Master-Heikki’s Hut

Heikki “Master-Heikki” Kilpua-Myllymäki (1854–1934), a village eccentric from Ilveskorpi, originally built a stone dwelling for himself because his previous one, a multipurpose house with a mill, burned down. He lived in the hut in the summer and spent winters going around the houses in the village. The book “Ilveskorven raivaajat” (Settlers of Ilveskorpi) contains a description of Mestari-Heikki’s hut as experienced by one of his visitors, Jaakko Verkasalo. “The lower section of the wall by the door was formed by a large rock that could been seen from the inside and outside of the dwelling. Next to the rock, there was a narrow doorway leading in. The upper section of the same wall and the end of the roof by the wall were made of glass. The roof was very steep and woven from long and wide shingles like a basket. In front of the glass wall on that large rock stood a rowing bench, on which Master-Heikki often sat watching passers-by. Heikki’s stone hut contained two rooms and three fireplaces.”

Master-Heikki’s stone hut is located in the Ilveskorpi village in Vihanti, near the school by Korvenahon tie.

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