Road trip from the frozen sea to snowy fells

There’s no escaping winter in these latitudes nor do the locals want to. The season has its own, magical atmosphere and brings out new perspectives to the ordinary. Everything looks, smells and tastes different in winter. And instead of closing down, winter opens up experiences that you just can’t have in the summer months.

Find yourself breathing in local art and culture, diving into the fascinating world of what life used to be around these parts, or trying out new things. Bring your favourite woolly hat and your bathing suit, everything else is for rent!

The winter air gives you happy tears

Keep yourself in motion in the winter – not to stay warm, but to stay happy! Make the most of snow covered fells and forests, and go full throttle on the frozen lakes and seashores. Find new perspectives into familiar sports. Ready, set, go!

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Blanket Yourself in the Warmth of Winter

Winter brings out things in nature we rarely notice in other seasons. Things quiet down, suggesting we should slow down a bit, too. The best way to find peace of mind is to leave your everyday behind and find new, relaxing experiences in new landscapes. Take your weary soul on a road trip and charge your batteries the way the locals do in the Pohjola route destinations.

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Nurture the light within

When daylight is scarce, you need to nurture your soul with another kind of light. Winter is no time to dive into darkness at home – it’s the perfect time to find a new spark in museums, exhibitions and restaurants along the Pohjola route!

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How cool life used to be

The thing about old buildings and artefacts is that they remind us about a smaller, simpler life. Almost to the point of wanting to go back, if even for one day. Life on the northern shores had to follow the seasons and certainly was not easy, but it was a full life for sure. The warmth that radiates through in these places – just the perfect way to detach yourself from the present. It’ll do you good.

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