Forest Nature School in Sanginjoki - Naturest Oy


Are you organizing a camp for foreign school or student groups? We offer workshops with an emphasis on nature and the environment as parts or a total package. Our multilingual forest pedagogists dive into their role and draw in even the shyest participants.

From a couple of hours to several days, you can order packages from us on a variety of topics. With our forest pedagogists, learning new things is full of activities where the learner does not just remain in the role of the listener. An inclusive and inspiring teaching method that takes you on a ride in the inspiring setting created by the nature.

1. Workshops in the forest nature; themes such as forest animals, Finnish folklore, art time, natural products, learning mathematics, story workshop, everyman’s rights, wilderness skills, sustainable development, etc.
2. Getting to know the materials from the nature and working together on an environmental artwork.
3. A day as a forest planner. What does sustainable forest planning mean? Learning how to read the forest.
4. A brush-saw course for a small group. Theory and practice for beginners.
5. Physical, psychological, and mental wellness impacts of the forest. We exercise in the natural gym, do mental exercises, find our own favourite place, and calm down surrounded by nature.
6. Winter ecology and polar night – how animals and plants are adapted for winter?

Option for transport.

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