Iso-Kraaseli Island and Guest Berth

Iso-Kraaseli is Raahe’s second-largest island with a length of 1.3 km and width of 600 m. The island got its name as early as the 16th century, when grey seals (Swedish gråsäl) were important prey animal. The wooden daymark and the pilots’ hut on Iso-Kraaseli were rebuilt in 1852. Before the current buildings, there were a daymark and a pilots’ hut at the site, which the pilot service bought in 1848. A pilot station operated on the island until 1964. There is a 2.3 km nature trail on Iso-Kraaseli, featuring 15 signs describing the birds and plants of the island. In the summer, sheep graze on the island, taking care of nature.

Iso-Kraaseli features softwood, hardwood and mixed bushes and forests representative of the land uplift coast. The island includes representative seashore meadows, species-rich dry and fresh meadows and transition and shore mires (transition and shore mires are plant communities producing peat). There is also an excellently representative glo-lake. By the nature trail, the hiker is greeted by a serpentine spruce and an old, especially large pine.

Accommodation is offered on the island. There is an old pilots’ hut with two 2-person rooms and one 6-person room. There are also two renovated old sail sheds with two beds per shed. Accommodation on the island is provided by MeriRaahe.

Please note that during your trip to the island, the Pilot House, its terrace, and sauna are reserved for those who have booked the accommodation. The summer kitchen and barbecue shelter by the pier, as well as the dry toilet, are available for general use.

Coordinates 64°40,8′, 24°24,4′
Nautical chart: 839 G
Berth number: 1864

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