Alakestilä Arboretum park - Liminka

Alakestilä Arboretum park, located in Liminka in Northern Ostrobothnia, is the third oldest tree species park in Finland.

Its founder Kalle Arvola, a municipal councilor began planting first trees in the island of Liminka’s river in 1930s. Over the years the park has expanded significantly and now covers an area around 3 hectares. You can find almost 200 different variants, species and subspecies here. Some of them Kalle Arvola brought from abroad as he travelled to bring varieties that didn’t exist in Finland.

Trees were always in Kalle’s heart and some people even called him “crazy”. He was answering, that this interest in trees can’t even be considered weird, as both of his parents were similarly “crazy”. My mother loved the garden and my father loved the forest.

Kalle felt that forestry was a job that would be done for future generations so that everyone could experience and enjoy nature.

Nowadays the park is open for everyone: you can go fishing, take pictures, enjoy joga, paint, organize a picnic or just relax and walk through it.

It is worth to mention that there is campfire and pavilion for rent in the park. The pavilion is suitable for small-scale public events or as a stage for performance.

The park uses free of charge audio guide service (Glopas), so don’t forget to download it on your phone to know more about history of this unique place. Glopas can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices from app stores.

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