 24/7 each day of the year! (Calling 1,59 €/call + 0,48 €/min.)

91500, Muhos

Kierikki Stone Age Center

The Kierikki Stone Age Centre takes you back in time thousands of years into the distant past of the North. The Kierikki Centre is located along the Iijoki River on a Stone Age dwelling site that has been studied since the 1960s. Guests of all ages enjoy the archaeological exhibition in the main building and the Stone Age village.

Pahkalantie 447
91200, Oulu
Disc Golf

Liminka Disc Golf Course

“The Best in Town!”

Liminka has a full 18 hole Disc Golf course, that has been rated on the TOP10 list of all Disc Golf courses in Finland.

Disc Golf is a sport for everyone! Doesn’t matter if you are first timer or a hard pro – disc golf is a fun way to spend time with friends and family! Liminka Disc Golf course suits everyone! And you can play the full course or only few lanes, whatever suits your timetable.

Best group size is 2-10 players. Going through the course takes normally about 2-3 hours.

Free to play!

Monttutie 4
91900, Liminka

Pohjolan Matka Charter Coaches Oulu

If you have any kind of need for the bus transfer, contact us. Pohjolan Matka has over 200 buses on the road which means there are plenty of vehicles for all transportation needs – ranging form a 10-seater minibus to a large 66-seater charter coach. There are some 170 charter coaches with a toilet, DVD and a refrigerator as standard equipment. Additionally most vehicles have air-conditioning, alcohol interlock and WiFi (if asked). We also have buses specially equipped for disabilities. Where ever are you planning to travel, we reserve the right bus for your need – also transfers with several buses will be arranged perfectly. All drivers must follow certain rules of driving time and rest periods – please read more about them here.

When you choose Pohjolan Matka you choose also sustainbility. We have reached ISO 14001 environmental certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland label as a mark of our work for more responsible and sustainable travelling.

We operate almost everywhere across Finland (excluding southwest part of Finland).

Laakeritie 1
90620, Oulu
Kylpylän monitoimiallas

Rokua Spa

Welcome to unwind in the warm waters of Rokua Spa and in genuine Finnish sauna! Diverse pool section caters to customers in all age groups and offers both relaxing and rigorous activities. The full-length fitness swimming pool, two multi-purpose pools, a water slide for kids and play pool for small kids.

Spa visitors can also enjoy the picture-perfect natural environment of Rokua Geopark, that opens up directly from the pool sections windows. After the swimming, you can spend a nice moment in the heat of the traditional sauna or the relaxing warmth of the steam sauna.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Toripoliisi Statue 1

Sightseeing of Oulu on Mountain Bikes

Enjoy the most beautiful sights of Oulu on a mountain bike.

The sightseeing experience on mountain bikes begins at the famous Toripoliisi-statue of Oulu Market Square from where we’ll walk to the nearby starting point of the actual cycling.

From there the tour is directed through the historical Pikisaari island, which is a remnant of the Old Town of Oulu, and two the beautiful seaside and park scenery of Hietasaari. In Nallikari we’ll also drive across the beach and stop by the Nallikari lighthouse. During its latter part the route weaves through the gorgeous Hupisaaret park area concluding back at the Market Square. The route follows bicycle routes as well as off-road trails.

During this 2,5-hour tour you get to experience Oulu at its most beautiful. This trip is a great experience for travellers but also for the people of Oulu.

During thawed ground (from spring to fall) the trip can be executed with fatbikes and more narrow-tired mountain bikes. During winter the trip is only executed with fatbikes.

Fatbike is a bicycle with oversized tires. Their low tire pressure enables their use on soft and unstable terrains such as snow and sand. The trip is suited for anyone with basic fitness.

Kauppatori 2
90100, Oulu
Mustasalmi Oulu 1

Kayaking safari to River Oulu delta

The delta of River Oulu is a diverse paddling location providing both cultural and natural scenery as well as a unique perspective on the cityscape of Oulu. This safari offers the delta area as its finest.

In the beginning we’ll teach the basics of kayaking and go carefully through the safety features. Then we’ll start a safari with the length of approximately 7 kilometers led by a trained and experienced paddling instructor and carried out with single seated kayaks.

The trip is well suited for beginners and doesn’t require swimming skills.

90500, Oulu
Pilkkiretki Oulun Nallikarissa 1

Ice fishing in Nallikari, Oulu

On this trip the likelihood of getting to experience the strike of a fish and seeing it emerge from under the ice is very good. Of course fishes aren’t always hungry so a catch cannot be absolutely guaranteed.

We will meet at the Nallikari lighthouse and begin a 5 – 15 minute walk on the frozen sea to the fishing spots. On location everyone gets a chance to drill a hole in ice by themselves, and our fishing guide demonstrates how to attach the bait and how to lure the fish with it. The trip doesn’t require previous fishing experience.

The Oulu sea area, located in the Gulf of Bothnia, is absolutely beautiful especially in winter offering spectacular views on both the city and the open sea. It is also a great ice fishing location and has some good spots for catching perch, roach or even whitefish.

90500, Oulu
Exit Oulu Room Escape Games

Room Escape Games

You have 60 minutes, can you get out..?

Can you escape the infamous Alcatraz? Or find the Dead Man’s Island in Caribbean in a pirate ship? Or solve mysteries of a famous magician?
Exit Oulu is the biggest room escape game organiser in Oulu with 12 differently themed games in four locations all located conveniently in Oulu city centre.

Each of our 12 games is designed to be played by team of 2-6 persons, so we can host games for up to 70 players at the same time.

There are bars in our Rotuaari and Uusikatu 22 venues. We can also provide catering services for groups. (Pre-booking required.)

Uusikatu 13-15
90100, Oulu
Varjakka island fire station.

Varjakka industrial heritage site and nature trail

Varjakka has a colourful history full of local stories. The island houses an old sawmill that is important for reasons of both cultural history and architecture. The collection of buildings around the sawmill is an intact entity and rare by international standards. It has also been declared a nationally significant cultural environment. Varjakka is located just over 20 kilometres from Oulu city centre.

The island of Varjakka was a ship and renovation dock in the 19th century, before seeing its golden age in the early 20th century when the largest sawmill in the Nordic countries operated on the island. The island and the Varjakka area on the continent constituted a sawmill community that used to employ as many as 700 people.

Nowadays, the island is a forested destination of natural beauty. You can reach it in the summertime with your own boat, a kayak, a SUP board, or a hand-winched block ferry – an unforgettable experience especially if you are travelling with children. You can explore the island on your own or hire a guide. The Varjakka area also has a beach, the all-year Warjakka Art Trail, and a B&B accommodation.

South of Varjakka Island, there is the 263-hectare nature reserve of Akionlahti, a popular resting place for migrating birds. The area has a nature trail, a tower for birdwatching, and a campfire site.

Varjakantie 223
90470, Oulu
Nallikari beach in winter.

Nallikari – the Riviera of the North

The beautiful pearly beach, spectacular sunsets, high-quality accommodation, and vast selection of recreational outdoor activities have earned Nallikari the nickname ‘Riviera of the North’. The Nallikari beach attracts not only sunbathers but also beach sports lovers.

A family seeking adventure can try out the gigantic climbing net on the beach or storm the well-equipped playground. In the winter, the vastness of the Bothnian Bay offers a range of possibilities for walking, skiing, or snowshoeing on the sea ice. You may also catch kite skiers or fatbikers speeding on the ice. If you fancy a day trip, discover the trails, birdwatching tower, and campfire sites around Hietasaari Island for recreation throughout the year. Accessibility has been considered for the summertime routes.

90500, Oulu
Letonniemi nature trail.

Letonniemi protected area and nature trail

The protected area of Letonniemi is an important destination for education and research of post-glacial rebound, showcasing seaside nature and how areas like this turn from sea into forest. It is located only six kilometres from the city centre. A 2.7-kilometre nature trail provides a great opportunity to discover the lush and versatile vegetation. Along the trail, there is an old seafaring navigation device, now standing on solid ground 150 metres from the shore in the middle of the woods. The small lighthouse was built in the 1940s to guide ships to Toppila harbour. In those days, sea level was much higher than today, and Piispanletto in the middle of the area was still an island – the word “letto” means a small, bare island in the local dialect.

In Piispanletto, you will find a resting shelter with a campfire site and a birdwatching tower for the best view of the coast and the sea. Taking and harming of plants and plant parts is forbidden in Letonniemi protected area. Picking berries and mushrooms is allowed, however.

Rajahaudantie 19
90580, Oulu
Pilpasuo nature trail includes duck boards.

Pilpasuo protected area and nature trails

The Pilpasuo mire is a great destination for a family day trip and a unique northern experience, about 20 km from Oulu city centre. Most of the mire was formed on an ancient 3,000-year-old coastal meadow. One of the area’s rarities of is the raised beach of Ala-Korkiakangas. The top is covered by boulder soil, which was a little island in the sea 6,500 years ago.

The changing seasons bring out the versatility of the protected area of Pilpasuo. In the summertime, the nature trails attract visitors to take daytime hikes and relax by campfires in the nature. In the autumn, it is a good for berry and mushroom picking. During the winter, Pilpasuo is ideal for Aurora hunting on skis or snowshoes. Pilpasuo has two duckboarded nature trails with fun, nature-themed task points along them for a brain workout.

The shorter one-kilometre trail is especially suited for families with children. You can recognise the trail by the red route markers. The longer seven-kilometre trail has eight task points and is marked with blue. There are designated campfire sites along the trails.

Pilpaselän metsätie 233
90650, Oulu
Sauna experience.

Traditional Finnish sauna and hot tube

Relax in a lovely traditional wood-heated sauna. Silence and candlelight relax the mind and body. Guests can book their own sauna session at an additional cost. The sauna can accommodate 7 people at a time. On the terrace you can cool off and enjoy the countryside. The sauna is heated on request. Watch the stars and northern lights in luxury! In addition to the sauna, there is a wonderful, large whirlpool that can accommodate up to 8 people. Sauna and jacuzzi are heated on request as it takes around 5 hours.

Harjapäänkuja, 33
90470, Oulu
Accommodation near Oulu and Hailuoto.

Warjakka B&B Accommodation

Warjakka B&B provides relaxed and friendly accommodation near the coast of Bothnia Bay, just 10 min from Oulu airport, 10 min from Hailuoto ferry and 20 min from Oulu city center.
Perfect for couples, families and small groups of up to 20 people looking for some quiet time in the countryside.
Welcome to our home!

Harjapäänkuja, 33
90470, Oulu
Northern lights abowe the Nallikari lighthouse.

Nallikari Lighthouse

With its splendid sunsets, Nallikari is home to a lighthouse – actually, a lookout tower – that is a must for countless holiday photos and a landmark loved by locals. The unique landmark was completed in 1988 and designed by architects of the Oulu School of Architecture. The tower offers excellent opportunities for taking photos, enjoying the sea view, or staring at stars late in late evening. This is a popular spot for taking unhurried promenades, snapping selfies, or just spending quiet time by the calm sea. Romantics find their way to the lighthouse for summer sunsets.

In the summer, the lookout tower offers a view over the pearly Nallikari Beach as sunbathers crowd the Riviera of the North. In wintertime, you can watch locals spend hours ice-fishing, skiing, fatbiking, or kite skiing. When darkness falls, you may also be lucky enough to spot the Northern Lights flickering across the night sky.

90500, Oulu
Old granaries of the market square during winter.

Oulu Market Square

When you reach the Market Square and its landmarks – the Market Hall, the old granaries, and the Market Square Policeman’s statue keeping the peace – you know you have arrived in the local people’s summertime living room.

From early morning on, the summery Market Square bustles with travellers and local residents, along with vegetable and food vendors as well restaurant keepers serving customers till late evening. The old, multi-coloured granaries house not only restaurants but also tiny, charming boutiques selling handicraft products, clothes, and decoration items.

Patrolling in front of the Market Hall and keeping a watchful eye on the visitors is the Market Square Policeman, a plump statue as a reminder of the times when real policemen were guarding the area. The vibrant harbour and export hub of the 18th century gradually became less busy, and the market area became a meeting place for city folk and visitors from the countryside. The policement were needed for upholding law and order.

90100, Oulu
Polliisi in the winter.

Oulu Market Square Policeman statue

Over centuries, Oulu Market Square has offered its visitors a year-round, lively meeting and trading place which has also required guarding. A peculiar feature in the local policing history were the Market Square policemen who kept an eye on the Market Square and maintained order there. Through them, the townspeople and those who came from the province became acquainted first-hand with the authorities and the police.

The era of Market Square policemen in Oulu lasted from 1934 until 1979. After the patrolling ended, the policemen were commemorated through a citizen’s fundraiser for erecting a bronze statue in front of the Market Hall. The Market Square Policeman’s statue was designed by sculptor Kaarlo Mikkonen.

Standing at 2.2 metres, the robust policeman with his cap and Sam Browne belt has become a symbol of Oulu over the years and is a popular choice for selfie buddies. So go ahead and snap a friendsie with the jolly Policeman and prove you were really in Oulu!

90100, Oulu
Tähtitorni cafe winter.

Tähtitorni Observation Tower

Just a stone’s throw from Oulu Market Square, you can find the lovely, pastel-coloured Tähtitorni Café, which has served as a summer café since 1912. The idyllic setting invites you to experience an interesting piece of history while enjoying a nice cup of coffee – you are sitting on top of the renovated foundations of Oulu Castle which was destroyed in 1793 when the gunpowder storage blew up. From the observation tower, you have a nice view of Pikisaari Island where a stone from the castle landed in the explosion. The stone is still there.

Finished in 1875 according to a design by Wolmar Westling, the building with its observation tower originally belonged to Oulu Maritime School. More than 200 sea captains graduated from the school.

In the summer, the castle cellar is home to an exhibition about the history of the castle. For centuries, people have tried to find a rumoured, secret passage from Linnansaari Island to the city. Can you find it?

Linnansaari 1
90100, Oulu
Pikisaari scenery in winter.

Wooden old town in Pikisaari Island

An idyllic wooden district, old industrial milieu and unique artists’ community awaits travellers who cross the pedestrian bridge from the Market Square to Pikisaari Island. Pikisaari (in English: Pitch Island) got its name from an old pitch works founded in the 17th century. Besides that, the island has housed shipyards, a sawmill, a distillery, a wool mill, and a machine workshop. Nowadays the island is the home and studio for many artists and artisans.

Pikisaari Island has residential and industrial buildings as well as granaries from the 18th and 19th centuries as well as the early 20th century. Many of the original wooden houses remain standing, although several fires have tested the island. The oldest wooden building in Oulu accommodates the Sailor’s Home Museum. Another building worth seeing is the old, decorative office of the local machine workshop from the 1880s, nowadays used as a residential house. It represents the neo-renaissance style with a tower that is a notable landmark among the houses on the island. Unique accommodation businesses have also found home at the heart of the island, and there are charming restaurants, too.

90100, Oulu
Kuusisaari recreation park in winter.

Kuusisaari Recreation Park

Just a ten-minute walk from the city centre, Kuusisaari Island offers a variety of recreational opportunities and an active day out in a wonderful setting by the river. The island’s campfire sites are regularly used throughout the year, and plenty of fishing spots are available, too. The spacious lawns provide a great setting for enjoying a sunny summer day on a relaxed picnic, for example.

For those in search of active leisure activities, street basketball is the best way to get fit! At the end of the day, you can take a dip in the river or watch the local football club play at the nearby stadium. By the way, Kuusisaari is also the number one location to watch in Oulu’s lively summer calendar. Festivals, concerts, and other events will take you to holiday mood with rock, pop, and metal music every summer.

90100, Oulu
Market hall in winter.

Oulu Market Hall

One of the most important buildings in Oulu by cultural history standards is the Market Hall which has served its customers since 1901. The building was designed in neo-Gothic fashion by Karl Lindhal and Valter Thomé, and a massive reconstruction finished in 2020 restored its old-time glory.

Some of the current merchants have operated in the Market Hall for decades. They stock a multitude of products for gifts and souvenirs, including beautiful and unique handicraft products, clothes, and other lovely gift shop items. This is also a great place for buying high-quality local food produce and organic ingredients for festive or everyday occasions. Popping in for breakfast of a hearty bowl of salmon soup is not a bad idea either!

Web page only in Finnish at the moment!

90100, Oulu
Tietomaa science center in winter.

Tietomaa Science Centre Tower

A walking distance from the city centre, you will find the historical industrial complex of Brothers Åstrom tannery. Since 1988, the former steam power plant of the tannery has housed the first science centre in Finland – Tietomaa Science Centre. The tower standing next to the centre was designed by Birger Federley and completed in 1921. Originally it served as the tannery’s water tower. Now the tower offers a wonderful view of the estuary and over the city of Oulu.

You can reach the top observation deck at 35 metres easily with a panoramic lift. When descending along the staircase, you can enjoy the tower’s exhibitions and a Northern Lights presentation. You can a buy ticket to the tower at the counter of the Science Centre.

Nahkatehtaankatu 6
90130, Oulu

Café Kaarna

A small table at Café Kaarna is an intimate setting for enjoying a cup coffee and monitoring the bustle of the hotel. At Café Kaarna you will find delicious coffee table delicacies from savory to sweet. Refreshing drinks, sweets, small savory pieces and delicious ice creams are also available.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Lapsi kurkistaa Pihkan majaan

Adventure course for Kids

Climb up to the Pihka treehouse to listen to the sounds of the forest and balance it out on a wobbly bridge. See if you can jump as far as a fox, squirrel, or rabbit! How far do you think Pihka could jump?

The Pihka’s adventure course runs around the Ahveroinen pond, located next to the Rokua Health & Spa Hotel. The course is designed for younger family members (children under 10 years old).

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua

Day Spa

The Day Spa is a luxurious oasis by a pond in the middle of the lichen heathlands of Rokua. Tranquil music, pleasant scents and a beautiful setting top off our relaxing treatments, offering the full spa experience. Massage, pampering treatment, cosmetology treatment or relaxing bath is a great addition to your holiday visit in Rokua.

Our pampering services are available for hotel guest and daily visitors, including couples and groups, no matter the gender. Our competent staff are happy to serve you and look after your well-being throughout your stay.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Juhlat ravintolassa

Celebration venue at Rokua

Enjoy the important moments in life and celebrations surrounded by the natural Rokua landscape. Whatever your event, we are here for you – to help with the arrangements and to make your event unforgettable.

Our location in the middle of nature provides a unique setting for your event and enables different kinds of implementation styles. The atmospheric banquet facilities, the Rokua landscape, and a delicious menu guarantee an unforgettable event for the guests.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua

Rantakota shore hut

By the fire, next to nature.

Welcome to spend an atmospheric night at the Rantakota shore hut by the Ahveroinen pond! Enjoy a tasty three-course menu and a wilderness atmosphere in a pleasant and warm shelter.

When spending your night at the Rantakota shore hut, you can admire the bright waters of Ahveroinen pond and enjoy the beauty of Rokua nature. In the dark, the Rantakota shelter will win you over with its wonderful lights and the glow of warm fire.

Get refreshed in the warm waters of the spa and breathe in the clean Rokua air. After an evening at the Rantakota shore hut, it is great to fall to sleep in the soft sheets of the Rokua Health & Spa Hotel’s bed.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Talvipuutarha kokoustila

Meeting rooms for companies

Rokua can provide comfortable meeting and banquet facilities for nearly all purposes – we have meeting rooms for small groups as well as a hall that accommodates 400. All facilities are equipped with modern meeting technology.

Visitors can also arrange intimate events in our comfy sauna facilities or Rantakota shore hut, and supplement their meeting day with revitalising exercise services and pampering treatment packages. We are happy to customise festive and meeting packages according to our customer’s wishes.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Poika ajaa punaisella polkuautolla lasten liikennepuistossa Raahessa

Children’s Traffic Park

Raahe’s atmospheric traffic park has 20 pedal cars of different sizes, a playground, outdoor games and small-scale kiosk activity.

Children under 12 years of age can drive the pedal cars. Children under 8 yeas of age must be accompanied by a parent. The traffic park guides children to behave correctly and safely in traffic.

Exceptions to normal service in the Midsummer week (Jun 20th-23rd) Mon-Thu at 11 am – 4 pm

Notice: should there be heavy rainfall the park is closed.

Ulkofantintie 20
92100, Raahe
guided fatbiking tour

Fatbike Tour in Raahe

Start the day with your local guide who will introduce you the secrets of Fatbiking. Even though the fatbikes look sturdy, they are great fun to ride and surprisingly agile, giving you a feeling of floating even on rugged terrain. After the guided tour, the guide will give you the best tips to explore the beautiful nature by yourself.
What is included: guidance in English, helmet and fatbike
Good to know:
• This adventure requires basic physical fitness and is recommended for children of 10 years or older.

Musta 14
92100, Raahe
kayaking is the best outdoor activity on summer time

Bay of Bothnia by Kayak in Raahe

Explore Raahe from the sea and as close to the sea as you can get! Be prepared for an unforgettable outdoor excursion in Raahe!
City of Raahe by kayak is the defining paddling trip, our 2 hour guided kayak tour through the Raahe and characterized by its clear waters and nature.
The kayaks used on the trip are easy to handle and very stable – This paddling trip suits beginners and experts alike. We will provide you with all the kayaking equipment needed. Just wear some sporty clothing and bring your adventurous spirit – Lappis will take care of the rest. We will ensure You’ll have a relaxing and a memorable paddling experience. We will paddle on a slow and easy pace, everyone can tag along on this journey.
What is included: guidance in English, kayak, live vest, paddle, spraydeck and waterproof celphone case

Musta 14
92100, Raahe
SUPping is nice summer activity

Bay of Bothnia by SUP (stand up paddling) in Raahe

On this ocean adventure we will learn the basic skills on paddling a stand up paddle board (SUP). We will also focus on how to paddle safely and on a sustainable manner protecting the nature.
This paddling trip suits beginners and experts alike. We will provide you with all the SUP equipment needed. Just wear some sporty clothing and bring your adventurous spirit – Lappis will take care of the rest. We will ensure You’ll have a relaxing and a memorable paddling experience. We will paddle on a slow and easy pace, everyone can tag along on this journey.
What is included: guidance in English, SUPboard, live vest, paddle and waterproof celphone case
Good to know:
• This adventure requires basic physical fitness and is recommended for children of 10 years or older.

