Land Uplift Nature Path Liminka

Land uplift path leads you to ancient seawalls!

The land uplift nature path starts from Liminka Bay Visitor Centre at Virkkulanranta and extends to the inland’s ancient seawalls.

The route highlights ancient seashore locations in different eras and the area’s altitude from current sea level. The route’s info posts describe events during those eras and create a history path from modern days all the way to the 1700s B.C.

The entire path is about 7 kilometres in length, starting from the Visitor Centre and finishing on highway 8.

The land uplift path illustrates not only the ever-escaping coastline but also biology. The line from the stone ages is already spruce forest, but towards the shore it turns to birch forests, willow thickets, common reeds and finally sedges.

You can download a map for the land uplift path.

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