Miner Statue

The central figure of the statue, created by artist trio Rauli and Raine Körkkö and Veikko Laakso, is a driller, who represents the nobility of the mine both in terms of skills and merits. The figure of the driller and the massive slab around the drill impressively describe the mine as a working environment.
During its 40 years of operation, the Vihanti mine in the village of Lampisaari provided a living for native Vihanti residents as well as hundreds of workers from elsewhere. The workers who came from other places settled in the mining village in houses built by the company, the workers in smaller ones, the manager level in bigger ones on different sides of the village.
The money for the miner’s statue was collected by the dedicated statue committee from many sources, e.g. at the piano concerts organized by the London son-in-law. The statue was unveiled in 2014 to remind of the Vihanti miner history.
You can admire the miner’s statue along Vihanti’s main street. Also visit the interesting mining village of Lampisaari!

Text is based on Liisa Honkakoski’s article published is newspaper Kaleva.

Miner statue in Vihanti Raahe
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