Perspectives into Northern nature on seashores, fells, ridges and dunes

Finland is the land of natural parks and the Pohjola route takes you to two of them – and a Unesco Geopark on top of that.

Along the route, visit one of the most significant wetlands in Europe. For a chance to relax in the lap of mother nature, take a road trip into Northern Finland at its best.

Start from Oulu and make a tour clockwise or counterclockwise. In a couple of days, be prepared to see reindeer, migratory birds depending on the season, ancient formations shaped by the ice age and the crystal clear waters and sky of the north.

The pure wonders of the forest and fells 


The nature parks of Syöte and Rokua on the inland legs of the Pohjola route will both entice you with arctic nature, but with their own traits and sights. 

Syöte, northeast of Oulu, is the southernmost fell area in Finland. There’s no need to travel all the way up to Lapland to see reindeer and arctic forests! On the hiking routes, nature trails and campfire sites of Syöte National Park the brisk northern air is full of scents and sounds: firewood crackling, smoke with a scent of tar, the mesmerising blossoms of wild arctic flowers and berries, taking in the sunlight 24/7 before the magic of the short arctic summer is gone. 

Greetings from the ice age 


From Syöte head southwest towards Rokua Geopark. This Unesco Global Geopark is the first of its kind in Finland, awarded for its outstanding geology, ridges and dunes sculpted by the last ice age. For a geology enthusiast, Rokua offers the chance to visit a gneiss bedrock and some of the oldest rocks in Europe. For fresh air fanatics, the Geopark is ideal with its mountain biking trails and the freedom to roam foraging for berries and mushrooms. You’re in Finland, so pick your lunch from the forest – it’s as clean and healthy as it gets.

The birds’ and birdwatcher’s place to be


Liminka, on the coast of the Bothnian bay, half an hour’s trip south of Oulu, is the place to visit if you’re a migratory bird or birdwatcher wishing to see them in hundreds, thousands even. 

Liminka bay is one of Europe’s most important wetlands and a nature reserve that is home to many other seaside species. You’ll be amazed at how quiet, and in the next moment, filled with birdsong the Liminka seashore can be, and what magnificent views it offers on the Bothnian Bay. Climb up to the birdwatching tower or rent a mountain bike to get around this unique seaside location.

The Vihiluoto beach and bird watching area in Kempele, right next to Oulu, is a nice little seaside oasis. Vihiluoto has a nature trail accessible to everyone, a birdwatching tower and a nice sandy beach. In the summer, you can spot a herd of sheep in the field near the sea.

So for a road trip to many worlds in one go, choose the Pohjola route and become a forever fan of northern Finnish nature.

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Taxi services Syote

Syote Taxi serves you 24/7. We are local and reliable taxi company and we will transport you from the airport, train or buss station to the amazing Syote.

We make day trips to Santa Claus village, Ranua Resort and Oulu. We also drive you to the day safaris where you can meet huskys, reindeers and horses.

Our taxis serve the entire North-Eastern region. Our taxi is wheelchair accessible.

Syötetie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Rent a canoe or kayak

Rent an open canoe or kayak for lake or river in Syöte area. We have canoes for two or three persons and different kinds of single kayaks and twin kayaks.

Price inclueds a stable open canoe or kayak, life vests, paddles and waterproof bags. If you go to the river, also helmets are included in the price.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Rent an electric fatbike

Rent an electric fatbike in two sizes: S/M or M/L.

Price includes electric fatbike and helmet, there is a small gear bag or a bottle holder on the bike. You can get also a pump, a lock and a headlamp if needed.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Cafe Korppi

Kahvila Korppi (Cafe Raven) offers soup lunch, tasty pastries, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, candy and snacks at Syöte Nature Centre – a cosy log house in Syöte National Park. Also Finnish souvenirs and local delicacies for sell.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Rent a fatbike

Rent a fatbike in different sizes where the trails start!

Available sizes are for adults XS/S, S/M and M/L and for children 20″ and 24″. Price includes fatbike and helmet, there is a small gear bag or a bottle holder on the bike. You can get also a pump, a lock and a headlamp if needed.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Life at Liminka Bay Multimedia Presentation

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre auditorium is showing the multimedia presentation “Life at Liminka Bay” featuring events at the bird wetland during one year.

The presentation contains shots filmed by renowned bird photographers at Liminka Bay and surroundings. The multimedia presentation can also be shown in the conference room if the auditorium is occupied.

Groups are well-advised to make bookings beforehand.
The presentation is free of charge, and there are both Finnish and English versions.

Please check the actual opening hours at

Rantakurvi 6
91910, Liminka

Binocular Lending Liminka Bay Visitor's Centre

Going to Virkulla birdwatching tower but you don’t have binoculars?

No problem, you can borrow good-quality binoculars at the Visitor Centre free of charge for the duration of your stay.
Use this chance to get unique experience during your visit to Liminka Bay.

Don’t forget to check opening hours of Visitor Centre at in advance.

Rantakurvi 6
91910, Liminka

Geocaching Liminka

Geocaching is an outdoor hobby where boxes called geocaches are hidden in the nature or built places. The boxes contain a logbook and pencil, and possibly a small item to swap.

The cache locations are listed on the web as coordinates, and other geocachers search the caches with GPS. There are several caches to find while visiting in Liminka.

The link below enables you to get to know Liminka’s geocaches:

Good luck!

Tupoksentie 5
91900, Liminka
Oulujärvellä on upeita melontapaikkoja.

On the Traces of the Ice Age - Lake Oulujärvi

Rokua Geopark has a lot to see and do for all ages! We put together a ready-made route suggestion for your trip in Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark area. Along the circular route you will find unique landscapes and nature formations shaped by the ice age, as well as interesting cultural attractions and versatile services! Grab a car or a bike and go discover Lake Oulujärvi.

European Union’s oldest bedrock, tens of kilometers of sandy beaches and a marine atmosphere on Finland’s largest inland open waters.

According to one theory, the eye-catching landscape of Lake Oulujärvi has been created as a result of the effects of ancient crustal movements, continental ruptures and the ice age, and according to another story, giants have had something to do with it. One way or another, the Lake Oulujärvi area is perfect for spending summer days and exploring interesting cultural history.

Along the route, you can spend the night on a lake-view cottage, on a caravan by the lake or tenting under a million stars. Fish, paddle, hike, swim, watch birds, visit a museum or an art exhibition. Both independent and guided tours possible!

This route is at its best during the summer.

Vaalantie 14
91700, Vaala
Oulujoki on Suomen 7. suurin joki.

On The Traces Of The Ice Age - The Oulujoki River Valley

This is a ready-made route suggestion for your trip in the beautiful river valley of Oulujoki river in Rokua UNESCO Global Geopark. Grab a car or a bike and go discover the Oulujoki River Valley.

The Oulujoki River Valley enchants with its idyllic countryside landscape, lush grove forests and colorful history.

The Oulujoki water basin is known as an ancient route of travel, tar and tourism, and many important cultural sites have survived from this time, such as the Lamminaho farm and the wooden churches of Muhos and Utajärvi. Today, the Oulujoki River generates a lot of hydropower, and the Oulujoki power plants and their residential areas designed by architect Aarne Ervi form an interesting entity in terms of architecture and history. Part of the Oulujoki river valley area is also classified as a nationally valuable landscape area.

Along the route you can stay the night at a countryside hotel, cottages or caravan area. Hike on nature trails, go padding, go fishing, visit museums and other cultural attractions.

This route is at its best during the summer, when the services and attractions are open.

Muhostie 2
91500, Muhos

Black Motel

Stay comfortably and easily at the Black Motel. When you need a roof over your head for one night or longer, the Black Motel is sure to serve you in a familiar way. Here you will find rooms or Black Suite easily for 1 – 4 people.

Black Suites
Black Suites are detached buildings completed in the autumn of 2020, where you can find accommodation for 1 to 4 people. The wooden structure and surface materials make the Black Suite a warm and comfortable place. The well-equipped modern kitchen allows for cooking and the air conditioning ensures that the right temperature is found in both summer and winter.

