Pohjola route

A way to discover Northern Finland

Pohjola Route runs in the Oulu region in Northern Finland. Travel in parts or as a whole and choose your destinations, experiences and adventures from the route however you like. The best parts of Northern Finland can be found along the route, whatever the season. 

Ways to discover the Pohjola route

Some people think that the best features from Finland can be found along the Pohjola route. From fells to the frozen sea, flowing rivers and pure wilderness, urban nature and forests – we have it. And on top of that: the Northern Lights.

From fells to the frozen sea

Flowing rivers and pure wilderness

Take in the urban nature

Chasing the Northern Lights

Wealth of forests

Best kept secret of the North

Pohjola route takes vacationing one step further and enriches your travels. Build your perfect vacation with Pohjola route’s many experiences. You can find a great many options online – in the videos below you will find some inspiration for summer & winter holiday.

About the Pohjola route

9 travel areas

approx. 900 kilometers

16 big rivers

Gulf of Bothnia

Center of Finland

Southernmost fell area

Making Pohjola route possible:

Elevating sustainability for tourism companies in the Oulu region – A responsive travel destination in the new market situation