Musta 14
92100, Raahe
Aloita matkasi Otaxin kyydissä.

Oulu's Original Taxi - OTAXI

Otaxi is the reliable and legit taxi service provider in Oulu area. We provide local, trustworthy taxi services with the well-known and visible, yellow-roofed taxi cars.

We offer 24/7 quality service, all year round. We serve with 320 taxi cars in Oulu area and altogether with more than 700 OTAXI cars in Northern Ostrobothnia!

Otaxi sedan model cars are suitable for 1-4 passengers. Otaxi minivans are suitable even for 8 passengers. Our minivans include suitable cars for the disabled, with a stretcher possibility or a lift. Additionally, our customers have a possibility to choose a low-emission, environmental-friendly OTAXI Green car for their service.

Our taxi drivers are professional and educated for the taxi business, with good local knowledge.

You can order our taxi service prompt and easy from +358 600 30081 number. We serve 24/7 each day of the year! (Calling 1,59 €/call + 0,48 €/min.)

Konetie 33
90620, Oulu
The Table, Amarillo

Amarillo Restaurant Oulu

Always something going on!

Amarillo in Oulu connects both friends and strangers, who can enjoy themselves at the same table until the early hours.

The menu includes famous classics from Big Burgers to Margaritas, as well as an extensive range of fresh new flavours in Amarillo’s style. The current “social dining” trend is at its best at Amarillo, because many of the dishes are suitable for sharing.

Every Friday and Saturday at 20.00, Amarillo arranges a meal experience known as The Table with unique drinks and dishes, where anyone can take part by reserving a table. This is something everybody should experience – alone or with friends.

Welcome to Amarillo in Oulu!

Follow us on social media:

Facebook @amarillo.oulu
Instagram @amarillo_oulu

Kirkkokatu 15
90100, Oulu
Traditional Finnish pancake with jam

Pancake trip in Syöte National Park

This trip is excellent for families – and all nature and pancake lovers! Trip can be made all year round, in winter with snowshoes.

During this trip your guide sets the fire in the wilderness hut or an open fire place. You can fry your own delicious pancake and enjoy it with strawberry jam by the open fire with some hot coffee, tea or berry juice. Yum!

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Canoeing Trip in Syöte

In the Syöte area there are pleasant lake and river sceneries which are made for an interesting canoeing or kayaking trip! When you go on a trip, we first get to know the canoeing and kayaking equipment and technique, the route and safety issues carefully. During the canoeing trip, we enjoy the lake and ridge scenery and hear information and stories about the history and nature of the Syöte area.

Come along for a relaxing evening by kayaking or canoeing. When booking, tell us about your kayaking experience and whether you want a canoe or kayak with you for the trip.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi
Frans&Camille indoors

Frans&Camille Bistro

A french bistro with a joie de vivre

This happy French bistro welcomes you to the pulsating heart of Oulu, the restaurant at the base of Original Sokos Hotel Arina. We combine a relaxed atmosphere with love for and enjoyment of good food in an atmospheric environment right next to the Otto Karhi Park.

Our menu offers you and your friends unique rural French experiences. Fresh ingredients combined with traditional French recipes and new creations by our chefs guarantee a great meal experience for all tastes. Our extensive and carefully composed wine selection complements your experience.

Like us and keep in touch: Facebook @fransetcamilleoulu Instagram @fransetcamille

Isokatu 18
90100, Oulu

Taigalampi log villa

A traditional Finnish log villa is located in a spectacular forest and fell landscape. A breathable and plastic-free wooden cabin invites you to spend your sustainable holiday or rewarding meeting days near the Syöte National Park!

There are beds for 16 people in the villa, a large living room, eight bedrooms, and a well-equipped kitchen. In addition, the high-quality sauna department with its large outdoor terrace enables a larger group to enjoy themselves in the middle of South Lapland nature.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner can easily be arranged as an additional service by booking in advance. We require the use of linen during the stay.

The cottage has two three-room apartments and one two-bedroom separate compartment, three toilets and a maintenance room. The three-room apartments have their toilet and shower facilities. There is also a high-quality utility room with good closet space, a washing machine, a drying cabinet, and a drying machine. Outside there are sorting points for combustible waste, metal, cardboard and glass.

Outdoor activities and exercise – there are many possibilities for these around a year! In summer, the nearby clear-water pond refreshes hikers and mountain bikers after a sauna experience. Visitors can find lake kayaking a couple of kilometers away, and hiking trails can be accessed from the front door and guided outdoor activities and our guests can book rental equipment from Taigavire.

Tölvästie 9
93280, Pudasjärvi
SUPping is nice summer activity

Bay of Bothnia by SUP (Stand Up Paddling) in Oulu

On this ocean adventure we will learn the basic skills on paddling a stand up paddle board (SUP). We will also focus on how to paddle safely and on a sustainable manner protecting the nature.
This paddling trip suits beginners and experts alike. We will provide you with all the SUP equipment needed. Just wear some sporty clothing and bring your adventurous spirit – Lappis will take care of the rest. We will ensure You’ll have a relaxing and a memorable paddling experience. We will paddle on a slow and easy pace, everyone can tag along on this journey.
What is included: guidance in English, SUPboard, live vest, paddle and waterproof cellphone case
Good to know:
• This adventure requires basic physical fitness and is recommended for children of 10 years or older.

Linnansaari 1
90100, Oulu
fatbiking is nice summer activity

Fatbike Tour in Oulu

Start the day with your local guide who will introduce you the secrets of Fatbiking. Even though the fatbikes look sturdy, they are great fun to ride and surprisingly agile, giving you a feeling of floating even on rugged terrain. After the guided tour, the guide will give you the best tips to explore the beautiful nature by yourself.
What is included: guidance in English, helmet and fatbike
Good to know:
• This adventure requires basic physical fitness and is recommended for children of 10 years or older.

90500, Oulu
Water park in Oulu

Lappis Water Park Oulu

Our giant floating water park offers challenge and fun experiences for all ages! Adequate swimming skills are neccessary. The diverse obstacles include jumps, climping walls, a giant slide and an iceberg that will challenge everyone!

The water park is supervised by our staff and it’s for everyone over 6 years old with at least adequate swimming skills. A child between the ages of 6 and 10 must be accompanied by an adult guardian who constantly monitors the child in water park. For parents, we also offer family tickets.

You can rent wetsuits from us. Life jackets are mandatory and those are included to the ticket.

Linnansaari 1
90100, Oulu
Arctic wolf and Auroras - Wolf photographing in winter

Arctic Wolf & Auroras

This exclusive wildlife photographing tour takes you to the most remote areas in Europe, near the eastern border of Finland. Tour includes a lot of new experiences, long day tours on the tracks of wolves and wolverines, optional sleeping in the hide; your wildlife vacation is full of exciting moments! You will have also a good time enjoying the silence and rest during your wilderness holiday.

Learning about the wildlife and wolves is always interesting. Also, skills of managing in the wilderness are included in this winter tour. A bit of luck is needed to see the magnificent Northern Lights and these timid wild animals. Sea eagles and golden eagles are living here, so it might be possible that you see these big birds gliding silently above the untouched white snowfields.

One of our unique skills is to make beautiful meals in nature. So, welcome and enjoy. Feel free to make contact and tell us about your expectations and needs. We will make your wilderness holiday dreams come true!

Lentokentäntie 720
90410, Oulu

Food & drinks

Enjoy Boulis’s fresh lunchbowl, smoothie or delicious evening snacks and sweets. From our bar you can get refreshing lemonade, wine, drinks and beer. Check out our current opening hours on our website.

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele


You can book an appointment to Easymove’s massage on our online reservation.

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele

Parties & Meetings

Book our small (1-15 person) or big (1-40 person) cabinet to celebrate birthdays, to have work meetings or just for fun! In big cabinet we can also offer a finnish sauna and private bowling areas. You can add your reservation delicious food, snacks, sweets and drinks (alcohol or non-alcohol).

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele


Welcome to Finland’s perhaps most fabulous bowling place! Boulis offers bowling services from Monday to Saturday. Feel free to enjoy your day or night with bowling of even funnier glow bowling!

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele


You can book an appointment to Easymove’s physiotherapy on our online reservation.

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele

Gym & Group Activities

Welcome to Easymove Gym! You can buy a day ticket or a week pass to our gym from our webstore. Of course we have also month memberships. Easymove offers group activities almost every day. Once you have paid the ticket, you can make a reservation to group class by email [email protected] or at our customer service desk in Easymove.

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele
Three National Parks Summer Adventure in South Lapland - canoeing

Three National Parks Summer Adventure

Incredibly fresh air, blue lakes, exciting activities and wonderful classic Log cabin accommodation welcomes you to three different National Parks in South Lapland!

Well-being and adventure meet in this nature-based holiday. Hiking and biking in the old forest in Syöte national park and a meditative paddling tour on the wilderness lake in Hossa National Park with a professional adventure instructor is a pure joy.

Meeting brown bears in their own territory near the Martinselkonen Nature Reserve and a boat trip in a huge canyon are both unforgettable experiences.

True adventure is arranged for you in Kuusamo rapids! You are warmly welcome to join a rafting adventure in Oulanka National Park!

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
South Lapland Winter Experience - two day's husky tour

South Lapland Winter Experience

We have selected unique treasures for you to enjoy South Lapland’s white wilderness, where you can find peace and quietness. You’ll have a great extraordinary Nordic week, guided by local experts, friendly, safely and personally. Experience the highlights of Lapland nature and culture with professional outdoor instructors.

You will hear the stories of living in Lapland, have an opportunity to join the unforgettable two days Husky sled tour, experience the Northern Lights and walk on the untouched white snow with snowshoes. Have a landscape photographing experience in Riisitunturi National Park, drive the snow scooter, meet the reindeers and organic cows at the Lapland cow farm and eat delicious local food! Welcome, and enjoy!

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Forest Mind Trip in winter with snowshoes

Relaxing Forest Mind trip in Syöte National Park

There are many great places in Syöte National Park where you can just concentrate on relaxing, breathing and enjoying the nature around you. Come and join our relaxing Forest Mind trip!

The trip is suitable for all and it’s possible to arrange all year round, in winter for example with snowshoes. On this trip we use Finnish invention, Forest Mind Method, which connects nature based wellbeing and mind skills. Forest Mind is ideal for promoting self-awareness, relaxation, stress relief, refreshment, and invigoration. You don’t need any previous experience, just come along and relax!

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Boreal bird and wildlife tour - brown bear

Boreal Bird & Wildlife Photographing Tour

This comprehensive bird and nature photographing week in Northern Ostrobothnia and South Lapland is made for nature lovers! Photographing holiday could be arranged as a self-guided holiday or with the local guide.

Wide-ranging bird sites vary from wonderful old spruce forests to hills, wetlands, lakes and riversides. We photograph birds and wildlife from the hiking trails in the wilderness, from the hides made for professional photographers, single or twin bird photographing tents, bird-watching towers and if you prefer you can hire a floating bird hide. Bear and eagle hides are solid wooden hides with photographing tables where you can attach your ball head or gimbal.

You will have also a good time enjoying the silence and rest during your wilderness photographing holiday. Taigavire Oy / Hikes’n Trails works as a field operator in South Lapland specializing in bird and wildlife photography tours. We cooperate only with professional nature photographers and sustainable wildlife companies in Finland.

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Snowshoeing Holiday in South Lapland

Snowshoeing Week in South Lapland

Welcome to enjoy the silence and untouched nature in a peaceful Northern fell and forest area with snowshoes! Do you sometimes need to feel freedom and relaxation from the stressful life and daily work? Snowshoeing in these bright white snow-covered surroundings might be a meditative experience when you find your rhythm to your walking. You can hear the only wind in your ears, snow crunching under your snowshoes, and sometimes snow falling from the trees.

On this snowshoeing holiday, you will explore Finland in the region of Southern Lapland. The remote area is absolutely a perfect place to enjoy the peace of nature. Tracks will go in peaceful areas through the snow-white forests up to the hills, along the ridges, and over the frozen lakes.

During this trip, you can also put your cell phone away, enjoy the freedom and be without any media devices if you want.

The daily treks of approx. 4 to 6 hours will be walked partly in deep and thick snow. The terrain is variable, with many up – and downhills. The difficulty of the tour is moderate. No previous experience in snowshoeing is needed, but the good physical condition is desirable.

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
De Gamlas Hem Restaurant.

De Gamlas Hem Restaurant

We welcome you to this wooden Art Nouveau villa to enjoy some peace, quiet and delicious food among the beautiful ceramic tiled stoves and log walls.

Cozy and delicious! The ideology behind our charming and atmospheric restaurant is based on our very own vision that combines modern cuisine with De Gamlas Hem’s traditions.

Kirkkokatu 54
90120, Oulu
De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant.

De Gamlas Hem Hotel

De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant is fully renovated, 17 room boutique hotel in a heritage protected building near the centre of Oulu. As early as in 1906, the building was used to house, care for, and provide food for elderly upper-class women from Oulu. It was a private retirement home. Swedish fighter pilots were also housed in the building during the World War II. Today, we welcome you to this wooden Art Nouveau villa to enjoy some peace, quiet and delicious food among the beautiful ceramic tiled stoves and log walls.

We offer beautifully furnished and well-equipped guest rooms with high-quality, extremely comfortable beds. We want to ensure that all our guests enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. To preserve the building’s historical and cultural value, the floor plans are original and unchanged. We are committed to make your stay unforgettable!

Kirkkokatu 54
90120, Oulu
De Gamlas Hem meetings and events Ester.

De Gamlas Hem Meetings and Events

De Gamlas Hem Hotel & Restaurant offers a stunning setting for events, banquets and meetings. The building’s history, style and atmosphere complete the experience offered by the beautiful spaces and delicious food.

In the main building, there are several stylish, unique and inviting spaces well suited for conferences and other events. We can provide events from 6 persons to 100 persons.

Kirkkokatu 54
90120, Oulu
Reindeer in the snowy forest

Reindeer farm visit and sleigh ride

A visit to the reindeer farm in Poro-Panuma is a delightful way to get to know reindeer and the cultural heritage of the area. It introduces visitors to reindeer husbandry as a northern Finnish way of life in a genuine, original reindeer village.

You get to meet and feed reindeer in their natural habitat and take a photo of yourself among the reindeer herd.

One of the most memorable parts of a reindeer farm visit is, of course, the reindeer sleigh ride. As the sleigh passes through the snow-covered forest and the warm reindeer skins soften the ride, it’s nice to get lost in the atmosphere and the rhythmic tapping of the reindeer’s hooves.

Back in the 1960s, not so long ago, the reindeer-drawn sleigh was the preferred mode of travel for many Pudasjärvi residents, as there were no drivable roads to the villages. Welcome to Poro-Panuma, where history meets the future!

After the sled ride, we go into the river side’s atmospheric Myllykota hut to enjoy hot drinks and homemade pastries with stories of reindeer husbandry and it’s history in our area.

Estimated time for the visit is two hours. Note that we are open only on demand.

Laasenraitti 40
93140, Pudasjärvi
Hotelli Pohjankievari

Hotel Pohjankievari

Easy and effortless stay in Kempele!
Whether you are travelling from the south to the north or need a rest along the way, Pohjankievari is a great option. We are a private family hotel in a peaceful area only 10 minutes away from Oulu.

There are many simple single and twin rooms in the hotel. You can also choose from bigger family rooms, or apartments with own kitchen and a separate bedroom.

We value the basics: good sleep, breakfast, and a homey atmosphere. Our guests are regular commuters, sports teams, and other travellers. Our regular customers return to us year after year.

Our yard is easily accessible even with a big vehicle. There are outdoor plugs to keep your vehicle engine warm, and electric cars can also be charged with no extra fees.

Eerontie 9
90440, Kempele
Aparment Kievarinhovi

Aparment Kievarinhovi

Kievarinhovi apartments are located next to the Hotel Pohjankievari and offer a high-quality accommodation option. The Kievarinhovi apartments are each decorated with different styles. The apartments have a kitchen, and a private sauna.

Eerontie 9
90440, Kempele
Illinsaaren hiihtomaja.

Illinsaari disc golf course

A sport for the whole family, combining the joy of being outdoors, spending time together and practicing precision.

A full-length 18-hole forest course going round the Illinsaari outdoor recreation area. The tees and baskets are mainly located in the forest. The course starts behind the Illinsaari ski lodge, and the overall length of the course is approximately 2 kilometres. The course is AA1-rated, meaning that due to the longer fairways, the course is ideal for more experienced disc golf enthusiasts, although, of course, it can also be used by players of all skill levels.

The estimated duration of the round is 90–120 minutes, but it is also possible to take a break a little before the 11th hole, in a rest area with a BBQ hut and a toilet.

Illinsaarentie 68
91100, Ii
Utuan myymälä sijaitsee Raahen vanhan kaupungin ytimessä.

Utua Showroom & Shop

Experience colorful collection of leather bags and dive into the world of Utua. The Finnish design brand Utua offers top quality leather bags, clothing and accessories. In addition to visiting our shop in Raahe, you can buy your favorite bag also from our webshop https://en.utua.fi/.

Utua leather bags combine Finnish design, the best quality leather in the world and high-level studio sewing expertise. Utua’s design is stripped-down and timeless. Our leather bags are ablaze with different colours – for us, colours are a sign of vitality, joy and bravery. Leather is produced in Italy and bags are sewn in Greece, in a small atelier.
The name Utua is derived from nature: there is beautiful mist – ‘utua’ in Finnish – in the air when a new day dawns or the evening starts to fall. Taking in these views, an idea of the name Utua was born. The Utua logo symbolises this beautiful natural phenomenon.
The values of our company are quality, sustainability, bravery, and the joy of life. These are the values we embrace in our everyday work. We want to offer a high-quality, sustainable option to delight our customers. Utua – the Bag for life.

Brahenkatu 10
92100, Raahe

Cottage area halfway into the Iso-Syöte fell

In this area, you will find new and modern cottages with all the amenities. Its location is halfway into the fell and offers stunning mountain views and easy access to activities.

Cottages range in size from double bed cottages to large, multi-bedroom holiday homes. The cottages at Syöte Booking Centre offer spacious courtyards, stylish interiors and terraces with outdoor hot tubs. For those arriving in Syöte with an electric car, a few properties offer a dedicated charging point.

The illuminated walking path from the foot of the fell to the top runs through the cottage area. From the points on the right side of the trail, it is easy to steer directly to the slopes of the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte. The left-hand side is known as the sun terrace; you can enjoy a day on the cottage terrace there.

93280, Syöte
Kujalan ruokarekka

Kujala´s Burger

Kujala´s Burger is local food at its best! Kujala´s farms natural pasture meat and own sauces added with other local food products guarantee the most delicious taste experience. We operate as a bespoke restaurant and our foodtruck goes to almost everywhere to our customers.

Pölläntie 137
90480, Hailuoto
Kujalan Tilan löökikastikkeet

Farm Products from Kujala´s farm Hailuoto

– Garlic sauces with different flavours
– Syrups with natural flavours from Finnish forests
– Natural pasture meat
– Cereal products
– Kujala´s Burger

Pölläntie 137
90480, Hailuoto
Have a fun ride in city train Kompiainen.

City Train Kompiainen

Amusement park Vauhtipuisto can be reached from the city center of Oulu and Nallikari beach with Vauhtipuisto ‘s own 52 – seat city train called Kompiainen. Kompiainen city train operates daily 27.6.-7.8.2022.

Nallikari – Vauhtipuisto 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00

Vauhtipuisto – Oulu City Hall 11.10, 12.10, 13.10, 15.10, 16.10, 17.10

Oulu City Hall – Vauhtipuisto 11.30, 12.30, 13.30, 15.30, 16.30, 17.30

Vauhtipuisto – Nallikari 11.45, 12.45, 13.45, 15.45, 16.45, 17.45

Kompiainen city train ride is included to Vauhtipuisto bracelet’s price. Without bracelet prices are for adults 8 euros and children 5-14 years 4 euros. Children under 5 years free of charge.

You can also buy Vauhtipuisto bracelets from a Kompiainen train with cash or credit card.

Hietasaarentie 9
90500, Oulu
Kids favorite roller coaster ride in amusement park Vauhtipuisto.

Amusement Park Vauhtipuisto

The thrill of speed in a fairground atmosphere. Vauhtipuisto is a fun place for children and the young-at-heart in Nallikari, near downtown Oulu. We offer a variety of rides for everyone, from the smallest members of the family right up to the slightly more grown up ones. Vauhtipuisto has everything from carousels to bouncy castles, a play-village for kids and miniature cars.

You can easily reach Vauhtipuisto by City train Kompiainen. Train operates from the city centre – Vauhtipuisto – Nallikari and back.

Opening hours 2022
Open 28.5.-7.8. every day 11-18.


