Wealth of forests

Imagine breathing the freshest breath of air you can think of. Combine it with the sound of silence and something that is beyond understanding. That is the Finnish forest effect. 


The forests in Oulu are easily achievable, clean and perfect for trekking and camping because of their facilities, for example nature trails and campfire sites.

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Rokua Geopark

Mushroom or berry picking in the Rokua Geopark forests is a way to feel the ancient history of the Geopark area, all the way from the ice age!

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Hiking in the Syöte fell area is the best way to get to know what the northern forests are like when there are considerable height differences. The views are something else!

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Liminka’s forests are full of exquisite nature you can’t find anywhere else. Try fatbiking or bird watching – or both!

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