Utua Showroom & Shop

Experience colorful collection of leather bags and dive into the world of Utua. The Finnish design brand Utua offers top quality leather bags, clothing and accessories. In addition to visiting our shop in Raahe, you can buy your favorite bag also from our webshop https://www.utuabags.com/.

Utua leather bags combine Finnish design, the best quality leather in the world and high-level studio sewing expertise. Utua’s design is stripped-down and timeless. Our leather bags are ablaze with different colours – for us, colours are a sign of vitality, joy and bravery. Leather is produced in Italy and bags are sewn in Greece, in a small atelier.
The name Utua is derived from nature: there is beautiful mist – ‘utua’ in Finnish – in the air when a new day dawns or the evening starts to fall. Taking in these views, an idea of the name Utua was born. The Utua logo symbolises this beautiful natural phenomenon.
The values of our company are quality, sustainability, bravery, and the joy of life. These are the values we embrace in our everyday work. We want to offer a high-quality, sustainable option to delight our customers. Utua – the Bag for life.

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