Rantakylä Recreational Park - Liminka

The Rantakylä area is one of the most versatile recreation and sports areas in Finland. Rantakylä village is located at the distance of 4 kilometers west from Liminka town center. And it is the best place to spend time with your family or friends or just enjoy it on your own all-season.

In addition to a beach with quay and jumping tower, Rantakylä has also a 8-track disc golf course, beach volley courses as well as good jogging and skiing routes. Hiking by a beautiful riverside is not bad idea too. Those who are fond of orienteering will find map and network of fixed checkpoints.

For mountainbikers there are several varied-level routes, where you can choose the best suited one for your skill or fitness level. The routes have been marked with reflective colour codes and arrow signs. Starting point for the routes is Monttutie 14, Liminka. If you want to rent bike contact Liminka Bay Visitor Centre.

During summer and autumn seasons Rantakylä offers splendid opportunities for berry and mushroom picking, hunting.

In winter skiing 8 kms tracks are connected with skiing track on the sea and Liminka Bay Visitor Center. Skiing ground and sled hill are perfect for small visitors. For brave adults an icewater swimming place is available. Almost forget to mention 2 campfire shelters for sausage cooking.

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