Free entrance in the area. Rides work with ticket or bracelet. Single ticket is 4 eur and bracelet is 20 euros under 110 cm child or adult and 26 euros over 110 cm child.

Kahvila Karuselli
Cafe Carousel (Kahvila Karuselli) in the area serves coffee, ice cream, paninis, candy, cotton candy etc.
Warmly welcome!

Hietasaarentie 9
90500, Oulu
Rent a traditional finnish retro bike Jopo.

Rent a Jopo-bike

Traditional finnish retro bike. Rent for a day and find out the beautiful scenery routes in the city of Oulu.

Hietasaarentie 9
90500, Oulu

Restaurant Hugo

Hugo is a relaxed, rough-and-ready wine bar and restaurant where the wine has pride of place. In the kitchen, local ingredients fuse with tastes from around the world. Make Hugo your living room, a place to meet friends and the highlight of your weekend. The moment you raise your glasses to celebrate something special or just the great mood around the table.

Rantakatu 4
90100, Oulu
Canoeing in Oulu.

Rent a canoe

Take a canoieng trip in Oulu. Rent a canoe for a day and paddle around the river delta area to the sea. Easy to paddle, life wests are included.

Hietasaarentie 9
90500, Oulu
View from Oulu City Hall to Cathedral.

Guided bike tour from Nallikari to Oulu city center

Welcome to guided bike tour from Nallikari to Oulu city center! We drive cycleways trough Pikisaari to city center. We visit Market Place, City Hall and Catherdral from outside. The tour ends in Nallikari. Guide will tell you information and stories from Oulu and Oulu region. You will get tips for shopping and events. You can rent bikes from Nallikari holiday village. Rental is not included in the price of tour. For families, small groups and companies.

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu
Tar boat in Turkansaari.

Minivan trip to Turkansaari Open Air Museum

Welcome to a minivan trip to Turkansaari Open Air Museum. The museum is located in three island in Oulujoki. The main themes of the museum are traditional agriculture and forestry, fishing and Oulu’s history of tar. We pick you up from Oulu city center and bring you back after the trip. The guide will be with you throughout the trip. From the guide you hear stories and information of Turkansaari, Oulu and Oulu region. Turkansaari Open Air Museum is open 6.6.-29.8. Mon-Sun from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. In the museum area is Café, where you could have traditional salmon soup for lunch from 11 a.m. to 15 p.m. Tickets 10 € adult, children under 18 years free. Museum tickets and lunch are not included in the price of the trip. For Companies, groups and families.

90100, Oulu
Cathedral in Oulu.

Oulu quickly

Welcome to Oulu! Guided city walking tour.

History and present shortly told by an authorized tourist guide: Market Place, City Hall, Cathedral. Tips for places to visit, shopping and events.

Paimenpolku 16
90140, Oulu
Old lighthouse in Marjaniemi.

Minivan trip to Hailuoto

Welcome to a minivan trip to Hailuoto. We pick you up from Oulu city center and bring you back after the trip. Guide will be with you troughout the trip. You hear stories and information from Hailuoto, Oulu and Oulu region. We visit Hailuoto Organum, wich is a concrete piece of spatial art by Hai Art in Ulkokarvo. The piece was designed by a distinguished acoustic artist, Lukas Kühne. We can enjoy snacks, in the nearby Petsamo hut, on an open fire. Then we drive to Marjaniemi, where you can get to know the area with guide or independently. Possibility for shopping also. If you like to have a meal in restaurant in Hailuoto, it is better to book advance. It is also possible to visit Hailuoto Brewery, when it is open. For companies, groups and families.

90100, Oulu

Guided transportation from Oulu airport to Oulu

Guided transportation from Oulu Airport to your accommodation to Oulu city center. The guide will pick you or your group up from airport. On the way you will hear stories and information of Oulu and Oulu region. You will get tips of events and shopping. 30 min tour in Oulu city center is included.

Lentokentäntie 720
90410, Oulu

Olkijoki Treaty Museum

The Olkijoki Treaty Museum introduces its visitors to the times of the Finnish War (1808–1809), as the Lassila Inn was the place where the Olkijoki Treaty that led to the truce between Russia and Sweden was signed.. In 1918, the main building of the Lassila farm was for the most part demolished and the remaining part was converted into a museum. The rooms where the Convention of Olkijoki was signed were kept as a historical memento of the Finnish War.

Siikajoentie 544
92140, Raahe

Old Pharmacy

The Old Pharmacy and its valuable collections are located in an authentic pharmacy environment in the heart of Old Raahe, its entrance guarded by an eagle. The objects exhibited include large numbers of wooden medicine boxes, glass medicine bottles, ceramic jars, various tools used for making medicines as well as medicinal ingredients, whose smell lingers in the air of the pharmacy museum as a reminder of the days when medicines were made on the spot from start to finish. Located behind the desk are the medicine chamber and laboratory, where pharmacy specialists used to make products with names like Kamala (Terrible) and Prinssintipat (Prince Drops).

Kauppakatu 31
92100, Raahe

The Sovelius House

Upstairs in the Sovelius House, presumably the oldest preserved building in Raahe, there is a restored home of a shipowner. The home offers an overview of the whole panoply of the wealthy home inhabited by a shipowner and merchant in the 1890s. The exquisite heirloom furniture, abundance of small objects, novelties of the period, ship paintings and traditional house plants take the visitor on a journey back in time to the glory of the Age of Sail. On dark evenings, you may see a candle burning in the window of the master’s room, a sign of everlasting, unhappy love.

Rantakatu 36
92100, Raahe

Saloinen Museum

The Saloinen Museum is an extensive complex consisting of 18 different buildings. The buildings and exhibits of the museum depict old sources of livelihood in the Saloinen region, i.e. fishing and farming. In the museum area, you can find, for instance, a forge, the fishing lodge of Eera Anttila as well as of the old log cabin of the Mutala farm, the history of which can be traced back to 1791. The handsome windmill in the museum area used to belong to the Tokola farm and it stood in the Kuljunmäki area where the Rautaruukki steelworks are currently located.

Arkkukarintie 53
92210, Raahe

Crown Granary

The latest member of the local museum family, the Crown Granary sheds light on Raahe’s past from prehistory to modern times and also currently holds the famous oldest diving suit in the world the Old Gentleman. At this museum, you get to do more than just look at the items on display, as touching and trying things out are very much permitted. Between experiencing the museum’s other content, visitors can pet the seal lady Harmastus, try on a heavy diver’s helmet, lift loads with pulleys or work on an ancient Giant’s Church stone enclosure. The exhibition at the Crown Granary is updated continuously, so there is sure to be something new to experience each time you visit.

Merikatu 10
92100, Raahe
Picture of the restaurant pointing towards the sunset

Restaurant Aava

Restaurant Aava at Arctic Lighthouse Hotel welcomes hotel guests as well as visitors from elsewhere to enjoy tasty meals. An important specialty of the restaurant is that each meal always contains fish in one form or another, depending on the sea atmosphere.

At the restaurant you can enjoy the magnificent seascape, which is magnificent despite the weather.

The restaurant also offers all kinds of events from weddings, meetings to birthdays. You can find more information on our website.

Marjaniementie 789
90480, Hailuoto

Packhouse Museum

The oldest of the local museums introduces its visitors to the illustrious age of sailing ships in Raahe and the exotic treasures that the sailors brought back home from their travels. The museum’s Church Hall features the magnificent wooden sculptures made by Mikael Balt for the old church of Raahe. Their enchantingly vivid colours and intricate ornamentation harken back to the Baroque period. This “museum within a museum” is a cornucopia of artefacts and stories, with enough to see to last multiple visits.

Rantakatu 33
92100, Raahe

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre

KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre in Ii works to improve the position of visual artists in northern Finland and creates international connections in the field of art.

KulttuuriKauppila runs an artist residency, produces variety of exhibitions, Art Ii Biennial and provides studios for local artists and international art–education programme for schools of Ii.

Kauppilantie 15
91100, Ii

Canoeing, Paddling and Kayaking routes in Ii

Enjoy calm river deltas or head to the Bothnian Bay seashores.
Routes are not signposted.

Jokisuuntie 2
91100, Ii

Environmental Art Park

Contemporary art by the river and in the heart of Ii.

The Environmental Art Park of Ii was first opened in June 2012 and now has become a popular site among locals and visitors. Every second year KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre organizes Art Ii Biennale (AIB) that produces international modern art.

Pappilantie 16
91100, Ii

Local museum of Ii

Familiarise with the local culture, traditions and folklore.

The museum tells the story of life in Ii from the pre-historical times until present day with modern, recently renewed exhibitions. The museum area consists of four buildings: the old parish granary, the museum hall, old storage and the loggers building museum cafe Huilinki.

Free admission.

In the museum, you can learn about the life in the local iron age village or the early industrial history with a peculiar glass factory owner, Hourooti. Exhibitions display the local traditional livelihoods, fishing, farming and logging. Kids can try their skills in archaeology.

Don’t forget to stop by in the picturesque Wanha Hamina cafe for a coffee or a local delicacy.

Puistotie 4
91100, Ii

Jakkukylä suspension bridge and Purusaari

Enjoy the views of Ii river

The outdoor recreation area on the Purusaari island, located in Jakkukylä village in the Finnish municipality of Ii, offers amazing views of River Iijoki and the Jakkukylä village. The island becomes even more attractive in the summer, when visitors can independently cross the river using a rope-operated ferry (distance 20 metres). In the winter, the island can be reached by a ski trail or over the ice. The Purusaari recreational area is maintained by the Jakkukylä village association.

Services: On the Purusaari island, there is a 2-km-long scenic route, and at the west end of the island, there is a lean-to perfect for enjoying the view and live fire. The area was equipped with a woodshed and an outdoor toilet in the summer of 2022. There is also a beach suitable for taking a swim. Information boards describing the local history and environment are planned for the route.

A suspension bridge with the largest span in northern Europe, crossing the almost 200-metre-wide River Iijoki, was completed in December 2021. The bridge can be crossed on foot. If you are travelling the route on a bicycle, you have to dismount it for crossing the bridge. The Jakku school is located on the north side of the bridge. Particularly if you are taking the route with a dog, please note that the walking surface of the bridge is made of metal mesh.

The Jakkukylä area also offers various opportunities for hiking, cross-country skiing and cycling.

Jakuntie 85
91210, Ii
Camping, Hailuoto, Caravan park, Tent area, Matkaparkki, Leirintäalue

Ailasto Camping and Caravan Park

Ailasto is an old Kaartotie elementary school building built 1926. As a restaurant Ailasto has had long traditions from 70’s till recent years. Renewed Ailasto has also program services and equipment rentals as addition to cafeteria and accommodation services. Cafeteria has alcohol license and local product shop.
Products base on locality, minor producers and ecologicality.

Camping area has 25 caravan/tent areas, five of which have electricity. There is a sauna, kitchen and sanitary facilities in the service building. We are located 13km from ferry harbor. Come and enjoy peaceful sleeping in Hailuoto island.

There are nice outdoor activity grounds right nearby Ailasto, for example Hyyppä. Bus stop is located right by Ailasto, or you can rent a bike to ride to the town center. Ailasto’s decoration reflects history and calmness.

Sustainability reasons we wish you to empty your garbage and waste water before coming to island because all waste go back to mainland from Hailuoto. We have recyckling point at the service building but no slop sink for caravans.

Ailasto Camping and caravan park, bar and cafeteria is open daily at summer, check the opening hours from our Facebook @Ailasto

Luovontie 798
90480, Hailuoto
The Särkkä's Perennialnursery grow more than 1000 different perennials.

Särkkä's Perennial Nursery

Our plant nursery in Raahe specialises in growing perennial flowers. The plants are mostly grown from our own stock plants.

In addition to our own perennial plant production, our nursery has a wide selection of ornamental trees and shrubs, as well as fruit and berry plants. We also have a selection of wild species and several rarities.

Get new experiences and ideas for your own garden at our nursery displays, which run from spring to autumn.

Welcome to visit our nursery! We are just off the 8-road (E8), so it is easy to get to us.

Valtatie 925
92210, Raahe
Cafeteria, Bar, Venue,

Ailasto Cafeteria and local product shop

Ailasto is an old Kaartotie elementary school building built 1926. As a restaurant Ailasto has had long traditions from 70’s till recent years. Renewed Ailasto has also program services and equipment rentals as addition to cafeteria and accommodation services. Cafeteria has alcohol license. Products base on locality, minor producers and ecologicality.

You can find local organic products like Hailuoto brewery beer and Kujala farm products from us. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee with Karelian hospitality!

Check the opening hours from our Facebook @Ailasto

Luovontie 798
90480, Hailuoto
Everyman´s rights allows to pick up some berries and mushrooms from the forest.

Siiponjoki nature trail

This 20-kilometre nature trail runs across magnificent pine forests to the shores of the Siiponjoki river. There is a kota hut and two lean-tos by the river. The river snakes through the sandy terrain, constantly reshaping its bed and creating a magical atmosphere and the occasional lush riverbank grove in the otherwise open woodland landscape. Downstream, the river forms a number of distributaries that flow into the sea at the Rahja archipelago. The nature trail offers some of the best scenery in Kalajoki.

Pleunantie 379
85100, Kalajoki
Dive into history; Havula manor house is full of beautiful old details.

Visit a wealthy merchant´s house Havula from the early 1900s

Havula is a residential villa built in 1912 by sawmill manager Oskari Santaholma. The Art Nouveau style house has 14 rooms in addition to the kitchen and about 700 square meters of living space on two floors. In Havula, you can discover the locality’s sawmill and industrial history, and the wealthy 1910s and 1930s merchant home, rare in Northern Finland, with its original decor.

Plassintie 56
85100, Kalajoki
In a quiet Vihaslahti area yo can spot many species of birds and animals.

The Vihaslahti bird tower and nature reserve

Vihaslahti is a habitat or stopping place for numerous bird species, which can be spotted eating or nesting in the area. Hikers can also see the sheep in the surrounding fields in the summer. Vihaslahti is part of the Vihas-Keihäslahti nature reserve. You can reach this area by hiking or by bike easily along the duckboards.

Tuomipakkaintie 9
85100, Kalajoki
more than hundred of small islands invites for island hopping.

Rahja archipelago

The ancient shores and old ports of the Rahja archipelago are living proof of a post-glacial rebound. All of the habitat types of a coast with rising land masses can be seen on Rahja’s hundred islands, from the inner archipelago’s sheltered forests to the rugged islets out in the open sea. The Rahja archipelago is a wonderful, sheltered destination for a geocaching trip, kayaking, SUP paddling or cross-country skiing.

85100, Kalajoki
Let the sea wind dance with your hair.

The duckboards of Hiekkasärkät

A dense duckboard network covers the Hiekkasärkät sand dunes, extending to the nature trail which starts at the resort’s northern end. The renovated nature and culture trail leads to the Vihaslahti reserve. The trail is accessible on foot and by bicycle, and with a stroller or wheelchair.

85100, Kalajoki
The beautiful wooden church has been built 1700s.

Maakalla island

Maakalla is a unique island roughly 18 km off the coast from Kalajoki. This autonomous island boasts rugged yet beautiful nature, old wooden fishermen’s huts, an exquisite wooden church dating from the 18th century and a new Maakalla museum. Visitors may buy freshly smoked whitefish caught by the island’s fishermen.
You can reach Maakalla with a galeas Ansio, for example.

85100, Kalajoki
Park Hotel Liminka

Park Hotel Liminka

Modern Scandinavian style Park Hotel Liminka is located in the heart of the green and nature-rich town called Liminka, on the edge of beautiful central park. All interesting places, cultural sites, town services and the historic Old Liminka along the river are within walking distance.

The hotel offers easy access to Liminka’s appraised, fully marked mountain bike trails, which we have more than 150 kilometers just for you! Fatbikes can be rented in advance at the hotel.

Only a few minutes drive from the hotel, you can find the Rantakylä leisure site. A full frisbee golf course, cross country skiing center and sandy beaches with a jumping tower are all at your disposal.

Finland’s most important and worldwide known bird wetland and wetland center, Liminka Bay, is only a 6-minute drive away. At the Bay you can enjoy the locally made delicacies, see the free exhibition called “the 8 seasons of the birds” and see real birds from the two-level bird tower next to the Liminka Bay visitor center.

You can pop in quickly or spend as much time as you want according to your own schedules. All the rooms have a widescreen TV, microwave oven, a small refrigerator, electric kettle and complimentary products to make a hot drink.

Park Hotel Liminka – With us, you can relax and work without any fuss.

Liminganraitti 10
91900, Liminka
Sarkkiranta sports centre

Sarkkiranta sports centre

The Sarkkiranta sport centre is home for Finnish baseball’s top level league games and also football games. It is a dynamic centre for sports and exercise. In addition to the stadium for Finnish baseball and the full-size crumb rubber football field you can find a skateboard ramp, a playground, two beach volley courts, a rock dust covered field, running tracks, athletics field, three tennis courts and a mountain bike trail in Sarkkiranta. In winter, illuminated ski trails circle around the sports centre and when the snow melts, the trails are used by joggers.
In winter there is an illuminated ice hockey rink and a skating area.

90440, Kempele
Cycling in Köykkyri

Köykkyri recreation area

Köykkyri recreation area is situated in Honkanen, near the Zeppelin shopping centre. The area is a centre for many sports and outdoor exercise in nature. Köykkyri has the longest stair climbing stairway in the Oulu region that is becoming increasingly popular. The recreation area offers a variety of sporting activities all year round, such as mountain biking, disc golf, beach volley, cross-country running, stair climbing exercise, football or simply fun outdoor activities. During the winter, there are some 12 km of lighted skiing tracks circling in the area. The ski resort has one illuminated main ski slope, a drag lift and a snow park.

The area will get marked hiking and MTB trails, the routes are currently being mapped.

Pyrinnöntie 5
90450, Kempele

Auditorium Kurkisali

The welfare center Pirtti’s auditorium Kurkisali is a changing and versatile place for meetings and training events. The auditorium is also ideal for concerts, theater performances and other events.

The auditorium can accommodate up to 300 people. When assembled, the auditorium is replaced by approximately 100 m2 of flat floor space.

Kurkisali’s AV equipment is comprehensive, including e.g. powerful video projector with wide screen and theater lights.

Minimun reservation is 3 hours. During weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm price is 297,60€ / 3 hours and additional hours 74,40 €. Evening use and weekends 334,80€ / 3h and additional hours 99,20€.

Varsitie 1
93100, Pudasjärvi

Restaurant at Hotel Pikku-Syöte

Hotel Pikku-Syöte’s restaurant is open all year round, including during the low season. The restaurant is located in the hub of various outdoor trails, next to the ski slopes of the Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte.

The place is known for the lunch and dinner buffets, with a high-quality à la carte menu and a selection of beers and wines.

The people who lodge in cottages nearby and also those who work in the area love the pizzas, burgers and sautéed reindeer. In addition, the restaurant at Hotel Pikku-Syöte serves the youth centre.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi

The slopes of Pikku-Syöte

At the Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte, all the slopes are rated blue, meaning they are easy slopes. There are nine slopes in total, and some of them run through the forest.

The front slopes provide a safe environment for children and young people to learn new skills and grow at their own pace.You can then move to the larger slopes and explore the small forest routes.

On the western slopes, the longest descent on the route is over a kilometre. The slopes offer a great slope profile, nice pace, and room to enjoy your turns.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi

Youth centre Pikku-Syöte

At Pikku-Syöte, a camp school takes place at a ski hotel with northern activities. We organise youth camps with a special focus on nature, sports, arts, social skills and wilderness adventures. We learn from our environment, and nature is a valuable part of our everyday life.

Youth centre activities are the heart of Pikku-Syöte. While we serve all types of travellers, we are also constantly developing high-quality youth centre activities. Pikku-Syöte is one of nine youth centres in Finland approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

All our campers stay in the same hotel. This provides security, makes it easier to plan the camp and strengthens team spirit.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi
Nainen hiihtää ladulla husky-koiran kanssa. Taustalla luminen metsä ja sininen taivas. / A woman is skiing on a piste with a gray husky dog. In the background you can see a snowy forest and a blue sky. Kuva:Annu Tuohiluoto

Syöte National Park

Enjoy an active break in the wooded hills of the north! The wild wooded hills of Syöte provide an ideal setting for many activities. Ski-trek through the magical snow-covered winter forests, or pedal up hill and down dale along the park’s fine mountain-biking routes. The log cabin sauna at Ahmatupa in the heart of the park is a great place to soothe your body and soul.
In nature conservation areas, everyman’s rights do not apply in the normal way. Please always check the rules of the destination before making your trip.
National parks are nature reserves, whose key task is to safeguard biodiversity and enable people to enjoy and relax in nature on the terms of nature conservation. All national parks in Finland are managed by Metsähallitus.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi
Hotel Pikku-Syöte at winter

Hotel Pikku-Syöte

Hotel Pikku-Syöte is an accessible and safe family hotel in the middle of nature. Rooms are available in five different categories, from basic to luxurious. We are the largest hotel in the area and aim to offer you and your family just what you need.

We also serve as a youth centre, but our hotel is open all year round for all guests and all ages. We know young people, and young people get to know us – we’re a place to call home.

The gym, billiards and ping-pong table are open to all. The hotel is surrounded by nature, with a clearly marked nature trail leading off the hotel. The ski slopes of Pikku-Syöte are just next to the hotel. Those staying with us receive a -25% discount on one-day lift passes.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi
Lumisen metsän keskellä on hirsirakennus. /  In the middle of the snowy forest is a log building. Kuva: Sami Säily.

