Alakestilä Arboretum in Liminka

Alakestilä Arboretum near the Liminka centre, along Liminganjoki River, is the third oldest arboretum in Finland. The park was established in the 1930s by municipal councillor Kalle Arvola and his wife Katri. It currently spreads over around three hectares of land and features nearly 200 different forms, species, varieties and subspecies of trees. Some of the species have been brought from abroad, such as paper birch from North America and Erman’s birch from Asia. The endangered almond willow also grows in the arboretum. The king of the tree collection, however, is the 80-year-old Kuril larch, the treetop of which raises to a height of 30 metres. It grows on Rättärinsaari island. Arboretum is at its best during summer time.

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