Riding treks with charming Icelandic Horses in Oulu!

Spend a summer day in Oulu in the company of an Icelandic horse! Our Icelandic horses live in the immediate vicinity of Virpiniemi, and we organize riding treks into the countryside for all riding enthusiasts in Virpiniemi’s wonderful sea scenery.

The horses are small, cute and charming, yet strong, tough and sure-footed. Icelandic horses are often mentioned in Icelandic sagas; in days gone by, they were used as Vikings’ warhorses, and were greatly respected. Icelandic horses have a pleasant gait called ‘tölt’ where rider sits as if in an armchair. Above all, this is something that must be experienced.

No previous experience is required for the trek, as our good-natured, gentle horses can also take beginners safely on their backs into the forest.

Responsible organizer:
Lapin Saaga

Icelandic Horses in Oulu
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