On The Traces Of The Ice Age - Ridges Of Rokua

Rokua Geopark has a lot to see and do for all ages! We put together a ready-made route suggestion for your trip at Rokua Geopark. Along the circular route you will find amazing natural and cultural destinations as well as versatile services! Grab a car or a bike and go discover the Ridges Of Rokua.

On the route that goes around the Rokua ridge area, you can hike in Rokua National Park, enjoy the countryside, and learn the stories of local poets and folk healers.

The Rokua area with its national park, chosen as the Finnish Outdoor Destination of the Year 2018, is a muted natural work of art shaped by the ice age. The rolling hills and forests are covered with a thick, silver lichen rug. Here and there are crystal clear kettle ponds. In the midst of silence, the sounds of nature are clearly heard. The story of the Rokua ridge begins at the end of the ice age more than 10,000 years ago, when the melting waters of the glaciers and strong winds piled up tens of meters of sand in the Rokua area. Today, Rokua is home to Finland’s largest sand dune field, where the highest single dune rises 25 meters above the surrounding terrain. At Rokua there has also been tar burning in its time, and you may notice tar-burning pits and, on the other hand, traces of forest fires that originated from the burning of tar.

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