Liminka Church

The Liminka church was completed in 1826. It is Neoclassical by style, a level building with a raised middle and a cross. There has been a church standing in this place at least ever since 1477, when Liminka congregation first declared its independence. It is therefore one of the oldest congregations in North Ostrobothnia in Finland.

The previous churches in Liminka were burn down in 1496, 1589 and 1592. The fourth church was demolished due to its poor condition in 1825 when the current church was about to be completed. The first drafts for the current church were drawn up by Charles Bassi. However, the final design for the wooden church was made by A. F. Granstedt, a student and colleague of Carl Ludvig Engel, in 1823. The tower’s detail drawings are by Engel himself. The church was built by a notable folk master Heikki Kuorikoski.

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