Cafe Krypta

Cafe Krypta is open only in summertime from June to July.

Would you like to have a taste of pappilan pulla, vuohenjuusto-pinaattipiirakka, or perhaps suklaakohokas?

Welcome to Cafe Krypta to enjoy freshly baked pastries, coffee or refreshments, and the atmosphere of the Old Rectory. You can savor the treats either inside the historic rectory, oozing with history, or outdoors in the courtyard on sunny days.

On Fridays, you can order the cafe’s products for home or workplace delivery in the city center. Orders should be placed by Thursday at 12 noon either in person or by sending a message to the number 046 964 0200. Deliveries are made by a pastry bicycle!

Cafe Krypta is usually located in the crypt of Oulu Cathedral. However, due to the facade renovation of the church, the cafe has been temporarily relocated to the Old Rectory near the church this summer. Gift sales are taking place at the market square.

The proceeds from Cafe Krypta go towards missionary work. Cafe Krypta supports initiatives such as women’s and girls’ education, as well as peace and reconciliation efforts worldwide.

The entrance is located at Asemakatu 6 or Isokatu 17 (from the courtyard side).

More information
  • Isokatu 17
    90100 Oulu
  • +35883161401
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