Rantakylä Recreational Area in Liminka

Rantakylä Recreational Area is one of the most versatile recreation and sports areas in Finland located just four kilometres away from the centre of Liminka. The area offers many outdoor recreation and hiking options, both during summer and winter seasons.

In summer, nature lovers get to enjoy extensive biking and hiking routes , an 18-hole disc golf course, beach volley fields, fitness stairs and outdoor gym equipment. Cyclists can choose the route that best suits their skill and fitness level among four different alternative routes of different levels: a short 5-kilometre Kurran lenkki route, an easy 13-kilometre Torikan lenkki route, short 15-kilometre Joutsenreitti route and a demanding 26-kilometre Fatbike route. If you enjoy endurance sports, you can take to the 83-kilometre long Joutsenreitti biking route, which is especially well-suited to calm enjoyment of peace and nature. After the activities you can cool off by taking a dip in the water: wade in from the beach, dive in from the jetty or jump in from the diving tower. In summer, the area also has a summer kiosk and a swimming area reserved for dogs. The area surrounding Rantakylä is a great spot for berry picking, hunting or mushroom foraging.

In the winter, the walking path is turned into a cross-country skiing track with lighting. The Fatbike route is the only off-road winter cycling route in Liminka. The area also features a sledding hill for the young ones in the family and an ice-swimming hole at the beach for the daredevils. The area has a barbeque hut and there are also lean-tos with firepits along the routes.

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