Arctic Wolf & Auroras

This exclusive wildlife photographing tour takes you to the most remote areas in Europe, near the eastern border of Finland. Tour includes a lot of new experiences; your wildlife vacation is full of exciting moments! You will have also a good time enjoying the silence and rest during your wilderness holiday.

Learning about photographing nordic wildlife, wolves, wolverines, and natural phenomena is always interesting. Also, skills and managing in the wilderness are included in this winter photographing tour.

A bit of luck is needed to see the magnificent Northern Lights and these timid wild animals. Sea eagles and golden eagles are living here, so it is quite sure possible that you see these big birds gliding silently above the untouched white snowfields.

You travel with a local photography guide to different destinations by foot and by car. The guide is a local professional and knows the best spots for beautiful shooting in the area. Daily distances are about 1-5 km on some days. Few days will be spent in the gas-heated photography hides.

​We talk for example about the light, photographers’ position, equipment, and technical issues. We talk about the artistic perspective and your way of thinking about photography in general.

One of the most important parts of the schedule is the showtime for you at the end of the week. In this part, you can introduce your best shots of the workshop with a projector on the big screen and tell your stories from your perspective.

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