Guided standup paddleboarding trip to the Ii river and Bothnian Bay

Discover the beautiful Ii river estuary with a local guide on a sup-board. This excursion is suitable for first-timers too!

The Ii river estuary is shallow and sheltered, making it an ideal spot for a paddle boarding trip. Standup paddle boarding is the act of moving forward on an inflatable surfboard while standing or kneeling on a air-inflated board. On the  trip you will experience the Ii river and the Bothnian Bay at close range. As you move through the shallow water, you will see ancient weathered rocks, wave-carved patterns on the sandy bottom and, if you pay attention, you may spot a pike lurking behind a rock. With your guide and your group, you move at a leisurely pace along the narrow, shallow channels of the Ii river estuary towards the sea and the breakwater, which opens up to a wide shallow stretch of clean sand and views of the open sea. This is a real hidden gem!

 It’s time for a picnic break at the breakwater, where you can roast a sausage or two on the campfire if you like. You can bring your own picnic lunch or, for an additional fee, you can buy it from the guide by prior arrangement. 

Standup paddle boarding is an easy form of exercise and is worth trying even if you’re a first-timer. Throughout the trip you will be close to the shore, so you can easily get ashore if you wish. At the departure point, we’ll put on your flotation gear and go over safety and the trip plan. You will board from a sandy beach, the exact location will be chosen depending on the winds and the duration of the trip. Your guide will determine the best route to take at any given time. On this longer trip, we have time to see the river and the bays more extensively.