Motor Shelter
Thousands of stories the Motor Shelter has accommodated tens of thousands of travelers for seven decades and the story continues. In the Motor Shelter you will find rooms for 1 to 4 people at an exceptionally good value for money in the familiar Black Motel style. The much-lauded legendary Motor Shelter with a colorful history is also familiar on TV.

Sohjanantie 3
90440, Kempele

Akupuncture and energy healing treatments

Acupuncture and energy healing treatments and their combination as an effective therapy for the body and mind. In a traditional Finnish home environment.

Pikkurölli 13
90450, Kempele

Taxi services

For those on holiday in Syöte, STP Transport taxi services open up a whole new dimension to enjoying northern activities. You don t need your own car at all on your holiday.

Want to get to a husky or reindeer farm on your own schedule, or need someone to pick you up at the end of your ski trip? During the summer, you can also bring your bike and explore Syöte extensive mountain bike network.

Our taxis serve the entire North-Eastern region. Our cars are also wheelchair accessible. We serve at any time, day and night. Save time for your holiday!

93280, Syöte
Jumping tower in Rantakylä

Rantakylä Recreational Park - Liminka

The Rantakylä area is one of the most versatile recreation and sports areas in Finland. Rantakylä village is located at the distance of 4 kilometers west from Liminka town center. And it is the best place to spend time with your family or friends or just enjoy it on your own all-season.

In addition to a beach with quay and jumping tower, Rantakylä has also a 18-track disc golf course, beach volley courses as well as good jogging and skiing routes. Hiking by a beautiful riverside is not bad idea too.

For mountainbikers there are several varied-level routes, where you can choose the best suited one for your skill or fitness level. The routes have been marked with reflective colour codes and arrow signs. Starting point for the routes is at Liminka Bay Visitor Center where you can also rent a bike.

During summer and autumn seasons Rantakylä offers splendid opportunities for berry and mushroom picking.

In winter 8 kms skiing tracks of Rantakylä are connected with sea skiing track and Liminka Bay Visitor Center. Skiing ground and sled hill are perfect for small visitors. For brave adults an icewater swimming place is available. Almost forget to mention 2 campfire shelters for sausage cooking.

Monttutie, 14
91910, Liminka

Local taxi services in Liminka

Otaxi is the reliable and legit taxi service provider in Liminka and widely in Oulu area. We provide local, trustworthy taxi services with the well-known and visible, yellow-roofed taxi cars.

We offer 24/7 quality service, all year round. We serve with 320 taxi cars in Oulu area and altogether with more than 700 OTAXI cars in Northern Ostrobothnia!

Otaxi sedan model cars are suitable for 1-4 passengers. Otaxi minivans are suitable even for 8 passengers. Our minivans include suitable cars for the disabled, with a stretcher possibility or a lift. Additionally, our customers have a possibility to choose a low-emission, environmental-friendly OTAXI Green car for their service.

Our taxi drivers are professional and educated for the taxi business, with good local knowledge.

You can order our taxi service fast and easy from +358 600 30081 number. We serve 24/7 each day of the year! (Calling 1,59 €/call + 0,48 €/min.)

91900, Liminka
Seafood pasta.

Bistoria Iso-Syöte

Cozy and welcoming Bistro with good taste.
Bistoria is a great place to relax and gather after an active day. Enjoy our fine food, drinks and service that get´s you smile and come back again.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar.

Romekievarintie 4
93280, Pudasjärvi
Rosso Zeppelin indoors

Rosso Restaurant Kempele

The Rosso restaurant in Zeppelin is a great place when you need a break from shopping. It is always easy to come to us – our direct and genuine atmosphere helps you feel refreshed!

Rosso is a well-known Italian classic, which has offered relaxing moments to Finns for five decades. We serve beloved classics, tasty new dishes and, above all, our famous pizzas, baked in Italian wood-fired pizza ovens.

Rosso is a happy place to eat, where everyone is welcome! We cater to different diets: our pizzas and many pasta dishes are available in gluten-free versions, and you can also opt for a high-fibre rye pizza crust.

We serve lunch every weekday.

Benvenuti – welcome to Rosso!

Follow us on social media: Facebook: @RossoKempele Instagram: @rosso_kempele

Zeppelinintie 1
90450, Kempele

Local taxi services in Muhos

Otaxi is the reliable and legit taxi service provider in Muhos and widely in Oulu area. We provide local, trustworthy taxi services with the well-known and visible, yellow-roofed taxi cars.

We offer 24/7 quality service, all year round. We serve with 320 taxi cars in Oulu area and altogether with more than 700 OTAXI cars in Northern Ostrobothnia!

Otaxi sedan model cars are suitable for 1-4 passengers. Otaxi minivans are suitable even for 8 passengers. Our minivans include suitable cars for the disabled, with a stretcher possibility or a lift. Additionally, our customers have a possibility to choose a low-emission, environmental-friendly OTAXI Green car for their service.

Our taxi drivers are professional and educated for the taxi business, with good local knowledge.

You can order our taxi service fast and easy from +358 600 30081 number. We serve 24/7 each day of the year! (Calling 1,59 €/call + 0,48 €/min.)

91500, Muhos
Disc Golf

Liminka Disc Golf Course

“The Best in Town!”

Liminka has a full 18 hole Disc Golf course, that has been rated on the TOP10 list of all Disc Golf courses in Finland.

Disc Golf is a sport for everyone! Doesn’t matter if you are first timer or a hard pro – disc golf is a fun way to spend time with friends and family! Liminka Disc Golf course suits everyone! And you can play the full course or only few lanes, whatever suits your timetable.

Best group size is 2-10 players. Going through the course takes normally about 2-3 hours.

Free to play!

Monttutie 4
91900, Liminka
Fatbikeretki Syötteellä

Fat-bike Tour in Syöte National Park

Join a guided fat-bike tour of the Syöte National Park routes! We drive calmly in the forest and esker landscapes where the mind and eyes rests. The trip is also suitable for beginners.

Before the trip, we get to know the features of the bikes, the route and safety issues carefully. During the bike tour, you will hear about the area’s history, nature and today’s services. The bike paths leads us to Iso-Syöte hiking area and to the Syöte National Park. During the trip, we will have a suitable loop for your group and have a nice break enjoying the delicious juice in beautiful scenery.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi
hiking and pancake trip

Hiking & Pancake trip in Syöte National Park

What could be more comfortable than taking a hiking trip to the wonderful forest and fell landscapes and having a rest by an open fire where the guide will fry and serve you the pancakes with sweet strawberry jam and coffee, tea or juice! Welcome to enjoy!

During the trip, the guide will fry the pancake for you by the open fire, for example in the day-hut on Teerivaara-fell. After the trip, you can visit the Syöte Visitor center’s exhibition, which tells you about the history, nature, plants and animals of the area. In winter, the trip can be done with snowshoes, which can be rented separately from Taigavire.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Canoeing Trip in Syöte

In the Syöte area there are pleasant lake and river sceneries which are made for an interesting canoeing or kayaking trip! When you go on a trip, we first get to know the canoeing and kayaking equipment and technique, the route and safety issues carefully. During the canoeing trip, we enjoy the lake and ridge scenery and hear information and stories about the history and nature of the Syöte area.

Come along for a relaxing evening by kayaking or canoeing. When booking, tell us about your kayaking experience and whether you want a canoe or kayak with you for the trip.

Erätie 1
93280, Pudasjärvi

Taigalampi log villa

A traditional Finnish log villa is located in a spectacular forest and fell landscape. A breathable and plastic-free wooden cabin invites you to spend your sustainable holiday or rewarding meeting days near the Syöte National Park!

There are beds for 16 people in the villa, a large living room, eight bedrooms, and a well-equipped kitchen. In addition, the high-quality sauna department with its large outdoor terrace enables a larger group to enjoy themselves in the middle of South Lapland nature.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner can easily be arranged as an additional service by booking in advance. We require the use of linen during the stay.

