Virkkula Birdwatching Tower at Liminka Bay

The Virkkula birdwatching tower opens a wide view across Liminka Bay which is one of Europe’s most important bird wetlands. Tens of thousands of birds stop to rest, feed and nest in this area shaped by land uplift. Liminka Bay is an internationally known, valuable bird water area and a rest area for migratory birds that offers something new to see in every weather, all year round. This recreational destination for the whole family invites you to learn more about the fascinating world of birds. The best time to visit is from the end of April to the end of September.

A 600-metre-long wheelchair and pram-accessible path takes visitors to the two-storey Virkkula birdwatching tower from the Liminka Bay Visitor Centre. The Visitor Centre also loans out binoculars to visitors, free of charge, so you can enjoy spotting about 200 different bird species visiting the area.

The Liminka Bay Visitor Centre serves visitors right next to the best birdwatching spots. The best bird and nature centre in Finland features a fascinating Eight Seasons of Birds Year exhibition. In addition to this it offers guide and restaurant services, a souvenir shop, a small nature hotel and meeting facilities. The area has a firepit and a small playground for children.

The yard area surrounding the Visitor Centre features the Kukkala learning environment where you can explore the vegetation in the area and learn more about plants and habitats of the shore meadow. This diversity of habitats is what attracts such a wide and diverse range of bird species to the Liminka Bay area. One of the specialities of Liminka Bay is a rotating lean-to. Visitors can turn the structure to protect them from the wind or sun while sitting by the campfire.

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