Myrskyluodon Maija – Maija of the Stormy Islet

Myrskyluodon Maija – Maija of the Stormy Islet – is Anni Blomqvist’s loved story about a fisherman’s wife in between the storms of the sea and life itself. A great classic is based on a human struggling with a ruthless and rugged nature, man and a woman overcoming a difficulty after another until destiny says the final and the heaviest word.

Young Maija is played by a stunning musician Maria Vinberg. The director is a real grand old man of the Finnish theatre, Ahti Ahonen, who has been a leader of several city theatres ­– Joensuu, Rauma, Rovaniemi ­– and Oulu at the latest. Set designer Juhani Parviainen has worked for a long time in Kuopio City theatre. Choreographer is Elina Tähtelä, a dance artist from Oulu. Touching and beautiful music is composed by Matti Puurtinen, arranged by Juha Antikainen.

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