Jokiniemen Kissahoitola boarding cattery – individualized holiday care for cats

Jokiniemen Kissahoitola is a boarding cattery providing specialized holiday care for cats in a homelike and comfortable setting. We take into account the individual needs of every cat vacationer and offer a peaceful rural vacation for the cat.

Jokiniemen Kissahoitola is situated in a quiet location by the river Tyrnävänjoki, surrounded by fields. Despite the peaceful location, the cattery is very easy to reach via the key Finnish national roads 4 and 8.

The cattery has been established within a completely renovated barn and it has 9 windowed guest rooms for cat vacationers, a lobby/office space and a corridor, kitchen, storage rooms and toilet. The cattery also has a small shop, where you can find nice things to buy for cats and cat lovers.

Jokiniemi Cattery is a member company of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät ry) and the Finnish Animal Trainers’ Association (Suomen eläintenkouluttajat ry) and one of the companies eligible to use the Know-how from Tyrnävä brand.

In addition to holiday care for cats, Jokiniemen Kissahoitola also provides cat behavior counseling and training services. We are also available for group visits. The entrepreneur Minna has a professional qualification as an animal trainer and is happy to help in all matters related to cats. You can read more about these service on the cattery’s website.

More information
  • Leppiojantie 49
    91800 Tyrnävä
  • +35845 266 3100
  • Website