Vihannin Härkäjuhlat

The Vihannin Härkäjuhlat “Vihanti Bull Festival” is a traditional dance and celebration event, which will be held again on August 12, 2023, from 7:30 PM to 2:00 AM at Vihanti Youth Association Hall. The first Härkäjuhlat festival took place at Mäntylampi in Vihanti on August 27, 1966. Since 2015, the event has been rotating between the youth associations of the area (Alpua, Lumimetsä, and Vihanti). This year, it’s Vihanti’s turn to host the festival.

The main performers at the event will be Katri Ylander and Heikki Koskelo & Helmi. Other performers include Duo Merja Juutinen, Nikke’s Karaoke, and the folk dance group “Sarastus” from Oulainen. The event’s technical arrangements for the tent (450 square meters) set up in the yard will be taken care of by Jami Audio. The festival area will offer a variety of catering services, providing items such as coffee, refreshments, sausages, and beef dishes. There will be a beer restaurant in the tent as well. The event is organized by Lions Club Vihanti and Vihanti Youth Association, with the assistance of Alpua and Lumimetsä youth associations in the planning and execution of the festival.

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