Syöte Visitor Centre

Syöte Visitor Centre is a handsome log castle by the gates of Syöte National Park. At the permanent exhibition, you can sense the presence of history and hear the whispering spruces. The exhibition presents the history of the interaction between man and nature in the backwoods of Syöte. While sipping a cup of coffee, you can admire the snow-crowned spruces or relax watching nature films. With the help of the up-to-date hiking tips that are provided by the visitor centre’s staff, it is easy to enjoy an active holiday amongst the wooded hills. Check opening hours from Visitor Centre’s homepage.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Meeting facilities at Hotel Pikku-Syöte

At Pikku-Syöte, you move your meetings to a comfortable environment and more. The hotel has six meeting rooms and a 250-seat multifunctional hall. Just outside there is an easily accessible nature area, where you can easily go for different activities, for example, in the middle of a conference day.

We have networked with local operators in the area and can organise a break yoga session, snowshoeing or a thought-provoking moment over a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet of a lean-to shelter.

Our spacious restaurant caters for large business and seminar groups. Accommodation, all meals, working and meeting facilities and activities are arranged with a single contract.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi

Pikku-Syöte caravan area

In the Pikku-Syöte caravan area you can stay at affordable prices and enjoy the hotel’s services. There are 74 long-term seasonal spaces and 30 short-term caravan or car spaces.

The caravan site has its own service building with saunas, showers and toilets. In addition, guests of the site have access to the hotel’s public saunas and gyms.

The versatile restaurant at the Hotel Pikku-Syöte also serves all caravanners. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet plus pizzas & snacks and à la carte menus.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi
Puikkari julkisivu.

Puikkari swimming hall

Enjoy our diverse selection of pools and the warmth of the tropics for the whole family! There is also a gym and the Puikkari Café.

Swimming time is 2 hours including washing and sauna.

Check the website for possible exceptions to opening hours.

Tuulimyllyntie 4
93100, Pudasjärvi
Restaurant Rousku

Restaurant Rousku

Restaurant Rousku offers tasty, natural, locally produced food from morning to evening. Rousku is renowned for delicious dishes made of pure, locally produced ingredients.

To top off an unforgettable culinary experience, the restaurant’s large windows offer a beautiful view over the unique Rokua Geopark landscape, shaped by the Ice Age.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Main building

Laukanranta B&B

Laukanranta B&B offers a traditional style Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the beautiful village of Laitasaari in Muhos. Laukanranta B&B is on the bank of the Oulujoki river, close to public transport connections and just a 20 min drive from the city of Oulu. Spend the night in the cozy shelter of an old log house or in an idyllic wooden guest cottage with a loft.

Yli-Laukantie 1
91500, Muhos
montta, oulujoki, muhos

Active camping Montta

Traditional camping on the bank of the Oulujoki river in Muhos, surrounded by forest, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful nature landscapes. You can color your stay with activities such as sports in the nature, photography, hiking, fishing, renting a canoe, kayak or a boat. Summer season in our region is full of events.

Camping comprises of 40 caravan pitches and 13 cottages. To complete your comfortable stay we have saunas, playground for kids, dancing floor under the roof, cabinets for events etc. All these facilities will make your holiday warm, relaxing, funny, cosy and joyful.

Kieksintie 209
91500, Muhos
Bird-watching tower in Vihiluoto. Kempele, Finland

Vihiluoto beach and bird watching area

Vihiluoto is the seaside oasis in Kempele. There is a swimming beach, a marina where you can rent a Jet Ski, beach volley courts, an accessible nature trail with a bird-watching tower and barbecue place. In addition, there is a disc golf course, a little skateboard ramp, and in summer, a field for 20 sheep. In winter, the village association prepares skiing tracks and a tour skating route on the sea ice.
There is also Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu, Spanish restaurant El Sabor and Vihiluodon Torppa on the seashore in Vihiluoto.

Vihiluoto 10
90440, Kempele
Inside Oulujoki church.

Oulujoki Church

The national romantic spirit of the twentieth century was brought to life in the architecture of Oulujoki church, completed in 1908. The church was designed by the architect Viktor J. Sucksdorff of Oulu province, and it also contains Karelian influences. The atmospheric church is the only preserved wooden church in the art nouveau style in Northern Finland.

In 1984, as a result of the restoration work planned by Anna-Kaisa Ylimaula, the church was restored as closely as possible to its original appearance. Visitors to the church can see how the roof and the bell tower in particular reach upwards. On the second clock of the tower, an inscription has been made asking for a blessing for the Finnish people.

This church is part of the Oulujoki Pilgrimage route. Read more from the web page!

Oulujoentie 69
90650, Oulu
Turkansaari museum church.

Turkansaari Museum Church

The oldest wooden church in the Oulu urban area serves as a summer church and is located in Madekoski, in the Turkansaari open-air museum area. Nowadays it functions as a beautiful wedding venue for many summer weddings. In the Middle Ages, the island was the westernmost marketplace for Russians and Karelians. As was typical of the time, the church was built in connection with the marketplace. The fishing industry also had an important role on the island.

When the days of trade and fishing were over, the church was demolished and transferred to Raati island, where it served for years as a storehouse until Östen Elfving, founder of the Turkansaari open-air museum, bought it and returned it to original location in 1922.

This church is part of the Oulujoki Pilgrimage route. Read more from the web page!

Turkansaarentie 165
90310, Oulu
Oulu cathedral in Oulu city.

Oulu Cathedral

The beautiful Oulu Cathedral stands in Oulu’s monumental centre, on the same site where several church buildings were located over the centuries, with the oldest dating back to the late sixteenth century. The wooden church that was built on the site in the 1610s was replaced by a cathedral designed by Daniel Hagman of Sweden and completed in 1777. The cathedral, built of natural stone, was so big that all the 2,400 inhabitants of Oulu could fit in it at the same time!

Throughout the centuries, densely built wooden towns were vulnerable to urban fires. The Oulu fire of 1822 completely destroyed the wooden structures of the cathedral. The movable property was saved in time, and the fire left only the stone walls standing. The current stone cathedral was completed in 1832 according to the neoclassical designs of C. L. Engel. The most notable work of art in the cathedral is the portrait of Johannes Messenius, painted in 1611.

Among the cloud cherry trees in the garden is the Pikku-Sofia church for children. It is a model of Oulu’s very first wooden church from the late sixteenth century.

This church is part of the Oulujoki Pilgrimage route. Read more from the web page!

Kirkkokatu 3 A
90100, Oulu
Tourist information sign outside.

Oulu Tourist Info

Tourist Information Office in Oulu offers you practical advice and tips about events, accommodation, restaurants, attractions and places to visit.

More to that, Tourist Information Office provides you with a customer tablet, an open wireless network (panOulu), a charging point for smartphones, brochures, themed walking and cycling maps. In our Oulu Shop you can find local and responsible souvenirs.

On summer our customer service is also on wheels! You can see our tourist officers biking through the city from Nallikari beach to railway station, handing out maps and brochures and answering your questions. We are at your service!

Hallituskatu 36B
90100, Oulu
Metropolis-products and Uusitunne postcards from Oulu Shop

Oulu Shop in Oulu Tourist Info

You can find souvenirs and gifts at the Oulu Tourist Information Office. The Oulu Shop product selection includes popular Oulu city brand products.

Local craftspeople and companies sell humorously Ouluesque souvenirs at the Tourist Information Office. What better way to remember your Oulu trip than with earrings or a necklace made of the inner tubes of bicycles by local artisan! Oulu-themed postcards, books, posters and design products can also be found here. Enjoy shopping in Oulu!

Hallituskatu 36B
90100, Oulu
Saunallinen kahden hengen hotellihuone.

Best Western Hotel Apollo, Oulu

The Best Western Hotel Apollo offers all the right amenities for business and leisure travelers. The hotel has 70 rooms, 29 with sauna and in 5th floor attic rooms with skylight windows and steam bath or shower.
All guests will receive a complimentary continental breakfast. Free wireless Internet access in all rooms. On the fifth floor there is also LAN. Extra amenities include a business center and common sauna. Breakfast in Bar Apollo and the Karaoke Bar nightclub are located onsite.
The Best Western Hotel Apollo is conveniently located in the Oulu city center nearby sights and attractions such as Rotuaari Pedestrian Street, Market Hall and Market Square. Hotel is near major transportation access including the railway station, bus station and 15 kilometers from Oulu Airport. Hotel has 12 electric car charging plugs which are included in hotel rate.

Asemakatu 31-33
90100, Oulu

Syöte Camping, seasonal space

Syöte Camping’s year-round caravan site offers accommodation right at the foot of the Iso-Syöte fells, close to the services of the Visitor Centre. The caravan area has over 200 seasonal spaces for rent.

The caravan area has direct access to the slopes of Iso-Syöte, ski trails, cycling and hiking trails. The starting point of the Syöte National Park trails is only 400 metres away.

The price of a seasonal space at Syöte Camping includes an automated space-specific electricity connection system and the use of comfortable sauna and service facilities. During the winter season, there is a ventilated ski maintenance room. The two on-demand saunas can also be heated on request for your own group. In addition to the seasonal spaces, the Syöte Camping caravan area has 60 short-term spaces for day visitors.

Takarinteentie 4
93280, Syöte

Syöte Camping, short-term space

Syöte Camping is a peaceful but lively 275-space caravan camping area right at the foot of the ski slopes and the hiking trails. There are 60 spaces reserved for day visitors.

The year-round caravan site has direct access to the slopes of Iso-Syöte, ski trails, cycling, hiking and sledging routes. The starting point of the Syöte National Park trails is only 400 metres away.

The short-term space rental includes a caravan space with electricity and use of the comfortable maintenance and sauna facilities. During the winter season, there is a ventilated ski maintenance room. In addition to the public sauna facilities, there are two on-demand saunas, where you can book your own sauna shift.

Takarinteentie 4
93280, Syöte
Riihikummun mökit Syötteen keskusvaraamo

Cottages in Riihikumpu area in Syöte

The Riihikumpu cottage area offers accommodation in the tranquillity of the northern fells, just 3 km from the services of the Syöte Visitor Centre.

The range of properties includes cottages, semi-detached houses and terraced houses. The most common rental properties in Riihikumpu have 1-2 bedrooms and a loft, making the area ideal for families and small groups of friends. The atmospheric fir forest area is close to the ski trails, snowmobile routes and summer hiking trails.

You can book your holiday at the Riihikumpu cottages from the Syöte Booking Centre.

93280, Syöte

Cottages in Kelosyöte area

Kelosyöte is one of the first cottage areas in Syöte, and here you can experience the most authentic Syöte all year round. The cottage area is located on the shores of Lake Kovalampi and in the fells, just 3 km from the Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte and 6 km from Iso-Syöte.

From Kelosyöte, it is easy to set off on your own cycling and hiking trips. There is also a well-lit ski trail, often the first to open for the winter season. Families with children will enjoy the Peikkopolku path and the beach of Lake Kovalampi. Those who love fishing, love to lure the rainbow trout of Lake Kovalampi.

The Syöte Booking Centre has a large selection of traditional reindeer cabins with a kitchen-living room, 1-2 bedrooms, sauna and bathroom.

93280, Syöte
The Miss Sofia’s Chamber is decorated in the style 1840s.

Trade House of Lang Unique Historic Hotel Experience in the Heart of the Raahe Old Town

A house full of stories! Hotel rooms at the House of Lang each tell a story of a person who lived back in the 19th century. All our hotel rooms are dedicated to persons who were important to the House of Lang back in time. A person’s life story has been the starting point for the room décor planning, and the room decoration has been placed to a specific important moment in time for the person in question.
The Sea Captain’s Cabin tells the story of a time when the Captain Janne Byström spent his retirement days in the home harbour of Raahe in the 1890s when Raahe’s glorious sailing ship era had ended. The Miss Sophia’s Chamber is decorated in the style from the time when Sofia had slept her last maiden night in it on the 13th of February in 1843. Each room owner has his or her story to tell, and they will tell those stories to you via the AR application when you are their guests in the rooms!

Langin Kauppahuone is a 19th style cafe, restaurant, boutique hotel and a shop all in one – all telling a history of the old trade house by the Pekka Market Square in the old Raahe.

Kirkkokatu 19
92100, Raahe

All Syöte's activities from Syöte Booking Centre

Whether you want to go on a husky safari, an aurora borealis tour by snowmobile or a horseback ride in the Syöte area, you can book your excursion directly through Syöte Booking Centre – as well as online.

All the activities and programme services in the fell area are easily available and pre-packaged for each season at the Syöte Booking Centre. During the winter season, the Syöte Booking Centre compiles the most popular activities on the fells into a winter weekly programme, making it easy to pick out things to do for your holidays in advance.

The Syöte Booking Centre serves holidaymakers in the LumiAreena premises at the foot of the slopes of Iso-Syöte. You are welcome to ask for tips on activities for your Syöte holiday!

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte
kayaking is the best outdoor activity on summer time

Bay of Bothnia by Kayak in Oulu

Explore Oulu from the sea and as close to the sea as you can get! Be prepared for an unforgettable outdoor
excursion in Oulu!
City of Oulu by kayak is the defining paddling trip, our 2 hour guided kayak tour through the Oulu and
characterized by its clear waters and nature.
The kayaks used on the trip are easy to handle and very stable – This paddling trip suits beginners and experts alike.
We will provide you with all the kayaking equipment needed. Just wear some sporty clothing and bring your
adventurous spirit – Lappis will take care of the rest. We will ensure You’ll have a relaxing and a memorable paddling experience.
We will paddle on a slow and easy pace, everyone can tag along on this journey.
What is included: guidance in English, kayak, live vest, paddle, spraydeck and waterproof cellphone case

Linnasaari 1
90100, Oulu
The café is decorated in the style of the 1860s.

Trade House of Lang 19th Century Style Cafe and Restaurant at the Raahe Old Town

Dressed in servants’ outfits from the 1860s, the staff at the Trade House of Lang greet visitors with smiles. The colourful décor includes a lot of beautiful details, which you can look at while spending time in our peaceful environment.

The Restaurant at the Trade of Lang offers a buffet lunch on weekdays. All food and bakery goods are made using local produce.

The glass shelves of the café are filled each morning with delicacies created in the Lang House kitchen. The baker starts the day by baking sweet and savoury treats, both based on recipes of the old Lang Cookbook and also modern creations such as cheese cakes, pies, cakes and sweet buns. Gluten free delicacies are baked every day too. Finnish berries are used in baking and preserves.

Our restaurant works also as a place for private functions. We organise parties, meetings, and events, tailor-made to meet customers’ needs.

Langin Kauppahuone is a 19th style cafe, restaurant, boutique hotel and a shop all in one – all telling a history of the old trade house by the Pekka Market Square in the old Raahe.

Kirkkokatu 19
92100, Raahe
Enjoy your time in historic milieu.

Experience Life at Trade House of Lang

During coffee break you’ll hear the mistress, patron or the maid telling their stories and versions of the colourful history and daily life in 1800s’ Raahe. The maid will serve delicious home made cake with tea/coffee while listening to the stories. Coffee and piece of cake is included in the price. Book a historical time travel for your group!

At the Lang’s Trade house the coffee is always served from small, rosy cups and a refill is included, of course. The small boutique is a great place to find the best souveniers and gifts after this guided event!

Stories and experiences from the tall ships’ era! The Trade House of Lang is a café, restaurant, shop and a boutique hotel that tells you stories about the history of the Trade House in the old town Raahe by the Pekkatori square. Welcome to enjoy the historical surroundings!

Kirkkokatu 19
92100, Raahe

Winter activities for groups

Ski resort Iso-Syöte serves groups with services tailored to them. Choose what you want to do, we’ll arrange the equipment and the coach.

A tailor-made winter trip in Finnish nature is an unforgettable experience, whether you are cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or on a fatbike.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Rental equipment: Cross-country skiing and snowshoes

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are unforgettable ways to get to feel the Finnish nature and see the Syöte National Park in Iso-Syöte. With 120 kilometres of well-maintained trails, everyone can find a suitable ski route. Where should I ski? Ask our staff for the tips of the day.

With snowshoes, you can walk easily, even in deep snow. You can walk freely in the forests and enjoy the Nordic everyman’s rights. Even a short excursion is a memorable experience. Remember to pack a nice picnic lunch!

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Iso-Syöte Snow World

Ski Resort Iso-Syöte has an area for families with children – a small ski resort inside the larger one. It brings families together, from toddlers to grandparents. It is safe to explore the fun and snow, for example, on a slide in the Snow World area, and then enjoy your lunch at the atmospheric campfire site.

Admission to the children’s activities area is free. Its elevators are free of charge for children under 7 years of age who are skiing with a helmet. There are many fun and fast-paced special ski slopes in the children’s fell area with routes to safe forest trails and fun slopes.

You can also meet reindeers and try various winter activities in the Snow World – experience a winter day packed with laughter in an inspiring and authentic environment.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Bike rental in summer

At Ski Resort Iso-Syöte’s rental, you will find high-quality mountain bikes for trails and the Bike Park. Full-suspension mountain bikes are also part of our XC fleet, and with them you can get the most out of the trails in the Syöte area.

The mountain bike routes are well marked. Stick to the routes, and you can focus on enjoying nature without the fear of getting lost.

For the kids, we rent kickbikes. Fatbikes are suitable for children over 130 cm. It is safe to get to know mountain biking on a fatbike. Driving a fatbike is an experience anywhere.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Syötteen Eräpalvelut kesäsafarit river tubing

Guided summer safaris at Syöte

Go and experience the popular water activities organised by Syötteen Eräpalvelut in the fell area: river tubing, canoeing and fishing in the versatile waters of Syöte.

River tubing excursion (2.5 hours) on the River Pärjänjoki gets your adrenaline pumping but also offers peaceful moments in the wilderness. The journey in the rapids is made with 1-person inflatable canoes. A canoe safari (2.5 hours) is a bit more of a relaxed excursion that takes you through the best stretches of the beautiful canoeing route of the River Pärjänjoki. Fishing guide services in the waters of Syöte are tailored according to your wishes.

The price of the summer safaris includes guide services, equipment and transportation to the places of departure. The excursions do not require previous experience, but those taking part in river tubing and canoe safaris must be able to swim.

Oksanperäntie 364
93280, Syöte

Bike Park tickets

The lifts of the Iso-Syöte Bike Park are open from June to during the opening hours of the Bike Park. Using the T-bar lift on a mountain bike is easy. The staff puts the elevator rack behind the saddle tube, and gravity takes care of the rest.

Syöte is the top destination for mountain bikers in Finland, and Iso-Syöte’s lifts serve not only Bike Park riders, but also those heading off-road. At the top, you are free to choose between the Bike Park routes and the diverse XC path network in the forests.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Bike Park guidance lesson

Bike Park guidance lesson is the best start for a new sport and hobby. Downhill biking and Bike Park are the most fun when you know the tricks of the sport. No previous experience is needed – the desire to learn and readiness are enough!

During the Bike Park guidance lesson, you will learn about the driving technique, braking, utilising the full-suspension bike and managing tilted bends and jumpers. We also show you how to get on the T-bar lift with the bike.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Bike Park package

From the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte’s rental shop, you can get everything you need for the Bike Park: Downhill bike, protective equipment, elbow and knee pads, fullface helmet and a lift ticket.

You can buy the Bike Park package for three hours or the whole day. If you are new to downhill biking, three hours is probably enough.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Iso-Syöte Ski School: Group lessons

At Werneri Ski School, children aged 4-10 learn skiing skills during play, along with new friends. The activities are led by Werneri, Finland’s funniest ski instructor. It’s fun and easy for the children to learn the basic skills in skiing and snowboarding with Werneri.

We keep the groups to a moderate size. Each child will be taught in the class as an individual. Come and experience how Finns learn skiing skills.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Rental equipment: Skiing and snowboarding

The skis and snowboards offered at the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte rental shop are high-quality, modern and up-to-date sports equipment – make travelling easier and leave your own equipment at home. You will have access to the equipment with just the right adjustments and guaranteed functionality.

We are at your service – you don’t need to know anything about the equipment in advance. We have the right equipment for first-timers as well, and we will show you how everything works.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Hiihtokeskus Iso-Syöte lumilautailu

Winter season lift passes

Skiing in the fells is an experience to remember. The slopes of the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte run amidst beautiful snow-covered trees, and you can also admire the steep forest scenery from the ski lifts.

The nature and views from the top of the fell are breathtaking. In mid-winter, the northern lights blaze in the sky. Night skiing on lighted slopes is very popular in Finland.

You can find easy and safe first-timers lifts and slopes with plenty of room to try out new sports. The easiest way to try and learn skiing is to start with a lesson at the Ski School.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Väinämöinen talvi

Syötteen Mökit Cottages

Syötteen mökit cottages are high-quality log cabins suitable for the whole family on a fell holiday. You can relax in the outdoor jacuzzi while watching the snow-covered trees and enjoy the services and activities of the Syöte Visitor Centre.

Joukahainen, Vanamo, Väinämöinen and Wellamo are spacious cottages (for 6–10 people) with several bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, fireplace, sauna, terrace, and outdoor hot tub. There is also a crib and a high chair for families with small children.

The cottages are located in a quiet location next to the Syöte Visitor Centre and are an ideal spot for active holidaymakers all year round. The best mountain bike trails in Finland, the 120 km ski trail network, the hiking trails in Syöte National Park, Ski Resort Iso-Syöte and the beaches of Luppovesi Lake are just a step outside the door.