The cottage has two three-room apartments and one two-bedroom separate compartment, three toilets and a maintenance room. The three-room apartments have their toilet and shower facilities. There is also a high-quality utility room with good closet space, a washing machine, a drying cabinet, and a drying machine. Outside there are sorting points for combustible waste, metal, cardboard and glass.

Outdoor activities and exercise – there are many possibilities for these around a year! In summer, the nearby clear-water pond refreshes hikers and mountain bikers after a sauna experience. Visitors can find lake kayaking a couple of kilometers away, and hiking trails can be accessed from the front door and guided outdoor activities and our guests can book rental equipment from Taigavire.

Tölvästie 9
93280, Pudasjärvi

Food & drinks

Enjoy Boulis’s fresh lunchbowl, smoothie or delicious evening snacks and sweets. From our bar you can get refreshing lemonade, wine, drinks and beer. Check out our current opening hours on our website.

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele


You can book an appointment to Easymove’s massage on our online reservation.

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele


Welcome to Finland’s perhaps most fabulous bowling place! Boulis offers bowling services from Monday to Saturday. Feel free to enjoy your day or night with bowling of even funnier glow bowling!

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele


You can book an appointment to Easymove’s physiotherapy on our online reservation.

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele

Gym & Group Activities

Welcome to Easymove Gym! You can buy a day ticket or a week pass to our gym from our webstore. Of course we have also month memberships. Easymove offers group activities almost every day. Once you have paid the ticket, you can make a reservation to group class by email [email protected] or at our customer service desk in Easymove.

Pekurintie 2
90450, Kempele
Canoeing Day Trip in Northern Finland

Canoeing Day Trip in Northern Finland

On this trip you can enjoy the Lapland fresh wind, clean air and have a great experience with open canoe or easy single or twin kayak.

Finland is called the land of thousands of lakes. We organize guided kayaking trips in the area of ​​Syöte National Park. We paddle peacefully and safely in lake or river landscapes in the middle of pure and fresh Finnish nature. Easy kayaking trip is suitable for whole family

Your guide is a Finnish adventure and canoe instructor, wilderness chef who has completed the NOLS Wilderness Medical First Aid course. Welcome to enjoy this safe and unique outdoor adventure with a professional nature guide in Northern Finland!

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
A Guided Mountain Biking Trip in Northern Finland

Guided Mountain Biking Trip in Northern Finland

We organize guided mountain bike tours with high quality fat bikes all year round. During our biking trips we ride on variable terrain, through beautiful forest and fell scenery.

When embarking on an excursion, we carefully study the biking technique, features, route and safety issues about riding fatbikes. During the bike ride you will enjoy picnic lunch and hear about the history, nature and services of the area. If you prefer, guided tours can include a variety of cooperative or relaxing exercises.

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Three National Parks Summer Adventure in South Lapland - canoeing

Three National Parks Summer Adventure

Incredibly fresh air, blue lakes, exciting activities and wonderful classic Log cabin accommodation welcomes you to three different National Parks in South Lapland!

Well-being and adventure meet in this nature-based holiday. Hiking and biking in the old forest in Syöte national park and a meditative paddling tour on the wilderness lake in Hossa National Park with a professional adventure instructor is a pure joy.

Meeting brown bears in their own territory near the Martinselkonen Nature Reserve and a boat trip in a huge canyon are both unforgettable experiences.

True adventure is arranged for you in Kuusamo rapids! You are warmly welcome to join a rafting adventure in Oulanka National Park!

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Bear watching day trip in Northern Finland

Bear Watching Day Trip in North Finland

This once in the lifetime adventure is arranged in North-East-Finland from mid April to mid August.

Starting point to our unforgettable bear watching trip is from Syöte Visitor Centre. Eco-friendly car or bus takes you to Russian border. After approximately two hours driving we arrive to Arola Farm. Bear safaris have been organized in Arola since 1999. Safe and cozy log huts for bear watching and photographing are waiting for you. In early spring we leave to the huts from farm around 4 pm, and from June already from 3 pm. Picnic lunch with sandwiches and hot drinks is served in cabins. Singla cabin by additional price +40 €.

In the lives of brown bears there are a number of events during the summer that give followers new interesting experiences. In the spring, beginning of May, the bears wake up from their winter sleep and start searching for food, getting stronger, and looking for a mate. Mating season is in early June and during the end of the summer the bears start fattening up for the winter. Surprise for photographers there might be lovely playing cubs from the previous summer! At best, as many as 13 different bears have been seen in the area.

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Peaceful Hiking Trip in Syöte National Park

Peaceful Hiking Trip in Syöte National Park

Sustainability, nature well-being and simple hiking is the main idea on this classic hiking tour. Hiking starts from the Syöte Visitor Center. After a short introduction in Visitor Center’s exhibition is time to start our great tour. Path in the forest goes through the old forest, raises up to the fell and takes us to the wilderness cabin. Your guide starts the fire to the hearth and after a while the nice warmth of the fire spreads into the hut. Break and drink gives us energy to continue the last part of the trip.

Hiking down between two tops of Teerivaara fells gives us different sight again and a soon the sight deeper to Syöte National Park is very beautiful from the special view point. You can see bogs, huge forests and a mosaic of small rivers, lakes and lines of hills around you. On the top of the hill we spend a short time just relaxing and taking a deep breath of the cleanest air in the world! Way back to Visitor Center goes all the way down and soon we are back in the starting point refreshed and happy!

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Boreal bird and wildlife tour - brown bear

Boreal Bird & Wildlife Photographing Tour

This comprehensive bird and nature photographing week in Northern Ostrobothnia and South Lapland is made for nature lovers! Photographing holiday could be arranged as a self-guided holiday or with the local guide.

Wide-ranging bird sites vary from wonderful old spruce forests to hills, wetlands, lakes and riversides. We photograph birds and wildlife from the hiking trails in the wilderness, from the hides made for professional photographers, single or twin bird photographing tents, bird-watching towers and if you prefer you can hire a floating bird hide. Bear and eagle hides are solid wooden hides with photographing tables where you can attach your ball head or gimbal.

You will have also a good time enjoying the silence and rest during your wilderness photographing holiday. Taigavire Oy / Hikes’n Trails works as a field operator in South Lapland specializing in bird and wildlife photography tours. We cooperate only with professional nature photographers and sustainable wildlife companies in Finland.

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Two Days Kayaking Course in South Lapland

Two Days Kayaking Course in South Lapland

A two-day educational canoe trip with single kayak or open canoe will be arranged on the big wilderness lakes in Syöte national park and South Lapland area. During the trip the participant will learn about the Finnish nature, the basics of kayaking by paddling two days, learn how to cook nice meals by open fire and accommodate in tent or in a cottage in beautiful lake shore.

Kayaking courses would be arranged on request from 1.5. throughout the whole summer. The course is a two-day tour. Your guide is a Finnish adventure and canoe instructor, wilderness chef who has completed the NOLS Wilderness Medical First Aid course. Welcome to enjoy this safe and unique outdoor adventure with a professional nature guide in Northern Finland!

Erätie 1
93280, Syöte
Hotelli Pohjankievari

Hotel Pohjankievari

Easy and effortless stay in Kempele!
Whether you are travelling from the south to the north or need a rest along the way, Pohjankievari is a great option. We are a private family hotel in a peaceful area only 10 minutes away from Oulu.

There are many simple single and twin rooms in the hotel. You can also choose from bigger family rooms, or apartments with own kitchen and a separate bedroom.

We value the basics: good sleep, breakfast, and a homey atmosphere. Our guests are regular commuters, sports teams, and other travellers. Our regular customers return to us year after year.

Our yard is easily accessible even with a big vehicle. There are outdoor plugs to keep your vehicle engine warm, and electric cars can also be charged with no extra fees.

