Vilho Lampi Museum - Liminka

Vilho Lampi Museum is part of Old Liminka museum area. Vilho Lampi Museum represents Vilho Lampi’s work and it was open in 1972 in the building of old school in Liminka. Added to this Memorial Home Aappola and Local History Museum belongs to museum area.

Vilho Henrik Lampi (1898–1936) was a Finnish painter who is especially known for his defiant self-portraits, strong folk descriptions and paintings depicting of his home town Liminka and the people of Liminka. Vilho Lampi studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts from 1921 to 1925.

Vilho Lampi was talented and famous painter. Despite the short artistic career Vilho Lampi experimented with various visual styles from rough-hewn expressionism to new objectivity and the delicate pointillism in his final years. It is estimated, that artist left more than 550 works during his 14 years career. The museum collection includes 30 paintings of the artist. As an art student, Vilho Lampi was hard-working, productive and fast. Debut of the artist took place at the annual exhibition of Finnish art already during his studies in 1922. His works were also on display in the annual exhibitions in 1923, 1925, 1926, 1928, 1930, 1932, 1933, 1934 and 1935. Abroad, his works were exhibited in joint exhibitions of Finnish art in Moscow in 1934, Riga in 1935, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg in 1935. On 17 March of 1936 the artist committed suicide by jumping from a bridge to Oulu river during his trip to Oulu. The tombstone on his grave features a bronze relief of Vilho Lampi made by his friend Martti Tarvainen.

Vilho Lampi Museum is open during the summer season.

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