Mustikkapolku 7
93280, Syöte
Syötteen Eräpalvelut Huskysafarit husky

Syöte husky safaris

Syöte husky safaris give you a real feel of the silent fell nature of the north. The safaris are organised by Syötteen Eräpalvelut. When you’re driving a husky sledge, all you hear is the squeaking snow as the eager huskies gust forward.

Before starting the safari, you will get instructions on steering the sledge. The safari route runs through forests and over swamps. Sometimes you might even cross a frozen lake. After the ride, you have a chance to scratch the dogs. Finally, you will enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and hear some interesting stories about the life in the husky kennel.

Dog sledge rides are a great and warm-hearted activity for the whole family. In the winter season, there are shorter routes of 6 and 12 kilometres available, as well as longer all-day husky safaris. Visits to the Syötteen Eräpalvelut kennel of approximately one hundred Siberian huskies are organised throughout the year.

Oksanperäntie 364
93280, Syöte

Rental equipment: Fatbike, winter

A fatbike is a mountain bike with huge tires, and even a short trip with it is a real experience. Finns love fatbike cycling — are you next? Large, hard-wearing tires move softly and safely along snowy paths.

The rental shop of the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte will guide you to the routes maintained during the winter season. The routes run in the Syöte National Park amidst snow-covered trees.

You don’t need any previous experience of mountain biking. Pack a lunch in your backpack and head to a hut or a campfire site with a fatbike. You can also rent a fatbike for a little longer; the national park under the full moon or in the glow of the northern lights is a magical setting for even a longer trip.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Syötteen Mökit Cottages Tapio and Tellervo

Tapio and Tellervo cottages near Ski Resort Iso-Syöte are a good choice for those who appreciate comfort and a central location. Add a little luxury to your holiday and admire the northern lights and the nightless night from the outdoor hot tub.

The cottages, completed in early 2022, have beds for 4+2 persons. The family-friendly and well-equipped cottages have two bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, and a bathroom. The complex includes a covered terrace, an outdoor hot tub, and a sauna in a separate building.

The cottages, located in a quiet location, provide easy access to the mountain bike trails, ski trails, and snowmobile trails in the Syöte area. The beach of Lake Luppovesi is just a short walk away.

Näädänpolku 16
93280, Syöte

Equipment maintenance at the rental shop

Proper lubrication and regularly sharpened edges make skiing and snowboarding even more fun. At the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte’s rental shop, your equipment will be maintained with experience and expertise, and you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday. Regular lubrication keeps the equipment in good condition from one season to the next.

Tip: the hard frost snow in early winter wears the lubrication faster. In spring, a smooth layer of lubrication on the ski bases keeps your skis gliding and prevents the bottom from getting dirty.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Iso-Syöte Ski School: Private lessons

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will learn new skills at Iso-Syöte Ski School. You don’t have to have any experience of snowboarding or skiing.

A private lesson on the slopes is a fun experience and a safe way to learn a completely new sport. Are you ready for your moment on the slopes? Prepare to be surprised!

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Meeting rooms for companies

KIDE Hotel at Iso-Syöte serves as a diverse centre for corporate events and meetings.

Our accommodation, activities, meeting and working spaces are located compactly in the same location. Kick-off, seminar, or product launch? Our meeting service tailors the ready-made package and helps you plan an unforgettable event.

Our high-quality and spacious rooms invite even large groups to stay. The meeting rooms of KIDE Hotel grow flexibly to accommodate 60–250 people.

Romekievarintie 6
93280, Syöte

Gym at KIDE Hotel

At KIDE Hotel in Iso-Syöte, you don’t miss a workout, even on holiday. The hotel has two gyms.

There is a spacious 200 square meters gym for functional training and fitness workout. In the traditional gym, you will find versatile workout stations and modern training equipment.

You can buy access to the gyms when booking a room.

Romekievarintie 6
93280, Syöte

Kuuru Tunturilaakso Suites

The Northern Lights Suites combine the beauty of Finnish nature with the comforts of a luxury suite. Although you sleep directly under the stars, the suite is equipped for comfort with underfloor heating and air conditioning.

The Scandinavian-style suites have a double bed and offer a great view of the fell sceneries through large windows and a glass ceiling. The suite also has a kitchen, bathroom and private terrace. Breakfast is served at the nearby KIDE Hotel, which can be reached in winter on a kicksled that comes with the suite.

The unforgettable Kuuru Suites are located in a private location in the nature reserve, just a stone’s throw from the services and activities of the Syöte tourist area. Guests have access to a cosy hut in the courtyard.

Romekuja 2
93280, Syöte

Syöte Booking Centre

The Syöte Booking Centre makes your holiday in Syöte easy. They offer all the services of the fell region in one place: accommodation, activities and transfers from the airport to Syöte.

You have the widest choice of accommodation in the area, from cottages to holiday apartments and hotel rooms. With almost 200 accommodation options, the range of accommodation in Syöte covers all the different cottage areas and price ranges. The Syöte Booking Centre also arranges programme services and safaris in the area, and tailors travel packages for meetings and groups.

The Syöte Booking Centre office is the official tourist information of Syöte area. Professional staff with a good knowledge of the Syöte area serve you at LumiAreena, at the foot of the slopes of Iso-Syöte. Through the online booking system, cottages and activities can be booked 24/7.

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte

Restaurant at KIDE Hotel

When you enjoy many outdoor activities, you also need to eat well. The restaurant of KIDE Hotel in Iso-Syöte offers options for everyone from the raw materials of the north. Our kitchen knows the value of vegetarian food as well as local reindeer meat.

In the mornings, our restaurant serves as an atmospheric breakfast restaurant. The cosy lounge is the centrepiece of the whole holiday. There you can enjoy hot chocolate, uplifting aperitifs, or indulge in board games.

Romekievarintie 6
93280, Syöte

Karsikkolampi smoke sauna

A traditional Finnish smoke sauna heats up in Syöte’s Karsikkolampi pond, and the atmosphere and smells are a real experience. In the winter season, you can even take a dip in a hole in the ice. The water of the pond is also refreshing in summer.

The smoke sauna in Karsikkolampi has a capacity of 7 people on its soot-darkened benches, making it a great activity for families and small groups. The sauna is connected to a warm dressing room, where you can enjoy the warmth of a roaring fireplace. Outside you can admire the beauty of the fells on the small terrace.

Book a traditional smoke sauna experience through the Syöte Booking Centre. Birch switches and guidance to the smoke sauna are included in the price of the reservation (3h). The Karsikkolampi smoke sauna is located about 6.5 km from Iso-Syöte and about 2.5 km from Pikku-Syöte.

93280, Syöte

Panorama Conference Room

Panorama Conference Room is suitable for up to 72 persons. Video projector with wide screen, sound system and flipchart.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte

Kruunu Cabinet Meeting Room

Kruunu Cabinet Meeting Room for 12 persons
Meeting equipment includes a data projector, screen and flip chart

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Pikku-Syöte mökkialue keskusvaraamo talvi

Cottages in Pikku-Syöte area

Pikku-Syöte is a peaceful and family-friendly cottage area with slopes and hiking trails nearby. One of the absolute highlights of the area is the evening sun shining on the hillside giving more daylight to the days during the winter season.

The majority of the cottages you can book from the Syöte Booking Centre are new log cabins or semi-detached houses built in the 2000s. You can experience the authentic Finnish log cabins at Pikku-Syöte. Most cottages have direct access to the slopes or ski trails of the Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte. The nature trail and cycling routes of Pikku-Syöte also offer activities for your holidays.

The cottage area is located close to the services and indoor activities of Hotel Pikku-Syöte, but renting a car is recommended if you want to get around more during your holiday.

93280, Syöte
Pytkynharju mökkialue keskusvaraamo kohde

Cottages in Pytkynharju and Arola cottage area in Syöte

Surrounded by a beautiful ridge landscape, the cottage area is located along the Syöte hiking trails. The classic route around Syöte takes you to the top of Pytkynharju, one of the most popular photo spots in Syöte.

Pytkynharju and Arola’s cosy cottages and semi-detached apartments usually have 1-2 bedrooms and a loft. From the courtyard, you can reach ski trails, snowmobile routes, cycling and hiking trails in no time. The nearby Kellarinlampi nature trail is one of the most popular routes for families. Next door are also Pytky Cafe and Pytkynharju sandy beach – and an open hole in the ice in winter.

The slopes of Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte are a short drive away, about 7-8 km. Take a look at the Pytkynharju and Arola cottages that you can book from the Syöte Booking Centre.

93280, Syöte
Hulhava mökkialue Syöte

Cottages in Hulhava area in Syöte

Hulhava is one of the most popular cottage areas in Syöte. And for a good reason! Spacious and well-equipped family cottages offer a holiday in the heart of the tourist centre: surrounded by nature and within walking distance of services.

The Hulhava cottage area is located on the left side of the fells, as seen from the front slopes of Iso-Syöte. The lighted first-snow ski trail runs through Hulhava. The hiking trails of the Syöte National Park start nearby. In the summer season, you can enjoy the sandy beach of Lake Luppovesi.

The Syöte Booking Centre also has a selection of brand new cottages and semi-detached houses built in the 2020s. Many Hulhava cottages have an outdoor hot tub on the terrace.

93280, Syöte

Syöte Tourist Information

“What to do in Syöte?” – All your questions will be answered at the Syöte Tourist Information, open all year round at the Syöte Booking Centre, in the LumiAreena. There you can sign up for Syöte safaris or ask for up-to-date tips on the day’s activities.

The Tourist Information provides comprehensive information on services, events and activities in the area. Also available are Syöte’s weekly programmes and trail maps, such as ski trails, day trip trails, winter trails, and area maps.

The Syöte Tourist Information has a souvenir shop at the Syöte Booking Centre, where you can find Syöte-themed textiles, board games, calendars and other local products to take home.

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte
Näkymä Iso-Syötteelle Luokkavaaran mökkialueelta

Cottages around Syöte

Looking for some peace and quiet of the fells with comforts? The Syötekylä cottage area is located approximately 7 km from the Ski Resorts Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte.

The area offers spacious 3-4 bedroom family cottages and small log cottages by the water. Here you can rent large cottages on a smaller budget. In winter, there are ski trails near the cottage area. There are also small ponds in the area, and in many cottages a boat is included.

The Syöte Booking Centre has a selection of well-equipped rental properties in the Syötekylä area. We recommend having or renting a car if you want to stay in this area.

93280, Syöte
Ollukka mökkialue Syöte rinteet

Cottages in Ollukka area in Syöte

The Ollukka cottage area at the foot of the Iso-Syöte fells, on the right side of the foothills, offers new, large log cabins. The location of the area is perfect for those holidaying without a car, as everything you need is within walking distance.

Ollukka’s modern, multi-bedroom cottages have room for larger families and groups of friends. Well-equipped kitchens add convenience to your holiday, and many properties have an outdoor patio with a large terrace.

Lighted ski trails, cycling routes and the hiking trails of the Syöte National Park are nearby. The Ski Resort Iso-Syöte, shops and restaurants are also nearby. You can book your holiday at the Ollukka cottages from the Syöte Booking Centre.

93280, Syöte
Iso-Syöte huippu kelomökit talvi

Tunturimajakylä cottage area in Syöte

Known for its traditional log cabins, the cottage area at the top of the Iso-Syöte fell offers modern comfort and ski-in-ski-out convenience. A special feature of many of the Tunturimajakylä cabins is the panoramic views over the fells – perfect for admiring the Northern Lights or the colours of the autumn foliage.

In this location, you don’t need a car. The cycling and hiking trails can be accessed directly from the cottages. During the winter season, you can see the snow-covered trees, the lighted ski trail and the slopes of the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte straight from the cottage area. The services of the Arctic Hilltop Hotel Iso-Syöte are within walking distance.

The Syöte Booking Centre has a wide range of well-equipped accommodation in the Tunturimajakylä cottage area: cottages, terraced houses and semi-detached houses to suit the needs of active holidaymakers. The cottage area is ideal for families and couples alike.

93280, Syöte
Nallikari Lomakylässä on yhdeksän idyllistä kesämökkiä

Modern Messi Summer Cottages in Nallikari, Oulu

The Messi Summer Cottages for a little bit more comfortable camping!

Nallikari Holiday Village’s Messi Summer Cottages are located just a stone’s throw away from Oulu city center and situated on a beautiful spot right by the gulf of Bothnia.

Messi Summer Cottages are a great way to enjoy the camping feeling with a hint of luxury. These summer cottages are available from May until September.

The modern Messi summer cottage is suitable for two persons and the cottage includes a sofa bed or twin beds, dining table and chairs, as well as a lovely little terrace. Please note that toilet, shower and kitchen facilities are located in the campsite’s service building.

Pets are welcome for an extra fee.

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu
Meriholstin kokoustiloista löytyy videotykki, valkokangas ja fläppitaulu.

Meriholsti Meeting Room & Private Saunas in Nallikari, Oulu

Meriholsti meeting room and sauna facilities are located in the Nallikari Holiday Village area. Meriholsti has two sides, Majakka and Ulappa, with saunas and shower rooms. When used for an event or meeting the two sides are connected to create an open space. Meriholsti has also a large patio facing the beautiful nature.

Meriholsti can be booked from 8am until 12pm. Own beverages and food allowed and possibility to order also catering services. Cleaning included in the price.

The facilities are recommended:
– In meeting room use for max 15 persons
– In more casual events for max 20 persons

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu

Husky sledding crash course

The one-hour crash course includes fascinating stories about the history of
Siberian Huskies, their use and the handling of the dogs and the sled.

The programme continues with the hurly-burly of the wagging tails of our friendly huskies ready to take you for a spin! Try mushing (driving) the sled yourself
and feel the primeval power of the ancient breed (mushing allowed for over 12
year-olds only).

Ervastintörmä 4
90470, Oulu

Husky Spin

Welcome to the Home of Huskies!
Meet the charming individuals of our pack and go for a spin in our 1,5 km route in the magical wintry spruce forest.

Relax in the good company of your friends over a hot drink by the fire in the Lapp hut.

Availability: from December to April, weather and snow permitting

Suitable for all

Group size: 1+

Ervastintörmä 4
90470, Oulu
kennel visit

Visit to the Home of Huskies

Welcome to the home of Huskies! We wish you warmly welcome to meet the charming individuals of our pack. The canine members of our small family kennel include huskies of all ages from youngsters to pensioner – every dog ready to become your new best friend! You can also participate in the daily routines of the kennel.

Availability: All year round

Suitable for all

Group size: 1+

Ervastintörmä 4
90470, Oulu
Fish tern at Bothnian bay

Experience the wonders of the Finnish nature

The programme introduces to the sounds, flora and fauna of the season.

Finland has four unique seasons. Light-filled summer, when Oulu is bright even at night. Our area’s birds and late summer berry reserves are second to none.

The colorful autumn brings with it migratory birds, dark nights and our pure nature is slowly turning into a mushroom-hunter’s paradise before frost-glazed winter.

Winters in Oulu are crisp, glittery and full of snow. It is the time for warm woolen jumpers and windproof jacket. Winter is also time for darkness but also time for peace and quiet in our forests.

Bloom-covered spring is also time for wild herbs. In the spring and early summer, nature provides an abundant harvest of wild edible plants for anyone to pick. It is easy to fond fresh, nutrient-rich ingredients for salads, seasonings and herbal beverages.

Finland is home to the world’s largest archipelago and has more than 80,000 islands off its coast. Our excursion destination is Akio Island, which is slowly becoming part of the mainland due to the region’s strong land uplift. The nesting birds in the area are rich in both species and numbers, and the surrounding sea area is an important resting area for migratory birds.

Did You know, that all people have the right to enjoy nature anywhere in the Finnish countryside regardless of land ownership? The legal concept of “Everyman’s Right” in Finland extends immense freedom to roam but comes with some serious responsibilities. Primary of all is a mutual respect for nature and people. The golden rule requires a desire to preserve and protect the unspoiled beauty and wonder of nature for future generations to enjoy.

Good walking condition required (includes ~3 km of walking).

Franzeninkuja 1
90470, Oulu
Ice fishing at Bothnian bay

Ice fishing with huskies

Ever made an ice fishing trip with a husky sled? Our Arctic huskies take you to the best fishing spots on the frozen sea. Ice fishing in the hope of the The Big Catch or – if Mother Nature is not favourable – inventing The Greatest Fishing Story of All Times. Return to the shore in a husky sled.

Suitable mainly for over 12-year-olds.

Franzeninkuja 1
90470, Oulu

SuperPark Oulu

What is SuperPark? SuperPark is an entertainer. We deliver a unique experience of joyful play that excites and unites people all over the world – no matter their age or fitness level. Via our purpose built, high quality indoor activity centres, we deliver joy, increased health and exercise opportunities to all manner of people. You have to see the place to believe it!

We want our customers to take care of the joy while we work with research and development – in order to serve the world even better. SuperPark is suitable for families, seniors, young people, toddlers, work groups, bachelor parties, birthday groups and just about everyone. Navigating the SuperPark, or ‘sparking’, is not only fun, but also useful.

Adventure Area. Game Arena. Freestyle Hall. Choose your own adventure! SuperPark is home to a smorgasbord of activities, designed to inspire and entertain you. Come see what all the hype is about!

Tyrnäväntie 16
90400, Oulu
Facade of OSH Arina

Original Sokos Hotel Arina, Oulu

Original Sokos Hotel Arina – your home in the middle of the city

Original Sokos Hotel Arina is a lively city hotel located next to two of Oulu’s most important landmarks: the Valkea shopping mall and the Rotuaari ball sculpture. The hotel is seven storeys high and has 260 rooms. In pride of place, you will find two spacious suites with large balconies overlooking the Rotuaari pedestrian street. Let the genuine smiles of our staff gladden your heart and bring you a good night’s sleep in between the crisp, white sheets of your freshly made bed. After all, we are always expecting important guests.

Check our website to see what spring and summer have in store and come and enjoy the vibrant city culture of Oulu! We will spoil you rotten here! <3

Pakkahuoneenkatu 16
90100, Oulu
Main area

Conference and Banquet Facilities by Original Sokos Hotel ArinaOulu

Original Sokos Hotel Arina conference facilities are located at the 4th floor of the Valkea shopping centre. There are a total of 6 conference rooms. For creative meetings, we provide innovative, varied and energy-filled thematic facilities that emphasise functionality and comfort. In addition, we have three more traditional conference rooms. The facilities can accommodate 6–150 persons in a classroom configuration, and the largest room can host up to 250 people.

Our cosy lobby has plenty of hang-out space – a cabin table, easy chairs and standing tables. A green wall creates a homey, nice and comfortable atmosphere. The conference facilities are located in the building next to the hotel. The entrance is through the Valkea shopping centre’s summer path doors. They have escalator and elevator access. Customers can take a walk on the summer path during or after a day at the conference and go shopping at Valkea. Come and experience something new and different!

Conference guests can park at Autosaari (Kauppurienkatu 24), the Original Sokos Hotel Arina garage (Isokatu 18) or Kivisydän (underneath Valkea). Conference parking is subject to a charge.

Pakkahuoneenkatu 16
90100, Oulu
The Smoke Sauna.

Saunas of the Maikkula Mansion

Mansion´s saunas are located on the banks of the Oulu River and are heated all year round by reservation. In summer, you can also enjoy a refreshing river bath directly from the sauna benches. The smoke sauna is a traditional wood-fired sauna with gentle heat and a capacity of up to 15 people at a time. The Korsusauna is also wood-heated and can seat up to 25 people at a time. There is also an electric heated sauna on the beach, the Salmon Sauna for eight people. The price of the sauna includes towels, soap and toiletries.

Maikkulanrinne 21
90240, Oulu

Meeting Day at the Maikkula Mansion

The six buildings in the area allow for a wide variety of meetings. The number of participants can range from 10 to 100 people. In addition to the traditional meeting room, we have a variety of personalised celebration spaces. Some rooms have the added bonus of a stunning river view, and there is plenty of courtyard space for outdoor activities on meeting days. Our kitchen prepares the food for the meeting day, which allows you to brainstorm efficiently throughout the day. Your meeting equipment includes a data projector, screen and flipchart. Sound systems are available in the main building and in the Great Barn, and wireless internet is available in the area.

Maikkulanrinne 21
90240, Oulu
Maikkula Mansion´s courtyard.

Maikkula's Manor the Charter Restaurant

Maikkula Mansion has been one of the great houses on the Oulujoki River for centuries. On entering the courtyard, the view is the same as that seen by travellers back in the 19th century. The mansion grounds and the buildings, once forgotten, are valuable conservation sites that have been restored to their former glory using traditional methods and with respect for history.
Maikkula Mansion´s kitchen prepares meals on site, using carefully selected ingredients. For example, in the summer 30-40 lambs from Pudasjärvi graze in the pastures of the Mansion and are raised for the needs of the restaurant. For us, food is the number one thing and we want our customers to enjoy good Finnish local food with personal service in a wonderful setting.

Maikkula Mansion is a charter restaurant and in the area there are saunas and six different celebration spaces, where you can organize celebrations for 10 to 250 people.

Maikkulanrinne 21
90240, Oulu
People resting in Finnish woods

We Breathe the Forest!

Come with us to enjoy in the arms of the Finnish forest. During the nature walk we challenge our senses to hear, feel and see the surrounding nature holistically.

Breathing exercises soothe us by the trees. We hear local stories and learn what the forest means to Finns. A relaxing moment in clean, Finnish nature increases health and relieves stress. In summer this can be arranged also during the night.

After the walk we sit by the campfire. Everyone gets to make a memory for themselves; a little piece of jewerly made from a local reed.

