Wintery Bait Fishing for Northern Pike in Ii

Join us on a trip to Ii, where you will experience the Northern winter and ice fishing safely with an experienced guide. We will target big  pikes with ismete ice fishing technique.

When the ruggedly beautiful Bothnian Bay freezes over, it’s time to pack the sleigh full of eager pike fishermen and head out to try some nice relaxed fishing with the ismete technique.

On our ice fishing trip, you can try out the effective ismete spotting technique, where hooks are baited with baitfish and the target is pike and big perch. If you wish, you can set the hooks under the ice yourself. While you wait for the big fish, we’ll also build a fire in the mobile fire pit to warm you up and roast some snacks.  If the signal flag goes up, you’ll have to hurry to hook the strong pike.

You will be transported to the fishing spots by snowmobile and sleigh. Reindeer skins on benches keep fishermen warm on the transitions. If you’re observant, you may see a white-tailed eagle soaring overhead during a day of fishing, and migratory birds in abundance in spring.

On the trip, you will experience first-hand the winter in the Northern Sea: the weather often changes dramatically even during the day. There may be a lot of snow on the ice, or none at all, and temperatures vary. Always dress warmly enough. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the sun peeking over the horizon and a spectacular sunset, or in spring you may be fishing in the warm sunshine.

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