Traditional handicrafts in an atmospheric old foundry

Raahen Taitopaja is a handicraft and programme service company operating in an old foundry built in 1955. In 2022, a part of the old foundry’s factory hall was renovated to serve as a joint exhibition, training and commercial space. At the premises, you can get to know different types of traditional handicrafts and buy handicraft products made using a variety of different techniques. You can also learn more about traditional Finnish himmeli straw mobiles and bronze casting traditions, as well as various glass work techniques. The company also makes candles and traditional porcelain dog figures popular in the Raahe area. Our straw mobile exhibition features over 150 different mobiles. The materials range from more traditional and natural ones to glass and acrylic tubes. The signature Raahe porcelain dogs are cast and finished by hand at the workshop. The dogs, which are modelled after Staffordshire terriers originally brought to Raahe by seamen on ships from England, are a part of Raahe’s history as a maritime town.

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