Coffee/tea with a little sweet and sausages are served.

Sanginjoentie 1101
90660, Oulu

Tunturi Market

Our unique grocery store has everything you need for daily life and holidays. In addition to food and drink, we sell souvenirs and clothing such as hats, gloves, scarves and socks.

Every day, our bakery offers freshly baked bread to take away. The shelves are full of local favourites: mushroom delicacies, reindeer products and baked goods. For lovers of speciality coffees and teas, there is a selection of products handmade in Finland.

At Tunturi Market, you will find Ranuan Apteekki’s pharmacy cabinet (150 products on-site) and e-prescription medicines delivered to the store as a service. A bottle return point, a postal pick-up point and a post box are also located on our premises.

The shop is located at the foot of the Iso-Syöte fell, adjacent to the Tunturi Pub. Both local residents and holidaymakers will find what they need here.

Romekievarintie 1
93280, Syöte
Kahvilan takassa tuli

Pytky Cafe & Parttio Bistro

Pytky Café – feel warm drinks along fireplace near nature

Pytky serves you with fresh coffee and pastries in the midst of beautiful location along bike, and snowmobile and skiing tracks. If you don’t feel sporty, you are mostly welcome to our cozy cafe also by car. Inside you can enjoy the warmth of not only warm drinks but also the fireplace.

For animal lovers you are greeted in winter time by our reindeers. If you are a bigger group and need special arrangements, we will gladly arrange you catering and other services.

Syötekyläntie 382
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Aurora Suite Aurora View

Aurora View Suite / Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

Stay in the luxurious Aurora View Suites amidst an Arctic experience and unique Finnish design. Forget the concerns of your daily life, relax in the warmth of the outdoor hot tub, and enjoy the view over the valley.

Upstairs, the spacious Aurora View Suite (55 m²) at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte has a living area, kitchenette, shower and a plush double bed. The speciality of the suite is the outdoor hot tub on the balcony. The entrance floor has a sofa bed (140 cm), a sauna, a bathroom and a drying cabinet.

The Aurora View Suite can accommodate 2 + 2 people. The accommodation includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte

Pytkyigloos Aurora Hut

Enjoy your luxurious night near the nature and enjoy stunning views – and when in luck, aurora borealis. AuroraHut accommodation and café and restaurant services at Pytky Cafe & Parttio Bistro. The café side follows the high seasons in the area in terms of opening hours and Parttio Bistro is a custom restaurant.Our site is bordered by the beautiful Naamankajärvi, where we have AuroraHut’s own pier and sandy beach, as well as a newly built separate public beach and boat dock. We also rent SUP-boards and boats.

We have a reindeer fence as well as three reindeer. Pytky reindeer patrol. Reindeer are free in the summer and winters in the fenced yard of Pytky. Once the reindeer have been trained, they will be used e.g. sleigh reindeers. In the future, we will also offer experience and wellness services as packages. Our company also provides cleaning services for cottages in the area.

Syötetie 28
93280, Syöte
Pattijoki church and church yard.

Pattijoki Church Chapel of Silence

Pattijoki Church, which is also known as the Chapel of Silence, was designed by architect Josef Stenbäck. The altar piece of the church completed in 1912 is a Tyrolian gilded wood sculpture called ‘Crucifixion of Christ’. The front of the church features the stained window ‘Resurrection’ designed by artist Matti Lammi, which was received as a private donation in 1983. The wooden chandeliers designed by Josef Stenbäck were reinstalled and electrified in conjunction with a major renovation between 1997 and 1998. The original colours of the church hall were also restored at that time.

Koulutie 7
92140, Raahe
LumiAreena julkisivu

LumiAreena – the heart of events in the middle of Syöte!

LumiAreena is an event center for up to 500 people, which offers facilities for meetings, trainings, concerts, parties, exercise and coaching events, and other miscellaneous events throughout the year.

Price examples:

depending on the number of participants 7 – 15 € / person / 2-8 h (incl. VAT 24%)

Sporting events and competitions
from 273 € / 2-8 h (incl. VAT 24%)

Sports use, private users
from 30 € / h (incl. VAT 10%)

Pop-up store
from 62 € / day (incl. VAT 24%)

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte
Glass iglo floating in Botnian Bay in Kalajoki Sand Dunes

Floating Iglu: Enjoy the luxury of nature and the nightless night by the arctic beach

The iglu is floating in Botnian Bay in front of the long sandy beach of Kalajoki and Hiekkasärkät Sand Dunes, yet in a private location. The accommodation includes the overnight stay for two, guided commute to the iglu and fresh Finnish breakfast in a basket.
Iglu’s heating and lighting are adjustable. Equipment: double bed, kitchenette, fold-down dining table, cool storage space for food, toilet, coat rack, wifi connection, radio, phone charging station, speakers and USB connection.
Customers will be guided from Lokkilinna to the iglu starting from 2 pm according to the agreement. The check-out is on the day of departure at 12 noon.

Matkailutie 199
85100, Kalajoki
Glass iglu by Botnian Bay in Rahja Archipelago in winter

Glass Iglu: Enjoy the Luxury of the Arctic Nature in Rahja Archipelago

From autumn until summer, the iglu is located in Rahja Archipelago in a very private location, about 10 kilometres from the reception. Guest will be guided to the iglu.
The accommodation includes the overnight stay for two, guided commute to the iglu and breakfast in a basket. Some additional treats may be applied according to the season. This product is available from the beginning of January until the end of May or from the beginning of September until the end of December.
Iglu’s heating and lighting are adjustable. Equipment: double bed, kitchenette, fold-down dining table, cool storage space for food, toilet, coat rack, wifi connection, radio, phone charging station, speakers and USB connection.
Customers will be guided from Lokkilinna to the iglu starting from 2 pm according to the agreement. The check-out is on the day of departure at 12 noon.

Matkailutie 199
85100, Kalajoki
Fell Top Cottage

Fell Top Cottages / Iso-Syöte hilltop

Stay at the top of Iso-Syöte in the spacious and atmospheric Fell Top Cottages, right next to the ski slopes, ski trails, and mountain bike trails. Staying at a Fell Top Cottage, you can spend your holiday in complete peace or use the services of the adjacent Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte.

The accommodation is suitable for families and groups of friends, and there is room for 6+2 people. The two-storey cottages (75 m²) have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room & kitchen, and a sauna.

There are places for skis, bikes and other equipment in the cottage’s locked storage. The cottage accommodation includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Fire show at Raahen Pimiät Festival.

Raahen Pimiät Festival

Raahe celebrates the summer’s turning to the autumn at the Raahe Pimiät Festival on the first weekend of September.

Join us for a relaxing Friday night out in the darkening early autumn in the Härkätori park for a night of music, magic and events for the whole family! Extended opening hours and twilight prices in the city centre shops.

The surroundings of Rantatori are filled with interesting objects and collectors’ items, as the second-hand item merchants present their treasures at the Raahen Pimiät Megaromppeet event, which lasts all weekend from Thursday to Sunday.

Read more about the event on the event’s own channels.

Laivurinkatu 21
92100, Raahe
Outdoor yakuzi by the beach of Kalajoki Sand Dunes

Bubbles for Two in Lokkilinna Outdoor Yakuzi with a Seaview

Bubbles for two includes two hours of private use of the outdoor yakuzi, sauna and private dressing room, towels and slippers for two, 75 cl of sparkling wine or alcohol free bubbles for two in addition with two Lokkilinna artesan pizzas delivered after the bathing.

Matkailutie 199
85100, Kalajoki
Outside picture of the hotel

Arctic Lighthouse Hotel

The hotel is located on Hailuoto, the largest island in the Gulf of Bothnia. It is nestled at the foot of a still functional lighthouse. This location offers exceptional and expansive sea views across the gulf. This truly unique and utterly fascinating venue once served as a maritime pilot station.

Hotel guests also have access to a panoramic restaurant, a terrace, a lobby lounge, and sauna facilities.

Hotel is located in the beautiful fisherman’s village of Marjaniemi, at the end point of the island.

Marjaniementie 789
90480, Hailuoto
Iso-Kraaseli daymark and sail sheds

The Iso-Kraaseli Island Daymark in Raahe Archipelago

The Iso-Kraaseli daymark was built in 1852 according to the plans of Albin Stjerncreutz, chief of the Ostrobothnian navigation district. 25 metres above the sea level, 18 metres above the ground. Even earlier, there were a daymark and a pilot’s hut on the island. According to a sailing guidebook from 1865, a senior pilot and three pilots were on duty in the pilot’s hut. They had steering documents for all three entrance routes to Raahe. The Iso-Kraaseli daymark and the tower of Raahe’s old church were important signposts for the central route. In the Kraaseli daymark, the heartwood tree running all the way through the roof forms a two-metre pole on top of the structure, which was used as a signal pole. The daymark’s sea-facing walls are white, while the other parts are red.

In summertime, you can access the archipelago on small cruise boats or by canoe – or go stand up paddling either on your own or on guided tours, or with your own or rented equipment or boat. Normally, the cruise boat charter transport season starts in May and operates all the way until October. The summer schedules for daily departures are published in www.visitraahe.fi the Archipelago cruises and transport website.

In winter, when the ice is firm enough, the islands can be accessed by sleigh and other means, weather permitting. Skiing, walking and cycling on the frozen sea is a favourite pastime for locals too. Read more about the services available in the archipelago in www.visitraahe.fi

Special accomodation on the islands historical Pilothouse www.meriraahe.com
Explore the naturetrail https://out.ac/JEipi

Iso-Kraaseli island
92100, Raahe
Cafe Hilltop vitriini

Cafe Hilltop

Enjoying the moment with a cup of coffee at Cafe Hilltop is an experience. The café at the top of Iso-Syöte serves hot and cold drinks with delicious dishes, and offers great views of the surrounding nature from its huge windows.

At Cafe Hilltop, you will find fresh speciality coffees, cold or hot, to your liking. In addition to coffee, a selection of cakes, buns, smoothies, and milkshakes are on the menu. Daily selection of tasty sandwiches as well as lasagnas and salty pies, both served with fresh green salad.

The atmospheric café is located in connection with the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte and Restaurant Hilltop.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Iso-Syöte Bike Park at the top

Iso-Syöte Bike Park

Lift biking in Finland’s southernmost fells! Iso-Syöte Bike Park is one of the top destinations for lift accessed mountain biking in Finland. With more than 10 trails, each providing 1-2 km of rideable terrain, the park has something for everyone, from beginner to expert. Flow routes, enduro trails, drops, and jumps – you’re sure to find yours!

On the easiest routes, you can ride a front-suspended mountain bike. However, riding on a full-suspension enduro or downhill bike is the best way to enjoy the day. You’ll get protective equipment and a bike from our rental shop. The complete Bike Park package includes a bike, a protective set and a lift ticket.

The range of routes is so extensive that you can spend several days driving on the slopes. The Bike Park also offers three-hour tickets and rental packages, so you can explore the sport at a low threshold along with other leisure activities.

As well as offering some of the best downhill riding around, there is also an amazing network of trail biking in Iso-Syöte area. Many claim the area has the best trails in Finland, varying from the Lappish fell scenery to Syöte National Parks old forests, swamps (be prepared for duckboards!) and wavy ridges with fast drops and gorgeous views.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Aten mökit/Satu 31

Kelosyöte/Aten mökit

-Genuine log cabins by Aten mökit

Aten mökit offers affordable and comfortable accommodation in the middle of rugged forest nature, on the shore of mountain lake Kovalampi. Here you are surrounded by the fell nature of Syöte, in every season.

These log cabins are a good example of traditional Finnish wood construction. Four of the cabins are made of genuine Pudasjärvi logs, with a beautiful grey surface that is nature’s protection against the rough weather.

Here you will enjoy the authentic Syöte fell nature. The nearby routes, paths and trails lead to nature and an authentic cultural environment.

Kelosyötteentie 9
93280, Syöte
Rokua MTB race

Rokua MTB

Mountain bike event at the nearby Rokua National Park and at the heart of Rokua Geopark! Fast-paced racing in the varying terrain that will challenge you. The event welcomes all mountain bike enthusiasts, beginners also welcome.

Distances 21 km / 63 km

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Santa's Resort&Spa Hotel Sani Kalajoki

Santa's Resort&Spa Hotel Sani

Santa’s Resort&Spa Hotel Sani – Arctic beach resort in Kalajoki

Santa’s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani is located in the arctic beach resort Kalajoki. Kalajoki is the perfect wellness holiday destination every day of the year. The full-service spa hotel with a sea view, instant access to the beach and nature trails, conference facilities, restaurant and bar enable tailored holidays and events for individuals and holiday groups, high-end guests as well as meetings and incentive groups.

Our superior rooms and modern apartments have glazed private balconies facing the famous sand dunes. How wonderful to watch the sun set behind the sea from your own balcony!

Taste the Nordic and Lappish flavours in our Restaurant Bistro. Santa’s breakfast is a pleasant surprise with a variety of traditional and local flavors and dishes.

Jukupolku 5
85100, Kalajoki
Mies talvisessa maisemassa

Backcountry skiing in Rokua

Backcountry skiing is a fun, new way to explore the winter nature. The skis allow a more faster way to move around the snow than traditional snowshoes. Rokua Geopark and Rokua National Park offer a great environment both beginners and more experienced skiers. Grab a rental pair of skis and start exploring the surrounding unique nature while refreshing both body and mind!

Rental skis available for 3-8 hours. Includes rental skis and staffs.

Jaakonjärventie 2
91670, Rokua

Skywalk rooftop terrace

If you are looking for a lookout spot with the best views in the north, welcome to the Skywalk roof terrace of the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte. You can really feel the beauty and stunning silence of mountain nature there.

Skywalk offers you 360° views from the top of Finland’s southernmost fell. The specialty of the Skywalk (100 m²) is the corridor from the terrace area to a vantage point. Here you will grab the best selfies of the trip!

The views to the fell, extending beyond the naked eye, change according to the seasons. In winter, there are snow-covered trees and northern lights; in summer, bright summer nights. Autumn is the time of the autumn foliage. Access to the Skywalk roof terrace is free for hotel and restaurant guests and is suitable for the whole family.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Skating on the on the frozen sea in Kempele

Tour skating or skiing at the frozen sea in Vihiluoto

The sea in front of Oulu and Kempele is frozen usually from Janurary to end of March. (Check the thickness of the ice from the locals before going on the ice). The local village association makes trails and an ice skating trail ion the ice during the winter. You can easily get to the ice from Vihiluoto harbor, which also has a restaurant, Vihiluoto Torppa. The Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu and the Spanish restaurant El Sabor are also nearby.

90440, Kempele
The Church of the Holy Trinity is made of granite stones

Raahe Church of the Holy Trinity

The current church in Raahe, The Church of the Holy Trinity, was built between 1909 and 1912 at the site of the old wooden church that burned down in 1908. The church was designed and developed by architect and engineer Josef Stenbäck. It represents the styles of national romanticism and Art Nouveau. The church is made from granite stones, mostly extracted from the islands off the shore of Raahe. The church tower was built to a height of 52 metres. The church holds about 600 people.

The building was comprehensively renovated between 2011 and 2012 with the goal of restoring the church to its original appearance. As the layers of paint were removed, a rich palette of colours was revealed with pink lime-plastered walls and pews painted to imitate oak.
The altar piece was painted by Professor Eero Järnefelt.

Kirkkokatu 10
92100, Raahe
Hotel Iso-Syöte Kelomökki kesä

Kelo Cottages / Iso-Syöte hilltop

Spend your holiday in a cottage is built from large silver pine logs in the traditional Finnish style. The Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte’s atmospheric four-person cottages are located at the top of the fell, next to the Syöte Visitor Centre’s activities.

The cottages (40 m²) have one bedroom and a living room with a sofa bed, a magnificent natural stone fireplace and a well-equipped kitchenette as well as their own sauna. Cottage accommodation includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

The cottages are just a short walk from the hotel (300 m) and the ski slopes of Iso-Syöte Ski Resort. Cross-country ski trails run through the fell village. Also, the area’s cycling and hiking trails are easily accessible straight from the cottages’ yards.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Starter at Lasaretti's Bistro

Bistro, Hotel Lasaretti

Our own authentic cuisine – the best from local seasonal ingredients. We offer both our hotel guests and local people delicious, uncomplicated food that is sure to please every palate. A dinner for two or for a family, a more formal evening or a banquet – Bistro will meet your ex-pectations in terms of both taste and ambience.

Kasarmintie 13b
90130, Oulu
Fatbike mäntyä vasten metsästyssä

Fatbike rental in Rokua

Jump on a fatbike, refresh and marvel the beautiful nature of Rokua! Mountain biking is a fun and ecological way to explore area of Rokua Geopark and Rokua National Park. Enjoy the varied and easy terrain with the best company.

Unique nature filled with lichen and green pine forests guarantee a wonderful independent bike tour of Rokua’s surroundings.

Fatbikes can be rented for 3 to 8 hours and come in multiple sizes depending on your height (S-L).

Jaakonjärventie 2
91670, Rokua
Tasku island and historical daymark in the summer - Raahe Archipelago

Raahe Archipelago

The Raahe archipelago, Finnish Outdoor Destination of the Year 2016, is a gem right in front of the town. The compact urban archipelago consists of around 50 small islands and islets. Take a short cruise, spend a lovely summer day on an island, learn about nature formed by post-glacial rebound on a nature trail, listen to audio guides to hear about the history of maritime transport and other stories, savour the peace of uninhabited islands and enjoy the lovely beaches. See the historical wooden lighthouses on islands of Iso-Kraaseli and Tasku built in 1853.

You can easily enjoy the archipelago. In the summer, there are daily cruises and Island Hopping trips. You can take part in guided kayaking trips on nearby waters or further to the open sea. We also offer skilled guidance and company for more experienced stand-up paddlers. For boaters, there are mooring points on the islands of Iso-Kraaseli, Kalla, Tasku and Ulkopauha.

In the winter, you can enjoy the frozen sea and its many outdoor opportunities. Thanks to the ice, you can get to the archipelago by walking, skiing, snowshoeing, fatbiking or taking a sleigh ride.

A significant part of the archipelago of Raahe belongs to the Natura 2000 network due to its birdlife, vegetation and habitat types. With a total area of 2,240 hectares, the archipelago includes approx. 358.5 hectares of land and shallows and 1,881.5 hectares of water areas.

Guest berths in the Raahe archipelago
The island of Iso-Kraaseli features a pier for small boats, a kayak pier and a large concrete pier with landing levels and a wheelchair ramp on both sides. Some 1.3 km long and 600 m wide, Iso-Kraaseli is Raahe’s second largest island. The island features a wooden daymark, a 2.3 km nature path, barbecue facilities, a campfire site, a table and benches, a toilet, a sauna and a pilot house leased by MeriRaahe with beds for 13 people. In addition, the island has a glo-lake and a large pine.

Location: 64°40,8’ P, 24°24,4’ I
Port number: 1864
Docking: bow-codend buoy
A 2.5-metre boating fairway leads to the harbour
Location: 64°42’30.5″N 24°23’21.2″E
Port number: 1870
Location: 64°42,1’N, 24°21,3’E
Port number: 1872

Landing ban for protection during bird nesting season
To prevent disturbance of nesting birds, landing is prohibited on the key bird islets and islands. Landing ban on the following islands from 15 April to 15 July: Saapaskari, Kakkonen, Selkämatala, Kallanriutta, Rääpäkänriutta, Vesimatala, Isokivi, Kurikka, Kusiini, Kanttikivet. Landing ban on Rääpäkkä from 1 May to 20 July. Landing ban on Jyry from 1 May to 15 July.

Rantakatu 35
92100, Raahe
Olohuone ja keittiö

Holiday Apartment With Own Yard

A completely renovated semi-detached holiday home with a sauna for 4 people is located just a short walk from the services, restaurants (600 meters) and beach (400 meters) of Hiekkasärkät in Kalajoki. You have direct access to the ski slopes and jogging paths (100 meters from the door). The holiday apartment also has a terrace and a quiet location with a view to the forest.

Isokoukku 24
85100, Kalajoki
Mega Zipline

Mega Zipline

Mega Zipline is the coolest zipline ride in Finland. And, fittingly, Finland’s coolest zipline starts from the top of the X-Tower, Europes’s tallest adventure tower! The starting point is a whopping 32,5 metres above the ground level. The ride itself goes for an incredible 330 metres. If you dare to open your eyes, as you zoom through the air high above the trees, you will see the beautiful Kalajoki sand dunes and the blue shimmering of the sea.

Tuomipakkaintie 19
85100, Kalajoki
Villa Kalajoki

Villa Kalajoki

We are located in Hiekkasärkät, Kalajoki, next to the services of golf course and outdoor routes. You can also walk to the nearest restaurant and beach.

The homely villa has its own sauna and hut, where you can enjoy atmospheric campfire moments all year round. Accommodation capacity is 7 + 2 people.

In addition to the three bedrooms, the villa has a spacious loft, toilet, bathroom and additional toilet, sauna, fireplace, kitchen and living room. Amenities also include dishwasher, washing machine and baby travel cot.

Tiipolku 48
85100, Kalajoki
Red tulips surround one of Kari Juva's sculptures in Raahe.

Kari Juva Sculpture Park

The sculpture park consisting of sculptor Prof. Kari Juva’s works was established in Raahe in the summer of 2008. Sculpture park is a charming and lush artistic experience located at the corner of Rantakatu and Sovionkatu streets, where flowers frame the sculptures spectacularly.