Eerontie 9
90440, Kempele
Aparment Kievarinhovi

Aparment Kievarinhovi

Kievarinhovi apartments are located next to the Hotel Pohjankievari and offer a high-quality accommodation option. The Kievarinhovi apartments are each decorated with different styles. The apartments have a kitchen, and a private sauna.

Eerontie 9
90440, Kempele

Cottage area halfway into the Iso-Syöte fell

In this area, you will find new and modern cottages with all the amenities. Its location is halfway into the fell and offers stunning mountain views and easy access to activities.

Cottages range in size from double bed cottages to large, multi-bedroom holiday homes. The cottages at Syöte Booking Centre offer spacious courtyards, stylish interiors and terraces with outdoor hot tubs. For those arriving in Syöte with an electric car, a few properties offer a dedicated charging point.

The illuminated walking path from the foot of the fell to the top runs through the cottage area. From the points on the right side of the trail, it is easy to steer directly to the slopes of the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte. The left-hand side is known as the sun terrace; you can enjoy a day on the cottage terrace there.

93280, Syöte
Park Hotel Liminka

Park Hotel Liminka

Modern Scandinavian style Park Hotel Liminka is located in the heart of the green and nature-rich town called Liminka, on the edge of beautiful central park. All interesting places, cultural sites, town services and the historic Old Liminka along the river are within walking distance.

The hotel offers easy access to Liminka’s appraised, fully marked mountain bike trails, which we have more than 150 kilometers just for you! Fatbikes can be rented in advance at the hotel.

Only a few minutes drive from the hotel, you can find the Rantakylä leisure site. A full frisbee golf course, cross country skiing center and sandy beaches with a jumping tower are all at your disposal.

Finland’s most important and worldwide known bird wetland and wetland center, Liminka Bay, is only a 6-minute drive away. At the Bay you can enjoy the locally made delicacies, see the free exhibition called “the 8 seasons of the birds” and see real birds from the two-level bird tower next to the Liminka Bay visitor center.

You can pop in quickly or spend as much time as you want according to your own schedules. All the rooms have a widescreen TV, microwave oven, a small refrigerator, electric kettle and complimentary products to make a hot drink.

Park Hotel Liminka – With us, you can relax and work without any fuss.

Liminganraitti 10
91900, Liminka

Restaurant at Hotel Pikku-Syöte

Hotel Pikku-Syöte’s restaurant is open all year round, including during the low season. The restaurant is located in the hub of various outdoor trails, next to the ski slopes of the Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte.

The place is known for the lunch and dinner buffets, with a high-quality à la carte menu and a selection of beers and wines.

The people who lodge in cottages nearby and also those who work in the area love the pizzas, burgers and sautéed reindeer. In addition, the restaurant at Hotel Pikku-Syöte serves the youth centre.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi

Youth centre Pikku-Syöte

At Pikku-Syöte, a camp school takes place at a ski hotel with northern activities. We organise youth camps with a special focus on nature, sports, arts, social skills and wilderness adventures. We learn from our environment, and nature is a valuable part of our everyday life.

Youth centre activities are the heart of Pikku-Syöte. While we serve all types of travellers, we are also constantly developing high-quality youth centre activities. Pikku-Syöte is one of nine youth centres in Finland approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

All our campers stay in the same hotel. This provides security, makes it easier to plan the camp and strengthens team spirit.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi
Hotel Pikku-Syöte at winter

Hotel Pikku-Syöte

Hotel Pikku-Syöte is an accessible and safe family hotel in the middle of nature. Rooms are available in five different categories, from basic to luxurious. We are the largest hotel in the area and aim to offer you and your family just what you need.

We also serve as a youth centre, but our hotel is open all year round for all guests and all ages. We know young people, and young people get to know us – we’re a place to call home.

The gym, billiards and ping-pong table are open to all. The hotel is surrounded by nature, with a clearly marked nature trail leading off the hotel. The ski slopes of Pikku-Syöte are just next to the hotel. Those staying with us receive a -25% discount on one-day lift passes.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi

Meeting facilities at Hotel Pikku-Syöte

At Pikku-Syöte, you move your meetings to a comfortable environment and more. The hotel has six meeting rooms and a 250-seat multifunctional hall. Just outside there is an easily accessible nature area, where you can easily go for different activities, for example, in the middle of a conference day.

We have networked with local operators in the area and can organise a break yoga session, snowshoeing or a thought-provoking moment over a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet of a lean-to shelter.

Our spacious restaurant caters for large business and seminar groups. Accommodation, all meals, working and meeting facilities and activities are arranged with a single contract.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi

Pikku-Syöte caravan area

In the Pikku-Syöte caravan area you can stay at affordable prices and enjoy the hotel’s services. There are 74 long-term seasonal spaces and 30 short-term caravan or car spaces.

The caravan site has its own service building with saunas, showers and toilets. In addition, guests of the site have access to the hotel’s public saunas and gyms.

The versatile restaurant at the Hotel Pikku-Syöte also serves all caravanners. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet plus pizzas & snacks and à la carte menus.

Syötekeskuksentie 126
93280, Pudasjärvi
Puikkari julkisivu.

Puikkari swimming hall

Enjoy our diverse selection of pools and the warmth of the tropics for the whole family! There is also a gym and the Puikkari Café.

Swimming time is 2 hours including washing and sauna.

Check the website for possible exceptions to opening hours.

Tuulimyllyntie 4
93100, Pudasjärvi
Main building

Laukanranta B&B

Laukanranta B&B offers a traditional style Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the beautiful village of Laitasaari in Muhos. Laukanranta B&B is on the bank of the Oulujoki river, close to public transport connections and just a 20 min drive from the city of Oulu. Spend the night in the cozy shelter of an old log house or in an idyllic wooden guest cottage with a loft.

Yli-Laukantie 1
91500, Muhos
montta, oulujoki, muhos

Active camping Montta

Traditional camping on the bank of the river, surrounded by forest, peaceful atmosphere and beautiful nature landscapes. You can color your stay with activities such are sports on nature, photography, hiking, fishing, renting a canoe, kayak or a boat. Summer season in our region is full of events. Camping comprises of 40 caravan pitches and 13 cottages. To complete your comfortable stay we have saunas, playground for kids, dancing floor under the roof, cabinets for events and etc. All these facilities will make your holiday warm, relaxing, funny, cosy and joyful.

Kieksintie 209
91500, Muhos

Syöte Camping, seasonal space

Syöte Camping’s year-round caravan site offers accommodation right at the foot of the Iso-Syöte fells, close to the services of the Visitor Centre. The caravan area has over 200 seasonal spaces for rent.

The caravan area has direct access to the slopes of Iso-Syöte, ski trails, cycling and hiking trails. The starting point of the Syöte National Park trails is only 400 metres away.

The price of a seasonal space at Syöte Camping includes an automated space-specific electricity connection system and the use of comfortable sauna and service facilities. During the winter season, there is a ventilated ski maintenance room. The two on-demand saunas can also be heated on request for your own group. In addition to the seasonal spaces, the Syöte Camping caravan area has 60 short-term spaces for day visitors.

Takarinteentie 4
93280, Syöte

Syöte Camping, short-term space

Syöte Camping is a peaceful but lively 275-space caravan camping area right at the foot of the ski slopes and the hiking trails. There are 60 spaces reserved for day visitors.

The year-round caravan site has direct access to the slopes of Iso-Syöte, ski trails, cycling, hiking and sledging routes. The starting point of the Syöte National Park trails is only 400 metres away.

The short-term space rental includes a caravan space with electricity and use of the comfortable maintenance and sauna facilities. During the winter season, there is a ventilated ski maintenance room. In addition to the public sauna facilities, there are two on-demand saunas, where you can book your own sauna shift.

Takarinteentie 4
93280, Syöte
Riihikummun mökit Syötteen keskusvaraamo

Cottages in Riihikumpu area in Syöte

The Riihikumpu cottage area offers accommodation in the tranquillity of the northern fells, just 3 km from the services of the Syöte Visitor Centre.

