Pohjola route – A new way to discover Finland

Pohjola Route runs in the Oulu region in Northern Finland. Travel in parts or as a whole and choose your destinations, experiences and adventures from the route however you like. The best parts of Northern Finland can be found along the route, whatever the season. Welcome!

Pohjola route

Pohjola route takes place in the northern part of Finland, next to the arctic archipelago of Bothnian Bay. You can travel the Pohjola Route by car, caravan, bicycle, or by utilizing public transportation.

You can also do day trips by bus from Oulu to different locations along the Route. The Route can be travelled both clockwise and counterclockwise. The suggested route departs from Oulu and proceeds clockwise. From Oulu, the route also takes you to Kempele, Hailuoto, or Ii.

Pohjola Route runs along the main roads, but you can use the map and your imagination and plan alternative routes. The Route and the experiences it offers are open year-round.

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Take the best road trip of the summer on the Pohjola route

The best parts of Northern Finland can be found along the route, whatever the season. Welcome!

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Best kept secret of the North

Pohjola route takes vacationing one step further and enriches your travels. Build your perfect vacation with Pohjola route’s many experiences. You can find a great many options online – in the videos below you will find some inspiration for summer & winter holiday.

Chasing the Northern Lights

Have you ever had the chance to see the Northern Lights live? The skies, painted with magical colors and the snow, glistening in the light – chasing the experience makes it all worth it. Along the Pohjola route there are many destinations you can travel and see the Northern Lights – if you get lucky!

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From fells to the frozen sea

Feel free in the space of the icy shores of the Botnia Bay and the speed on the snowy slopes of the Syöte fell area.

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Flowing rivers and pure wilderness

Pohjola route travels via 15 rivers, taking its traveller to the origins of many of the waterways. Speaking of origins: experiencing the wilderness is a journey to Finland’s source.

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Take in the urban nature

Just a few steps are in between the city streets and enjoying the forests, sea, rivers or lakes. Who would have guessed that urban culture and clean nature can be found in the same place?

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Wealth of forests

Imagine breathing the freshest breath of air you can think of. Combine it with the sound of silence and something that is beyond understanding. That is the Finnish forest effect.

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