The artist Juva was born in Helsinki in 1939. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Pyhäjoki and Raahe, among other locations. Juva’s art can also be enjoyed at Pyhäjoki Church, for which he designed the wall relief Ten Virgins in the 1970s, and in front of the Pyhäjoki town hall, where the bronze piece Pauhalla (On the Shoal) is located. Its smaller version, the Pauhavene boat can be found in the ball room in the Raatihuone town hall of Raahe.

Prof. Kari Juva donated 19 sculptures to the city of Raahe, which together are a cross-section of the artist’s work from different decades. The works are sculptures cast in bronze. Later, the park has been completed with five works. The artist Juva donated plaster works to the city of Raahe, the bronze casting of which has been made possible by the city of Raahe, companies and individual friends of culture. The sculpture park received its most recent addition in the summer of 2021, when the Raahe Seura -society and the City of Raahe funded the casting of the sculpture Serenadi on the initiative of artist Jari Jansson, in honor of the Raahe Seura’s 40th anniversary and Pekanpäivät 50th anniversary.

Rantakatu 50
92100, Raahe
Saaga Travel largest charter bus is a 79-seater double-decker.

Charter buses to Syöte

Saaga Travel takes your group effortlessly from Oulu and Rovaniemi Airports directly to the fell scenery of Syöte. You have a wide range of vehicles to choose from accompanied by great service and English-speaking drivers.

Charter buses to Syöte are available for groups of all sizes. Saaga Travel’s large fleet includes buses up to a 79-seater giant bus. For smaller groups, transport is arranged by minibus or VIP car, such as the 18-seater Mercedes Sprinter minibus.

The vehicles are well-equipped with Wi-Fi and USB plugs, among other things, so in addition to the scenery, you can watch a movie or even hold a meeting during the trip. Through Saaga Travel, you also get comprehensive travel packages to the Syöte area.

93280, Syöte
Rokua Health & Spa Hotel

Spa Hotel in Rokua

Rokua Health & Spa Hotel welcomes all visitors to a wellness spa hotel in a stunning natural environment, complete with unhurried silence and optimal services. Rokua is the ideal setting for a wellness holiday in a natural environment. Visitors can enjoy a good night’s sleep in Rokua Geopark in comfortable accommodation provided by Rokua Health & Spa Hotel.

Our diverse hotel services and the unique natural setting cater to all tastes! Our restaurant’s chefs will pile your plate with local delicacies. A diverse selection of activities is available all year round. We provide holiday and congress services for adults, children and both young and senior guests. Our guests can enjoy a pleasant stay combined with different programs and activities. Entrance to our spa and well-equipped gym is included in accommodation packages.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua

Scandic Oulu City

It is easy to feel comfortable in this central hotel decorated in Scandinavian style. The shopping streets are close by. The hotel restaurant Torilla, which can be divided into smaller sections, serves both hotel residents and the people of the city.

Saaristonkatu 4
90100, Oulu
Pooki Cottages are yellow and very idyllic outside.

Traditional Pooki Holiday Cottages in Nallikari, Oulu

Nallikari Holiday Village’s Pooki Holiday Cottages are located just a stone’s throw away from Oulu city center and situated on a beautiful spot right by the gulf of Bothnia.

These traditional Finnish style Holiday Cottages are available throughout the year and recommended for 1-5 persons. Each cottage has kitchen, toilet and shower. 10 of the cottages are studio size and 6 with a separate bedroom.

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu
Hotel Iso-Syöte Phoenix Suite Winter View

Phoenix Suite / Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

Decorated in tones of charcoal and ash, the Phoenix Suite (95 m²) of the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is perhaps the most luxurious in the North, offering expansive mountain views that you can admire while lounging on a plush double bed. In this suite, you can also relax in the warmth of the hot tub and Finnish sauna.

Phoenix is one of Hotel Iso-Syöte’s unique and storytelling experience suites. It was built in memory of the hotel that burned down in 2018. The double suite has a large living room area, a double bed, a fireplace, a jacuzzi and a Finnish sauna.

The suite has a connecting door to the Star Superior room next to it, so it is also a good choice for families. The price includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Snowboarding and skiing at Iso-Syöte

Ski Resort Iso-Syöte

Ski Resort Iso-Syöte is a proud World Ski Awards winner for the Best Ski Resort in Finland 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022.

In the winter time, Iso-Syöte is a ski resort and a travel destination that the whole family can enjoy! Iso-Syöte ski area is located in the southernmost fell of Finland where you can ski on 17 perfectly groomed slopes. Whether you are a first-time skier or an advanced pro skier, there is a slope for you. The well over 2 km-long, Iso-Syöte SnowPark is definitely the most versatile freestyle park in Finland – especially popular among youth and young adults!

Iso-Syöte is surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful Syöte National park and gets the biggest snowfall in all of Finland!

The wide range of activities guarantees you an exciting stay. Syöte offers many recreational possibilities for all tastes. The Syöte fell area offers a spectacular setting for nature lovers. An extensive network of trails is waiting for skiers, trekkers, cyclists, and orienteers to be fascinated by the diverse range of control points.

KIDE Hotel is the official ski-in hotel and is situated in the heart of Iso-Syöte. Brand-new apartment hotel features functional and beautiful scandinavian style rooms, each having a kitchen and a balcony with a fell view.

Syöte area is located 140 km north-east from Oulu and only 750 km from Helsinki. You will get to the slopes as well as to other activities straight from your accommodation door.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Skido Fell Nature

Snowmobile wilderness safari

The guided snowmobile safari at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is an easy way to enjoy the most coveted nature experiences of the northern winter – the snow-burdened trees and the silence of the fell nature. The safari is an activity for the whole family.

The snowmobile safari (3h) starts with dressing in a proper outfit and a driving lesson, after which you drive along the safari route to the fell. A guided tour is a safe and fast-paced experience that runs through snowy forests and over frozen lakes. During the break, you will enjoy coffee brewed over a campfire.

Snowmobile safaris are part of the winter weekly programme of Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte, including combined trips to a husky farm, for example. Taking part in a safari does not require any previous experience.

For prices and reservations, please visit our website.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
The old stone arch bridge in Pattijoki is a national road museum site

Pattijoki Stone Arch Bridge

The old stone arch bridge in Pattijoki is a national road museum site. The bridge was built between 1896 and 1897. Several wooden bridges stood at the site before the current stone bridge. At the end of the 1960s, the road running across the bridge was converted from a highway to a local road. From the mid-1970s, the road has served pedestrian and bicycle traffic only. The bridge area was designated as a road museum site in 1984.

92140, Raahe
one corner of Pekkatori square with old wooden houses in white, yellow and blue

Pekkatori Square in the Heart of Old Raahe

Pekkatori square is a pivotal part of the Old Raahe. This square, representing the closed corner square type and conforming to the ideals of Italian Renaissance, was included in the town plan designed by Gustaf Odenwall after Raahe burned down in 1810. Soon after the fire, several exceptionally unified business buildings representing the construction fashion of the 19th century were built around the square. The buildings have been preserved with meticulous care up to the present day. In the middle of the square there is a statue of Count Per Brahe, Queen Kristina’s governor general, made by Walter Runeberg. The statue was erected in 1888 and has been looking towards the sea for over 120 years.

92100, Raahe
Restaurant Bistro Kalajoki

Restaurant Bistro

Restaurant Bistro – Santa’s Resort & Spa Hotel Sani, Kalajoki

Restaurant Bistro offers delicious meals with a relaxed atmosphere.

Our staff in Restaurant Bistro wishes to guarantee You delicious, locally produced food and personal service. We can also organize bigger events and menus, according to Your needs. Our aim is to plan Your special occasion together and carry it out so that it exceeds all Your wishes.”

Jukupolku 3
85100, Kalajoki
Hotel Iso-Syöte Arctic Spa Sauna

Arctic Spa

In the pools and saunas of the Arctic Spa at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte, you will spend a genuinely leisurely holiday. The speciality of the Arctic Spa is the direct view over the northern fell scenery from the large windows of the pool section.

The Arctic Spa has a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere. The pool area has a swimming pool with hydromassage points and counter-
current equipment, as well as a hot tub and cold water pool.
Relax your body and your mind in a steam sauna or a traditional Finnish sauna.

In connection with the spa department, Arctic Spa Beauty & Wellness offers comprehensive pampering wellness and beauty services. The selection includes facials, peat therapy treatments
and massages.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Superior room

Scandic Oulu Station

A peaceful hotel in the centre of Oulu, near the railway station. Friendly service, refurbished rooms, a comfortable restaurant and a relaxation suite with sauna and swimming pool guarantee a relaxing visit. The hotel also has modern meeting facilities and good parking opportunities.

Kajaaninkatu 17
90100, Oulu
Hotel Iso-Syöte Eagle View Suite

Eagle View Suite / Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

Characterised as the 4th most romantic suite in the world, the Eagle View Suite is the perfect accommodation for couples looking for privacy and luxury experiences in the north.

The two-storey experience suite offers a panoramic view of the fell valley. Downstairs there is a fireplace and a sauna with a landscape window. Upstairs you will find a soft bed with stunning mountain views and a skylight. From the hot tub, you can admire the beauty of the nightless summer nights or the starry winter sky.

The Eagle View Suite (55m²) is one of the experience suites of the Hotel Iso-Syöte. The accommodation includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Masto Studio mökin tupakeittiö on viihtyisä

Traditional Masto Holiday Cottages in Nallikari, Oulu

Nallikari Holiday Village’s Masto Holiday Cottages are located just a stone’s throw away from Oulu city center and situated on a beautiful spot right by the gulf of Bothnia.

These traditional Finnish style Holiday Cottages are available throughout the year and recommended for 1-5 persons. Each cottage has kitchen, toilet and shower.

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu
Pekkatori square in old town raahe through a window with flowers

Old Town Raahe

Old Town Raahe is one of the best-preserved 19th-century wooden towns in Finland. Not a museum area but a living town district, Old Raahe tells the tale of the construction of a town and life in it from centuries ago to the modern day.

Get on a guided theme walking tours organised by the Raahe Guides Association. Enjoy the guides’ stories about the people of yore, visits by kings and emperors, the life of sea captains and merchants who had seen the world, daily life, habits and people in the past and today.
You can also take a walk on your own and listen stories via Glopas audio guide while touring. Glopas can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices from app stores.

Just a stone’s throw away from the heart of the old town, from the pier of Packhouse Museum, the former sailors’ house, you can start a cruise in the award-winning Raahe archipelago. Sit down on the pier, breathe in the fresh sea air, listen to the lilt of the happy town.

Built on a former Lapp hut site, the town was originally quite modest. According to a town plan map drawn in 1659, the oldest picture of Raahe, the then 10-year-old town only comprised less than a dozen blocks, many of them nothing more than small strips. There were only two longitudinal streets and three cross streets. The town was surrounded by a customs wall with two customs points: the eastern one outside the crossing of today’s Brahenkatu and Reiponkatu streets, and the southern one at the end of Pitkäkatu (now Kauppakatu) street, approximately at the location of today’s Koulukatu street. Even back then, the town had a busy port, located at the packhouse, which is now the Packhouse Museum. There was no shortage of wood for construction, and stones were procured from the islets in the archipelago, for instance. Founded by Count, Governor-General Per Brahe the Younger by order of Queen Christina, the town materialised “as if by magic”.

92100, Raahe
Poiju Villat huokuvat ulkoapäin merellistä tyyliä ja niissä on iso oma terassi

Deluxe Poiju Villas by the Sea in Nallikari, Oulu

Nallikari Holiday Village’s Poiju Villas are located just a stone’s throw away from Oulu city center and situated on a beautiful spot right by the gulf of Bothnia.

All villas are conveniently located to maximize daylight and sunshine on the patio all year round. Poiju Villas are modern and built in traditional island cottage style with large windows allowing nature enter the rooms.

Different size Villas for 1-12 persons. All the villas have kitchen, dining space, sauna, 1-4 bedrooms, combined kitchen and living room area, fireplace and large patio.

Leiritie 10
90510, Oulu
group excursion in Syöte national park

Trail biking experience in the Syöte National Park

Many mountain bikers claim the Syöte area has the best trails in Finland, varying from the lappish fell scenery to Syöte National Parks old forests, swamps(be prepared for duckboards!) and wavy ridges with fast drops and gorgeous views.

In this excursion you get to know the basics about riding a full-suspended trail bike, fat bike or electric bike, depending on your choice of equipment. Your local guide will then take you to the most beautiful and memorable spots in the area, or depending to you liking the best flowing trails. This excursion is always tailored to the wishes of the group.

The excursion is well suited for first-time mountain bikers( but you need to be able to ride a regular bike).

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Meeting room

Meeting services

Meeting services at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte take your group’s journey to the next level, to the top of Finland’s southernmost fell. With our help, you can easily get everything you need from conference and meeting facilities to accommodation, meals and social activities.

The hotel’s three high-quality meeting rooms (12-72 people) are well-equipped. The 200-seat Restaurant Hilltop and the Hanhilampi Wilderness Camp, suitable for groups of 10 to 50 people, can also be booked for private events.

We offer customised programme services for businesses, families and incentive groups. Snowmobile, husky and bike safaris as well as wilderness activities are great choices for group activities.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Tasku island and historical daymark in the summer

The Tasku Island Daymark in Raahe Archipelago

The daymark in Tasku was built in 1853. 19.2 metres above the sea level, 16.5 metres above the ground. Designed by Albin Stjerncreutz, chief of the Ostrobothnian navigation district. The original colour of the daymark was yellow. The daymark was repaired in 1866, and it is said that it was also tarred and painted with red-ochre, but was later repainted yellow in 1877. The first daymark was apparently built on the Tasku Island in the very first years following the establishment of Raahe town (1649). The layout of the daymark is square-shaped. The building resembles a church tower and the roof is pyramid-shaped, with a cross on top. The daymark was repaired in 1890, 1909 and 1914. In 1922, the daymark’s liners were renewed, the cross was replaced and a lock was added to the door, double-painted with oil paint.

In summertime, you can access the archipelago on small cruise boats or by canoe – or go stand up paddling either on your own or on guided tours, or with your own or rented equipment or boat. Normally, the cruise boat charter transport season starts in May and operates all the way until October. The summer schedules for daily departures are published in www.visitraahe.fi the Archipelago cruises and transport website.

In winter, when the ice is firm enough, the islands can be accessed by sleigh and other means, weather permitting. Skiing, walking and cycling on the frozen sea is a favourite pastime for locals too. Read more about the services available in the archipelago in www.visitraahe.fi

Tasku island
92100, Raahe
High Ropes Course

High Ropes Courses

Come spend an unforgettable day enjoying the nature and the glorious scenery of the Kalajoki Sand Dunes as you climb around the largest adventure park in the Nordic countries! The high ropes courses are built among the trees at varying levels and heights, and they are completed safely wearing a safety harness. The high ropes courses offer unforgettable experiences and challenges, the joy of exercise, and the chance to conquer yourself. The blue courses are intended for families. The orange courses are built slightly higher and provide an added challenge with their long ziplines. On the most demanding Ninja courses, adventurers can properly test their skills.

Adventures for the smaller children can be found in the Activity Park at ground level.

Tuomipakkaintie 19
85100, Kalajoki
Hotel Iso-Syöte Hanhilampi Erämaaleiri

Hanhilampi Wilderness Camp

The Lapland-style Hanhilampi hut and the mystique of an authentic Finnish smoke sauna offer a unique setting for evenings for groups of 10 to 50 people.

In the hut, you can enjoy a delicious wilderness menu in the warmth of a campfire. A smoke sauna, heated for many hours, awaits the guests on the shore of Hanhilampi. Taking a dip in a pond in the middle of the wilderness is refreshing – especially through a hole in the ice during winter.

Hanhilampi Wilderness Camp serves groups on request all year round.

For prices and reservations, please visit our website.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte

Airport Hotel Oulu

Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu offers comfortable accommodation in maritime scenery on the border of Oulu city and the municipality of Kempele. Hotel has good transport connections and is close to nature and the Oulu Airport.
Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu is part of Finlandia Hotels chain alongside 11 other hotels around the country.

Vihiluoto 10
90440, Kempele
tasting, brewery, restaurant, bar, organic

Hailuoto Organic Brewery

Hailuoto Organic Brewery is Finland’s first organic brewery! From our atmospheric old warehouse in the heart of Hailuoto, we produce German-style beers using locally grown and malted organic barley.

Through the summer months of June to September, we offer brewery tours, tastings, gigs and events, both in the rustic barn house or out on the green.

Welcome to the Pubi & Puoti bar and shop alongside the brewery! Choose from our vast range of organic beers served straight from the tap, as well as a short menu of delicious fresh snacks.

Pubi&Puoti bar can be rented for meetings or parties, and the bar, shop, terrace and toilet facilities are fully accessible.

Luovontie 233
90480, Hailuoto
Hotel Iso-Syöte Snowshoe Safari Views

Snowshoe safari

The snowshoe trip of the Arctic Hilltop Hotel Iso-Syöte is an easy way to experience the magnificent fell nature. Thick snow crunches under snowshoes as the route takes you straight from the hotel’s courtyard to the middle of a forest filled with trees covered in snow.

On the snowshoe safari, your guide gives you advice on the correct use of snowshoes and tips for getting around. You will get to look for the most amazing photo locations on the way and take breaks enjoying hot drinks. The guide will tell you more about life in the fell area.

The duration of the programme is about 2 hours and the trip is suitable for the whole family. The price includes guide services, snowshoes and hot drinks. The snowshoe safari is part of the winter weekly programme of Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte. Taking part in a safari does not require any previous experience.

For prices and reservations, please visit our website.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Romekievari's famous salmon soup

Restaurant Romekievari - Tennessee BBQ house and the home of waffles

The legendary slope side restaurant Romekievari is located in the heart of Iso-Syöte. At daytime, when the skilifts are open in the winter we serve delicious casual Tennessee Style menu and best waffles of The world!

Romekievari and Sauna Bar & Pub are perfect for spending a night in the great atmosphere. We provide theme dinners and special dinners for groups on request.

Also karaoke nights with the best company!

Romekievarintie 1
93280, Syöte
Bar / lobby area, entrance to restaurant

Restaurant Hilltop

A high-quality, 200-seat panoramic Restaurant Hilltop offering pure northern flavours and breath-taking views is situated on the top floor of Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte. A large open kitchen and a glowing charcoal barbecue is the heart of the restaurant made of logs.

The menu deliciously combines international flavours with the best bites that Syöte has to offer. So sit back and enjoy mushrooms, berries and other delicacies hand-picked from the fell area. The meat of the reindeer that roam the nearby forests is a truly local speciality.

Breakfast in the mornings, cafe with snacks during daytime and A la Carte / dinner in the evenings.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Traditional sailing ships anchored on the shore of the Packhouse museum on a summer day.

Pooki Flakkaa – Raahe Maritime Festival

Enjoy the glory of a maritime city and the hustle and bustle of an old-timey market in mid-July!

There is something to see and experience for the whole family, both on land and on the waters, on the weekend celebrating maritime life. In Raahe’s beautiful museum shore, you can see, for example, magnificent traditional vessels, and in the old-timey market at Komerssi, you can experience the busy market life of the sailing ship era, enhanced by the authentic outfits and hand-made products of market vendors.

The happy whirl of the market is accompanied by a summery programme of music, work demonstrations, children’s sea adventure track, a petting zoo and so much more.

The Pekkatori market, which is organised in Wanha Raahe old town, focuses on traditional construction and old manual skills in the form of work demonstrations and lectures. The atmosphere is complemented by the inspired music of the romantic age.

During the weekend, cruises will be organised to the award-winning Raahe archipelago, and the idyllic Wanha Raahe old town invites visitors to enjoy adventures on its picturesque streets and alleys!

Read more about the event on the event’s own channels.

Rantakatu 33
92100, Raahe
Rantahotelli / Hotel by the beach

Hotel Rantakalla – overlooking the arctic Bay of Bothnia

Kalajoki holiday resort is well-known for its Hiekkasärkät sand dunes, long sandy beaches and unforgettable sunsets. Here you will find Hotel Rantakalla in a stunning location by the beach, close to the duckboards and nature trails. We offer accommodation in cozy hotel rooms with amazing views over the sea and in modern apartments nearby in the forest surroundings. The whole wide range of services in Hiekkasärkät is within walking distance of us. We are happy to announce that our brand new Sapphire hotel building welcomes guests starting from the summer 2022. This new 5-floor building has 23 premium hotel apartments that each include separate bedroom, living room with a kitchenette, bathroom, sauna and a glazed balcony with magnificent sea view. The heating and cooling of the building is eco friendly geothermal energy.

Welcome to spend an unforgettable holiday at Rantakalla – close to the sea, near to the heart!

Matkailutie 150
85100, Kalajoki
Hiking in Syöte

Syöte Hiking Trails

The hiking trails of Syöte have lots of options for you to choose from. The 122 kilometers of marked hiking routes wander through scentful pine forests, varying ridge- and water formations, and spots with scenic views. Whilst feeling the peace of the nature, you can also make stops at the cooking shelters and huts along the National Park.

The trails of the area suit for day trips, as well as for longer multi-day-trips. You can find hiking maps online from links attached, as well as from the visitor center and the local entrepreneurs and shops.

The Syöte Visitor Center has a year-around customer service, which you can get actual recommendations and information from. Please remember to respect the nature and the rules of the area, as well as the every-man’s-rights of Finland.

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Fatbike lumessa

Fatbike rental in Rokua

Jump on a fatbike, refresh and marvel the beautiful nature of Rokua! Mountainbiking is a fun and ecological way to explore area of Rokua Geopark and Rokua National Park. Enjoy the varied and easy terrain with the best company.

