Flowing rivers and pure wilderness

Pohjola route travels via 15 rivers, taking its traveller to the origins of many of the waterways. Speaking of origins: experiencing the wilderness is a journey to Finland’s source. 


There are several rivers in Oulu you can experience kayaking, rafting or rowing. What’s your pick? Even though Oulu is an urban city, there are also many places to soak in the wild nature.

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Kalajoki is not only a sea side destination, but also a good place to experience the wilderness and river basin area – after all it is called Kalajoki, as in Fish river!

Rokua Geopark

The wilderness that sings the songs of the ice age and the river area that flows through unique nature – those are just a few of the factors that make Rokua Geopark nature lovers’ top destination.

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Syöte fell area suprises you with its nature activities outside the snowy season. The wilderness of Syöte National Park is highly recommended!

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