The range of properties includes cottages, semi-detached houses and terraced houses. The most common rental properties in Riihikumpu have 1-2 bedrooms and a loft, making the area ideal for families and small groups of friends. The atmospheric fir forest area is close to the ski trails, snowmobile routes and summer hiking trails.

You can book your holiday at the Riihikumpu cottages from the Syöte Booking Centre.

93280, Syöte

Cottages in Kelosyöte area

Kelosyöte is one of the first cottage areas in Syöte, and here you can experience the most authentic Syöte all year round. The cottage area is located on the shores of Lake Kovalampi and in the fells, just 3 km from the Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte and 6 km from Iso-Syöte.

From Kelosyöte, it is easy to set off on your own cycling and hiking trips. There is also a well-lit ski trail, often the first to open for the winter season. Families with children will enjoy the Peikkopolku path and the beach of Lake Kovalampi. Those who love fishing, love to lure the rainbow trout of Lake Kovalampi.

The Syöte Booking Centre has a large selection of traditional reindeer cabins with a kitchen-living room, 1-2 bedrooms, sauna and bathroom.

93280, Syöte

All Syöte's activities from Syöte Booking Centre

Whether you want to go on a husky safari, an aurora borealis tour by snowmobile or a horseback ride in the Syöte area, you can book your excursion directly through Syöte Booking Centre – as well as online.

All the activities and programme services in the fell area are easily available and pre-packaged for each season at the Syöte Booking Centre. During the winter season, the Syöte Booking Centre compiles the most popular activities on the fells into a winter weekly programme, making it easy to pick out things to do for your holidays in advance.

The Syöte Booking Centre serves holidaymakers in the LumiAreena premises at the foot of the slopes of Iso-Syöte. You are welcome to ask for tips on activities for your Syöte holiday!

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte

Winter activities for groups

Ski resort Iso-Syöte serves groups with services tailored to them. Choose what you want to do, we’ll arrange the equipment and the coach.

A tailor-made winter trip in Finnish nature is an unforgettable experience, whether you are cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or on a fatbike.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Snow World

Ski Resort Iso-Syöte has an area for families with children – a small ski resort inside the larger one. It brings families together, from toddlers to grandparents. It is safe to explore the fun and snow, for example, on a slide in the Snow World area, and then enjoy your lunch at the atmospheric campfire site.

Admission to the children’s activities area is free. Its elevators are free of charge for children under 7 years of age who are skiing with a helmet. There are many fun and fast-paced special ski slopes in the children’s fell area with routes to safe forest trails and fun slopes.

You can also meet reindeer and try various winter activities in the Snow World – experience a winter day packed with laughter in an inspiring and authentic environment.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Bike rental in summer

At Ski Resort Iso-Syöte’s rental, you will find high-quality mountain bikes for trails and the Bike Park. Full-suspension mountain bikes are also part of our XC fleet, and with them you can get the most out of the trails in the Syöte area.

The mountain bike routes are well marked. Stick to the routes, and you can focus on enjoying nature without the fear of getting lost.

For the kids, we rent kickbikes. Fatbikes are suitable for children over 130 cm. It is safe to get to know mountain biking on a fatbike. Driving a fatbike is an experience anywhere.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Syötteen Eräpalvelut kesäsafarit river tubing

Guided summer safaris at Syöte

Go and experience the popular water activities organised by Syötteen Eräpalvelut in the fell area: river tubing, canoeing and fishing in the versatile waters of Syöte.

River tubing excursion (2.5 hours) on the River Pärjänjoki gets your adrenaline pumping but also offers peaceful moments in the wilderness. The journey in the rapids is made with 1-person inflatable canoes. A canoe safari (2.5 hours) is a bit more of a relaxed excursion that takes you through the best stretches of the beautiful canoeing route of the River Pärjänjoki. Fishing guide services in the waters of Syöte are tailored according to your wishes.

The price of the summer safaris includes guide services, equipment and transportation to the places of departure. The excursions do not require previous experience, but those taking part in river tubing and canoe safaris must be able to swim.

Oksanperäntie 364
93280, Syöte

Bike Park guidance lesson

Bike Park guidance lesson is the best start for a new sport and hobby. Downhill biking and Bike Park are the most fun when you know the tricks of the sport. No previous experience is needed – the desire to learn and readiness are enough!

During the Bike Park guidance lesson, you will learn about the driving technique, braking, utilising the full-suspension bike and managing tilted bends and jumpers. We also show you how to get on the T-bar lift with the bike.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte

Bike Park package

From the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte’s rental shop, you can get everything you need for the Bike Park: Downhill bike, protective equipment, elbow and knee pads, fullface helmet and a lift ticket.

You can buy the Bike Park package for three hours or the whole day. If you are new to downhill biking, three hours is probably enough.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Väinämöinen talvi

Syötteen Mökit Cottages

Syötteen mökit cottages are high-quality log cabins suitable for the whole family on a fell holiday. You can relax in the outdoor jacuzzi while watching the snow-covered trees and enjoy the services and activities of the Syöte Visitor Centre.

Joukahainen, Vanamo, Väinämöinen and Wellamo are spacious cottages (for 6–10 people) with several bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, fireplace, sauna, terrace, and outdoor hot tub. There is also a crib and a high chair for families with small children.

The cottages are located in a quiet location next to the Syöte Visitor Centre and are an ideal spot for active holidaymakers all year round. The best mountain bike trails in Finland, the 120 km ski trail network, the hiking trails in Syöte National Park, Ski Resort Iso-Syöte and the beaches of Luppovesi Lake are just a step outside the door.

Mustikkapolku 7
93280, Syöte

Syötteen Mökit Cottages Tapio and Tellervo

Tapio and Tellervo cottages near Ski Resort Iso-Syöte are a good choice for those who appreciate comfort and a central location. Add a little luxury to your holiday and admire the northern lights and the nightless night from the outdoor hot tub.

The cottages, completed in early 2022, have beds for 4+2 persons. The family-friendly and well-equipped cottages have two bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, and a bathroom. The complex includes a covered terrace, an outdoor hot tub, and a sauna in a separate building.

The cottages, located in a quiet location, provide easy access to the mountain bike trails, ski trails, and snowmobile trails in the Syöte area. The beach of Lake Luppovesi is just a short walk away.

Näädänpolku 16
93280, Syöte

Gym at KIDE Hotel

At KIDE Hotel in Iso-Syöte, you don’t miss a workout, even on holiday. The hotel has two gyms.

There is a spacious 200 square meters gym for functional training and fitness workout. In the traditional gym, you will find versatile workout stations and modern training equipment.

You can buy access to the gyms when booking a room.

Romekievarintie 6
93280, Syöte

Kuuru Tunturilaakso Suites

The Northern Lights Suites combine the beauty of Finnish nature with the comforts of a luxury suite. Although you sleep directly under the stars, the suite is equipped for comfort with underfloor heating and air conditioning.

The Scandinavian-style suites have a double bed and offer a great view of the fell sceneries through large windows and a glass ceiling. The suite also has a kitchen, bathroom and private terrace. Breakfast is served at the nearby KIDE Hotel, which can be reached in winter on a kicksled that comes with the suite.

The unforgettable Kuuru Suites are located in a private location in the nature reserve, just a stone’s throw from the services and activities of the Syöte tourist area. Guests have access to a cosy hut in the courtyard.

Romekuja 2
93280, Syöte

Syöte Booking Centre

The Syöte Booking Centre makes your holiday in Syöte easy. They offer all the services of the fell region in one place: accommodation, activities and transfers from the airport to Syöte.

You have the widest choice of accommodation in the area, from cottages to holiday apartments and hotel rooms. With almost 200 accommodation options, the range of accommodation in Syöte covers all the different cottage areas and price ranges. The Syöte Booking Centre also arranges programme services and safaris in the area, and tailors travel packages for meetings and groups.

The Syöte Booking Centre office is the official tourist information of Syöte area. Professional staff with a good knowledge of the Syöte area serve you at LumiAreena, at the foot of the slopes of Iso-Syöte. Through the online booking system, cottages and activities can be booked 24/7.

