Roadtrip to the Arctic Seaside

Take a roadtrip on the Arctic Seaside. Get to know the shores of the Bay of Bothnia and the authentic culture sculpted by its nature, history and people.

How do you know where to head on your trip? Follow the locals.



If a nature site, event or restaurant brings in the local people year after year, there must be something special to experience for you, too.

In the Arctic Seaside, we love our rough, northern nature and have learned to cooperate with it. Bend it to our needs just enough to co-exist and enjoy life on the edge – by the sea, on the islands and the towns, each quirky in their own way.

We’ve learned to make our products and services with the delicate, invaluable and irreplaceable local nature and culture in mind. This mindset is the undercurrent throughout the region, and something the locals are proud of. We know we’re here for a short time, but these shores have seen centuries – and will exist long after we’re gone.


Life’s short, summers are even shorter, so we’ve used to finding our quirky little ways to make our days memorable, be it events so small they’re hard to get into or sudden festivals that turn laid back maritime towns into something you’d expect to find in Southern Europe.

The geography allows for long bike rides without exhausting climbs and plenty of water fun in the shallow sea waters. The locals work hard but they know how to de-stress – in their favourite nature activity!

So what are you waiting for? Head on a memorable roadtrip up and down the Arctic Seaside.



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