School of Arts Liminka

The Liminka School of Arts was founded in 1892 year as a private boarding school owned by the association of supporting members of the Liminka Folk school.

In the year 1966 the Folk School of Liminka received permission from the National School Board to launch an art course at the school. This course would enable students without previous knowledge of art to study the various art subjects.

After five years this line gradually became the main subject of the school, and the Folk School of Liminka became known as the Liminka School of Arts.

The Liminka School of Arts’ one year curriculum is specialized to give students basic knowledge in sculpture, etching, drawing, painting, art history, comics and theatre.

Once per year it is possible to visit art exhibition organized by Liminka School of Art. Usually exhibition is held during spring in Vilho Lampi Museum or Library of Liminka.

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