Unique nature filled with snow and green pine trees guarantee a wonderful independent bike tour of Rokua’s surroundings.

Fatbikes can be rented for 3 to 8 hours and come in multiple sizes depending on your height (S-L).

Jaakonjärventie 2
91670, Rokua
Kotakahvion etupuoli


-Kotacafe and reception at Aten mökit

The reception and the keys to the cabins can be found in the atmospheric Kotacafe. The café will be open during the winter season 2022 during the high season and by appointment.

A break at the café with coffee and tasty doughnuts is a must for many skiers. There is a lighted ski trail leading straight to the yard. Kotacafe is part of Syöte’s 120-kilometre ski trail network.

You can also find traditional, local gemstones in the café. Traces of the ice age are visible in the gorges of the Syöte area but also in the geologically rich soil. Did you know that you can even find marble under the moss cover of the forests of Syöte?

Kelosyötteentie 9
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Reindeer Safari

Reindeer safari

Embark on an authentic reindeer ride in the snowy mountain scenery of Syöte. When you steer the sledge, you only hear the faint sounds of the sledge in snow and the clatter of hoofs – the nature of the northern fells is so quiet.

Reindeer safaris are suitable for the whole family. First, you will go through the driving instructions, after which the safari heads for a 3-kilometre route enjoying the scenes with snow-burdened trees. Finally, you will roast sausages in a hut and enjoy a warm drink with a sweet bun. Reindeer breeding is one of the oldest livelihoods in Northern Finland, so you will hear many exciting stories on the reindeer safari.

The duration of the safari is approximately 2.5 hours, and the price includes transport, guide services, driving instructions, equipment, and insurance. The reindeer safari is part of the winter week programme of Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte.

For prices and reservations, please visit our website.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte

Tunturi Pub

We have snacks for everyone, for big or small appetites. Pizzas, burgers, salads and smaller snacks are available. You can come and eat on the spot or order food to take away.

Tunturi Pub is located at the foot of the Iso-Syöte fells, in the immediate vicinity of the front slopes.

Romekievarintie 1
93280, Syöte
Restaurant El Sabor

Tapas Dinner for two

Experience the flavors of Spain combined with the pure ingredients of the north. This dinner is served for two.

Vihiluoto 10
90440, Kempele
Hotel Iso-Syöte Moottorikelkkasafari

Winter Weekly Programme

You can easily find the most popular safaris and activities from the Arctic Hilltop Hotel Iso-Syöte’s winter weekly programme: snowmobile safaris, snowshoe trips, ice fishing trips and husky and reindeer rides.

Regularly offered safaris and excursions are open to everyone; participation requires no previous experience. The price includes transportation, guide services and equipment. Departures for the activities of the weekly programme take place from the lobby of the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte.

For more details, schedules and prices, please visit our website.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Retkeilijä hiihtää umpihangessa metsässä. Ympärillä puita ja aurinko paistaa takaa. / A hiker skis in the dead end of the forest. There are trees all around and the sun is shining from behind. Kuva: Eeva Mäkinen

Rokua National Park

Inland dunes and scenic kettle hole lakes in Finland’s first Geopark!

When you explore the esker ridges, sandhills and kettle hole lakes of Rokua it’s easy to see the clear traces of the Ice Age that explain why this area forms part of Finland’s first UNESCO Geopark. Family-friendly trails lead off through the park’s wooded sandhills, where the forest floor is blanketed with silvery lichens. Scattered through the park are many kettle hole lakes nestling in sandy hollows.

In nature conservation areas, everyman’s rights do not apply in the normal way. Please always check the rules of the destination before making your trip. National parks are nature reserves, whose key task is to safeguard biodiversity and enable people to enjoy and relax in nature on the terms of nature conservation.
All national parks in Finland are managed by Metsähallitus.

Jaakonjärventie 2
91670, Rokua
Pariskunta lumikenkäilemässä

Snowshoeing in Rokua

Snowshoeing combines exercise, wonderful winter scenery and the fresh air of Rokua. Walk through the peaceful winter forests and marvel the nature with the best company. Snowshoeing is a great way to explore area of Rokua Geopark and Rokua National Park.

You can rent snowshoes for 8 hours, which includes snowshoes and staffs for balance.

Jaakonjärventie 2
91670, Rokua
Rokua TrailRun

Rokua TrailRun

Rokua’s TrailRun event is hosted in the heart of Rokua, surrounded by Rokua Geopark’s beautiful nature. TrailRun event is perfect fit for your first trail run, but also offers challenge for more experienced trail runners!

Distances 10 km / 21 km / 42 km.

Men and women compete in their own series. The top three are rewarded and in addition there are raffle prizes.

Kuntoraitti 2
91670, Rokua
Valkean Kesäkatu ilta-auringon paisteessa.

Valkea Shopping Centre

With more than 50 shops, Valkea is a unique site consisting of two blocks and a covered area, Summer Street. Summer Street is a new venue for events and a meeting place, where pleasant cafés and a cheerful atmosphere invite people to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. The wide selection of shops offer cosmetics, jewellery, fashion, interior decoration, books, electronics, well-being products and much more. The seven restaurants of Kööki constitute the heart of the shopping centre. Sokos Herkku, the best-quality grocery shop in northern Finland, serves customers under the street level. Sokos Herkku is known for its excellent selection of local food and organic products.

Isokatu 22-25
90100, Oulu
Hiastinhaaran suisto.

Nature trail and birdwatching tower Hiastinhaara

Hike along the duckboards, observe birds and count sheep on the field.
Hiastinhaara is perfect place for hike and bird watching while there are hundreds of migrating birds in the area every spring and autumn. The record is nearly 90 different species.

The area is located around 4,5km from Ii’s town center on the Hiastinlahti Bay, where tributary stream of Ii river also flows. Easy access nature trails are 2 km and 0,7 km, suitable for families with children.

91100, Ii
Hotel Iso-Syöte Souvenir Shop Local

Souvenir Shop

You can find wonderful gifts and souvenirs from your holiday on the Iso-Syöte hilltop from the souvenir shop. The selection includes a comprehensive range of local flavours and products from the area.

Or find your favourite plush toys, reindeer herds and mugs, or choose a postcard for sending holiday greetings. If you need some extra clothes, you can shop for socks, beanies, and swimwear.

Refreshments and small savoury and sweet snacks are easy to bring to your hotel room or cottage. The souvenir shop is located in the lobby of the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte, next to the reception.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Seasonal menu in Lokkilinna seaview restaurant

Lokkilinna Restaurant

Enjoy the stunning arctic marine nature in Lokkilinna seaview restaurant with a three course surprise menu for one made of the seasonal ingredients. Our kitchen selects locally produced Finnish ingredients, with added seasonal flavours.
Drinks are not included in the menu, but we are happy to recommend suitable beverage to compliment the menu.

Matkailutie 199
85100, Kalajoki

Kalajoki Golf

Kalajoki Golf’s 18 hole Par73 golf course is located near the shoreline on the west coast of Finland in the popular and beautiful tourist destination of Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät. The green and sandy course is surrounded by a pinewood forest with occasional glimpses of the sea.

The course is suitable for beginners as well as more accomplished golfers and the golfing experience changes significantly and provides more challenge when changing the tee from red to blue or yellow to white.

The golf park has also an extensive training area with a driving range and putting and pitching greens and in addition to the 18 hole course, Kalajoki Golf has a 9-hole “Pay and Play” course for the beginners or people wanting to try out golf for the first time. The services of a head pro are available for those in need of further advisement on their technique.

The inviting clubhouse in the middle of the park offers various services from a pro shop to a restaurant and a summer terrace with an excellent view overlooking the course and the sea. Next to the clubhouse are changing rooms with fresh towels, showers and a sauna, all free to use for our customers.

The pleasant and friendly atmosphere and staff of Kalajoki Golf guarantee you a great visit to the course!

Tiitaival 59
85100, Kalajoki
Hotel Iso-Syöte Lumikenkävuokraus

Equipment rental

You can rent sledges and snowshoes for your winter activities conveniently from the equipment rental at Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte.

There are several sled slopes around the area. Next to the hotel is a small free sled slope run and a barbecue shelter for frying sausages on your day out. At the foot of the fell, you will find a bigger sled slope at the Iso-Syöte Snow World.

For your independent snowshoe trips, snowshoes, as well as route maps and tips on the best snowshoe trails in Syöte, are available from the equipment rental. Equipment rental is open during the winter season at the hotel reception.

For prices and reservations, please visit our website.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Pikku-Syöte offers exceptional trails and sceneries for Mountain Biking around the year.

Guided Mountain Biking tours from Pikku-Syöte

The landscapes of Pikku-Syöte open up in their beautiful outfit in the southernmost fell area of ​​Finland. The scents of pine and juniper arouse the biker to sense the presence of nature, which has remained the same for hundreds of years. The guided mountain biking tour takes you through these landscapes and scents.

Our bikes are fatbikes. At the beginning of the trip, the basic techniques of mountain biking and the basic functions of the bike are introduced. Depending on the level of the group, the guide will choose a suitable route along which there will be enough breaks. The smallest wheels are 15 inches.

The mountain range of the feed offers good opportunities for mountain cycling. There are more than 150 kilometers of marked mountain bike trails in the Syöte area. During the summer, Pikku-Syöte serves as a camping, competition and training place for cycling enthusiasts and professionals. The nationally known and popular mountain biking event Syöte MTB is held annually in the mountain area of ​​Syöte in early August.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Syöte
Talvinen wanha Hamina.

The old town of Ii - Wanha Hamina

Enjoy lively events, visit the museum of local history, walk along culture heritage route.
Ii Wanha Hamina (Old Hamina – Historic district) is among the Northern Finland’s oldest trading posts and dates to the 14th century. The name “Hamina” has its roots in the Swedish term “hamn”, which means harbour. It used to be a home to yearly markets with as much as 2 000 visitors from all over the northern Finland. Nowadays the Old Hamina is a tight-knit neighbourhood that has managed to keep its own unique historical spirit.

Most of the houses along two narrow streets, Alakatu “lower street” and Yläkatu “upper street,” are built side by side having the corners almost touching each other. The oldest buildings – or at least the vintage of the timber used to build them – are from the early 19th century. The heart of Wanha Hamina is the Huilinki stage where plenty of concerts, theatre plays and events take place.

Puistotie 4
91100, Ii
Seaview room has also a seaview balcony

Get-away for Two by the Arctic Sea and Sand Dunes

Get-way deal includes accommodation for two persons for one night in Lokkilinna superior room with a sea view balcony, welcome greeting delivered in the room with sparkling wine or alcohol free bubbles with strawberries or chocolate depending of the season, one course dinner from à la carte menu without drinks, breakfast for two and a late check-out at 2 pm (normally at noon).

Matkailutie 199
85100, Kalajoki
Syöte Rent&Safaris - E-Fatbikes

Fatbike / E-fatbike Rental

We rent traditional and electric assisted fatbikes for the best cycling routes in Finland in Syöte. We have suitable bikes in many different sizes.

FatBikes for rent are FELT “Bullit” DD30 models and E-FatBike bikes are RockMachine E50 and E70.

The bikes are suitable for all types of terrain in both summer and winter!

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte
Snowboarding in Finland

Snowboard / Ski Experience Under the Candle Trees

Feel the northern magic on skis or snowboard. Gorgeous snow blanketed trees create a dreamy view. In mid winter you can experience a meter of snow under your skis or board and breathe the crisp, clean air. Syöte National Park surrounds the ski resort’s area, and the landscape is untouched. In this experience, local ski instructor will guide you to the most beautiful spots in the area, according to your skill level. You do not have to have any previous experience in skiing or snowboarding. Our beginner area has several trails and you can experience the magic of the candle trees even a a first timer.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
KIDE Finland's Best Ski Hotel

KIDE Hotel by Iso-Syöte

KIDE Hotel at Ski Resort Iso-Syöte combines Scandinavian style and ecological wood construction in the middle of pure nature. KIDE Hotel was awarded as the best ski hotel in Finland in 2021 & 2022. You don’t need a car here. You only need an adventurous mind. The ski resort’s slopes, trails, summer and winter routes, and the nature of the entire Syöte National Park are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

KIDE rooms are beautifully decorated to highlight Scandinavian design and even the smallest elements support your active outdoor lifestyle. Each room has its own kitchen and balcony overlooking either the fell or the nearby pond and forest landscape.

Only five minutes walk from KIDE Hotel are located the Kuuru glass roof suites. Suites are ecological, locally produced mini log houses equipped with big windows and heated glass roof. Relax on the comfort of your bed and admire the beautiful nature and the northern sky. With good luck, you can also see the beautiful northern lights straight from your bed. Forget the hurry and extra noise, just enjoy your stay in the Finnish nature.

There is also a sauna and fully equipped, high-class gym in the hotel building. Hotel restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is open from 8am to 8pm.

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93280, Syöte
Fireplace summer

Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

The Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is standing grandly on a hilltop in one of the snowiest areas of Finland next to a peaceful national park. In the relaxing spa, all the senses are calmed down and the high-quality panoramic Restaurant Hilltop offers nourishment both for the soul and the body. Hotel Iso-Syöte also offers joyful experiences of a true winter wonderland, such as skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing as well as snowmobile, reindeer and husky safaris.

The boutique hotel rooms and Aurora View Suites offer stylish and customised options. Comfort and design are found in the elegant experience suites: the Bear Cave Suite, the Eagle View Suite and the Phoenix Suite.

The Fell Top Cottages and Kelo cottages offer ambience, surrounded by unspoiled nature as far as the eye can see.

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93280, Syöte
Ilmakitaransoiton MM-kisat

Oulu August Festival

Oulu August Festival is an event entity of six festivals and additional program, which attracts approximately 60,000 visitors annually. A month-long celebration of culture features hundreds of events in the city of Oulu and its surroundings, ranging from music and cinema to literature and performance arts.

The members of Oulu August Festival are Elojazz, Oulunsalo Soi Chamber Music Festival, Literary Art Festival Muusajuhlat, Oulu Arts Night, Oulu Music Video Festival, Air Guitar World Championships and Flow Productions. The members organize high-quality cultural events in August.

Oulu August Festival also offers other events, such as macro concerts, Oulu August Festival Presents event series (rotating every other year), Choir Day and silent films.

Oulu August Festival has the EcoCompass environmental certificate.

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Father-child fishing trip at Rokua

Our fishing guide will show you the ways of ice fishing and make it an unforgettable experience. We will fish in Rokua’s lake while enjoying the beautiful winter scenery and peaceful nature – true quality time for parent and child. This trip will make you want to spend more quality time with your child while doing outdoor activities.

Price includes guidance for 1-2 parents + 1-2 kids.
Fishing gear and light snack is included in the service. Please dress properly according to weather.

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91670, Rokua
In Syöte you can spend a winter day skiing or doing other winter sports.

Skibus from Oulu to Syöte

The snow-covered fell scenery and winter activities can be easily reached with Skibus departing from Oulu. Embark on a unique day trip to Syöte’s ski trails, winter cycling routes, or ski resorts.

You can reach Syöte in a couple of hours in the mornings with the Skibus leaving Oulu. The Skibus route runs through Ski Resort Iso-Syöte, Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte and Syöte National Park Visitor Centre. The Skibus connection is used, for example, by families going on a day trip, groups of friends and winter tourists vacationing in the Syöte area without a car. The return trip to Oulu departs in the late afternoon.

The Skibus runs on Saturdays during the ski season. It is a guaranteed departure with no minimum participant requirements. You can conveniently buy a ticket from Saaga Travel’s online store. You can also get ski tickets and rental equipment for the ski resorts at a discounted price.

93280, Syöte
Children's Rokua day trip

Children's Rokua day trip

Enjoy Children’s Rokua!

The astoundingly beautiful landscape of Rokua Geopark invites children on a trip of discovery, learning, exercise and play. Enjoy hiking the forest paths and roast sausages in the shelter of a lean-to! After that unwind in the warm waters of Rokua Spa and in genuine Finnish sauna. The Pihka’a Adventure Course and children’s playroom are available during your day trip.

The price includes picnic lunch (sausage, breads and warm cocoa or coffee), firewood, a Rokua route map, a spa ticket and free access to the children’s playroom and outdoor adventure course. Min. 1 adult and 1 child (under 14 years old).

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91670, Rokua
Visit Hailuoto, Hailuoto, Information point, info, Hailuodon Elinkeinotoimijat ry

Visit Hailuoto, Information point

Hailuoto Information point is open at summer season. If you need some assistance or have some questions, please contact by email: [email protected]

Hailuoto App you can find updated services and ferry timetables all year around.

Download here:



You are welcome to visit our beautiful island.

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Free fall

Free fall

At the top of X-Tower, the tallest adventure tower in Europe, you can experience the exciting Free Fall. The jumping-off points are located at a height of 20 meters. The platform includes two free fall devices, which means that you can take the plunge and experience weightlessness together with a friend. While we cannot recommend this to the faint of heart, we encourage all our adventurous guests to challenge themselves and take on this memorable experience!

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85100, Kalajoki
Artist room at Hotel Lasaretti

Nordic Art Hotel Lasaretti

Nordic Art Hotel Lasaretti is especially suitable for quality-conscious travellers who value uniqueness and friendly service. Location close to Oulujoki river and Ainolan puisto park is beautiful in every season. Hotel is only 2 km from Oulu city center. At Nordic Hotel Lasaretti you stay in the middle of art!

Our hotel is smoke-free and we use allergy-friendly materials in the rooms. We also have wheelchair accessible rooms. A good example of the carefully designed details in the rooms is the high-quality Molton Brown products; shower gels and and lotions that we offer our guests. We have 49 hotel rooms (renovated in 2019), sauna and fitness room.

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Hotel Iso-Syöte Bear Cave Suite Hot tube

Bear Cave Suite / Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

The magnificent Bear Cave Suite of the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is one of the hotel’s well-known suites, which is why people travel to Syöte from around the world. The unique experience accommodation takes the guests to an underground atmosphere, the luxury class Bear Cave.

The Bear Cave Suite (95 m²) has a plush double bed and a wonderful interior of pine, stone and lichen, among other materials. One specialty of this suite is the two saunas: a Turkish steam bath and a traditional Finnish sauna. You can also watch the fireplace burning while lying in the jacuzzi.

The Bear Cave is a double room, but it can be connected to the Star Superior Room by a connecting door, making the space suitable for families as well. Admission to the Arctic Spa is included in the price.

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93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Pyörävuokraamo

Bike Rental Shop - Lapland Bike Hotel Iso-Syöte

You can find top-quality mountain bikes for Syöte bike routes at the bike rental of Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte. Rent a mountain bike for a few hours or even for your entire stay.

The Bike Rental Shop’s selection includes electric mountain bikes, mountain bikes and gravel bikes. Active cycling enthusiasts, as well as first-time enthusiasts, will find the best bike for their adventures in the annually renewed selection of rental bikes. Children’s mountain bikes and lamps are also available for rent. We lend pumps and basic tools for a deposit.

The Bike Rental Shop at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is open during the summer season.

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93280, Syöte

A guided cross-country bicycle excursion in Rokua Geopark

A guided mountain biking excursion in Rokua Geopark.

Enjoy and energise yourself in the beautiful natural setting of Rokua! If you are busy at work, it is recommendable to take a moment’s respite in the charming natural setting of Rokua.

Our expert guides can present Rokua to you from a completely new perspective. Cross-country cycling is a fun and ecological way to get to know your environment. Shaped by the ice age, the terrain in Rokua Geopark is guaranteed to increase your heart rate and fitness!

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91670, Rokua
Kempele Local Museum

Kempele Local History Museum

The Local History Museum on Kirkkotie road near the centre is a traditional Northern Ostrobothnian courtyard where the buildings represent different time periods. Specialities include a small house built by WWII soldiers for their comrade in arms behind the frontlines as well as a turf cottage, both unique in Finland. The current main building made of logs dates from 1886, with the main room, four bedrooms, porch and two verandas. In the beginning of last century, the Kempele Säästöpankki bank had its office in the “bank room” for about 30 years.
The entrance to the museum is free, but booked guided tours have their own price.

Kirkkotie 18
90440, Kempele

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is very fun way to spend time with friends and family! Hiekkasärkät Frisbeegolf course is something you’ve never seen before!

Renewed 18 fairway course suits for everyone who is interested of Disc Golf!

Best group size is 3-5 players. Going through the course takes normally about 2-3 hours.

Right to play fees and disc rental can be purchaced from Cafe Pakka at it’s opening hours.

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85100, Kalajoki

Pärjä Ski Suites – stylish accommodation next to slopes

Pärjä Suites are truly ski-in ski-out suites for 2 to 10 persons near the back slopes of Iso-Syöte. After an active day, you can relax in your own sauna, and in some of the suites, you can ease in your own bathtub. The suites come with a fully equipped kitchen, but occasionally you might want to enjoy the delicious selection of the Pärjä Bistro near the suites.

The four Pärjä suites have been renovated in the old restaurant section of the building: three 42 m² holiday suites, two of which have loft beds. The largest suite comfortably sleeps a big family or group, as the 80 m² space comes with a 60 m² loft bed area.

The slopes can be accessed directly from the porches of the suites, and the other Syöte activities such as mountain biking trails and skiing tracks are also easy to access from Pärjä.

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93280, Syöte
Old pilot building Torni

Tower house

Unique accommodation in historical pilot building. Beautiful seaview and atmosphere. Torni, in english “Tower” is one of the oldest buildings in Majakkapiha. Accommodation is on 2nd floor.

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90480, Hailuoto