Nature Cafe Loppula at Sanginjoki

LOPPULA at Sanginjoki
– Book meetings, events and parties in the Forest ranger’s old house at Sanginjoki nature conservation area

We offer catering and nature activities, for example forest yoga and guided walks in the forest. We have also alcohol license.

The Nature Cafe Loppula is located at the Sanginjoki nature conservation area about 16 km from the city centre of Oulu.
Loppula is also the starting point of Sanginjoki nature trails.

Loppula’s capasity:
Max. 45 persons, including the meeting room for 20 persons.
Terrace with the roof for 20 persons.
Old horse stable for 30 persons (at summertime).
Campfire place in the yard.

More information
  • Sanginjoentie 1101
    90660 Oulu
  • +358408274530
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