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte

Restaurant at KIDE Hotel

When you enjoy many outdoor activities, you also need to eat well. The restaurant of KIDE Hotel in Iso-Syöte offers options for everyone from the raw materials of the north. Our kitchen knows the value of vegetarian food as well as local reindeer meat.

In the mornings, our restaurant serves as an atmospheric breakfast restaurant. The cosy lounge is the centrepiece of the whole holiday. There you can enjoy hot chocolate, uplifting aperitifs, or indulge in board games.

Romekievarintie 6
93280, Syöte

Karsikkolampi smoke sauna

A traditional Finnish smoke sauna heats up in Syöte’s Karsikkolampi pond, and the atmosphere and smells are a real experience. In the winter season, you can even take a dip in a hole in the ice. The water of the pond is also refreshing in summer.

The smoke sauna in Karsikkolampi has a capacity of 7 people on its soot-darkened benches, making it a great activity for families and small groups. The sauna is connected to a warm dressing room, where you can enjoy the warmth of a roaring fireplace. Outside you can admire the beauty of the fells on the small terrace.

Book a traditional smoke sauna experience through the Syöte Booking Centre. Birch switches and guidance to the smoke sauna are included in the price of the reservation (3h). The Karsikkolampi smoke sauna is located about 6.5 km from Iso-Syöte and about 2.5 km from Pikku-Syöte.

93280, Syöte
Pikku-Syöte mökkialue keskusvaraamo talvi

Cottages in Pikku-Syöte area

Pikku-Syöte is a peaceful and family-friendly cottage area with slopes and hiking trails nearby. One of the absolute highlights of the area is the evening sun shining on the hillside giving more daylight to the days during the winter season.

The majority of the cottages you can book from the Syöte Booking Centre are new log cabins or semi-detached houses built in the 2000s. You can experience the authentic Finnish log cabins at Pikku-Syöte. Most cottages have direct access to the slopes or ski trails of the Ski Resort Pikku-Syöte. The nature trail and cycling routes of Pikku-Syöte also offer activities for your holidays.

The cottage area is located close to the services and indoor activities of Hotel Pikku-Syöte, but renting a car is recommended if you want to get around more during your holiday.

93280, Syöte
Pytkynharju mökkialue keskusvaraamo kohde

Cottages in Pytkynharju and Arola cottage area in Syöte

Surrounded by a beautiful ridge landscape, the cottage area is located along the Syöte hiking trails. The classic route around Syöte takes you to the top of Pytkynharju, one of the most popular photo spots in Syöte.

Pytkynharju and Arola’s cosy cottages and semi-detached apartments usually have 1-2 bedrooms and a loft. From the courtyard, you can reach ski trails, snowmobile routes, cycling and hiking trails in no time. The nearby Kellarinlampi nature trail is one of the most popular routes for families. Next door are also Pytky Cafe and Pytkynharju sandy beach – and an open hole in the ice in winter.

The slopes of Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte are a short drive away, about 7-8 km. Take a look at the Pytkynharju and Arola cottages that you can book from the Syöte Booking Centre.

93280, Syöte
Hulhava mökkialue Syöte

Cottages in Hulhava area in Syöte

Hulhava is one of the most popular cottage areas in Syöte. And for a good reason! Spacious and well-equipped family cottages offer a holiday in the heart of the tourist centre: surrounded by nature and within walking distance of services.

The Hulhava cottage area is located on the left side of the fells, as seen from the front slopes of Iso-Syöte. The lighted first-snow ski trail runs through Hulhava. The hiking trails of the Syöte National Park start nearby. In the summer season, you can enjoy the sandy beach of Lake Luppovesi.

The Syöte Booking Centre also has a selection of brand new cottages and semi-detached houses built in the 2020s. Many Hulhava cottages have an outdoor hot tub on the terrace.

93280, Syöte
Näkymä Iso-Syötteelle Luokkavaaran mökkialueelta

Cottages around Syöte

Looking for some peace and quiet of the fells with comforts? The Syötekylä cottage area is located approximately 7 km from the Ski Resorts Iso-Syöte and Pikku-Syöte.

The area offers spacious 3-4 bedroom family cottages and small log cottages by the water. Here you can rent large cottages on a smaller budget. In winter, there are ski trails near the cottage area. There are also small ponds in the area, and in many cottages a boat is included.

The Syöte Booking Centre has a selection of well-equipped rental properties in the Syötekylä area. We recommend having or renting a car if you want to stay in this area.

93280, Syöte
Ollukka mökkialue Syöte rinteet

Cottages in Ollukka area in Syöte

The Ollukka cottage area at the foot of the Iso-Syöte fells, on the right side of the foothills, offers new, large log cabins. The location of the area is perfect for those holidaying without a car, as everything you need is within walking distance.

Ollukka’s modern, multi-bedroom cottages have room for larger families and groups of friends. Well-equipped kitchens add convenience to your holiday, and many properties have an outdoor patio with a large terrace.

Lighted ski trails, cycling routes and the hiking trails of the Syöte National Park are nearby. The Ski Resort Iso-Syöte, shops and restaurants are also nearby. You can book your holiday at the Ollukka cottages from the Syöte Booking Centre.

93280, Syöte
Iso-Syöte huippu kelomökit talvi

Tunturimajakylä cottage area in Syöte

Known for its traditional log cabins, the cottage area at the top of the Iso-Syöte fell offers modern comfort and ski-in-ski-out convenience. A special feature of many of the Tunturimajakylä cabins is the panoramic views over the fells – perfect for admiring the Northern Lights or the colours of the autumn foliage.

In this location, you don’t need a car. The cycling and hiking trails can be accessed directly from the cottages. During the winter season, you can see the snow-covered trees, the lighted ski trail and the slopes of the Ski Resort Iso-Syöte straight from the cottage area. The services of the Arctic Hilltop Hotel Iso-Syöte are within walking distance.

The Syöte Booking Centre has a wide range of well-equipped accommodation in the Tunturimajakylä cottage area: cottages, terraced houses and semi-detached houses to suit the needs of active holidaymakers. The cottage area is ideal for families and couples alike.

93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Aurora Suite Aurora View

Aurora View Suite / Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

Stay in the luxurious Aurora View Suites amidst an Arctic experience and unique Finnish design. Forget the concerns of your daily life, relax in the warmth of the outdoor hot tub, and enjoy the view over the valley.

Upstairs, the spacious Aurora View Suite (55 m²) at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte has a living area, kitchenette, shower and a plush double bed. The speciality of the suite is the outdoor hot tub on the balcony. The entrance floor has a sofa bed (140 cm), a sauna, a bathroom and a drying cabinet.

The Aurora View Suite can accommodate 2 + 2 people. The accommodation includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte

Pytkyigloos Aurora Hut

Enjoy your luxurious night near the nature and enjoy stunning views – and when in luck, aurora borealis. AuroraHut accommodation and café and restaurant services at Pytky Cafe & Parttio Bistro. The café side follows the high seasons in the area in terms of opening hours and Parttio Bistro is a custom restaurant.Our site is bordered by the beautiful Naamankajärvi, where we have AuroraHut’s own pier and sandy beach, as well as a newly built separate public beach and boat dock. We also rent SUP-boards and boats.

We have a reindeer fence as well as three reindeer. Pytky reindeer patrol. Reindeer are free in the summer and winters in the fenced yard of Pytky. Once the reindeer have been trained, they will be used e.g. sleigh reindeers. In the future, we will also offer experience and wellness services as packages. Our company also provides cleaning services for cottages in the area.

Syötetie 28
93280, Syöte
Fell Top Cottage

Fell Top Cottages / Iso-Syöte hilltop

Stay at the top of Iso-Syöte in the spacious and atmospheric Fell Top Cottages, right next to the ski slopes, ski trails, and mountain bike trails. Staying at a Fell Top Cottage, you can spend your holiday in complete peace or use the services of the adjacent Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte.

