Kirkkosalmi Bird Watching tower

Kirkkosalmi Bird Watching tower is located between two big lakes, Aaponnokka and Patelanselkä. It is right by Viinikantie, and it´s accessible easily by car. There is an accessible outhouse, table, benches, information boards and a lean-to shelter with a campfire place.

Kirkkosalmi Bird Watching tower is right by reed filled lake created from the sea. It is an excellent place to see migrating cormorants and birds of prey. It also has diverse breeds of waterfowls and waders.

Best time for bird watching is from April to May. The tower is also wheelchair accessible. Metsähallitus is responsible for the maintenance of the Kirkkosalmi area. The area is under construction during 2023, but the bird watching tower and it’s facilities are still in use.

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  • Viinikantie 143
    90480 Hailuoto
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