Tiedekahvila - Science cafe

The café has always been an important part of visiting the Science Centre. Now, it is even more so as science has become the centre of our renewed Tiedekahvila cafe, too!

The Tiedekahvila science cafe has a new appearance which better matches with and merges in the Science Centre – with both its decor and activities. In the cafe interior, there are bits of science scattered around, offering you knowledge and amusement. Mini-interactives, the small exploratory exhibits on tables, offer you a hands-on experience to science in the traditional Science Centre Tietomaa way.

So, while enjoying your food and beverages, you can enjoy exploring and investigating the mini-interactives or, for example, fiddle with and revamp the symbols of chemical elements found from the interior.

Tiedekahvila has free entry, and it is located on the ground floor of the Science Centre Tietomaa.

More information
  • Nahkatehtaankatu 6
    90100 Oulu
  • +358 400 898 091
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