The accommodation is suitable for families and groups of friends, and there is room for 6+2 people. The two-storey cottages (75 m²) have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room & kitchen, and a sauna.

There are places for skis, bikes and other equipment in the cottage’s locked storage. The cottage accommodation includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Cafe Hilltop vitriini

Cafe Hilltop

Enjoying the moment with a cup of coffee at Cafe Hilltop is an experience. The café at the top of Iso-Syöte serves hot drinks with delicious dishes, and offers great views of the surrounding nature from its huge windows.

At Cafe Hilltop, you will find fresh speciality coffees, cold or hot, to your liking. In addition to coffee, a selection of cakes and buns are on the menu. Tasty sandwiches and rolls as well as refreshing smoothies and milkshakes are great snacks for an active holidaymaker.

The atmospheric café is located in connection with the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte and Restaurant Hilltop.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Iso-Syöte Bike Park at the top

Iso-Syöte Bike Park

Lift biking in Finland’s southernmost fells! Iso-Syöte Bike Park is one of the top destinations for lift accessed mountain biking in Finland. With more than 10 trails, each providing 1-2 km of rideable terrain, the park has something for everyone, from beginner to expert. Flow routes, enduro trails, drops, and jumps – you’re sure to find yours!

On the easiest routes, you can ride a front-suspended mountain bike. However, riding on a full-suspension enduro or downhill bike is the best way to enjoy the day. You’ll get protective equipment and a bike from our rental shop. The complete Bike Park package includes a bike, a protective set and a lift ticket.

The range of routes is so extensive that you can spend several days driving on the slopes. The Bike Park also offers three-hour tickets and rental packages, so you can explore the sport at a low threshold along with other leisure activities.

As well as offering some of the best downhill riding around, there is also an amazing network of trail biking in Iso-Syöte area. Many claim the area has the best trails in Finland, varying from the Lappish fell scenery to Syöte National Parks old forests, swamps (be prepared for duckboards!) and wavy ridges with fast drops and gorgeous views.

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Aten mökit OY/Satu 31

Kelosyöte/Aten mökit

-Genuine log cabins by Aten mökit

Aten mökit offers affordable and comfortable accommodation in the middle of rugged forest nature, on the shore of mountain lake Kovalampi. Here you are surrounded by the fell nature of Syöte, in every season.

These log cabins are a good example of traditional Finnish wood construction. Four of the cabins are made of genuine Pudasjärvi logs, with a beautiful grey surface that is nature’s protection against the rough weather.

Here you will enjoy the authentic Syöte fell nature. The nearby routes, paths and trails lead to nature and an authentic cultural environment.

Kelosyötteentie 9
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Kelomökki kesä

Kelo Cottages / Iso-Syöte hilltop

Spend your holiday in a cottage is built from large silver pine logs in the traditional Finnish style. The Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte’s atmospheric four-person cottages are located at the top of the fell, next to the Syöte Visitor Centre’s activities.

The cottages (40 m²) have one bedroom and a living room with a sofa bed, a magnificent natural stone fireplace and a well-equipped kitchenette as well as their own sauna. Cottage accommodation includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

The cottages are just a short walk from the hotel (300 m) and the ski slopes of Iso-Syöte Ski Resort. Cross-country ski trails run through the fell village. Also, the area’s cycling and hiking trails are easily accessible straight from the cottages’ yards.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Saaga Travel largest charter bus is a 79-seater double-decker.

Charter buses to Syöte

Saaga Travel takes your group effortlessly from Oulu Airport directly to the fell scenery of Syöte. You have a wide range of vehicles to choose from accompanied by great service and English-speaking drivers.

Charter buses to Syöte are available for groups of all sizes. Saaga Travel’s large fleet includes buses up to a 79-seater giant bus. For smaller groups, transport is arranged by minibus or VIP car, such as the 18-seater Mercedes Sprinter minibus.

The vehicles are well-equipped with Wi-Fi and USB plugs, among other things, so in addition to the scenery, you can watch a movie or even hold a meeting during the trip. Through Saaga Travel, you also get comprehensive travel packages to the Syöte area.

Romekievarintie 2
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Phoenix Suite Winter View

Phoenix Suite / Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

Decorated in tones of charcoal and ash, the Phoenix Suite (95 m²) of the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is perhaps the most luxurious in the North, offering expansive mountain views that you can admire while lounging on a plush double bed. In this suite, you can also relax in the warmth of the hot tub and Finnish sauna.

Phoenix is one of Hotel Iso-Syöte’s unique and storytelling experience suites. It was built in memory of the hotel that burned down in 2018. The double suite has a large living room area, a double bed, a fireplace, a jacuzzi and a Finnish sauna.

The suite has a connecting door to the Star Superior room next to it, so it is also a good choice for families. The price includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Arctic Spa Sauna

Arctic Spa

In the pools and saunas of the Arctic Spa at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte, you will spend a genuinely leisurely holiday. The speciality of the Arctic Spa is the direct view over the northern fell scenery from the large windows of the pool section.

The Arctic Spa has a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere. The pool area has a swimming pool with hydromassage points and counter-
current equipment, as well as a hot tub and cold water pool.
Relax your body and your mind in a steam sauna or a traditional Finnish sauna.

In connection with the spa department, Arctic Spa Beauty & Wellness offers comprehensive pampering wellness and beauty services. The selection includes facials, peat therapy treatments
and massages.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Eagle View Suite

Eagle View Suite / Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

Characterised as the 4th most romantic suite in the world, the Eagle View Suite is the perfect accommodation for couples looking for privacy and luxury experiences in the north.

The two-storey experience suite offers a panoramic view of the fell valley. Downstairs there is a fireplace and a sauna with a landscape window. Upstairs you will find a soft bed with stunning mountain views and a skylight. From the hot tub, you can admire the beauty of the nightless summer nights or the starry winter sky.

The Eagle View Suite (55m²) is one of the experience suites of the Hotel Iso-Syöte. The accommodation includes free admission to the hotel’s Arctic Spa.

Isosyötteentie 246
93280, Syöte
group excursion in Syöte national park

Trail biking experience in the Syöte National Park

Many mountain bikers claim the Syöte area has the best trails in Finland, varying from the lappish fell scenery to Syöte National Parks old forests, swamps(be prepared for duckboards!) and wavy ridges with fast drops and gorgeous views.

In this excursion you get to know the basics about riding a full-suspended trail bike, fat bike or electric bike, depending on your choice of equipment. Your local guide will then take you to the most beautiful and memorable spots in the area, or depending to you liking the best flowing trails. This excursion is always tailored to the wishes of the group.

The excursion is well suited for first-time mountain bikers( but you need to be able to ride a regular bike).

Romekievarintie 126
93280, Syöte
Hotel Iso-Syöte Meeting room

Meeting services

Meeting services at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte take your group’s journey to the next level, to the top of Finland’s southernmost fell. With our help, you can easily get everything you need from conference and meeting facilities to accommodation, meals and social activities.

The hotel’s three high-quality meeting rooms (12-72 people) are well-equipped. The 200-seat Restaurant Hilltop and the Hanhilampi Wilderness Camp, suitable for groups of 10 to 50 people, can also be booked for private events.

We offer customised programme services for businesses, families and incentive groups. Snowmobile, husky and bike safaris as well as wilderness activities are great choices for group activities.

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Hotel Iso-Syöte Hanhilampi Erämaaleiri

Hanhilampi Wilderness Camp

The Lapland-style Hanhilampi hut and the mystique of an authentic Finnish smoke sauna offer a unique setting for evenings for groups of 10 to 50 people.

In the hut, you can enjoy a delicious wilderness menu in the warmth of a campfire. A smoke sauna, heated for many hours, awaits the guests on the shore of Hanhilampi. Taking a dip in a pond in the middle of the wilderness is refreshing – especially through a hole in the ice during winter.

Hanhilampi Wilderness Camp serves groups on request all year round.

For prices and reservations, please visit our website.

