Liminka Bay Visitor Centre

Liminka Bay is one of Europe’s most important bird wetlands. Tens of thousands of birds stop to rest, feed and nest in this area shaped by land uplift.

Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, the main nature attraction in Oulu area, offers insights into the life of birds. The Visitor Centre provides its customers with guiding services by Metsähallitus, a cafe & restaurant, a shop, a small nature hotel, a separate nature school building, an auditorium for 80 persons and many other conference facilities.

The interactive and experimental exhibition “The eight seasons of a bird’s year” offers experiences for visitors of all ages. This exhibition introduces the year cycle from birds’ viewpoint. The protagonist of the exhibition is Liminka Bay’s rich birdlife, but the life of birds in general is also examined.

Where do birds spend the winter, or how do the ones staying in Finland survive winter? You will get answers to these questions at this exhibition. You will also find plenty of facts about birds’ senses, nesting, migration and moulting.

A bird’s nest has been designed especially for children, in which they can sit on pillows and listen stories. The Visitor centre also provides games, colouring pages, books and a lot of other fascinating things to keep children amused.

Two-stores Virkkula birdwatching tower is located about 600 metres from the Visitor Centre. The wide duckboard path is well-suited for persons with limited mobility and baby carriages. Going to birdwatching tower but you have no binoculars? No problem, you can borrow good-quality binoculars at the Visitor Centre free of charge for the duration of your stay.

There is also a campfire place and a small playground for kids by the Visitor Centre. It is also allowed to stay overnight with a camper van or a trailer at the parking lot for a small fee.

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