Tyrnävä's beautiful and historic Dairy Street

Tyrnävä’s Dairy Street (Finnish: Meijerikatu) forms the heart of a unique, beautifully restored historic industrial environment from the early 1900s.

The Dairy Street has been rated as “a unique old industrial environment in Northern Finland” for its great cultural and historic value. Take a guided walking tour (https://www.windland.fi/, https://shop.goarctic.fi/) or experience the beautiful Dairy Street independently (https://www.tyrnava.fi/kulttuuri-ja-vapaa-aika/kirjasto.html).

In the early 1900s, the Dairy Street was a busy industrial disctrict hosting one of Finland’s leading dairies as well as cheese factories, a flour mill, tanner’s and cobbler’s workshops, a power station and a sawmill.

The Tyrnävä Cooperative Dairy (Finnish: Tyrnävän Osuusmeijeri), which serviced the entire territory of the municipality at the time, was founded in 1905 and the dairy building was completed in 1906. In the 1910s-1930s, the Tyrnävä Cooperative Dairy grew into one of the most important Emmental cheese factories in all of the Nordic countries. Its products were exported all the way to England.

Today, the buildings in the area have been beautifully restored, most notably the iconic Mill Library, which is architecturally one of Tyrnävä’s major destinations.

Meijerikatu ja Myllykirjasto
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