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Airport Hotel Oulu

Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu offers comfortable accommodation in maritime scenery on the border of Oulu city and the municipality of Kempele. Hotel has good transport connections and is close to nature and the Oulu Airport.
Finlandia Hotel Airport Oulu is part of Finlandia Hotels chain alongside 11 other hotels around the country.

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Romekievari's famous salmon soup

Restaurant Romekievari - Tennessee BBQ house and the home of waffles

The legendary slope side restaurant Romekievari is located in the heart of Iso-Syöte. At daytime, when the skilifts are open in the winter we serve delicious casual Tennessee Style menu and best waffles of The world!

Romekievari and Sauna Bar & Pub are perfect for spending a night in the great atmosphere. We provide theme dinners and special dinners for groups on request.

Also karaoke nights with the best company!

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93280, Syöte
Bar / lobby area, entrance to restaurant

Restaurant Hilltop

A high-quality, 200-seat panoramic Restaurant Hilltop offering pure northern flavours and breath-taking views is situated on the top floor of Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte. A large open kitchen and a glowing charcoal barbecue is the heart of the restaurant made of logs.

The menu deliciously combines international flavours with the best bites that Syöte has to offer. So sit back and enjoy mushrooms, berries and other delicacies hand-picked from the fell area. The meat of the reindeer that roam the nearby forests is a truly local speciality.

Breakfast in the mornings, cafe with snacks during daytime and A la Carte / dinner in the evenings.

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Kotakahvion etupuoli


-Kotacafe and reception at Aten mökit

The reception and the keys to the cabins can be found in the atmospheric Kotacafe. The café will be open during the winter season 2022 during the high season and by appointment.

A break at the café with coffee and tasty doughnuts is a must for many skiers. There is a lighted ski trail leading straight to the yard. Kotacafe is part of Syöte’s 120-kilometre ski trail network.

You can also find traditional, local gemstones in the café. Traces of the ice age are visible in the gorges of the Syöte area but also in the geologically rich soil. Did you know that you can even find marble under the moss cover of the forests of Syöte?

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Tunturi Pub

We have snacks for everyone, for big or small appetites. Pizzas, burgers, salads and smaller snacks are available. You can come and eat on the spot or order food to take away.

Tunturi Pub is located at the foot of the Iso-Syöte fells, in the immediate vicinity of the front slopes.

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Restaurant El Sabor

Tapas Dinner for two

Experience the flavors of Spain combined with the pure ingredients of the north. This dinner is served for two.

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90440, Kempele
Pikku-Syöte offers exceptional trails and sceneries for Mountain Biking around the year.

Guided Mountain Biking tours from Pikku-Syöte

The landscapes of Pikku-Syöte open up in their beautiful outfit in the southernmost fell area of ​​Finland. The scents of pine and juniper arouse the biker to sense the presence of nature, which has remained the same for hundreds of years. The guided mountain biking tour takes you through these landscapes and scents.

Our bikes are fatbikes. At the beginning of the trip, the basic techniques of mountain biking and the basic functions of the bike are introduced. Depending on the level of the group, the guide will choose a suitable route along which there will be enough breaks. The smallest wheels are 15 inches.

The mountain range of the feed offers good opportunities for mountain cycling. There are more than 150 kilometers of marked mountain bike trails in the Syöte area. During the summer, Pikku-Syöte serves as a camping, competition and training place for cycling enthusiasts and professionals. The nationally known and popular mountain biking event Syöte MTB is held annually in the mountain area of ​​Syöte in early August.

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Syöte Rent&Safaris - E-Fatbikes

Fatbike / E-fatbike Rental

We rent traditional and electric assisted fatbikes for the best cycling routes in Finland in Syöte. We have suitable bikes in many different sizes.

FatBikes for rent are FELT “Bullit” DD30 models and E-FatBike bikes are RockMachine E50 and E70.

The bikes are suitable for all types of terrain in both summer and winter!

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KIDE Finland's Best Ski Hotel

KIDE Hotel by Iso-Syöte

KIDE Hotel at Ski Resort Iso-Syöte combines Scandinavian style and ecological wood construction in the middle of pure nature. KIDE Hotel was awarded as the best ski hotel in Finland in 2021. You don’t need a car here. You only need an adventurous mind. The ski resort’s slopes, trails, summer and winter routes, and the nature of the entire Syöte National Park are in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

KIDE rooms are beautifully decorated to highlight Scandinavian design and even the smallest elements support your active outdoor lifestyle. Each room has its own kitchen and balcony overlooking either the fell or the nearby pond and forest landscape.

Only five minutes walk from KIDE Hotel are located the Kuuru glass roof suites. Suites are ecological, locally produced mini log houses equipped with big windows and heated glass roof. Relax on the comfort of your bed and admire the beautiful nature and the northern sky. With good luck, you can also see the beautiful northern lights straight from your bed. Forget the hurry and extra noise, just enjoy your stay in the Finnish nature.

There is also a sauna and fully equipped, high-class gym in the hotel building. Hotel restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is open from 8am to 8pm.

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Fireplace summer

Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

The Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is standing grandly on a hilltop in one of the snowiest areas of Finland next to a peaceful national park. In the relaxing spa, all the senses are calmed down and the high-quality panoramic Restaurant Hilltop offers nourishment both for the soul and the body. Hotel Iso-Syöte also offers joyful experiences of a true winter wonderland, such as skiing, snowshoeing, downhill skiing as well as snowmobile, reindeer and husky safaris.

The boutique hotel rooms and Aurora View Suites offer stylish and customised options. Comfort and design are found in the elegant experience suites: the Bear Cave Suite, the Eagle View Suite and the Phoenix Suite.

The Fell Top Cottages and Kelo cottages offer ambience, surrounded by unspoiled nature as far as the eye can see.

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Hotel Iso-Syöte Bear Cave Suite Hot tube

Bear Cave Suite / Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte

The magnificent Bear Cave Suite of the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is one of the hotel’s well-known suites, which is why people travel to Syöte from around the world. The unique experience accommodation takes the guests to an underground atmosphere, the luxury class Bear Cave.

The Bear Cave Suite (95 m²) has a plush double bed and a wonderful interior of pine, stone and lichen, among other materials. One specialty of this suite is the two saunas: a Turkish steam bath and a traditional Finnish sauna. You can also watch the fireplace burning while lying in the jacuzzi.

The Bear Cave is a double room, but it can be connected to the Star Superior Room by a connecting door, making the space suitable for families as well. Admission to the Arctic Spa is included in the price.

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Hotel Iso-Syöte Pyörävuokraamo

Bike Rental Shop - Lapland Bike Hotel Iso-Syöte

You can find top-quality mountain bikes for Syöte bike routes at the bike rental of Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte. Rent a mountain bike for a few hours or even for your entire stay.

The Bike Rental Shop’s selection includes electric mountain bikes, mountain bikes and gravel bikes. Active cycling enthusiasts, as well as first-time enthusiasts, will find the best bike for their adventures in the annually renewed selection of rental bikes. Children’s mountain bikes and lamps are also available for rent. We lend pumps and basic tools for a deposit.

The Bike Rental Shop at the Arctic Hilltop Boutique Hotel Iso-Syöte is open during the summer season.

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93280, Syöte

Pärjä Ski Suites – stylish accommodation next to slopes

Pärjä Suites are truly ski-in ski-out suites for 2 to 10 persons near the back slopes of Iso-Syöte. After an active day, you can relax in your own sauna, and in some of the suites, you can ease in your own bathtub. The suites come with a fully equipped kitchen, but occasionally you might want to enjoy the delicious selection of the Pärjä Bistro near the suites.

The four Pärjä suites have been renovated in the old restaurant section of the building: three 42 m² holiday suites, two of which have loft beds. The largest suite comfortably sleeps a big family or group, as the 80 m² space comes with a 60 m² loft bed area.

The slopes can be accessed directly from the porches of the suites, and the other Syöte activities such as mountain biking trails and skiing tracks are also easy to access from Pärjä.

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