Chasing the Northern Lights

Have you ever had the chance to see the Northern Lights live? The skies, painted with magical colors and the snow, glistening in the light – chasing the experience makes it all worth it. Along the Pohjola route there are many destinations you can travel and see the Northern Lights – if you get lucky!


Imagine lodging in the shore of Hailuoto island in the middle of the frozen sea. It’s freezing outside and you are dumbfound by the amount of darkness. Suddenly macigal green light fills your hotelroom or cabin and you see them: the Northern Lights.

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For example in Kalajoki you can actually go hunting for the Northern Lights. The professional Aurora Borealis hunters know the time and the place to be watching the night sky.

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And for example in Syöte there are hotel rooms that are made especially for enjoying the Northern Lights. You don’t even have to go out in the frost and cold to see them. Just lie in your bed and look up.

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