Memorable road trip in every season

Take a roadtrip on the Pohjola route. Get to know the shores and the fells, world renowned heathlands, wetlands and national parks. Experience the authentic culture sculpted by local nature, history and people.

What to do on your road trip? Well, when in Rome…

If a nature site, event or restaurant brings in the local people year after year, there must be something special to experience for you, too. If an activity makes the locals’ heart beat faster no matter the season, you probably should try it.

Here along the Pohjola route, we love our rough, northern nature and have learned to cooperate with it. Bend it to our needs just enough to co-exist and enjoy life on the edge – by the sea, on the islands and the towns, each quirky in their own way.

We’ve learned to make our products and services with the delicate, invaluable and irreplaceable local nature and culture in mind. This mindset is the undercurrent throughout the region, and something the locals are proud of. We know we’re here for a short time, but these shores, hills and heathlands have seen centuries – and will exist long after we’re gone.

As a bonus to your vacation, you’ll get to experience the local atmosphere. Straightforward, no-nonsense, but always welcoming. You’re sure to find space, silence, a chance to take it all in without anyone bothering you. Even in larger groups, northern Finnish people tend to skip small talk and leave everyone with their own thoughts. It’s surprisingly refreshing!

So what are you waiting for? Head on a memorable road trip up and down the Pohjola route.


Summer road trip to the Arctic Seaside

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Road trip from the frozen sea to snowy fells

There’s no escaping winter in these latitudes nor do the locals want to. The season has its own, magical atmosphere and brings out new perspectives to the ordinary. Everything looks, smells and tastes different in winter. And instead of closing down, winter opens up experiences that you just can’t have in the summer months.

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